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Chapter Four: Untitled

"Your turn, handsome," she said with a sexy smile.

Oh thank god, he thought. Austin was sure that if he didn't do something with this raging hard on soon he might lose all normal functions with it, the pressure within was so strong. He was certain this was the most turned on he'd ever been, and not being able to just reach down and… satisfy himself had been the biggest challenge of all.

That being said, however, he knew this would be Ally's first time ever seeing or touching a guy's penis, or so he assumed – and hoped! – and he didn't want her to feel as though she had to do it just because he had done it to her. "Ally, list-" he was cut off when she pressed her finger to his lips, quirking a brow at him as she positioned herself to straddle his knees, her right hand never letting go of his erection. It was as if she had known he was going to protest. She knew him too well…

"Shh…" she said before she slowly leaned forward and replaced her finger on his lips with her own, moaning slightly when she felt him relax and lean back on his elbows. She sucked a quick breath in through her nose and broke away from him, looking at him with excitement in her eyes. She wanted to do this for him… more than she could ever explain in words…

"Do you honestly think after what you and I just did that I would get bashful and shy away now?" she asked with a small smile, giving Austin the you should know better look.

Austin gulped and forced a small smile back at her. He was nervous. He wasn't sure why, though, given what they had just done… she seemed to be pretty satisfied with what he'd done so why not let her give him a little something in return? Still… this wasn't just a random girl he'd decided was good enough for the job. This was Ally, and he knew she had never done this. He would never forgive himself if she felt she was obligated to do it. It was so much sexier if she actually wanted to do that to him… Before they could continue he simply had to know.

"Ally," he tried again. This time she didn't shush him, just gave him a stern look coupled with a suggestive smile. "Don't do this if you're not ready. I don't want you to feel like you have to-ooouh!"

Austin was instantly cut off by Ally's hot little hand sliding into his pants and wrapping around his swollen member. To say that she was pleased to find he had not been wearing any boxers underneath would have been an understatement. If anything it turned her on all over again.

"Austin…" she said sweetly as she moved her hand down the entire length of his penis, causing his head to loll back slightly as he lay propped up on his elbows. "I'm only going to tell you this once so just listen to me, okay?"

Ally waited for his nod before continuing, squeezing lightly as she moved her hand from the base of his cock up to the top once more, swirling her thumb lightly over the tip, smearing the pre-cum that oozed from his slit. He swallowed and clenched his jaw.

"I understand why you think this would be hard for me. But this is something that I swear to you- I want to do it!" she exclaimed looking at him with her eyebrows raised.

He swallowed hard as he looked at her and nodded. He was done trying to argue. If she was going to keep up with the firm pace she had been pumping him away with then there was no way he was going to push her away. She started… now he was going to let her finish. He had to…

She smiled at him, relaxing her eyebrows as she shifted her weight slightly and sat up straighter, using her free hand to pull his pants down just low enough that he was exposed to her. Her eyes drank him in. He was only slightly larger than she imagined he would be, but he looked to be a good size. Not small in any way but not disgustingly big that she thought he might have a hard time trying to pack it away. He was flawless.

Her cheeks flashed a bright shade of red when she looked down at him and found him staring back at her, his eyes ablaze with something she had never seen in them before. She enjoyed the powerful feeling she got from is gaze upon her. She had never showed so much confidence in her life. She wasn't sure what it was about him that made her want to be the kind of girl that would take care of him. She wanted to show him that she could be fun and outgoing when she wanted to be. Most of all, she wanted to show him that she could, in fact, be his girl if it was what he wanted.

Ally used both hands and squeezed firmly, causing his eyes to flutter closed for a moment before he snapped them back open. She took that as a good sign and continued to stroke him up and down, feeling the soft skin over the stiff muscle move slightly with her hand. She was never really certain why they'd called it a hard on until now. It was unbelievable how stiff he was! 'Didn't that hurt?' she wondered.

Austin's entire spine tingled each time Ally's hands would come from the base of his cock back up to the tip. The sensation started at the very bottom of his spine and worked its way up through his neck to the base of his skull in perfect synchronization with Ally's hands. Watching her sit on his legs and play with him was something he couldn't describe in words. It was something he wished he could see every day… something he wanted to feel everyday. No one had ever gotten his engine revving like Ally could. Something about her being his best friend and musical partner above all made this entire situation that much sexier. It was pretty much every guys dream to have that one girl that he thought he could never have. Ally was that girl in his life.

Austin relaxed himself back and laid flat, his hands rubbing the length of her thighs as she worked her magic on him. He had had a girl touch him before, but not as intimately as Ally was now. It had been more of a shy groping, and that was it. What Ally was doing… god, it felt amazing. She was inexperienced, and he could tell by the way she was testing the waters, so to speak, but that only made him love it all that much more. Like he'd said earlier, knowing that he was the first person she'd ever done this to was a complete and utter turn on. Every guy loved an innocent girl…

Ally changed up her pace every now and then, watching his face as she did so to try and gauge what he liked better. So far she was sure he liked the slightly slow and steady pace, but he liked a firm grip, not a loose one. At times she was afraid she was being too firm and that she was hurting him, but he would occasionally lift his hands and put them over the top of hers, guiding her to do what he liked. She was grateful.

Ally would roll her wrists and change her angle every few minutes, and he seemed to like this too because every minute or so when she changed it up he would let out a little hiss. The first time he'd done it she was afraid she'd hurt him but the look of pure pleasure on his face told her otherwise, so she made note to do it again every thirty seconds or so to make sure that she wouldn't overwhelm him.

Finally she let go of him with one hand and leaned herself forward, catching herself on his bed with her arm and leaning over his face, kissing him slowly and languidly as she continued to pump him with her other hand. She loved the way he would inhale through his nose and tangle his fingers into her hair when she kissed him. For a seventeen year old boy he was so full of passion and he embodied everything that any girl would find extremely sexy. How was he even possible? He was constantly amazing her.

Ally moaned into their kiss and Austin smiled. He loved hearing her do that. He wanted it to be his ring tone so he could be reminded of it forever. She pulled back and bit her lip as she gazed into his eyes, increasing the speed of her hand slightly. Austin's breathing hitched a little but he stifled the building coil in his abdomen. He didn't want to end this so soon. He wanted to feel her hands on him as long as possible.

Austin reached one hand up and slid it under her camisole, smiling when she rolled her head back and stuck her chest out slightly as he cupped one of her pert little mounds. What a little vixen she was.

Ally smiled when she felt his big hand cover and squeeze one of her breasts. She knew she wasn't well-endowed when it came to her chest, but he seemed to have no problem grasping a perfect-sized handful of flesh causing her to roll her head back. The pleasures he had elicited from her this evening were unbelievable. No one made her feel the way Austin made her feel. Just being around him gave her an adrenaline rush. He was like her personal drug of choice.

Looking back down at his lust filled gaze Ally leaned forward again and dragged her lips across his, increasing the pressure of her thumb on the nerve-riddled vein on the underside of his cock. His breathing hitched instantly and Ally knew she had finally gotten him where she wanted him. His hands shot back down to her thighs to steady himself. He was trying so hard not to cum yet he was trembling, and Ally found it adorable, but she wanted him to enjoy the bliss he'd given her.

Ally sucked in a deep breath and moved her hand down to cup his balls, giving them a slight squeeze. Austin dug his head back into the mattress and groaned, arching his back ever so slightly and exposing his adams apple to the air. "Ally…" he choked out before biting his lip and squeezing his eyes shut.

Ally smiled to herself at the sound of her name coming from him at that moment. She was glad he acknowledged who he was here with, and that he wasn't just imagining some other girl on him. It gave her yet another boost of confidence, one that she needed to push herself to do the next thing to drive him wild.

Still leaning over him, she poked her tongue out and ran it up the length of his exposed neck, eliciting another throaty moan from the blonde beneath her as he once again tangled his fingers on his right hand into her hair. She licked and kissed and nipped at his neck with her blunt teeth the way he'd done to her earlier, remembering the wonderful tingling sensation it had created within her when he did it. She hoped it would have the same effect as she moved her hand back to the base of his cock and squeezed again, this time planting her thumb on the vein and just moving her thumb up and down.

Austin shivered as he felt her move her mouth to his collar bone. She was paying so much attention to parts of his body no other girl had ever even grazed; erogenous zones he hadn't even been aware he had until Ally touched them. He was becoming overwhelmed with the pleasure. Who knew sweet and innocent little Ally Dawson knew how to do any of this?

She continued her way down, scooting herself backwards off his legs and planting herself between them in a kneeling position, stopping over his pecs and giving his nipple a little flick of her tongue, causing it to go hard in an instant. Austin hissed. Ally smiled against him and he could feel it in the way her mouth moved over his skin. He would have to remember that she liked that if he didn't slip into a coma after this whirlwind of pleasure she was giving him.

Austin swallowed hard when he felt her lips move to his abs. She was tickling him with little whispers of kisses all along his muscles, and she was so close to his groin that it throbbed and ached for more attention. He knew it would be asking a lot, especially since he hadn't done it for her even though this entire situation could potentially be blamed on her question about how it felt! Oh, but he wanted so badly to feel her mouth on him. He wasn't above begging if that was what it was going to take…

It wasn't though, and before he could even form a coherent sentence to even ask Ally, she placed her full plump lips around his swollen member, humming lightly when she swirled her tongue around the tip.

Austin threw his head back again and gasped out loud, groaning her name as he placed both hands in her hair, holding her firmly in place and tugging her slightly to convey his approval and pleasure. He wasn't aggressive, never even applied much pressure in his pull, but just enough to encourage her to continue and take him deeper. She was more than happy to oblige.

With one arm Ally reached up and dragged her fingers and perfectly manicured pink fingernails down over his rock hard torso, loving every taught ripple of muscle beneath her fingertips. With the other hand Ally continued to pump him, making sure her hand paid plenty of attention to anything she couldn't fit into her mouth. Soon her head bobbed with a rhythm along with her hand, giving him the sensation that she was able to deep throat him when in fact she could not. With the hand that grasped him she applied pressure with her thumb to the sensitive vein at the base, and as she listened to him she began to hear his breathing speed up. He was close. That must have meant she was doing something right because he certainly seemed to be enjoying it.

Austin lifted his head and watched her mouth as it bobbed up and down on his dick with what felt like expert technique. He knew it wasn't, but he was damn glad that Ally seemed to have a natural talent and vigor for something that he hoped would only ever benefit him. He watched intently as she hollowed her cheeks and created the most amazing suction feeling around him, watching again as her lips dragged down leaving a sheen of her saliva on his member before she moved back up again, swirling her tongue around in her mouth as she did so, creating the best friction on the underside of his cock. The coil building up in his abdomen was becoming harder and harder to ignore, and he could no longer stifle it. It was becoming stronger and stronger with each downward stroke from her beautiful mouth, and before he knew it his body began to quake beneath her.

Ally felt the reverberations of his shaking and opened her eyes to look up at him. When she caught a glimpse of him through her lashes she smiled slightly around him, and he clenched his jaw tighter than she'd ever seen before.

Austin was afraid he'd might chip a tooth he was clenching his jaw so hard, but that was the only thing he could do to stop himself from spilling into her mouth with some force. She had looked at him. She had finally raised her eyes to meet his while her mouth was still on him and that was the final push. His climax had begun and there was no stopping it now, so he did the only thing he could think to do at the time.

Austin's dick began to twitch inside her mouth and Ally took this as the tell-tale sign that it was coming. She prepared herself for the worst and gave him one final firm squeeze when suddenly he sat up, using all the strength from his abdominals to grab her upper arms and pull her up into a searing kiss as his seed spilled upward out onto his own stomach in long fluid streams.

Ally breathed out a gasp as she held onto him, pumping slowly and watching as rope after rope of white creamy fluid spurted out onto his rippled abdomen, decreasing in pressure with each ejaculation.

Austin pressed his forehead to hers and rolled his hips with the after shocks of his orgasm in sync with her delicate strokes. He could feel the hot stickiness of his own semen on his stomach but he didn't care at that moment. He would just have to deal with it when he came down from his high.

Their breath was hot and heavy on one another's faces. Ally could feel him trembling where he held her upper arms in front of him, his thumbs drawing mindless circles on her skin and she could feel his grasp weakening. That orgasm seemed to have done a number on him. She smiled proudly to herself.

Austin swallowed hard, wetting his dry throat and letting out a small gasp at the relief his entire body felt. Never… never… had he ever had an orgasm that strong or that satisfying. He lifted his hooded eyelids and looked at her, finally, smiling as much as he could muster when he saw her big beautiful brown eyes gazing back at him, waiting, it seemed, for some sort of reaction or approval of what she'd just done for him. The only thing he could do to convey his appreciation was to smash her lips against his again, this time with some force to try and convey his utter excitement and gratitude for everything that had happened.

Ally smiled and even chuckled into the kiss as she let go of his softening member and placed her hands on his upper chest, again making mental note of the hardness in his chest muscles. Could he honestly be any sexier? She didn't think it was possible. Then again, if anyone could achieve the impossible, it was Austin.

Austin released her lips slowly, feeling the skin on their lips peel apart as he let his eyes flutter open slowly to look into her own, licking his bottom lip as he did so. Ally couldn't tear her eyes from his mouth. She just wanted to keep kissing him.

"Why did you pull me up?" she asked in nothing more than a whisper, still looking at the beautiful curve of his mouth.

Austin swallowed and reached one hand up, pushing a stray lock of wavy hair out of her face so he could see her better. "I didn't want you to have to taste or swallow any of me… It was your first time…" he said hoarsely. His voice was not what it usually was. It made Ally shiver.

She smiled sexily at him and looked down at the not-so-clear puddles of liquid on his belly and looked up at him through her lashes. "You should have let me… I was ready to…"

Austin smiled shyly and shook his head, looking away from her. "Ally you amaze me more and more every second. You are so not the girl I always assumed you were."

Ally relaxed a little and tilted her head to the side as she looked at him and smiled. "Is that a good thing?" she asked looking at all aspects of his face, trying to gauge his reaction. She wasn't so sure… "Or a bad thing?"

Austin raised his eyebrows and nodded, looking at her with a coy smile as he rubbed her upper arm with his hand. "Oh in this case it is definitely a good thing," he chuckled… feeling extremely relaxed. He leaned back on his elbows again and sighed, gazing at her smiling face. "Where in the hell did you learn to be so good at that? I thought you were-"

"A virgin?" she finished. "I am, like I said, in all ways shapes and forms. That was my first time," she said with a bashful smile. She awkwardly raised her hands at her sides. "Care to rate me?"

Austin quirked a brow and shook his head slightly. How was his Ally being to nonchalant about her first time ever giving a hand job AND a blow job? "On a scale of one to ten?" he said with a chuckle. "Eighty seven."

Ally blushed and looked down, feeling extra shy all of a sudden. She was damn proud of herself. She had gone with her gut and just followed her instinct, being extra careful to pay attention to his reactions, and it had paid off big time. Score one for Ally D!

Austin shook his head and laughed at himself. He just couldn't stop smiling! That had to be a new record. No one could make him feel the way Ally did. He was always smiling around her… and now he was sure he wasn't going to be able to stop smiling for the rest of the night. He would probably sleep with the smile plastered on his face. Then he remembered, he told Ally they wouldn't be sleeping tonight; just staying up and watching movies and eating pancakes.

Mmm… pancakes…

But, after everything they'd just done together he was exhausted. Time wise it hadn't really taken that long… in fact he hoped next time he could stretch it out longer, but for now he was completely drained and all his eyes wanted to do was close. Would that mean Ally was going to try and sneak off to Trish's? He really hoped not… he wanted to fall asleep holding her if she'd let him.

His stomach tickled and he remembered his semen sitting there, getting cold and starting to run, and he crinkled his nose as he looked at the shelves above the headboard behind Ally. "Hey Alls, could you…" he said motioning toward a tissue box positioned just within her arms reach.

Ally turned and saw the box, smiling and biting her lip as she turned and grabbed it, plopping it on the comforter beside her as she pulled two sheets out and wiped away at Austin's abs for him. He giggled at the feel of her doing it and this just made her swoon. Before she knew it her lips were on his again as she gingerly wiped away any offending liquid that remained on his stomach and made sure he was nice and cleaned up.

He tried so hard to stop it, but he couldn't control it any longer when he broke the kiss with a yawn. "I am so sorry," he chuckled when she pulled back and watched him finish his yawn. This made her yawn in turn. Everyone knows they're contaigeous! "That completely wore me out."

Ally nodded and balled up the handful of tissues she had, tossing them over to the small trash can next to his desk. "I am too. Maybe now that our plans for the night have been… altered I should just go to Trish's…"

"No!" Austin whined as he sat up and wrapped an arm around her small waist. She smiled when his movement caused her to have to sit more upright, thus thrusting her chest into his face. "Stay here with me. We can cuddle…"

Ally giggled at his use of the word 'cuddle' and instantly felt all resolve melt away. Just the fact that he wanted to cuddle her made her want to cuddle him right back.

Austin could see in her eyes that she was agreeing even without a verbal response. He smiled up and her and placed a chaste kiss on her lips before tapping at her behind to get her to move off of him. "Let me get cleaned up and we'll lay down together."

"What about me? I need to get cleaned up too!"

Austin stood and pulled his sweatpants back up over his groin, feeling extra manly from the way she watched him as he did it. He raised a brow at her again. "Are you suggesting we take a shower together? 'Cause I am so ready for the Ally Dawson full monte!" he said a little too excitedly.

Ally scowled at him but laughed anyway. "Nooo. I'm suggesting you show me to the bathroom so that when you're finished I can clean myself up too," she said as she stood from the bed and stood in front of him, loving the way he pouted at her.

"It's across the hall," he laughed. "Come on, you can go first. I'll keep a look out just in case one of my parents wakes up."

"Austin," she said as she fixed her camisole, pulling it back down over her exposed breasts and pulling her panties and yogas back up over her groin and butt. "If they didn't wake up from the sounds you and I both made I don't think the flush of the toilet is going to send them flying out of their room to check on you."

Austin rolled his eyes and walked backwards toward the bedroom door, reaching out and unlocking it before slowly opening it up and poking his head outside the room. He listened carefully for a moment and then looked back at Ally who was waiting patiently behind him, her hands on her slender hips. Austin placed a finger over his mouth to signal her to be quiet as he swing the door open the rest of the way and pulled her by one hand across the hall and down slightly to the bathroom door.

Opening it slightly for her he reached his arm in and flipped on the light, looking down at her and kissing her forehead. Ally smiled. "Towels and wash cloths are in the cabinet in the corner. Mom has some body wash on the edge of the tub, otherwise you can use mine, there in the shower stall," he said pointing.

Ally gave him an appreciative smile and walked into the bathroom, closing the door quietly behind her before walking over to the vanity and looking at herself in the mirror. All she could do was smile at her reflection.


Austin had waited patiently for Ally to finish cleaning herself up, and had told her to make herself comfortable in his bed while he took his turn cleaning himself up in the bathroom.

When he came out and closed and locked himself into his bedroom, he noticed Ally was already under the covers, snuggled into one of his favorite pillows with her back facing him. She was adorable, to say the least, and he smiled softly to himself as he padded his way over to his bed and climbed in behind her.

The bed was already nice and warm from her body heat, and being out in the cold air conditioned room had made his skin cold, so he instantly covered himself with the blanket as well and scooted up behind her, wrapping an arm around her and pulling her back flush to his chest. She was so soft and warm… he had never physically slept in a bed with a girl before, so being able to snuggle up close to her and feel her breathe felt amazing. He wished they could sleep like this every night.

Austin tucked his head into the pillow directly behind Ally's and placed a tiny kiss on the back of her neck where her hair had fallen aside, exposing her skin to him. She whimpered slightly as she had already began to let sleep take her. Austin smiled to himself and nuzzled his nose into her hair.

So much had happened in the last year to make him realize how amazing she was. She always came out on top in every tough situation they would find themselves in… she always had a hot new song ready for him right when he needed it. It was her talents that made him the hot performer he was that every girl wanted. Was it strange that the idea of her making him hot with her music made her all that more attractive?

And that performance they did together on Halloween… damn! She was unbelievable! He wanted to shout her name into the mic so badly that night, let everyone there knew SHE was the true talent in that performance, but he knew she would be mortified and get mad at him so he bit his tongue. She was an amazing performer and he wished they could write more duets. He wanted her to perform with him every night! Even if only for one song… he felt a special sort of high when she was on stage with him. It was so sexy. And yet, he played it off and acted the same as he always did around her even though he had this bubbling attraction growing inside him with every cute laugh or awful dance or simply amazing gesture she did.

And then there was tonight. Where in gods name had all of this sexual tension between them come from? It had built up so quickly and so strongly that all it took was the idea of them spending an entire night together and watching a suggestive movie to send them crashing into each other like their lives depended on it. He was unsure of what tomorrow would bring them, or how they would deal with what they had done with one another, but he didn't care. She was Ally. He was Austin. Together they were Austin and Ally. They had to be meant for each other… right? No matter what, he knew they would make it through any awkward conversation that was sure to come.

With a satisfied smile he took a deep breath, tightened his hold on the petite girl in front of him and with the fragrant scent of her surrounding him, finally let sleep take him over.

To Be Continued…

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