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Chapter Six: My Body Keeps On Telling You Yes

Ally's heart raced and her cheeks burned as she looked down at the unbelievably sexy blonde who was kneeling between her legs, slowly moving his way down to her core. Her chest heaved when he smiled up at her and winked, and just as he opened his mouth she sat up and held out a hand to his chest.

She had taken a rather brief moment to stop and think of what she was doing as she gazed at the blonde beauty before her. There she was, laying flat on her bed stark naked for the first time ever with Austin… with anyone, for that matter, and she was trembling uncontrollably. What was she about to let him do? She had begun to panic. What if Austin did that to her and found her to be completely revolting? What if she tasted bad and Austin hated it and never wanted to look at her again? Was the potential pleasure she was about to endure worth the risk of that happening? She couldn't handle the embarrassment if this turned out to be a giant failure, so she sat up and stopped him.


Austin looked up at the panic-stricken girl and softened his features, trying to hide the fact that his hands were trembling from her. "What is it?"

Ally's face and chest were completely flushed as she sucked in large gulps of air. "Maybe you shouldn't do that. I mean, this… me and you… we…," she huffed and licked her lips, looking at him with pleading eyes. "It's new and I've never… and you said you've never and we don't even know what we're doing! What if you don- uuunnngh!"

Austin, though he thought her babbling was adorable and loved that is was part of the whole Ally package, didn't have the patience for it tonight. He had come here knowing what he wanted to do to her, for her, and damn-it he was going to do it!

While she had clearly been busy trying to make up excuses to get her out of this position he had her in, he had ducked his head and poked his tongue out, dragging it flat and slow up the entire length of her folds, not taking his eyes off hers as he did so. He figured that would be the best way to shut her up, and he wanted to see her face when he did it.

Her head and eyes rolled back as she leaned on her elbows, her moan louder than he expected. For a moment he feared her father might wake up and come investigating. That would surely get him tossed out of a second floor window, and probably shot at if Mr. Dawson owned a gun.

"Oh my god," Ally breathed when Austin finished his first long drag of his tongue. The sensations she felt within her were indescribable. Her thighs quaked and her stomach coiled, it was so similar to the feelings she had reached when he made her cum the night before, only now he was just getting started, and it was a whole new level of pleasure she hadn't even known existed.

Austin enjoyed hearing her breathy voice when he'd finally tasted her. And truth be told, her taste wasn't as bad as he imagined it could be. She was tangy-sweet, almost coppery, but nothing he could ever consider bad. In fact, after just the first long lick he was already looking forward to more of her, and hearing more of her breathy moans and whimpers like the night before.

Re-positioning himself, Austin scooted closer to the bed, lifting her legs a little, tossing one of her calves over his bare shoulder and leaning forward on his elbows. He spread her thighs a little more to make room for himself and gripped her hips with his large strong hands, leaning in and licking her again, this time rolling his head back and forth to create more friction.

Ally felt like all the air in her lungs was escaping faster than she could suck it back in. She had brought her head back up, opening her blurry eyes to the sight of her own leg tossed over Austin's shoulder, the other resting at his side so her toes were tickling his hip bone, and Austin with his head between her legs - something she never in her wildest dreams thought she would ever see or feel, and god was she glad she could. This boy – her best friend - was that boy in school that every girl other than herself and Trish had fawned over since day one, the guy who could quite literally get any girl he wanted, and here he was in her bedroom in the wee morning hours eating her out for the first time.

That thought alone almost made her cum.

Her elbows shook with the tingles and heated sensation running through her body and Ally fell back into her soft comforter, and arched her back, reaching one hand down to tangle in his soft blonde locks to encourage him to continue. She was so insanely glad he had ignored her protests and shut her up before she could stop this. Never in her life had she been more grateful that Austin rarely listened to her.

When Austin felt her fingers go into his hair he knew it was game time. He didn't care who you were, if a drop-dead gorgeous naked girl grabs you by the hair and pushes your head down – you fucking go down. Austin moved his lips over the top of the small bundle of nerves at the top of her slit, and kissed it, flicking his tongue around her clit and watching as her mouth dropped open. He let his eyes flutter closed as he continued to work on her, enjoying the way she squirmed beneath him as he continued his ministrations on her.

Austin continued to roll his head around, fluttering his tongue over her clit every couple of seconds before pulling it between his lips and letting it go with a slight plop before starting at the base of her folds again.

Ally swallowed audibly and gasped when she felt him go lower a third time, trembling when she felt the hot wet sensation of his tongue on her once again. All she wanted to do was scream his name out loud and let herself smile and shout like a fool about how amazing Austin Moon was but she would literally die of embarrassment if her father caught her, so instead she bit her lip and squirmed, whimpering when he used his large hands to spread her legs as wide as they would go.

His action caused the skin of her folds to separate, exposing her entire labia to him, and he dove in once again, pressing the flat of his tongue against her sensitive skin.

Ally could feel the familiar burning sensation in her lower abdomen. She was already so close and they'd only just begun. She was feeling glorious but she didn't want it to end so soon. "Austiiiiinn…" she moaned as she arched her back again, pulling on his hair subconsciously.

Austin grew hard as he listened to her moan and whimper and say his name. The way her fingernails grazed through his hair and lightly massaged his scalp was sending shockwaves of pleasure straight from his head down to his growing hard on. And god, he loved when she said his name like that. It gave him a complete surge of energy and… well, pride. She really knew how to turn him on. He moaned into her as he opened his mouth wide to suck on the skin there, sending glorious vibrations throughout her core

Ally's body was covered in a thin sheen of sweat. She was overheated, feeling like a boiler about to explode. Her legs were trembling uncontrollably and the rest of her body quaked. And when he moaned – oh god he moaned into her! - She was so close…

Austin moved his hands up and down her sides, stopping to grip each of her pert little breasts and roll her nipples between his fingers as she continued to lick and suck and even bite her sensitive flesh at her core, feeling her tremble beneath him made him happy. He apparently was pretty good at this… But his groin ached, and he was going to have to either take a little trip to the bathroom to relieve himself after this or… well maybe Ally would be feeling generous again…

He could only hope.

Austin made his way up to her clit again and went back and forth between pointed tongue and flat as he played with her bundle of nerves there, creating as much friction as he could. As hard as he could he pressed the flat of his tongue against the sensitive spot and moved his head up and down in a nodding motion and Ally's eyes flew open.

Her hand gripped tighter than ever in his hair and her thighs tensed as her breathing became erratic. "Oh god…" she whimpered. "There! Oh god… don't stop!"

Austin loved that she wasn't afraid to speak up when she'd discovered what she liked, and as per her orders, he didn't stop what he was doing. He moved his head up and down, up and down, continuously pressing his flat tongue firmly into her lumpy bundle of nerves, opening his eyes to watch her face as she watched him.

Her eyes were glazed over, her cheeks a rosy pink, her chest heaving up and down. Her legs began to tremble harder and he noticed she was having a hard time keeping her eyes open. Taking a split second to pull back and swallow he arched a brow at her and smirked, diving in for more and moaning into her once again.

"Austin!" Ally threw her head back and shook uncontrollably as the coil in her belly was finally released and she let herself fall. Her toes curled and her eyes squeezed shut as she let the shockwaves of pleasure course through her body

Austin scooped tongue-fulls of her warm liquid as she trembled beneath him, stroking her sides and legs as he tried to be gentle with his tongue as she rode out her climax. Her body twitched and he watched with a smirk as her knitted eyebrows slowly relaxed and she stopped shaking. Her eyes were still closed, and he licked gently to remove any excess moisture he might have missed, deciding that he loved the taste of her, and if he had any choice in the matter he would be able to taste her again.

He still wasn't sure what all of this was to her… or what would come of their relationship after this. He assumed she would eventually want to talk about it, and he wanted to too. He just hoped the outcome would be a good one.

Ally swallowed and opened her mouth with a gasp to finally suck large gulps of air in. The burning in her belly was finally gone, her head swimming, and she felt like she could finally breathe again. Her features softened and she finally dragged her tired eyes open, looking down at the smug looking blonde still positioned between her legs. She smiled lazily at him and threw a slack arm over her forehead, trying her hardest to bring her breathing back down to normal.

"That was… the most amazing… thing I've ever felt in my entire life," she sighed.

Austin blushed a little, sitting there with his head propped up on his hand, but maintained his happy smirk. "Glad I could oblige…"

Ally giggled and swatted at him, sitting up and reaching out for him.

When Austin stood he made a small pained expression on his face and at first Ally didn't know why… until she saw the rather large tent in his sweat pants as he moved to crawl over the top of her. She gave him a sympathetic look and laid back, crooking her finger at him so he'd follow her.

Austin hovered over the top of her, using his strong arms to hold his body above hers without touching her, but she was having none of that. She wanted to feel him on her again, feel his hard body and his soft skin stretched over taught muscles pressed right against her own. She just couldn't get enough of him and his body. Ally reached up and wrapped her arms around him, pulling him down into a long lazy passionate kiss, and becoming strangely turned on again when she could taste herself on his tongue.

Austin groaned into the kiss and let his body melt on top of hers, loving the way she instantly wrapped her small arms around him and writhed her body against his. He was even more turned on by the fact that she wasn't grossed out and avoiding his kiss even though he'd just finished eating her out. This girl beneath him was amazing… and he had no idea how he hadn't noticed these things about her sooner.

Ally inhaled through her nose as she kissed him, not wanting to let him go as she writhed beneath him, loving the way he ran his hands up and down her thighs as she wrapped and unwrapped her legs from around him, running both hands and forearms through his messy mop of hair. She had lost all feelings of bashfulness or shyness around him now. She was stark naked beneath him and she was proud of it. There was obviously something about her that turned him on so why bother even trying to be bashful now? They had just about done all except have sex at this point, so nakedness was not something she was going to turn pink over anymore. And as she thought this, she realized he was in fact, not naked, and god did she want him to be.

The beat of the music Austin had made on the sound board the night before resonated throughout her head as she moved her hands to the waistband of his sweats, taking turns from left to right pushing them down over the perfect globes of his ass, squirming beneath him and creating a beautiful friction as she did so. She remembered the song perfectly, and already she begun thinking of lyrics to put to the music, knowing that whatever would become of the song, she would forever remember it like a soundtrack to the last two nights with Austin… and a large part of her didn't mind. She liked that there would be something to always remind her… no matter what happened with them in the end of all of this. She would at least have some good memories to put with the song. She just hoped with those good memories there would be no accompanying heartache.

Austin pulled back and furrowed his brow at her when he felt her kick his sweats and boxers off completely, forgetting them on the floor at the foot of the bed where he had been kneeling moments before. They were lying pressed firmly together, his hard on now pressing against the inside of her thigh. This was the first time they had ever been completely nude with each other. The first time they had been this bare and exposed, and not just physically. Ally's hands trembled slightly as she brushed her thumb over his bottom lip, letting her gaze fall there as she did so.

"What are you doing?" he asked quietly, not exactly sure he was prepared for the answer. She had undressed him, completely, but didn't move him from on top of her. Was she… ready? If she was… he hadn't come prepared… what would he do? How would he be able to tell her no? Would he be able to tell her no?

Ally smiled softly up at him, looking back and forth between his eyes, already knowing what was going through his mind. She shook her head at him, calming his nerves only a little, and reached one hand down to grasp his length. "Not yet…" she whispered, her eyes moving to his lips.

Austin hissed as her hot little hand enveloped him and squeezed, his eyes fluttering shut for a brief moment before snapping open to look at her again. He swallowed hard and smiled at her. "Ally…"

"But I just want to feel you…" she finished and with her own hand, she rubbed his length against her folds, pressing him against her swollen, sensitive clit.

Austin's face was one of shock and lust as he breathed heavily and dropped his head to her neck, rolling his hips and pumping the underside of his length against the slickness of her folds, mimicking what he only wished they could be doing together.

Ally arched her back, forcing him to left his head, giving him a perfect view of her breasts as they invaded the space in front of him, enticing him to lean his head down just a little bit and take a hardened nipple between his teeth. He pulled back lightly and scraped his teeth along the rosy nubbin. Ally fought hard to keep her eyes open when the pleasure coursed through her chest down to her center again.

Austin dropped his head to the crook of her neck again and sucked hard on the skin there, no doubt leaving a bruise or two behind as he let her pump him back and forth, creating beautiful whimpering noises even though he wasn't touching her in return.

Ally couldn't tease him anymore. She wanted badly to see his pleasure face the way she had last night, so she reached down and encircled him with her small hand again. She swirled her thumb over the tip of his cock, smearing the precum that oozed there, watching his lust-filled face when she lifted her hand to her mouth and sucked on her thumb, moaning.

Austin nearly came all over her at the sight of her sucking her thumb into her mouth and moaning around it, her eyes fluttering closed in ecstasy looking like the loved the taste of him on her tongue. He had stopped her from swallowing the night before out of courtesy and fear that she was find him revolting. Now, her actions brought out the barbaric man inside him and all he wanted to do was watch her face and her lips around him as thrust himself into her mouth and swallowed him down. He licked his lips again and rolled his hips in tune with her hand, watching her eyes as he did so. "Ally…" he warned again and she smiled. He was pretty sure she liked hearing him say her name like that. It appeared to add fuel to the fire between them.

Ally suddenly pushed him into a kneeling position above her and scooted herself down between his legs, stopping herself directly beneath his dick and arching a brow up at him with a smile as she stroked him a few more times before taking him into her mouth, moaning around him instantly.

Austin nearly choked on his own tongue at the sight before him. He was kneeling on Ally's bed… practically sitting on her chest and torso as she bobbed her head up and down on his dick, keeping her beautiful brown eyes on his own as she pressed the flat of her tongue along the vein at the base of his cock. His eyes wanted to roll to the back of his head but he fought to keep them focused on her and her actions. He was not going to last long at all and he wanted to see her the whole time she worked on him.

Ally moved her head up and down, back and forth as she watched him. He was struggling to stay steady above her each time she took him in deeper, experimenting with her own gag reflex. She wanted to make this even better than the night before, and she was determined to see how far she could push herself to take him in. Each time she got just a little bit further, but she was not able to take him in all the way before her eyes watered and her stomach lurched, so she pulled back, gasped for air, and dove back in, using her hand where her mouth could not reach.

She watched as the muscles in Austin's torso twitched when she ran her tongue over the tip of his member, his breathing becoming erratic as he clumsily reached forward and wrapped locks of her hair around his fingers, gripping the back of her head and giving her neck the extra support she needed. Ally tried once again to take as much of him in as she could, swallowing around him when she felt him hit the back of her throat, and releasing him with a gasp.

Feeling Ally swallow around him had his knees shaking uncontrollably. He clenched his jaw and tried to maintain focus as she raked her nails along his stomach, moving them gently down over his thighs and finally running them around his backside to grip his ass.

Ally Dawson was squeezing his bare ass while trying very hard to deep throat him. The thought alone nearly made him pass out… the image was a whole 'nother story.

"Ally…" his voice shook as he let out a large breath of air he hadn't realized he was holding, and she brought her eyes to his again. He swallowed and gripped her hair tighter.

She liked it.

Ally moaned around him and let her eyes fall closed as suddenly she could feel his cock twitching within her mouth. He was cumming, and she wanted to taste him for real this time. Opening her eyes and looking at him with warning she swirled her tongue around him and watched as he simply clenched his jaw and squeezed her hair, letting his hot seed spill into her mouth in long fluid streams.

She felt the liquid hit the back of her throat with force, and did her best not to inhale it or choke on it as she worked quickly to swallow around him. His taste was unique, not the gross stake taste she had heard about. He was something she feared she would wind up craving in the near future, and she wasn't sure how she felt about that.

Austin tore his eyes open to look down at the girl beneath him, watching her lips closely as she gently glided them up and down his dick, her throat moving as she swallowed him down. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen in his entire life. He wanted to kiss her senseless but she was otherwise preoccupied at the moment…

When the streams stopped coming she gently pulled her mouth off of him, kissing the tip of his penis as he began to soften, unable to resist the small smile she shone up at him.

Austin managed a weak smile back at her, but he was so completely spent he wasn't sure he would be able to manage more than that. Letting out a large breath he moved off of her, laying flat on his back on her bed, pulling her against his side possessively.

"I don't know how a girl with no experience can be as good as you are at that," he breathed out, making Ally blush and smile to herself. "But, damn, am I glad you are."

Ally snuggled into his side, loving the warmth she was pulling from his body now that hers was cooling off. "You got the job done, yourself," she said to him, drawing lazy circles on his chest with her pointer finger.

They lay in silence for what felt like forever, just holding one another while their minds settled from thoughts of what they'd done together, to thoughts of what was to come. Both lay with furrowed brows, afraid to ask the other and begin 'the talk.' Ally couldn't take the silence anymore, though, and just when she opened her mouth to ask him the big question, she heard a knock on her bedroom door.

"Ally?" the sound of her fathers muffled voice startled them both into an upright position. Austin looked at Ally and scrambled to his feet, pulling his boxers and sweats on in one quick swoop.

"Uh…" she panicked for a moment. "Hang on, dad, changing!" she shouted back, looking all over for her clothes. She found her shirt on the floor next to her bed but she couldn't find her underwear or shorts she had been wearing.

Austin scrambled to pick up his tank and hat, looking at her with a panicked glare. "What do we do? If he catches me here he'll kill me!"

Ally shushed him and grabbed her robe off the chair in the corner.

"Ally…" her dad said again, sounding a little more concerned.

Ally swallowed hard. "Coming dad!" she said as she ushered Austin over to her bedroom window. "You'll have to climb out. There's a slope around the side of the house that will bring you closer to the ground and you can jump."

Ally looked at her, eyes wide. "You want me to jump off your roof?!"

Ally's eyes grew big and impatient as she opened her window as quietly as possible. "You don't have a choice! Unless you'd like my father to cut your dick off and throw it in a blender for being here! GO!"

Austin blushed at her words and climbed out the window, reaching back in only a second later to cup her face and pull her in for a quick chaste kiss on the lips before he disappeared out of sight and Ally gasped and closed her curtains behind her.

Clearing her throat Ally moved over to her bedroom door, smoothed out her robe, and opened the door, faking a smile for her father who looked none too pleased to have been left waiting. "Hi, Daddy."

Lester Dawson gently pushed her bedroom door the rest of the way open and looked around. "I saw your light on from beneath your door. What are you doing up this late? It's nearly three in the morning…"

Ally's cheeks flushed with each memory of the last few hours she had shared with Austin and pursed her lips, shaking her head and shrugging her shoulders. "Ummmm… Writing in my song book! You know me.. when I'm on a roll…"

Lester eyed her curiously but let it drop. "Alright well get to bed. You have to be up in time to be at the store tomorrow, remember? You promised you'd clean up some more."

Ally nodded and let her shoulder slump. Had he not seen all the work she did just earlier today? Well, apparently not. "I'm going right now. I'm just gonna take a quick shower so I don't have to in the morning…" she lied. Or so I don't stink them up with Austin and Ally sex stink… she thought.

Ally's father smiled and he pinched her chin before giving her a quick kiss on the forehead and turning back to his room. When Ally finally shut the door behind him she turned and fell back against it, holding a hand to her chest as she willed it to stop beating crazily.

That was too close for comfort.

Deciding she needed the shower simply to calm her nerves at this point she made her way over to her bathroom, pulling the robe off and looking in the mirror at herself. On her neck were two large hickeys left behind by non other than Austin Moon, and she was suddenly very grateful that her robe had a big poofy collar on it or her father would have murdered her.

Shaking her head and trying to stop herself from smiling she made her way over to the shower and turned on the hot water.


Ally pulled her covers back and slid between her sheets, thankful they hadn't been soiled earlier that night with her and Austin. She wasn't sure how she would ever manage to fall asleep with everything that was on her mind, but she would deal with her exhaustion later, she supposed. There was nothing else she could do.

Snuggling into her pillow that smelled of Austin she smiled, and just as she closed her eyes she received a text message. She already knew who it was from… no one else in their right mind would be awake right now.

Ally moved to grab her cell phone and smiled when she opened the message and the light from the device filled the room.

you are so amazing.

Goodnight, beautiful.

Ally found herself drifting to sleep much faster than she thought she would, the whole while with a large smile on her face.

To Be Continued…

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