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Chapter Seven: Your Lipstick Got Me So Out Of Breath

Austin lay in his bed, basking in the morning sun and smiling to himself, proud that he had successfully snuck out of his house, had some… fun… with Ally, and snuck back in without being caught by either his parents or Mr. Dawson. He'd call that a victory, in his book. They had had one or two close calls, but the teenage gods had been smiling down upon him this weekend, and lucky for him, they had allowed him and Ally to escape any detection from anybody. Not even their two best friends knew about what had gone on between them this weekend, or at least he was pretty sure neither of them knew.

Austin's smile faded and he frowned to himself. What if Trish knew? If Trish knew… then there was a good chance half of Miami knew… and if Dez found out through somebody other than himself Austin would feel pretty bad. That thought brought on his crappy-best-friend guilt. He had finally had his first real sexual experience with a girl… and not just some random girl he decided to go on a date with… Ally was the girl. His best friend in the entire world should absolutely be the first person to hear about it. His stomach ached at the thought of Dez's reaction should he find out through someone else. He'd have to find a way to tell him, after he talked to Ally of course. For all he knew Ally hadn't told anyone yet and he was worrying for no reason.

He shook of all negative thoughts and smiled again. He wanted to enjoy this as much as he could all by himself before he had to go around explaining himself and his relationship with Ally to everyone and their brother. What he had with her – he wasn't sure what it was yet – but he loved the thrill of the secrecy of it.

He lazily looked over his shoulder at the alarm clock on his bed side table and sighed when he saw the time. It was already almost noon and he had yet to move from his spot beneath the sheets.

Last night was probably the best night of sleep he had ever gotten, and he knew it was because of all the activity his body had gotten the night before, and, well, the night before that. Ally was like a drug to him… one that he was quickly becoming addicted to and wanted more of. He worried a little about the fact that she hadn't grilled him on what their official status was yet. After all, she was not usually one to act without any kind of knowledge or reassurance. And, boy, had they acted. Was she just waiting to see what he wanted to do?

If Austin was completely honest with himself he'd know he too was a little nervous to find out the answer. He wanted her. That was no secret, not anymore; but a full-on relationship? Was that what he wanted with Ally? Was he ready for that? He shook his head to himself. These were all questions that should have been asked before the sex-capades started. Now, there was no going back.

Sighing, Austin rolled back over and shoved the blankets off of his body, stretching like a cat before reaching over to his bed side table for his trusty cell phone.

No new messages.

He was a little disappointed, to say the least, that she hadn't sent him anything. Even after his goodnight text message he'd sent her last night, he received nothing in return. Was she upset with him over what had happened? Had they gone too far?

Austin sat up and ran a hand through his messy locks, looking over at the sound board that still sat positioned next to his bed. Lyrics began to flood his mind and before he even realized what he was doing, he had stood and moved to his desk, pulling out a notepad and pen and began feverishly jotting down his thoughts and emotions, nodding his head in time with the beat he had created days ago. Soon he found he had a few lines written and he smiled to himself. Grabbing his guitar he sat on the edge of his bed and strummed, waiting for the perfect moment to reach forward and press play. He listened as the music filled his senses, and he closed his eyes, nodding and preparing himself for the perfect moment to begin.

Oohhhhh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh


Ally smiled to herself as she showered that morning. She tried her hardest not to, tried telling herself that what she and Austin were doing was not healthy. Keeping it a secret, that is. The rest of it was probably pretty normal for hormonal teenagers, and had it not been for her sudden burst of confidence two nights ago she would probably blush at the thought of everything she and Austin had done together thus far. But right now, all she did was ache for more. The thought of him… his smile, his voice, his kiss… his body… she wanted so much more than what she had gotten so far.

She used to scoff at the idea and image of these girls running around Miami, and all over the country for that matter, flaunting their sexuality and doing anything for a cute guy… and yet, here she was examining herself in the shower to see what she could change about herself to please Austin. They may be in a limbo of sorts on the relationship train… after all they had done things kind of backwards, but she wanted to please him in any way she could. She wanted him to do a double-take whenever she walked by. She laughed and shook her head at herself. One day they are just friends, partners in music, the next they are lovers and all she wants is to please him and be the only girl to turn him on. What had she become?

Ally smiled again as she rinsed the creamy conditioner from her hair, tilting her head to the side letting the water run down the contours of her neck. She thought about how Austin had admitted he hadn't gone very far with any other girl before, and that he had let her be his first to ever go down on. The idea that he wanted to do that for her turned her on completely and it pushed away any insecurities she had been feeling when she remembered his goodnight text he had sent her. The Austin she knew was all about avoiding any awkward moments or conversations… and he wasn't avoiding her by any means. He had pursued her last night, and ended it with a sweet message to her after he'd gotten home. This was not something he seemed to be ashamed of, and that gave her butterflies.

Sighing to herself, Ally turned the water off and wrung out her hair once more before stepping out into the bathroom, grabbing a fluffy white towel and wrapping it around herself as she approached the vanity. Though normally she would cringe at the thought of creating smear marks on the mirror, the perfectionist that she was, she could care less today and she hastily ran her palm across the glass surface, rubbing away the steam that had built up during her third shower in less than twenty four hours.

She shook her head to herself. She was a pretty dirty girl yesterday…

Ally turned to her side and looked upon her own reflection, keeping her eyes trained on the curve of her hips and breasts, striking different poses and seeing which way made her look sexiest. She pursed her lips and made a duck face or two, playing with her own hair and going back and forth between smooth and sleek to crazy and wild, and that was when she saw it; the ginormous hickey that seemed to have grown over night on her neck. What had once been two small-ish hickies was now one large one, with a much darker hue to it. He had really done some work on her the night before. She tried to be mad at him for it – really tried – but still all she could do was smile. He had marked her as his, whether he intended to or not, and she found she was completely turned on by it.

Stepping out into her bedroom Ally quickly snatched her cell off of her bed and went back to her full length mirror, pressing the camera app and taking a quick selfie, putting extra emphasis on her neck and the darkened area focused right in the middle. Once she was satisfied with the picture she smirked and dragged it to her messages, sending it to a particular blonde who she was sure would be proud to admire his handy work.

When the message was sent she smiled to herself, satisfied, and walked to her closet, eager to pick an outfit that would hide the offending mark without making her swelter in the Miami heat for the day. She shuffled through top after top in her closet, and only one thing seemed to suit all of her needs. The only problem; it was a little more provocative than she was used to. In fact, she was certain the tags were probably still on it because she had never worn it out in public before.

Pulling it out of the closet she held it up in front of her, gazing at it and deciding if it was suitable for the day. The store wouldn't be open today, so she didn't have to worry about customers… and knowing her dad he would probably be wandering around the mall looking for new sponsors or passing out flyers for their 'Grand Re-Opening they were having once all the new instruments arrived, and so he wouldn't be paying any attention to what she was wearing. She decided to go with it. No one would see her in it anyway, and this way she could get used to wearing it for whenever she decided to break it out again.

She placed the top, hanger and all out on her bed and began to look for her white form-fitting skirt. She had the perfect shoes and up-do in mind for the day and she had to get a move on. She promised her dad she would work at least six hours in the store today and it was already past noon on a Sunday. Not that there was much work left to be done… but she could take a look at the books and see if anything needed balancing, and print up new price signs! It would be a nice contrast from all the physical work she'd done the day prior.

Smiling to herself once again she pulled the towel off of her petite form and rubbed her hair in it, sopping all the excess moisture out and walking unabashed into her bathroom to begin preparing for her day.


Austin worked his way down to the kitchen, wearing nothing but his basketball shorts he had thrown on after he crawled out of bed. He bounded into the kitchen and grabbed an apple out of the bowl on the island, hopping himself up onto it and taking a large bite. "Morning," he said with a full mouth to both of his parents who sat at the table reading the Sunday paper.

Mimi Moon smiled sweetly at her son, cocking a perfectly manicured brow at him. "Afternoon," she corrected and went back to reading her article.

Austin grinned in her direction, not hiding the chunks of apple that clung to his teeth before shrugging his shoulders and taking another bite.

Mike lowered his paper to look at his son and eyed him curiously. "You're awful chipper this morning, aren't you?"

Austin shrugged and tried to hide his smile from his father. "Slept really well, I guess," he said, taking another bite. Mike eyed his son up and down. There was something he wasn't telling him… and being a teenaged boy he was afraid to even ask what it was.

He had been a teenaged boy himself, once, and he knew there were very few things that could put a smile that big on a boys face this soon after waking up in the morning. He nodded slowly at his son and watched as his face eyed him back just as curiously.

"What?" Austin asked.

Mike set his paper down and faced his son. "Slept well because you had nothing else to do, for once?"

Austin tried to hide the blush that was creeping up his neck and into his cheeks. His father was on to him…

"Yep," he laughed nervously. "I was in my room sleeping allllll night… all by myself," he said pursing his lips when he was done.

Mike nodded back but never let the suspicious gaze leave his son. "Right…"

Austin began to look around the room, anywhere but at his father who seemed to be suspicious of something, when suddenly his phone went off in his pocket.

Thankful for the distraction he pulled the device out quickly and blushed once again when he saw it was from Ally. He spared one last quick glance up at his father through his eyelashes, thankful that he had finally gone back to reading his newspaper and sipping his coffee instead of staring him down. Quickly Austin swiped his finger across his cell to reveal the message he'd received from Ally and what he saw when he opened his phone made him choke on his most recent bite of fruit.

There on the extremely clear and vivid screen of his cell phone was a picture of Ally, wrapped in nothing but a towel, dripping wet and smirking at him. The picture was a mirror shot, and he could see from her ribs up, the towel wrapped tightly around her so that her pert little breasts were bulging out of the terrycloth material. She had her head tilted in such a way that drew his eyes to her neck, and that was when he saw it… a giant red and purple bruise on her skin where he had been kissing her for a lengthy period last night.

He coughed as he tried to keep himself from choking on his breakfast as he hopped down from the island, both of his parents looking at him with concern as he turned red and tried to suck in breaths of air.

"Austin… honey…" his mother started as she stood up. He waved her back down to signal he was okay but he was still having a difficult time breathing as he looked at the picture once again, this time reading her message.

nice work, stud.

I guess I have to

cover up more

around you now…

Austin cleared his throat and took a deep breath to try and calm himself, his eyes continuously falling to her practically naked form in the picture. He blushed again and looked up at his parents who were both eyeing him suspiciously. He chuckled and backed away.

"I'm… gonna go back up to my room now. Do some more… studying."

Austin took off before either of his parents could respond and Mimi just looked at her husband with raised eyebrows.

Mike smirked and nodded at his wife. "It's a girl…"

Mimi looked surprised and smiled a little to herself.

Mike shook his head and turned the page of his paper. "Yeah. Definitely a girl."


"There you are!" Austin exclaimed as he walked into the darkened practice room at Sonic Boom, shutting the door behind him. Ally whirled around in surprise but her shock quickly turned to excitement when her eyes landed on the incredibly delicious looking man in front of her. She had been treating herself to a little candle-lit song writing when she suddenly heard the door swing open.

When she turned around and Austin's eyes fell on her he was absolutely awe struck. Her Sunday attire for a closed Sonic Boom was a mini shirt, pump heels, and a shirt that showed the apex of her cleavage? He needed to swing around the store on Sundays more often…

Her skirt was so tight he almost questioned whether or not she was wearing any underwear… and it was so short he got a real nice view of her legs and thighs… god, how he wanted to grasp them in his hands right then. And her heels… he loved when Ally wore heels. First of all, they made her amazing legs look even more amazing. Secondly, she looked more like a woman than a girl when wearing them. He imagined being on top of her while she had on nothing but heels… He shook his head to clear that thought before he made his pants any more uncomfortable. Then there was that shirt she was wearing… could he even call that a shirt? It appeared as though a red piece of fabric was just expertly wrapped around her form, hiding her beautiful pert breasts from him while all the while teasing him by showing the exposed area of her chest right between them. She was not wearing a bra – she couldn't have been! You'd see it in the opening between her breasts! And it wrapped up around her neck like a turtle neck – no doubt hiding the hickey she'd shown him in the picture earlier.

The room was dark, only illuminated by a few candles here and there as she sat on the sofa writing in her precious book. Her hair was pulled up into a neat bun, small tendrils of hair falling down around her face, framing it. And her lips… oh god, her lips! Her lips were encased in a dark shade of red to match her shirt, and all the lipstick did was make Austin want to devour her that much more. She was a picture, and he couldn't tear his eyes away.

"Wow," was all he could muster as he blatantly checked her out. "You look…" he paused, a complete lack of words taking him over as he drank her in. "Is this your way of covering up more around me?"

Ally pursed her lips and blushed, looking down at herself. She held her hands out on either side of her body. "Yeah," she laughed nervously. "I hadn't really planned on anyone seeing me like this," she said looking back up at him, taking in his appearance as well.

His hair was tousled, just the way she liked it. He wore a plain white v-neck covered by his old leather jacket, and he had on black jeans that were ripped in various places. Also her favorite…

To Ally, he looked edible, and if she had it her way, she would be eating him in just a few short minutes…

She gulped. Did I really just think that? What has gotten into me?

"Uhm…" he stammered as he looked at her again. "I went by your house… you weren't there. I..I thought you were all finished getting ready for the new stuff here…"

She tilted her head and tried to stop herself from smiling as he slowly made his way over to her. She was unsuccessful. "I had some paperwork to do. I slept late and so I had to work late. Not sure why but I was just so tired this morning…" she teased.

Austin smirked at her and nodded, wrapping his arms around her waist, resting his hands on her lower back just above her butt. Ally wished he would just be a barbarian and grab her.

"Is that right?" he teased back. "That's too bad, 'cause you know if you were at home… all cozy in your bed… getting ready for another good night's sleep I could have, you know…" he said raising his eyebrows at her. "…Helped?"

Ally wasn't entirely sure how he was being so carefree and flirty with her right now. There was a lot of stuff they needed to discuss, preferably before school the next day. They needed to set down ground rules. How were they to act towards each other out in public? Were they going to be affectionate? Were they going to be completely normal? Could they act completely normal with everything that had gone on between them? When were they going to tell Trish and Dez? Were they going to tell Trish and Dez?

She willed herself to stop rambling and she let her hands fall to his chest… his oh so hard chest that she suddenly never wanted to stop feeling beneath her small hands…

A pool of liquid formed in her very thin panties and she squirmed to accommodate, her eyes dark as she looked up at him. "Really…" she whispered, looking down at her fingers on his chest before flipping her hair out of her face and looking back up at him with her doe eyes. "What about you?" she asked sweetly. "Two nights in a row you've snuck out to see me? What about your good night sleep?"

Austin bit his lip and smiled down at her. "Oh I haven't been having any trouble sleeping…"

"Is that right?"

"Yeah," he smiled as he snaked his fingers along her scalp into her up-do, pulling her face up to his.

Ally stood on her toes and wrapped her arms around his neck, inhaling sharply when their lips finally met. As cliché as it sounded, it felt like electricity every time their mouths fused together. Ally had never felt anything like it.

Their kiss quickly became heated, and Ally didn't miss the way Austin trailed his hands down her sides and grip the backs of her thighs. She enjoyed every second of it, though. She wanted his hands on her all the time… all over her. It amazed her how much these feelings had been revealed in only two days of exploration.

Austin whimpered into his kiss and Ally instantly turned to pudding. He whimpered! He was freaking adorable and she couldn't handle it anymore. She could feel his arousal pressed against her front as they stood pinned together, and the way he was massaging her scalp as he held her to him… she was turned on again… and there would be no stopping her.

She feigned for only a second… they really needed to talk things out before something bad happened between them! Oh but his tongue, and his scent, and his body… her senses were on complete overload and she knew she would never be able to hold her ground with him being the way he was right now.

Maybe just one more night wouldn't be so bad… One more night and everything they had building up to would be out of their system, right?

She pulled back and gasped for air, and he immediately moved his mouth down to the opening in her shirt, between her breasts, and began placing long languid open mouthed kisses to her bare skin. Ally felt goose bumps rise all over her sensitive form and she couldn't help but run her hands through his hair and pull him up to kiss his neck and leave trails of affection all over his flesh.

"I want you," she whispered into his ear, her hot breath tickling him before she nibbled on his ear lobe.

Austin licked his lips and squeezed his eyes shut, willing himself the control he needed to not throw her on the floor and take her right there. "You got me, I'm right here," he said as he guided her hands to run down his chest, feeling him the whole way down.

Ally smirked and took control of her own hands again when she reached his belt buckle, ghosting her fingers up and under his white tee and through the fine trail of hairs that lead like a path down into the waistband of his exposed boxers. His happy trail, she thought. Would it be wrong to lick her way down to the prize at the end? "No," she said quietly. "I mean," she said as she pulled back and looked him in the eyes, her hands popping open the button on his jeans before vigorously pulling the two sides apart, listening as the zipper worked it way down and she grasped him through his boxers. "I want you. Right now."

To Be Continued…

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