Just some basic information on the story. I'll only do this once.

Anime Used:

⋆ Blood+

⋆ Vampire Knight

(Major) Couples:

⋆ Saya & Hajji

⋆ Diva & Zero


⋆ This story is complete.


⋆ This is rated T mainly for cuss words and some violence (blood, stabbing, etc.)


⋆ This is the first "book" in a series of three. The second "book" is being created now.


⋆ Each chapter is from a single character's POV.


⋆ Characters in this story are alive when they shouldn't be in the show. If I kill someone who isn't supposed to die or vice versa, just go with it. Please.

⋆ I do use elements from both the manga and the anime. Because of this, Riku is alive and Diva doesn't have her children.


⋆ I took serious liberties with the plot.

⋆ There are MASSIVE spoilers in here if you aren't SOMEWHAT up-to-date on either show. Don't blame me if I ruin something for you!

⋆ I don't want to hear crap about pairings from the show. If you like a couple in the anime and are angry that I didn't include them, please don't comment.

⋆ Be CONSTRUCTIVE with your criticism. Don't comment to be negative. If you're going to be negative, please try to be informative. Let me know why you don't like it.

Alright, enough of that! I hope you enjoy :)



Chapter 1: Saya

(Major Anii Note for those of you who haven't seen Blood+: Saya and Diva are twin Queens (basically the highest rank of "Vampires") and they go into 30 year sleep periods and only stay awake for about 2 years.)

Saya crashed down on her back, the air escaping her lungs as her spine connected with the hard Earth. Diva climbed on top of her instantly, a knife already pressed against Saya's throat. "Dead."

The point of the knife moved away and Diva clambered off of her sister. "Your attacks are too formal, too reserved. Go all out."

Saya didn't sit up, she just laid on her back, watching the shifting clouds in the blue sky as an airplane raced to its destination, the engines roaring loudly. Diva slid her knife into its holder on her calf before holding out a hand to Saya, "Didn't Julia want to see us?"

Saya nodded, taking her sister's hand before pulling herself to her feet. She brushed the dirt free from her clothes before turning towards her sister. A gust of wind brushed past them, blowing back the twins' long hair. Saya caught a long strand between her fingers, "I hope Kai can cut this for me once he gets home."

Diva shrugged and began walking towards the Red Shield hospital Julia worked at. Saya followed. Training at the park with her sister had become a habit since waking up five days ago and it was strange yet peaceful at the same time. She closed her eyes as another chilly winter breeze rolled by.


Julia leaned back in her chair, her arms folded across her chest, and crossed her legs, one over the other. She shifted her glasses up the bridge of her nose as her daughter bounded over and flung herself on her mother's lap, "Mama! Will Saya and Diva visit me today?"

Julia stroked the top of her daughter's head, smoothing her hair back, "Maybe, my dear. Go find your father and Uncle Louie and make them buy you ice cream."

The 7-year-old squirmed away from her mother and took off out the door just as Saya and Diva walked in, "Papa! Uncle Louie!"

Diva stumbled away from the little girl, fear filling her eyes. Saya touched her sister's arm to comfort her but Diva just marched away and sat down on the medical bed. Saya sighed softly, her sister was trying desperately to behave but she acted as if her skin was poisonous to humans.

Saya stood beside Diva and greeted Julia. The older woman bobbed her head, "Hello girls."

Julia stood and walked over to the door, closing and locking it swiftly. Saya's eyebrow rose in confusion but she patiently waited for Julia to explain. The scientist wandered over to her desk, whipped out a drawer and stuck her hand in. When she pulled her hand out she held a pill bottle. She held it out to Saya.

"What's this?" Saya asked, taking the bottle from Julia.

Julia picked up a remote and turned on the television. A sleeping Saya came to life on the screen. "I'm guessing you two have noticed that you haven't been sleeping for 30 years even though you went into your hibernation periods." Julia crossed her arms again.

Saya's eyes were glued to herself on the TV. The Saya on TV was in a white hospital room but it was heavily secured and the people in the room with her were armed with strange weapons.

"We contained each of you while you slept." Her head bent low. "And using a form of these pills, we awakened you without chevalier blood." (Anii Note: Blood from chevaliers strengthens and awakens the Queens. Haji and Riku are Saya's chevaliers while all of Diva's were killed...poor Solomon ;_;)

Saya tore her eyes away from the screen to glance at the pill bottle in her hands. "You…awakened us?"

Julia nodded and suddenly the scene on the TV took on a different mood. The sleeping Saya's eyes shot open, revealing the blood-red orbs underneath her eyelids. She threw herself off of the bed and lunged at the nearest scientist, the one who had injected her arm. The person backed away quickly.

The Saya on TV viciously snarled and glanced at her surroundings as she tossed her head back and forth wildly. Saya bit her lip hard and whispered, "Did I hurt anyone?"

Julia didn't answer as a familiar face appeared out of nowhere on the TV screen in the hospital room beside Saya, holding an already unconscious Diva. He quickly slammed his finger down on a pressure point in the girl's neck, knocking his enraged Queen out cold. Haji gathered her into his arms and the screen went black.

"Oddly enough, the new experiment succeeded in waking you up and keeping you awake. Haji was none too happy when he heard he had woken you both." She pushed her glasses higher up her nose, "I hope you can forgive me girls but I thought you should know…" She looked away momentarily, "Someone is making chiropterans."

Saya unconsciously looked at her sister then back at Julia when she spoke again, "With both of you in hibernation, Diva's chevaliers dead, and Hajji's desire for your wishes, Saya, we have no clue who it could be." (Anii Note: Saya wishes all chiropterans dead, even herself and Diva.)

Julia stepped over to her keyboard and furiously began typing away. She turned the screen so the girls could see. The screen displayed a rather large school building, "This is Cross Academy. Two members of the Red Shield reside there, they were the ones who told of us the chiropteran risings. This is where most of them have been spotted and we're hoping this can lead us to the person who is making them."

Saya lifted the pill bottle slightly, "And what are these?"

Julia smiled slightly. "Being with you girls has provided me with enormous amounts of gathered data. After you fell asleep, Saya, Diva gave me permission to examine her." She typed on her computer again until several sheets of complicated data sprang up. She pointed to one sheet, "I found out that your bodies, which have inhuman qualities, uses this hibernation period to regenerate and allows you to keep your ageless appearance. However, the sleep itself doesn't cause this. When you go into your hibernation period, a chemical is released into your body. That is the cause of the agelessness."

Saya's head swam but she listened carefully as Julia continued. "The sleep opens the gate for the process to occur but does not cause the actual repairs to take place. Using Diva, I extracted the chemical and analyzed it. It's unlike anything I've ever seen before." She pointed to the pill bottle. "In there, I added the chemical your bodies create naturally."

"So, what does this all mean? Why would you make something like this?" Diva asked.

"If you girls choose, those pills can let you regenerate as much as your bodies demand without the need for such a long period of hibernation. I managed to narrow the sleep period down, however, there are conditions." She looked sharply at the two girls. "You need to drink blood daily at least three times in a single day and you will fall into a short hibernation period once a week that will last for an entire day but you shouldn't have to sleep every night like others."

Saya stared at the woman, "That's it?"

A smile broke out on Julia's lips. "That's it."

She dug in her drawer and produced another bottle, holding it out to Diva. The girl gaped, "You…you're giving me one as well?"

Julia nodded, "Of course. You're a member of the Red Shield now."

Diva took the bottle, staring at it for several seconds. Julia leaned back in her chair, "You take a pill a day and everything should be fine. You might want to go talk to David though about the chiropteran issue."

Saya nodded and looked at her younger twin, "Let's go see what he can tell us."

Diva looked up at her sister for a few moments before standing and walking out of the door silently.

I'm trying so hard to explain everything just in case someone hasn't watched/read either Blood+ or Vampire Knight.

If you haven't, I strongly suggest watching both, they are amazing! -Anii