So on popular vote (1-from BlueGem22) I'm doing my version of episode 34 in Shinkenger.

F is for Father

"I'm so tired!" Mike whined as he and the others walked in from training.

"I think we did pretty well today." Lauren said as she took a towel from a Kuroko.

"Mia," Mentor said walking up to the group, "You have a visitor."


"Come." He pushed her into the common room where 2 men were. One sat on one of the couches, the other standing, his back to Mia. The man turned and revelled a man about 40, with salt and pepper hair of Asian descent. Mia stared in shock at the man.

"Mia." He said in a voice of relief mixed with something that made it sound like he was happy to see her. On the couch was Terry, Mia's brother.

"That's Terry. What's he doing here?" Antonio said.


"Mia's younger brother." Jayden explained to his sister.

"It's so good to see you again." The man said. Then he saw the group behind her. Mia kept her eyes on the man. "Hello, nice to meet you, I'm Mia's father, Mamoru Watanabe."

"Father?" everyone asked

In a moment of pure adorable Emilyness, Emily asked, "So you were the old pink ranger?"

"What? Oh no, I'm not in the blood line of the samurais. That was Mia's mother, Erika. I was just adopted into the family when I married Erika. Pink Ranger." Mia's father laughed.

"Daddy." Mia finally spoke, mad at her father for making Emily feel bad. It was an honest mistake.

Her father turned and looked at her. "Finally, I can hear your voice."

"What are you doing here anyway?"

"I want you to quit the Samurai Rangers." He pulled out a Hawaiian lay and laughed a little, "Come live with me in Hawaii."

"Huh?" Mia's asked, her face full of shock, "Quit the Samurai Rangers? I don't understand. Why is this coming up so suddenly?"

"Sweetie, the war is over, there's no need to stick around. So, you and your brother will come with me to Hawaii. Your mother wants this."

"My mom?" Mia's face closed up a little. Jayden really wanted to know what was going on. He didn't really remember Mia's mother but he knew she was paralyzed from waist down after the war with Xandrid.

"Your mother wants you back home."

"But…" Mia remembered snippets of her leaving a house, chasing after something. It was a memory she didn't want to relive. Jayden was about to walk forward when Lauren stopped him. She shook her head as an indication not to push it.

"Since the real reason she was here is now dealt with, she can come home right?" Mia's father asked Mentor, "My company will help with anything you need. Just consider us the Kuroko of Hawaii." He said giving Mentor a lay.

"Wait, don't make this decision yourself!" Mia yelled when the Gap Scener went off. Turning on the map, Jayden saw it was the same school they went to when Terry came. "I'm not going to quit being a samurai, so you can just forget it." Mia said, giving her father the lay before running for the door, Jayden and the others going after her.

"I guess I should have come earlier." Mamoru wondered, Terry shaking his head.

"So I assume her career is going ok?" Terry asked Mentor

"Climbing the music charts, her manager knows and I keep walking in on her and Jayden."

"No way! Jayden?" Terry than noticed the look of pure death on his father's face, "I really hope Jayden can run fast."

A group of elementary school students and their teachers ran down the stairs, screaming from the Moggers that were swiping their swords at them. The few that were still in a classroom are grabbed by Moggers who then left in gaps in the room. One girl fell as everyone ran out the door. She screamed when a Mogger was about to grab her. Mia's sword hit him before he could grab the girl. They were at the same school they fought Moggers at before when Terry visited, except there were kids now. Mia picked up the little girl as the other rangers ran in.

"Mia, Lauren, get the kids out of here. We'll deal with them." The fight was practically the same as last time. Lauren and Mia lead out the kids from the building when more Moggers attacked. Lauren defended mostly as Mia herded the kids away from the fight before helping her boyfriend's sister. Then she heard a scream. She turned and saw a boy being grabbed. She ran towards them. Seeing she wouldn't get there in time, she grabbed a Senser by a drain and threw it. It landed in the boy's pocket just as they went through the gap.

Jayden used his 'Blazing Strike' to finish off the rest of his group, and then went back to his civilian form. "That's all of them."

"Yeah, but some kids were kidnapped." Emily voiced

"So which one do you think did it?" Mike asked, referring to their new enemies, the group of half-nighlocks who had been grinding their nerves for the past 2 months.

"That doesn't matter. What matters is how we're going to find them." Lauren said

"I might be able to help with that. I planted a Senser on one of the kids. We can use Gap Senser to track him."

"That was Senser 215, right?" Mentor asked, on the phone with Kevin who told him Mia's plan, "We can use this to find him. I'll call when we get a signal."

"Right. Ok I'll tell her." Kevin hung up and announced what Mentor told him, "Also Mia. Mentor says your father and Terry left." Mia sighed. She went over to one of the pull up poles and leaned forward, turning on it, before landing on her feet. She sighed again.

"Mia, did something happen with your father?" Lauren asked

"Guys, you don't have to beat around the bush. I'll tell you guys. Well, you guys know my mom was paralyzed from waist down after the final Battle right?"

"Yeah. She was attacked from behind right?" Emily asked

"Right. After that, we moved to my grandmother's house, it would be easier for me and Terry to be taken care of. But when I was 7, my mom and dad left us with our grandmother. After that, she taught me how to be a samurai."

"Wait, why'd they leave?" Mike asked

"I never knew. My dad visited us but never my mom. I rarely spoke with her."

"Wow, I couldn't imagine life without my mom." Emily said

"Yeah. After she and my dad left, I was trained by my grandmother."

"It must have been so lonely. Would of gone crazy if Terry wasn't there huh?" Antonio asked. As Mia nodded Jayden noticed a car coming towards them. It stopped at the front of the gate. The door opened and Mamoru came out, dressed in summer clothes.

"Mia!" He pulled Terry out as well, also dressed in summer clothes. He looked like he didn't want to be there. Mia, her face was getting red with embarrassment. This was way over the top. Mamoru nodded to the driver, who came behind the Watanabe men and held up a poster of a beach in Hawaii.

"Wow this guy's persistent." Jayden muttered

"I didn't get a chance to tell you what's great about Hawaii. It's an eternal summer while it gets cold here. You'll wear a summer dress instead of a training gi and trade that katana for a tropical punch."

Mia was starting to get mad. This was going a little too far.

"Maybe we should back away slowly." Mike joked, flinching when Jayden elbowed him. Just then Jayden's Samuraizer rang

"It's me…Right." Jayden hung up and turned to the group. "The Scencer was found by the same area we fought Sarator when Terry came the first time. Either the kids are in the area or it was dropped there. We'll split up and look."

As they group ran towards the gate, Mia's father came forward, "Mia, your mother wants this." Her footsteps slowed as the same images flowed into her mind. Just then they heard a woman cry out a teacher's name. Everyone turned their attention to the school. A group of parents surround a teacher, all shooting questions.

"Is it true, was my boy was taken by monsters?"

"Where did they go?"

"I'm afraid we don't know."

"That can't be!" a father said as a mother dropped to her knees in despair.

Jayden laid a hand on Mia's shoulder. Mamoru slightly bristled at that. "Let's go." Mia nodded as she and the rest of the group ran past her father and brother.

At the Sanzu River

Takeru let a glowing ball rest in his hand. There were more around him. He looked at Chiaki. The brown haired boy smirked right back at him.

"And can you explain how you got this much, what is this, oh yes, abandonment?"

"Little plan I already put into action. I got some kids and told them if they pile up rocks they can see their parents again. The bonus? There will be so much despair and sadness, a crake will form and water from here can escape. Instant boosting pool."

"While, I warn you to tell me about these things before you get started, nice job. Keep at it."

Where the kids are

Chiaki appeared and looked around. Frowning he approached a Mogger, "This isn't enough kids. Go get more." The Mogger nodded. Chiaki kicked a child's pile over, causing him to cry even more. "That's right, cry your heart out."

Mia ran down the path and saw an old abandoned warehouse. Her memory reminded her that this was where they fought Sarator that last time. She saw movement from inside and hid, looking in a broken window. She saw all the kids and immediately called the others. Just as she hung up she saw one kid take a chance at the unguarded door. Mia recognised him as the boy she planted the Senser on. He was grabbed by one of the Moggers when Mia stole him out of his hand. She used herself as a shield and was cut on the arm. She heard a car and she saw her father's. Mia pulled out her sword and fought, knocking down the Moggers, pushing the boy towards her brother who got out.

"Watch him." Her father order the driver, "Mia!" he ran to the girl

"Dad, what are you doing here?"

"Well, well, well." Chiaki smiled as he watched Mia take a defensive stance. "Looks like your all alone Pinky."

"Mia, get behind me." Mamoru said trying to block Mia.

"Got an old guy trying to fight your battles now huh? Get her!"

Before the Mogger's could follow the half-nighlock's orders, the Lion, Dragon and BearZord came flying using their own attacks to distract the Moggers. Mia turned to see the respective owners running towards her.

"Jayden! Guys!"

"Samuraizers, Go, Go Samurai!" they pulled out their phones, their symbols appearing instantly. When they gained their uniforms, they pulled out their swords.

"Sorry, but you guys aren't about the cause what happened last time to happen again." Chiaki said as the Moggers went after them. They brought down most of them working together. Chiaki glared when he heard children behind him. Turning he saw Emily, Antonio and Lauren herald the children out.

"You guys are ok now."

"But you aren't!" Chiaki spun his Jumonji yari staff above his head before bringing it down, a blast of leaves appearing and heading to the three. They slashed but were eventually hit. As they got up, the other rangers crowded them. "Don't think you guys are getting away easy!" Jamming the point into the ground, the group was blasted by razor sharp leaves that busted from the ground, causing them to be thrown into the next building.

"Guys!" Mia yelled as she ran after them, her father following her.

As the group got up, the remaining Moggers ran in and began attacking them. The rangers tried fighting them off for as long as they could. Mia ran in but when her father grabbed her arm, she shouted, "I can't leave them alone! I have to help!" she pushed her father away who hit his shoulder on a metal beam and fell. Mia turned back to him, slightly guilty but mostly angry and confused. "You saw how worried those parents were about their kids. Why don't you get it?"

"I do." Her father said getting up, "That's why I want to get you to safety. I'm such a selfish parent huh? I know your mother would feel the same way about the situation."

"Then why? Why did you leave me and Terry alone that time? Why didn't you take us?" Mia yelled remembering. She was at her grandmother's house and when she couldn't find her parents, she ran out the door, crying when she saw her father wheeling away her mother, not even bothering to turn around as she ran after them. "Mom, she didn't even look at me. I thought you left us behind. Why, why are you coming for me now? Why didn't you come during the war with Xandred?"

"I wanted to take you and your brother. But, your grandmother told me when the time came, you'd needed to be around in the area, and she could train you. Your mother tried to take care of you but she was still healing mentally and physically from the war. I know I hurt you. You must hate me so much."

Back with the group, they were able to fight off most of the Moggers but there were still some around. Chiaki attacked again with his Jumonji yari staff and the screams of her friends made Mia snap out of it. She looked again at the cut on her arm that was hurting her and looked at her friends who were surrounded by Moggers.

"I'm not going to stop being a samurai and I don't hate you or mom. It's just on that day…Just…" Mia turned and ran towards the Moggers.

Chiaki saw her and ordered the Moggers to stop her. Mia fought them all before destroying them together. Seeing this, the half nighlock let his anger get the best of him and attacked again. Mia drew her symbol, it blocking on the attacks. In a blast Mia walked out of the blast in her uniform. Chiaki ran forward and the two began to exchange hits before backing off. The two went into a stance before they went at it again. He eventually hit her and she slid across the floor.

"Mia!" Jayden threw the Black Box to her. Mia stood on her knee and faced her sword to the Black Box. Her uniform gained the white cape. She put the Turtle Desk and spun it, "Super spin sword, Super Air Way! Super Samurai Slash." Chiaki screamed as he flew back and into the wall. He glared at them before disappearing.


"Nice one."

"Great job Mia!"

Later that night, Mia sat backstage at a concert, she'd open for. Lauren was doing her hair as the two talked. Mia was in a black shirt, white skirt, black tights and combat boots.

"Did you see the way your father glared at Jayden the entire time?" Lauren joked pinning Mia's hair up

"Yeah poor guy. I'll have to make it up to him tonight. You know what my mom promised she's do?"


"I always wanted to be a singer but I also like taking care of kids. But my mom said she'd do my make up when I did my first performance. Like this one."

"I wish my mom could have been around. You know, she died a while after Jayden was born. Done." Lauren said, patting Mia's shoulder. Mia sent her a sympathetic smile. Then she saw her father come in.

"Hello Mia. I just wanted to let you know that tonight I'll be taking the plane back to Hawaii. After your performance of course. I'll be sure to tell your mother about how you fought. And you feel."

Mia turned around facing her father, "Um, why did Mom…?"

"Well why don't you ask her yourself?" Mia looked confused until she saw her mother wheeling herself towards her.

"I'm going to leave you guys." Lauren said, "Erika." She nodded to her.

"Mia," she took her hand in hers, "I'm sorry for leaving you that time. But it wasn't that I forgot about you or Terry. Both of you, especially you have been on my mind this entire time. I'm so sorry."

Mia remembered when she ran after her mother she remembered that she kept calling for her mother. "Mom, Mom!" Mia flew into her mother's arms, crying.

Her father looked at them, remembering Mia's voice. Looking he could almost see Mia as a little girl hugging her mother.

Trent came in cautiously, trying not to interrupt. Mia opened her eyes and saw him and slowed her crying.


"Hi, sorry to interrupt but you go on in 20 minutes."

"Ok, Mom?" Her mother gave her a questioning look, "think you could do my make-up?"

Her mother gave her a smile, "I'd love to."

Everyone was back stage just as Mamoru approached Jayden.

"Dad alert." Antonio warned

"You, Hayden."

"It's Jayden. What can I help you with?"

"I want you to stay away from my daughter, that's what."

"I'm suddenly glad your dad likes me." Mike whispered to Emily

"Um, Mr. Watanabe, listen. I love your daughter and I'm not about to let her go."

"Besides, he has my blessing." They all turned to see Mia, Terry and their mother. "Mamoru be reasonable. I've known Jayden since he was a small boy."

"Hi Mrs. Watanabe." Jayden said

"Hello dear. Now Mamoru if you threaten Jayden again, you'll see how scary I can be in a wheelchair."

"Yes dear."

"Now you two better get ready." Erika told her children

"Two?" Kevin asked

"One of guitar players got sick so Terry's taking over. We got to get to the stage now."

"Ladies and Gentlemen, give it up for Mia Watanabe."

Chan-Chan-Bara Chanbara!
Chan-Bara-Bara Chanbara!


Time keeps on flowing
The past becomes now
The spirits of Japan start awakening
Exhibiting seriousness (chanbara, chanbara!)
It is dangerous if you downplay it (chanbara, chanbara!)
If you show an opening, there will be no tomorrow

One Stroke, Imperial Report, authorized by Divine Providence!
In a storm of applause, the main stars appear!

Cherry blossoms fall in a flash
Now it's time to go, Samurai
In order to protect those lives
Cut, cut, dance, dance
In the end, say "banzai!"
The power of the words will explode
Let's bushido (let's bushido)
Let's take this challenge (let's take this challenge)


For a samurai
There is no treason
It is the pact he once made with his friends
Always serious (chanbara, chanbara!)
Sometimes regretful (chanbara, chanbara!)
There's a feeling to not be beaten even during practice

One Stroke, Imperial Report, authorized by Divine Providence!
In the uproarious festival, the main stars appear!

Rising up in a flash
Now it's time to go, Samurai
We want to save this sinking world
Cut, cut, dance, dance
The Origami are in standby
Five hearts come together as one
Let's bushido (Let's bushido)
Looks like you cut it (looks like you cut it)

In order to make these great dreams shine on
Today, too, the morning sun rises by the Mount Fuji

Chan-Chan-Bara Chanbara!
Chan-Bara-Bara Chanbara!
Put your love and courage into your sword
Chan-Chan Bara, Samurai
Chan-Bara-Bara, Cut it up
The darkness that blocks your way
Let's bushidou (let's bushidou)
Let's take this challenge (let's take this challenge)

Sorry this took so long. So the song is the opening of Shikenger I just took out that part. Hey for the gleek fans, did you see that the guy who plays Antonio is a warbler. I saw him in the video of Blaine perfoming 'Teenage Dream'. Oh and heads up, I'll be doing a Mike and Emily version of 'Father' to. Review