So this here is a Christmas gift to Motaki. Clearly the world didn't end, so I had to write a story about why. It was originally just going to be a one shot, but quickly evolved into a full blown story, and now, perhaps even a universe. Enjoy! Disclaimer- Now understand, if I owned either Doctor Who or Sherlock, this would actually be an episode. But, clearly this is not an episode. I'll leave you to your deductions.

Around 900 AD

A lone Mayan walked through a dense, humid jungle, making his way to a pyramid. A high priest of his people, he had been entrusted with the large stone tablet he was hauling across the land. He walked swiftly, obviously used to the terrain he was walking on, carrying the heavy stone as if it were no great burden to him. He walked through the jungle, alert for anything that may be lurking in the shadows, only too aware of what unknown dangers may appear at any moment. His mind, however, was limited to the level of the ground and what existed there, giving little to no thought about the possibility of things residing in the sky as well. Quite suddenly, a large shadow covered both the Mayan and everything within a hundred feet of him. Imediately alarmed, the Mayans head shot up to see what could possibly be casting such a grand shadow. He was met with a sight. The most impossible of sights. Danger in the sky indeed.

Little short intro thing, the next chapter should be up. Actually the entire story should be up. Go ahead and tell me what you think! Should it be now, or when you're finished, or sometime in between, anytime works. So go forth to the next chapter, where things of intrest actually happen, and read on!