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"He told me he kissed her," Rory says on our way to school. Since Gale's in the mines most of the time, and Katniss doesn't have to go to school anymore, our mothers have started letting Rory and I take ourselves and Vick to school.

"Do you think anyone else knows about it?"

Rory shakes his head, "Who knows with this country. Gale said there were no more secrets."

"What if the President finds out?" I say, thinking out loud.

Vick looks up at us, "He'll kill them. She's supposed to be in love with Peeta, not Gale."

"But everybody in 12 knows that she really loves Gale," Rory comments.

We walk up to the school and start to separate into our different classes, "Maybe 12 isn't the issue," I say to Rory. He mouths back at me that we'll talk about it after school and we both go to class.

The day passes slowly and I have to deflect the millions of questions about living with Katniss, a true Hunger Games Victor. IT was nice to have all the attention at first, but now it just makes me want to punch someone. I didn't want to be famous because my sister defied the Capitol, but whatever. I'm thankful when the lunch bell rings because it means that Rory and I get to eat lunch together by ourselves.

I sit down with my lunch and unpack the extra sandwich I always bring for Rory. Gale still doesn't know that I've been sneaking him lunch food, but not having anything to eat in our cafeteria is just one more way to tell the difference between the rich and the poor. So I pack him an extra sandwich and we share.

"Isn't Kat supposed to be leaving today?" Rory asks with his mouth full of food.

I nod, "At noon I think. It's only 11, I'll go home after this and tell her goodbye."

"Will you tell her bye for me?" Rory asks. "Gale said we weren't on the list to say goodbye to her."

I nod again as the lunch bell rings, signaling it's time to go back to class. I throw away my trash and Rory walks me to the office where I have to tell them I'm going home, but we're stopped by two Peacekeepers in their bright white uniforms.

"Miss Everdeen? Mr. Hawthorne?" They ask. Rory and I both nod, "Miss Everdeen, we are to escort you home to see your sister off this afternoon. Mr. Hawthorne, you are to return to class, thank you."

I nod, say goodbye to Rory and follow them home. I get more and more depressed the closer we get, because Kat is going to be gone for quite a while on the Tour, and I hate it when she's not here. It's not that Mom isn't doing a better job now, but she tries too hard whenever Katniss is gone, like she finally has a chance to be a mother and she's going to do it perfectly by the book.

When I open the door, I see President Snow standing in the living room, complimenting my mother on her hospitality and the "talent" Katniss is showing by her clothing designs that are spread out around the living room. I smile politely like I'm supposed to and excuse myself, making a beeline for Kat's room, but she looks fine. I know he's said something to her, and I know it concerns Gale, but I don't speak. I decide I'll tell Gale on Sunday and see what he thinks.

Katniss is rushed from room to room and doesn't have much time for goodbyes, just a hug and kiss and 'I'll be home soon.' We basically watch her make out with Peeta at the train station, and more than one person cocks an eyebrow at Katniss's strange behavior. Haymitch is on edge, and more than once I see him sneak a drink from a flask in his pocket. Even Peeta's smile looks a little forced—and then I realize what's truly going on. Snow has threatened Katniss, probably with Gale and my own life. That's why she's so over-the-top in love with him now. When Katniss's train leaves, I look down at my watch, it's nearly six pm—which is when the mines let out.

I decide I can't wait any longer and I bolt for the Hawthorne house—I'll wait for Gale if I have to. Hazelle is surprised to see me and so is Rory, but I don't say anything, I just sit on their couch and wait for Gale.

I'm only there for a few minutes before he comes in, face black with coal and eyes with deep circles under them. He tries to brighten them a little when he sees me and stretches his arms out for a hug. I surrender to him, stretching up to whisper in his ear, "We need to talk."

Gale smiles to his mother and says, "I think Prim and I should take a walk. A lot has happened today." She nods and he leads me out the door, holding my hand the way one would hold the hand of a toddler. It's oddly comforting.

He doesn't speak or stop walking until we get to the meadow on the edge of the Seam, and then he just turns and looks at me, waiting for me to explain.

"I saw the President in our house today and I think he talked to Katniss," I begin. Gale nods for me to continue, "I think he threatened Katniss. Because she really hates Peeta, but she was acting like…"

"Like what?" Gale prods.

I pause, not really knowing if I should tell him, but I do anyway. "Katniss was acting towards Peeta the way she acts towards you. All happy and smiling and hugging and stuff. She wouldn't do that normally because she basically hates him."

"So you think he threatened her? With what?" Gale asks.

I look down at my shoes and back into Gale's eyes, "Gale, what are the two things in this world that Katniss would be afraid of losing?"

"Oh…" Gale says, wiping his face with a rag from his back pocket. He starts mumbling, angrily to himself and eventually throws the rag against a tree, "I should have listened…I should have ran…"

"What?" I ask him.

I can't be sure, but I think Gale blushes at the fact that I've caught him mumbling to himself, but he chuckles, "She asked me to run away with her when she came home and I thought she was kidding. Maybe after the Victory Tour…"

"They'll announce the Quarter Quell, Gale," I say. "You two can't run. What about me and Rory and mom and Hazelle and Posy and Vick?"

He chuckles again, "Why do you think I said no, Prim? Do you think I could leave you? You're like my own sister." Gale opens his arms again and I hug him, letting him nearly crush me.

He's right—Gale is basically my brother, and a father in most ways. I know he'd do anything possible to protect me and his siblings—even if that meant giving up his love for Katniss to another man.

"We should probably get back, you have a new house in the Victor's Village to fill," he chuckles. "How about we race back to your house? I'll take you home first."

"You're on!" I scream, shrilling and running back to the house. I know he's dead tired, but he still tries to win, leading me into the house and up to my bedroom, even tucking me in and kissing me goodnight.

But when Gale leaves, I get out of bed and look out the window, wondering where Kat is and what she's doing, and what I could possibly do to get her home and keep her here, without the Games ever again. Like magic, I see a star shoot across the sky, and I know exactly what I'm going to wish for before the star even makes its way across the sky.

I just wish Kat would come home.