Oh my god. Even though I'm currently working on two other stories, both which are lengthy, I just had to start this one! I have forever thought of this possibility between Lan's secret and how she would keep it. Im also planning on revealing her secret. 1/2 Prince belongs to yu wo only. However, since i own Ankh, Im going to use her here, to save me some time. Since she is an ok creation in my opinion. (im technically copy pasting with a few changes) This setting is after Gui meets Feng Wu Quing and realizes that Yang Ming is not Prince. However, he doesn't know Prince's age nor that he is at XX University. Oh! Yang Ming knows who Prince really is!

"Gui, stop prancing around, and get back to whatever work you have to do!" Prince roared at the ridiculous bard, who refused to get back to work.

Wu Quing was laughing on the sidelines. "You're stuck with him now, gege." he let his revelation roll off his tongue, beaming at my outraged face from his betrayal, and Gui's astonished one.

"You're related?" Gui turned to me, the question brimming in his eyes. "I... um, I..." All I could do was stammer at him when someone kindly interrupted.

"Exactly! Of course they are, otherwise why would you mistake Wu Quing for Prince?" I watched the mysterious person walked slowly from the shadows. But I knew that voice. Only one person knew that much and dared to anger me in the process.

"Lolidragon." I spat out. She winked at me, before turning her gaze back over to Gui. I sighed. I might as well let him know, right? Glaring at my idiot brother I explained. "He's my younger twin brother-" "And he has a younger twin sister!"Lolidragon finished for me. What? How am I supposed to get out of this now? The river Styx and bleach definitely won't help me now. Waaaaaaa!

Gui was nodding his head as if this all made sense. "Student Feng Lan? Well, it does make sense since Feng Ming is her younger twin. But why don't they ever talk about you?" he looked down into my face.

"Umm..." Again, my mind failed to come up with a reasonable answer. "We didn't want attention to come to him from the paparazzi." Wu Quing fanned himself in the corner. Phew, nice save stupid brother. Wait, it was you fault in the first place!

"Well, if you're done talking I will be meeting you Lolidragon, and you Wu Quing, in my chambers, now." I walked away, grumbling to myself, and climbed the long staircase to my room, waiting for their arrival. The two of them entered together, Lolidragon giggling, and Wu Quing scared. He knew what I could and would do to him in and out of Second Life.

I tapped my foot at the end of my bed, waiting for their explanation. Wu Quing winced, then hurried to explain. "Sis, it's not my fault! Lolidragon made me!" he gave me his puppy dog eyes, begging to be forgiven. He obviously didn't want to suffer my cooking wrath. Why? But of course dad would burn anything he tried cooking, and 14 years of our mom's cooking was what started me learning in the first place.

"Ok then, Lolidragon,do you have an explanation?" I glared in her direction, only she was giggling the entire time.

"Sure, sure. Well, the company didn't want your secret to be found out, due to what it would do to our customers trust in us, so we created two NPC's that can replace Prince and Xiao Lan, so you can play as either, with the other being an NPC, so that no one outside the game can tell that you are Prince. However you have to start as Xiao Lan first, so we can set the new personality. The NPC's will also ask for advice on what to do. This let's you have two characters playing at the same time. But it would be hard to fight together and keep appearances, so make sure you don't do that. You can get the PMs that are sent to both characters, just in different colors. Okay?" She poked me in the side.

"I don't get it." I pouted, while she rolled her eyes and tried again. "you can play as Prince AND Xiao Lan." She pronounced very slowly, as if I was stupid or something! Oh well, it sounds like fun. "Fine, I'm willing to try it. When do we begin?" I eyed Lolidragon warily, afraid of what she would do to me.

"I'll meet you in real life and explain it then. Is Saturday all right with you?" She asked. "Sure I guess." Thank god, Lolidragon sighed inwardly. She must have forgotten she was angry at me. Tee hee! The great Lolidragon strikes a win once more! She inwardly jumped for joy.

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Lolidragon, COME HERE!" Prince suddenly jumped up and chased the frightened rabbit known to many as the thief Lolidragon up, down, and around Infinite Castle.

Xiao Lan sat at a bench in XX park, waiting for the thief to meet her. Damn it, that Lolidragon, where is she? I was tapping my foot impatiently. "What are you doing all by yourself little girl?" A creepy voice whispered behind my ear while a hand grabbed my shoulder. I screamed and jumped back from my assailant, my fists held in front of me.

Lolidragon was laughing, holding a voice changer in front of her mouth. "Oh my god, that was so hilarious! You jumped so far!" she was doubled over now, and by then there were people eying us wearily before moving on, assuming she just played a trick on me, not that I was in actual distress.

"Come on, Lolidragon, tell me how to play as two characters!" I was impatient to move on, I had to study!

"All right calm down, calm down." she pulled me back to the bench. "So, while you have two characters, you still control both chats. One is controlled by an NPC while you're not in it. And all you have to do is PM the word Switch to the NPC. It will trade minds with you. The different chats to different characters will come as two colors to you. Black for Prince and pink for you. This way no one will find out your secret."

She smiled smugly at my astonished expression. "Really? I can play as both?"now I was tugging at her jacket, eyes shining in admiration. She raised her eyebrows and pulled a pink game drive, one you place into a headset, and set it into my hands.

"Ok, now go home and plug that in. You will start out at the character creator, and then you can head over to Infinite City. Bye!" She waved and rushed away. She probably skipped out on work to get here, I thought dryly.

I headed home, shivering at the unexpected cold permeating through my thin jacket. When I made it home, it was turning dark, so I rushed upstairs and plugged the game drive in, then shoved it on my head and entered the game.
*Ding! "Welcome Prince, I am your NPC, please claim and name me." Prince was standing in front of me, smiling with an expression similar to mine whenever I have the blood-elf facade up.

Oh my god! Now I know why my fans increased so much after the competition! I drooled at him, causing his face to scrunch up in fear. "Hey! I'm not a piece of meat you wolf!" He backed up a little ways from me. "Oops! Sorry." I blushed, forgetting that he wasn't real.

"So, are you ready to name me then create your character?" he crossed his arms impatiently. "What do you want it to be?" I had no idea what to name him, so I asked his opinion instead. "Zero." He wasted no time in claiming a name. A little nervous, I wanted to move on to creating my character.

When I was done, a 5" 10' tall, elf woman stood in front of me who looked like another Prince with different hairstyle and build. She had long silver hair with random strands of gold shimmering down to her waist, and pink eyes with kohl1 lined around them. The kohl was because of an Egyptian proverb she had learned in class.

Because we focused on the snake, we missed the scorpion.

I liked this proverb a lot, it reminded me that I had to hide I was Prince. "Player, please choose a name." Hmm, I don't want Feng Xiao Xiao... I must have taken too long thinking, becaues the NPC started giving out suggestions. "Player, how about Ankh? The kohl lining you eyes makes you look more Egyptian!" I considered it. "Sure, I like it!" I exclaimed, jumping around her.

"Although I've been watching you for a while, I still can't get used to you." Zero was holding his hand over his mouth in silent laughter. I pouted, crossing my arms and stomping away from him, melding into my new character and walking to the newbie armor selection box.

He just followed me, asking "what is going to be her name?" I just rolled my eyes. He was starting to sound like Wu Quing. "Amora," blurting the first thing that popped in my head.

Player-San has selected name Amora. New NPC name Ankh set.

"What? No!" I gaped as the System mixed up mine and my new NPC's names. A half transparent me appeared, blank eyes and expressionless face staring at me, and she was floating slightly. "Hello, my name is Ankh," She echoed silently. And I mean silently. She had PMed me, but it hadn't appeared on my PM chat.

I felt something brush up against my back and shoulders. I looked up and nearly jumped. Zero had put his left arm around me, resting his hand on my right shoulder, propping his right elbow on it and putting his chin on his hand. "She'll be like that until your personality registers. The only reason I don't sound or look like that now is I'm in Prince's body." He yawned, a bored expression on his face. I blushed and he raised his eyebrow looking down at me. Do I normally act so nonchalant? Never mind, I probably do.

"You ok? Your face is turning red. Are you sick?" now both of his eyebrows were raised.

"N-no, I'm fine" I stammered, backing away from him. Geez, he's clueless. Wait, doesnt that make me clueless? Noooo! While I had been lapsed in my mental screaming, Zero had continued talking. "-And before I forget, I need to ask you how you want me to act toward you as a brother." He said this in such a serious tone that I imagined him pulling out a pen and pad of paper, waiting to take notes.

"Umm, kind, smart, doting, protective older brother is my idealistic dream." I nervously twirled my fingers, my back to him. Of course that would be the opposite of Wu Quing, I mused.

"Alright, then let's head down into Second Life, Lolidragon already messaged Odd Squad that I would be busy for a while, and unable to log on. I can make the system think I'm not Prince by playing with the name Zero." He walked to my side, continuing his explanation. "We should head to Central Continent, Lolidragon keeps PMing me to make you pick Central and I don't think it's a good idea to ignore her."

His eyes slid sideways to mine before widening in shock at the loading bar over my head completing, grabbing my hand and shouting, "Hang on!" Before we dropped down into the elf newbie village.

"Ouch! What is wrong with this system? I bet all of them just love dropping players on their asses!" I shook my fist at the air, mentally cursing the game programmers to die by slobbering wolves.

Speaking of wolves, I should level up so I can fight the wolf boss. "Alright, let's punch some slimes!" my cold, bloody smile emerged from my face and Zero laughed next to me. However his voice sounded different from Prince's, causing me to glance at him. I moved out of my stance and openly stared at him. Although he had Prince's hairstyle and elf body, his hair color, clothes, and even his eyes were green.

"What? But you-" I stammered, confused at his transformation. He laughed again, his deeper voice resounding in my ears. "Didn't you think that people would recognize me or take notice even with the different name? I couldn't bring too much attention to you." He ruffled my hair and headed out to the forest. I tried my best to stop drooling and followed.

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Oh yeah, the name Amora just reminded me of a city in my state and was a spur of the moment idea. I HAD planned to use the name Ankh, but I just felt the need to do it. Anyway, have fun with the chapter, I'll try tohurry with the next one, it being winter break and all, but I make no promises!