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Lan will definitely be OOC in this fanfic, cause she realizes that she can't act like herself around Odd Squad.

I checked my stats on the way to Infinite City. It had been a few days since I made Amora and had become a level 34 Demon Lord. Apparently if you were a Warrior, and just happened to stumble on the demon servant, who would give you the quest to defeat his crazed Lord of the demons in his cave jeez, are these people just copy pasting or something? This was too similar to Kenshin's story that we had to check it out. My luck came in as always, and I won when we played Janken(1) so I struck the finishing blow. I had some pretty unusual skills, and an ability that never failed to freak othe rplayers out. Only problem with it was that I'd needed to use Zero as an anchorto keep from accidentally going on a rampage, but I'll go further on the subject later. I was finally ready to see Odd Squad. Oh yeah, Zero said that he could'nt level up Prince in his normal form, so he was level 35 Warrior. He morphed into Prince before we entered the village, but before he stepped in, I stopped him.

"What is it?" He turned in my direction, temporarily forgetting the gate. I swallowed, Past experiences urging me into the Tamaki corner(2) and urging me to grow mushrooms there. "One word. Fangirls. Those crazy wolves will scarf you down like a piece of rare meat that was hung in front of their noses, unreachable until now." Apparently my description was so good, I got a successful shudder out of Zero. The thought made me too shudder. However I continued to shiver, when he did not.

Oh no, my Genephobia was starting to take effect. Wait, I'm a girl too, I can't be afraid of them!

I forced Zero to change back, and walk briskly toward the castle. However my stomach betrayed me. I knew that Yulian-Dasao would snatch up our money to stash for later, (money chipmunk) and the soft yet commanding aroma of meatbuns dragged me to Infinite cafe.


Zero tried his best to hold it in, but just couldn't contain himself. She was just too funny! Where on earth did she put all of that food? Amora was stuffing her face, and with her little cannibalistic pet combined in the picture set it as funny. Other couples and groups had to dodge flying bones and the waiter was rushed to pick up the mountains of plates rising at the end of the table. (imagine Luffy eating from the manga/anime One Piece, it seems to be pretty descriptive of my thoughts of watching Prince eat!)

Finally sated, Amora leaned back contentedly. Her eyes fluttered, before snapping open in shock. "Ahhh! Lolidragon's gonna kill me! We're late!" She grabbed my hand before dragging me toward Infinite castle.


I sighed. We made it! I had Zero switch skins into Prince moments before we made it to the castle, and the guards all welcomed Prince warmly, joking with him and asking where he had gotten lost for the past few days. I had to hold myself back from attacking them.

How dare they think I've been lost! I only got lost 6 times when I was with Zero!

It was merely due to my wonderful self-control and elf facade practice that I could copy my 'brother's' elf face on the entire way to the Great Hall. When the oak doors opened, 'Prince' was greeted by the leading officers that were in control of the great city.

He kept his face up, calmly greeting the majority of unknowing faces, Odd Squad, excluding a certain estactic bard of course were standing in the background,waiting for everyone to calm down.

As we strode through the halls, a booming noise came from outside, causing 'Prince' and I to nearly topple over one another. I ran to the window, fearing we were under attack.

"Don't worry, Amora, it's just the training fields, we got some new catapults with exploding rocks and the theives are taking their turn practicing. Although it seems a bit too loud for them to be practicing in the correct area. I'm going to have to punish those clouts if they damage anything." Lolidragon assured me behind her hand, while looking a little too happy to be able to punish her men.

I glanced at Yulian-Dasao in time to see her raise her voice above the others. "Alright everyone, I'm sure te Lord is tired from his journey, so why don't you all return to your duties and allow Odd squad to begin their meeting." The entire time she was smiling, but everyone, myself included, could see the dark demon cloud begin to stir behind her. After that, people were clambering over one another,unable to get to their jobs fast enough. Only Wu Quing and Nan Gong Zui stayed behind.

Once everyone was gone, Odd Squad started hammering Prince with questions.

"Prince! Where have you been?"

"It's good to see you back Prince."

"Have you been wasting money gettiong lost?"

"Dage, do you have and snacks with you?"

"Took you long enough dolt!"

"Your Highness, oh how I have missed you!"

"Silly sis, did you get lost on your way back? You're 10 minutes late!"

I giggled behind my hand at my teams reactions to Prince, and stuck my toung out at my brothers comment, but apparently was loud enough that Wolf-Dage turned to me. "Student Feng Lan?" What are you doing here?" He glanced confusedly between the Prince look-alike and myself, obviously confused.

Prince relaxed his facial muscles, his face returning to one similar to mine. Seeing that it was safe, I too relaxed, our identical faces causing Lolidragon to giggle and the rest of Odd Squad to blink uncertainly between the two of us.

Gui looked incredibly happy at that moment. "Your Highness! You finally brought your sister to Infinite City!" He grinned, before trying to launch himself at Prince. Reacting automatically, I stepped forward in front of my brother and elbowed Gui square in the face, before roundhouse kicking him a few meters away. I gasped, running over to him and helping him up. "Sorry professor, it was an automatic response, I couldn't stop myself!"

I did my best not to glare and yell at him like I normally would as Prince, and keep the student mindset up. Gui stood up disoriented, then made a move to step forward at Prince once more, but Wolf-Dage held him back.

"We don't have time for this Gui, now what do you mean sister, I didn't know you had a sister." Once more, Wolf-Dage glanced suspiciously between Prince and myself."

Wu Quing stepped forward, standing between the two of us, and wrapped his arms around our shoulders. "Were actually triplets, Aniki is oldest, and Jie is the middle child." He grinned, and I had to fight the urge to hit his idiotic expression. Obviously though, Prince didn't.

"Stupid bro! It's all your fault in the first place! Amora and I got lost because you said it would be a good idea to train in the caves!" 'Prince' shouted (ya no, I think I'll just call Zero Prince and Lan Amora when he is in Prince form. When Lan is Prince, well, I'll figure it out when I get to it.) It was true enough, Wu Quing had told me about the caves, and I did get lost the first 5 of those 6 times we were in there, forcing Zero to track me down using a map he had as an NPC.

I stood there, under the gaze of Odd Squad, before another loud booming noise sounded in the lower training yard, and the castle began to shake. Lolidragon fumed, and started shouting. "I've had it! Those dolts damaged something! If they broke any part of the castles' delicate under-area, we're going to end up under a lot of rubble!"

She staggered to the end of the Great Hall, prying the doors open to a worried Swan Beauty, (I think that's her name, someone tell me if I'm wrong) who started yelling out to us. "we're under seige! Someone by the name of Klein claims that he saw a girl named Amora walking and training alongside Prince and wants her as his wife! He seems adamant in a duel, and when we told him we knew of no Amora, his team started rampaging!"

She glanced exasperated at Prince, hoping for an explaination from him.

"No time, I'll explain when we stop him!" Prince ran pasdragging grabbing my hand and dragging me with him. I glanced back to see Odd Squad trailing behind us, concern etched on their faces.

We all raced down the halls, to see a battalion crowding at our doors.

"Huh, good thing we upgraded the gate, otherwise we'd be in for a lot of financial damage problems," Wu Quing commented. A dark aura halted us in our tracks. but it came from behind us, and I flinched, figuring who it was.

Yulian's dark purple demon was surfacing in her smile as she twitched, "Financial Damage Cost?" She kept her smile tight as she slowly headed to the gates, utter calm demeanor. "All of you." She started, "Will stop this group of hooligans, before I lose the rest of my control and throttle them for being foolish enough to attempt to barge into OUR castle, and take one of our own." She forcefully released the tight grip of her hand and turned to us. "Shall we kill them all, Prince?"

Prince grinned, his blood-red eyes shining with anticipation. "This is exactly what i've been waiting for." He walked over to me, grinning. "Ready to show off to our audience little sis? This trick hasn't gotten too old for you yet, has it?"

I smiled, once I understood what he was implying. "Sure, but I don't really want to give Odd Squad heart attacks, lets stay at Notch 1 or 2, okay?" I smiled winningly, batting my eyelashes at my 'brother'.

while we spoke, Odd Squad was glancing confusedly between us.

"What are they talking about?" Wu Quing wispered to Lolidragon. She shrugged. "I have no-wait. Amora said that she was a Demon Lord, right? but to have mastered that alrea-no, she wouldnt have to if Prince was her anchor!" Lolidragon's voice rose as she continued her theories, getting the attention of the rest of the team.

I smirked at her. "Now Lolidragon, don't give it away to the rest of them, I want it to be a surprise, okay?" She gave me a 'tell me everything later or else' look, but nodded he head in consent.

I turned back to Prince, and closed my eyes. He placed his forehead on mine, and started singing an unintellageable spell. Magic pulsed and gained physical form around me, lines of code escaping from under my skin, and swirling in circles around me, and I started to glow, softly at first, before the ground began to rumble, and a crater opened beneath my feet. I snapped my eyes open, knowing that they were now completely filled in red, and I captured a glance of shock in the eyes of Odd Squad.

the glow engulfed me, and spread outwards a few feet. I could feel the data changing my form, ripping apart my previous one, and reforming to a new one.

When the glowing stopped, so did Prince. And everyone got a good look at me.


Gui couldnt believe his eyes. The man he loved, which admitting that much already was a new thing for him, he wasn't origonally gay, was standing in front of him after days of waiting for his return. He noticed student Feng Lan was standing a little farther behind him. When he though back on it, it had made sense now why Lan had been so happy when he took her on a date, and told her he didn't have feelings for her. She was probably just making sure that he actually cared for her sibling.

But when he did his annual launch at Prince, Amora had knocked him away like it was a routine thing. She flushed and apologized right after, explaining that it was a reflex. Well it made sense, with Prine's beauty, many girls must throw themselves at Prince.

Gui had prepared himself to jump at Prince's torso again when Wolf-Dage and a strange rumbling had stopped him. The entire team had raced outside when they heard of the temper tantrum-I mean seige that was going on.

When he had heard that a man was after Amora for his wife, a familliar twinge in his chest urged him to protect her just swelled within him. That was confusing. He only really had that feeling for Prince whenever he threw himself into danger, and a smaller twinge when the rest of Odd Squad was in trouble.

He was just as scared as the rest of the team when Yulian lost it, and even more confused when Prince and Amora started to talk together about some new ability. It was infuriating when Loildragon apparently figured it out and refused to tell the rest of them, butshock and wonder replaced that when the new Amora stood in front of him.

Looking at her now he knew. Somehow, during class, during the date, during those sparce few minutes of knowing her, he had fallen in love with Amora.

And it horrified him that he still felt the same way about Prince.


1 Janken is a japanese version of rock-paper-scisors. Yes I know this is a Chinese story, but I like the game.

2 Tamaki's corner is from Ouran High School Host Club. Whenever Tamaki gets depressed, he goes to a corner and grows mushrooms.

Yes, I am very sorry about this story. I wasn't sure where I was going with this, so I took forever to try to figure it out. YES, this is still a Prince/Gui Lan/Wen story, I'm just taking my sweet time getting there. I hope you can deal with my random (and there will be more of it) posting, I cant keep a steady urge to write, I only finished this when I got a wireless Solar Keyboard for my ipad, I was so excited to try it out!

Once again, I'm sorry for not posting in so long, I'll try for earlier next time!