Disclaimer: Nothing from this show is mine.

Hey Mama,

It's me LeShawna! How is everything back at home? I'm trying really hard to win this money for the family I just wanted to let you know that. I'm not gonna come home until I win us that money! Look Mama, I know I'm the oldest of 7 kids and I would love nothing more than to be home with you and take care of them, However I made a promise to you when I was only 14 years old that I wouldn't come back until I had enough money to help the family and I've kept my promise!

Yeah, I haven't actually won the game, But every week Chris gives me $100 to buy whatever I want and I save it and send it all to you, at least that way you can pay the rent and bills and keep the family running, if daddy were still alive he would be really proud of us, Mama.

So, I'm going to apologize for not writing in a long time. I tried to do it but I've been really busy in challenges and doing stupid stuff Chris wants me to do, but we both know that everything comes with a price and sadly the price is doing whatever Chris Mclean asks me to do and deal with these idiots that I would never hang out with in a million years! Once I turn 18 and my contract ends, I'm done with this show! I'll just come back home and work in the diner with you! If there is ever a reunion show, I'm not going!

So, I'm going to give you and everyone back at home the scoop about what's been going on here at the playa! This place is horrible. Paper thin walls where you can hear everyone's business! My room is right next door to Tyler's and he attempts to do cartwheels and extreme sports in his room! That boy needs to understand that if he hasn't been able to do any of that stuff in 2 years in that room that he should just give up by now! He's constantly having things fall over in his room! All I hear is 'Ouch!' every 5 minutes followed by 'I'm okaayyy!' which he should know by now that nobody actually cares if he's okay or not! When you hear things falling down every 5 minutes for 2 years you eventually stop caring.

Okay, so Mama you have been watching the show right? Well I'm crushing on someone and I've really liked him for years and I'm dying to tell someone! How would you feel if I started dating Duncan? I mean you saw that chemistry we had in season 2 right? That boy is fine and he should be mine! He needs to dump Gwen and Courtney and have a taste of chocolate! I know it would break Harold's heart but I don't actually care...Is that mean to say? I of course won't tell anyone about this crush I have on Duncan because then it would be complicated. Gwen ruined everything! I've been trying to hook up with Duncan since season 2 and I had to get Courtney out of the way! I had them to the point where they were fighting all the time! Season 3 they looked like they were going to split then...Gwen! She used to be my friend and she has no clue she is on my shit list! Gwen is going down along with Courtney! If both of them just ended up dead or severely injured then Duncan would need someone to be there for him and that girl is gonna be me! I've been planning for awhile.

So, to kill some time I recently bought Sierra's old binoculars off of her so I could use them to watch Gwen and Duncan make out and I wish it was me instead. The only difference between Sierra and me is that he would love me and I don't openly stalk him! I just check out his twitter and facebook pages a few times a day. Yesterday, I was on my way down to get breakfast and as I was getting off the elevator Duncan was getting on it! Do you know what he said to me Mama? He said 'Yo Leshawna, Stay away from the eggs this morning, They're kinda watery and they made me puke' He cared enough to tell me to stay away from the eggs! He cares about me! If he didn't he would have just left me eat the eggs and I would have been sick! But thanks to Duncan, Those watery eggs did not touch this girls plate. So, when this show is over I plan on bringing him home to meet you! He sells weed and could easily make $1,000 a day Mama! He's also secretly a sweetheart! Yes, I used Courtney and got her to tell me. He still sleeps with his Teddy bear and he loves plants and he anonymously donates to a Recycling center every year.

Oh yeah, Let me tell you about how this place really is the second they turn the cameras off! You wouldn't believe how many people are feuding! Owen is currently feuding with Alejandro over the fact that Alejandro grabbed the last pudding cup when Owen wanted it! Alejandro argued the point that Owen already had 5 and this was only his second. They have been yelling at each other for the past 2 days about that. Cameron is feuding with Bridgette because she accidentally deleted something he wanted to watch and it was apparently the season finale and Harold is feuding with Lindsay because she drew a flower on an IQ test answer sheet and scored higher than Harold who thinks that is really unfair! I agree with Harold that it is unfair but then again, I'm not a teacher or a host who is authorized to give the test. Yep. Apparently Lindsay is the smartest person here by 100% accident and stupidity.

That's really all I want to talk about Mama. I hope to see you soon and if I have my way, Duncan will be coming with me.

Love your baby girl,


So yeah, I kinda wanted to make it so Leshawna is there to get the money to help her family and is actually really dedicated and just doesn't want to tell anyone that's why she's on the show. I honestly have no clue who is going to be next. I was going to actually do Lightning's but part of me is sitting here saying "Do I really want to write Sha at the beginning of every word? Do I really want that red squiggly line everywhere telling me I spelled a word wrong?" and then the idea of Lightning goes away briefly. I kinda wanna do Brick or Harold. I honestly have no clue who is going to be next.