Disclaimer: Nada.

Dear Mom and Dad,

I'm as usual not fitting in. I don't get why these people won't give me a chance! The one person here who actually gets me is Dawn. Everyone else here just tells me I'm boring. Yesterday, I got picked by Geoff to be on his dodge ball team and he just called me 'That quiet guy' I think I'm a pretty funny and likeable guy! I'm the funniest guy I know too! That Owen dude sure tells some funny jokes. This one time I laughed at his joke and he said 'Bless you.'

You know what pisses me off? When we sit around the fire at night and it's my turn to tell a scary ghost story! They just stare at me for like 5 minutes and then someone rudely interrupts my story and just starts telling one of their stories! Who does that?! They are the rudest bunch of teenagers I have ever met!

I'd like to tell you that this is another activity to add to the list of things I can't do. Apparently being on a reality TV show isn't meant for me. Also, I was singing beautifully in the shower the other morning and Alejandro was there too and all these girls thought he was this amazing singer! Of course he took credit for it! Everyone always steals my ghost stories and musical talents!

The only one who actually talks to me is this girl Dawn and she's always so polite to me and they give her dirty looks for it! So, maybe I should just go home and try to find another job! I still can't believe they fired me! I was the best Drive-Thru guy! EVERRRRR!

People seriously take me for granted.

Your son,


So, I was aiming for the fact that he said nothing at all that he was confused as fuck as to why nobody would talk to him and just assumed they were all mind readers like Dawn and just being rude to him. B apparently also cannot understand why he got fired from the Drive-Thru...I think I'm going to try Zoey next.