(So this story takes place after The Fire. Yeah... Okay then, that's all I have to say.)

It's been a month since the day Whit, Mom, Dad, and I have arrived home. I've been pretty busy lately, but then again, when am I not busy? Whit and I went around healing the last people with the Blood Plague after settling down the day that we all got back from the battle with The One. We've completed most of our obstacles now… Well except for me.

Well yeah, Whit still has a whole bunch of his relationship problems he's going through but me as well.

First off the weasel has been especially… how do I say it? Clingy. Yeah, that's the best way to say it. He kissed me in the car a few weeks ago, he's been asking me questions about myself, and he's been hugging me whenever he sees me.

In a way I feel kind of special. I kind of look forward to seeing him. I kind of like it.

I start playing with a bit of grass that I find on the edge of my green sneakers. I feel it dance and flutter on the edge of my fingers. And then focusing my energy I light my fingers on fire. I feel the control within me that has been growing stronger everyday recently. The grass burns up and I'm left with a feeling of self amusement. I glance around at the worn edges of my porch I'm sitting on and the beautiful sky that is mixing light blue, pink, orange, and dark blue into a picture perfect scene. The sun is just setting on the edge of the horizon and I close my eyes as I feel the last rays hit my face.

"You look content."

I look up to the see where the location of the voice came from. I move my face away from the sky and look at the hooded figure next to me. I jump with shock.

"Who are you and how long have you been there?!" I yell as I back myself into the wall of my house and start getting up and stepping away. I trip and end up falling on my back side.

The hooded figure starts chuckling and I feel my face red with embarrassment and anger.

Whoever he is, he's wearing a black plain hoodie, black well-fitted pants, and black combat boots that the N.O. wore….. Wait, if he has the N.O.'s boots he must have been part of their army!

My hands light on fire with rage and anger. "Who are you?" I bark sounding aggressive and threatening, just like I planned.

"Calm down, Wisteria. I just came here to talk." He pulls down his hoodie and I immediately recognize the perfect face, light blue eyes, blonde slicked back hair, and devious smile.

I stand up slowly and light myself on fire. "You're supposed to be dead…" I mutter hopelessly which just makes his grin grow wider revealing his perfectly model white teeth. I don't understand the emotions running through me. I feel anger; he's tried to kill me so many times. He's just been hurting me. I feel fear; his strong physical appearance and magic are force's to be reckoned with. I've seen them in action. However one feeling feels out of place. I feel relieved that he's alive.