This interrogation is starting to take a run in circles. Every question I ask Pearce I feel as if I'm getting the same response. After a while I realize he's been asleep for 2 days so he hasn't eaten in forever. In fact, I'm surprised he hasn't asked for food yet. But he is Pearce so I guess I'm not that surprised. He probably thinks I would poison or drug it.

"Are you hungry?" I finally ask him.

His face shows doubt, and I think he's about to reject my offer, but then a cocky smile shows up on his face and he shallowly replies, "I suppose I could eat, however, you might need to get me out of these rope and hand cuffs."

"No can do, Pearce. You'll probably end up either strangling me or kissing me, which sound like two very unrelated options but when it comes to you I never know."

"Just get the food, Ms. -…. What is your name?" He looks down as if he seriously is trying his best to muster up my name.

"You would call me Wisteria, Ms. Allgood, and Wisty before but you can just call me Wisty." I'm kind of flustered at the fact that he is willing to relearn my name even if it isn't that big of a deal.

"Well, Wisty, if I would either strangle or kiss you in the past what kind of relationship did we maintain?" The smirk he is giving me reminds me of something he would do before… but now his eyes aren't soulless. They contain human emotions. The person he is at this moment hasn't been brainwashed yet. And it's kind of… making him even more likeable in way. I feel like that person he is now is not just extremely attractive but he wouldn't go around melting kids faces off either.

"You tell me what kind of, uh, relationship we maintained. I think you were just playing with my emotions all the time. You were planning on killing me, anyways." Ouch. Now when I think about it that was pretty much my relationship with Pearce summed up. Some guy who toyed with me and planned on killing me off at the end.

He becomes quiet and his face softens for a second. He glances at the wall and back to me. "I don't know what kind of person I was in the past, or present, since I suppose that for me to forget all these things I've lost my memory... so maybe that side of me is my future. The point is that I think that it would be plain idiotic to intentionally hurt someone like you."

Did I just hear what I thought I heard? Pearce is feeling sympathy for me? This is getting way too weird. In fact, I'm probably dreaming this all.

"Are you feeling okay?" I mutter. I stand up and grab the wet towel by the edge of the chair and lean forward to put it on his forehead.

Then he leans his face foreword and his lips are pressed into mine. I'm so shocked at first. The other kisses were hard and emotionless. They were also unwanted. But this is different.

It's filled with passion and I can't help but put my hands on the side of his face. It doesn't even feel like we are too different people. My legs buckle and I end up on his lap. We are in sync at the moment and I can't help but melt into his lips. There are no problems or other people in the world. It's just him and I. I want this moment to last forever but like all good things it has to end eventually.

I pull away from his face softly but I keep my face inches away from him and stare into his beautiful blue eyes.

"I'm going to get your food." I whisper and his face is very evidently showing his longing, but mine probably is too.

I get off of him and head off towards the kitchen.