So this is going to sort of like the movie, but not exactly... obviously. Saw the movie and I haven't been able to get the Beca/Chloe pairing out of my head. Seriously, drove me insane. If you've seen the movie, this will make a lot of sense to you. If not... you need to see the movie, it's awesome. Some things are changed in this fiction to fit this plot line. Don't hate because it's not exact to the movie, because it's not going to be. It is different.

I don't own Pitch Perfect.


"Barden University." A young brunette muttered as the cab driver got out to help her with her bags. He nodded, loading two duffle bags, and reaching for the third. "I got that." She cut him off, gingerly snatching the case up and packing it into the trunk herself.

"Alright Miss, that all your bags?" He questioned with a smile, only to have a stoic expression returned.


"Gotta move it, Mister." One of the airport traffic directors ushered them away, and the driver sighed, quickly getting into the cab. Double checking to make sure she put her seatbelt on, he smiled. "I'm Jimmy, and the ride should be about twenty minutes."

"Whatever." The brunette shrugged, staring out the window as the cab drove away.

"So kid, the university, huh? You excited?" The middle-aged cab driver asked in a gravely tone, glancing in the rearview mirror. The young girl had huge headphones on, her fingers tapping to a rhythm. She had faded tight jeans on, and a black tanktop with a black and white plaid button up shirt. The long sleeves were rolled up to her elbows, and a black leather band was around one wrist. After receiving no response, he just nodded to himself and allowed the silent ride to ensue.

Jimmy was very good at reading people, which came in handy with his job. He could tell the types: business man, drunk, quitting drunk, jock, lowlife, law enforcement… any type really. He could figure someone out by the time they reached a destination. It actually became a little game to him, and Jimmy loved to hear about all the adventures of these people. Of course, the overly talkative or pissed off people were annoying. He hated having to drive around mad people. They were rude, pissy, stupid, and had little regard for him. But this girl, he was intrigued. She was obviously a freshman, but she acted so different and so confident. Normally the students he drove would be rambling on and on, typically out of nervousness, or biting their nails as they dread the change. The brunette listened to her music, emotionlessly staring out the window, completely indifferent to the start of the rest of her life.

At the end of the ride, Jimmy sighed in defeat. Not often did he lose, but today was a failure. He could not figure the young student out, and frankly, he was mildly annoyed by that admission. "Would you like help with your bags?" He offered, more out of politeness than anything.

"No." She had taken the headphones off her ears, letting them hang around her neck. Pulling out some cash, she handed it over and got out without another word. Someone had a cart, and one of the guys smiled, standing in a Barden University polo.

"Welcome to BU." He grinned, motioning to a cart. "I can load your stuff on here."

"Whatever." She shrugged carelessly, pulling out her black case, and glancing around the campus. It was decently sized, and kids everywhere were carrying around bags and boxes, wheeling carts around like an Olympic sport, and parents were weeping or directing their freshman child on the ways of college. It made Beca scoff, letting a cynical eye roll sweep around.

"Hello, my name is Samantha. You must be Beca Mitchell? It's nice to meet you, and I'm sure you'll love Barden University." A blonde smiled, her hair ironed straighter than a line. "What's the name of your dorm?"

"Baker Hall I guess." Beca mumbled, her attention being caught by some dork in the backseat of the car next to them. He was singing and playing an air guitar, winking at the brunette like an international rock star. Rolling her eyes, Beca sighed at the juvenile behavior. When his parents sped off, the boy jolted against the backseat. At this point, Beca languidly tuned back to 'Samantha' the official BU greeter with a stupid smile and dumb judgmental face.

"Here is your official Barden University rape whistle. Remember, don't blow it unless it's actually happening." The annoying greeter handed a whistle over, the smile stretched on her face looking physically impossible.

"Sure." Beca took the whistle, holding it between her teeth with a small, cocky grin, evidently not caring about a word that fell from the blonde's obnoxiously long spiel. The greeter frowned as the brunette walked passed her, irritated that it appeared the freshman was going to be one of 'those' girls. Beca had a bag slung over her shoulder and holding her case in the other hand. She didn't have much with her, but she always figured if she really needed anything, she'd just buy it here. "You must be my roommate, Kimmy Jin." Beca told the silent Asian girl already unpacking a small, gold tree thing from her box.

"…" She didn't say anything, just glared Beca up and down.

"Do you speak English?" Still not receiving any response, Beca nodded. "Okay, just tell me… how far along is your English?" Still nothing. Just as Beca opened her mouth to attempt another form of communication, someone knocked on the door, already opening it without waiting for an answer.

"Campus police. Put away the booze." Daniel laughed, pushing into the room. "I'm kidding." Beca's face turned into a deep frown, and she crossed her arms. "So Beca, when did you get here? How did you get here?"

"Today. Took a cab. Didn't want to intrude on you and Sheila." She said curtly, setting her pack on the bed and her case on the desk. As soon as she unzipped the case, she heard Daniel groan.

"Why did you bring that stuff, Beca? I asked you to come here to get away from all that." He shook his head, walking closer. Just as he was about to pick up the equipment, Beca pulled it back.

"Get away from music? Are you kidding me? What do you think my major is going to be anyways? I shouldn't even be here. I should be—"

"In LA, doing God only knows what." Daniel grumbles angrily, and Beca scoffs. "Instead, you're going to get a quality education, for free I might add, and actually do something with your life. DJing is just a hobby, not a profession."

"I'm going to the activities fair." Kimmy Jin announced, having been silent while she unpacked. She glared at both of them, clearly disapproving of Beca and Daniel with a cold passion. Leaving the room, Kimmy Jin left the door open.

"Good idea." Beca said, giving her dad a fake smile. "You better go." She told him, and Daniel growled but headed out the door.

"We still need to talk about this." He warned just before he left, giving Beca a quick glare. She sighed, glad to finally be alone even if it was only for a minute. Grabbing her jacket, she headed out and followed the steady crowd as it streamed into the activities fair. She saw Kimmy Jin laughing with her friends, but Beca didn't really care. She had no intentions of making friends anyways. She found a booth that said DJ, but realized it was a Jewish group and not the DJing she was looking for. A large girl came up, trying to chat with her, making some remark about the Jewish guys. Beca entertained the conversation for a few seconds, but slipped away while the blonde girl was giving the two boys her number.

"What about her?" Chloe asked, pointing to a brunette, but using the flyers in her hand to hide the gesture.

"Her? I think she's a little too "alternative" for us." Aubrey decides, giving the shorter brunette a once over and shaking her head. Beca wasn't paying attention to anybody, wishing she'd grabbed her headphones since she became bored with everything.

"Hi, we're with the Barden Bellas. We're the only all-female a cappella group on campus." Chloe ignores Aubrey, shoving a flyer into Becca's hands before the brunette even had a chance to glance up.

"Oh right, this is a thing now." Beca stares down at the paper, studying the flyer and pictures of people singing.

"Yeah, we sing covers of songs and we do it without any instruments. It's all from our mouths." The enthusiastic voice responds happily, but Beca is still grimacing at the flyer, gallons of humiliation on display in the leaflet.

"Yikes." She mutters, glancing up from the handout to see who actually shoved it in her face.

"It's actually pretty great. We compete in national championships." Chloe continued with a bright smile, not letting the girl's obvious disinterest deter her. Beca stared at the redhead for a moment, completely paralyzed. The red hair flowed around the girl's face, and her blue eyes had an ocean water picturesque excellence to them. The brunette swallowed her mild stupor, all the while her expression didn't falter.

"On purpose?" She inquired, quirking an eyebrow. It was hard to keep concentrated on the conversation. The redhead giggled, nodding with her contagiously bright grin.

Chloe nods, finding this girl's attitude intriguing rather than offensive. However, Aubrey wasn't fairing the same. "Are you interested?"

"It actually sounds pretty lame." The redhead in front of her threw Beca off her usual aloofness. The brunette wanted to prolong this conversation, even though she knew she wouldn't join the group.

"Aca-scuse me?" The blonde recoiled scornfully, putting a hand on her hip. "Synchronized lady dancing to a Mariah Carey chart topper is not lame. We play the Cob-Energy Performing Arts Center, you bitch." Aubrey stated with a fake smile, and Beca's eyes widened at the unexpected retort, nodding slowly with a ghost of an amused smirk. The redhead was fun to talk to, but the blonde was clearly not as much of a people-person.

"I'm sorry, what Aubrey means to say is that we are a close knit, talented group of ladies whose dream is to return to the national finals at Lincoln Center." Chloe smiled sheepishly, wanting to chastise Aubrey for blowing any chance of the brunette joining. "Please, help us turn this dream into a reality?"

"I don't sing anyways, so good luck with whatever this is." Beca shrugged indifferently, walking passed the booth and trying to ignore the kicked puppy expression on the redhead's face. Chloe frowned at Aubrey, receiving an eye roll from the blonde. Before the day turned into a total waste, Beca managed to land an internship at the radio station.


"You've been here for a month. And what are you doing? Sleeping in bed all day, skipping classes, wasting your life in front of a computer all night. Do you have any friends? Have you made any memories?" Dr. Daniel Mitchell leaned against the door, his face revealing only irritation.

"Kimmy Jin is my friend." Becca countered from her bed, wiping away some sleep. She'd only gotten to bed an hour earlier, and it was three in the afternoon. Music was still blaring from her headphones.

"No." Kimmy Jin answered hollowly, staring at her own laptop. Daniel closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

"Even your roommate hates you." He pushed off the door, staring at his rebellious daughter. "Beca, join something, attend your classes, actually apply yourself for one year, and if you're still hell bent on ruining your life in LA, then fine. I'll let you drop out, and I'll even help you pay for it. But I'm just asking that for one year, you actually make something of yourself."

"I already told you, I don't want your money. One year in exchange for you fucking off." Beca reminded insensitively, and Daniel glanced away before sighing.

"And I'm saying that if you apply yourself, I'll pay for LA. Think of it as something extra. I won't call you or anything. You'd just pick the money up from a PO Box or something."

"You're serious?" Beca gaped at him, as if expecting the punch line to appear.

"It's better than all my colleagues telling me how you never show up or do anything, so yeah, I'm serious." He didn't smile, and Beca almost laughed when she realized that he'd rather her 'waste her life' away alone than around his all too important friends. "But I mean it; you actually have to get involved in something not DJ related. It's a waste of time."

"She never thought that." Beca fumed darkly, her tone barely a decibel above audible.

"If she really thought you had a future with it, maybe she'd still be around!" Dr. Mitchell shouted, letting his anger get the best of him. The moment he let that sentence leave his lips, he paled. "Beca, I'm sorry. I didn't mean—"

"It's Fine. Just get out. I have to go work at the radio station." She grumbled edgily, dragging herself out of bed. While her tone was still sharp, her posture had the hint that some wind had been knocked from her sails. She was still recoiling at the attack, attempting to repair the damage dealt to her heart. Daniel threw his hands in the air, hastily smoothing over his blunder with a bitter comment.

"Great, you're working in a dark hole that only employs three weirdoes." He hissed, straightening his tie. "What are your professors going to think?"

"I doubt they care. And secondly, there are four weirdoes now." Beca reprimanded sarcastically, pointing to herself with a mocking smirk. Leaving the room in a huff, Beca didn't even flinch when her dad slammed the door behind him. She was used to it. He always left anyways. Kimmy Jin had stopped typing, but didn't direct her attention to the brunette.

"I'm having the Korean Club over tonight. What time will you be here?" Kimmy Jin questioned coldly, narrowing her eyes at her roommate.

"Eight." Beca hissed, already pulling her shirt on and snatching a black beanie.

"They're leaving at nine." The Asian stated, causing the brunette to shake her head and angrily put her headphones on. Leaving the room, she flicked Kimmy Jin off over her shoulder, too pissed at the world to care about her hate filled roommate, her hypocritical, controlling, neglectful, and bitter father, or her pointless studies. Cranking the volume, Beca let her latest mix rattle her brain and turn it to a vibrating knot of tissue.

"Hey Beca, I was—Beca? Beca, Beca, BECA!" Jesse shouted, finally placing his hand on the brunette's shoulder to grab her attention. He just arrived, and had noticed her already stacking a second box of CDs onto their shelves.

"Back off." She hissed immediately, spinning around and knocking his hand off of her shoulder with her forearm. It stung as the dense bone connected with his softer wrist bone.

"Geez, my bad. Didn't realize I'd lose an arm over it." He grumbled, a hurt expression adorning his features.

"Now you know." Beca bit back sarcastically, and Jesse could hear music blaring from the headphones that now sat around the brunette's neck.

"What's up with you?" Jesse muttered, rubbing his wrist still. "You're even more grumpy than normal. Seriously, you need to get laid or something." He pouted, earning a spiteful glare from the brunette. With a loud chuckle, Jesse rolled his eyes. "I'm not kidding. It might help relax you." Ever since that day she told Jesse she was gay, Beca had regretted it.

It was only the fourth day they'd been working together. Beca was silently sorting some discs while Jesse was trying shamelessly to flirt his way into Beca's heart. Suddenly, he began to belt out song lyrics, completely mashing different songs together and butchering the entire piece. As the third minute of nonstop stupidity passed, Beca finally threw a CD case at him, but the athletic boy dodged it barely.

"Dude, shut up." She growled, but her cold words did little to deter him.

"Come on Beca, Luke said as long as we didn't have sex on the desk. We can put in a slow song if you want, dance a little, build up to the moment when I lean in and tell you you're beautiful. You bashfully tuck a strand of hair behind your ear, and look away. And then we both lean in, ever so slightly, until our lips connect in an explosion of—"

"You idiot, I'm gay." She hissed, throwing another case at him, which he wasn't lucky enough to escape. Even as the hard square nailed him in the stomach, Jesse just stood with a gaping face. "And I wouldn't date you anyway. You're annoying as hell."

"You're… gay?" He sounded as if the thought had never occurred to him, and then, seemingly as quick as the confusion came, it was gone. "Awesome, you can be my wingman now! No wonder why my amazingly sexy charm wasn't working on you. We can totally be bros now."

"Dude, no." Beca deadpanned; however, Jesse was too far gone. He was already planning their budding friendship, and how she would be his best-man when he got married, and he'd be hers. And their kids would… "I swear, Jesse you need to shut the hell up."

"Alright bro, I get it. You're shocked that I'm such a great friend. I'll give you time to adjust to the fact that I like you for who you are." Beca just rolled her eyes, already feeling a headache swelling behind her temples.

"Knock it off Jesse, I'm just tired." She let out an exhausted sigh. Beca really did feel wiped out, having only gotten one hour of sleep before being rudely awakened.

"Okay bro, but you know you can talk to me, right?" Jesse smiled with his boyish grin, and it irritated the hell out of Beca. She imagined this is what having a little brother would be like.

"Don't call me that, dude." Even though it was supposed to come out harsh, her tone had softened over the month they'd known each other. Jesse had an annoying way of slowly dissolving under your skin and leeching his way through your bloodstream. He was merciful enough to remain relatively quiet for the next several hours as they stacked and reorganized music. Every once in a while, he'd throw in some cheesy remark, but he didn't purposefully annoy her anymore.

"There's only a box left. I can take it, especially since you were here before I even showed up. Who knows how many more boxes you've done than me? I don't want the Ab-God Luke to fire me from my internship." He teased, having referred to their supervisor as the 'Ab-God' ever since he pulled his shirt up to reveal a six pack after Jesse made a remark on the amount of cheeseburgers he eats. "It's almost ten anyways."

"Whatever Jesse, just don't mess up anything." Beca shrugged, actually shooting him a sarcastic smirk instead of a frown. That was all the thanks he needed to understand how grateful the brunette actually was.

A half hour later, Beca was walking towards the showers. It was pretty late, and she figured most girls would be out partying instead of showering at this time of night. In her robe, she held her stuff and was mumbling some lyrics to her latest song favorite. She was working on a David Guetta mix, but was thinking about how to seam her favorite song Titanium into the spotlight of the mix. Walking into the shower and turning it on, Beca let herself sing a little bit louder.

"But all your bullets ricochet. You shoot me down, but I get up. Bullet proof. Nothing to lose. Fire away, fire away. Ricochet, you take your—"

"You can sing." A strangely familiar voice confirmed behind the brunette, and the shower curtain was opened.

"DUDE!" Beca yelped, spinning around and sliding the curtain back closed, while attempting to cover herself.

"How high does your belt go?" The redhead questioned, carelessly pushing the curtain back again, oblivious to the Beca's discomfort as she turned the shower off. The brunette was faintly pink in the cheeks, immediately aware that it was the hot redhead she met at the activities fair over a month ago.

"Oh my god." Beca didn't know whether to be offended or not. The redhead stood before her in all her naked glory, practically begging for Beca to check her out. 'No, don't do it. Just stare up. Ceiling, yeah that's really interesting. Nice ceiling up there.' Beca attempted to persuade herself.

"You have to audition for the Bellas." The taller girl stated excitedly, her blue eyes piercing with hope.

"I can't concentrate on anything until you cover up your junk." Beca countered, pressed against the back wall and staring stupidly at the ceiling.

"Just consider it. One time, we sang back-up for Prince." The redhead gushed as she stepped closer, a playful tone in her voice. "His butt was so small I could fit it in like, one hand." She was nearly right in front of Beca, and accidently knocked the small rag, Beca was using to cover herself with, out of the brunette's grasp. "Oops."

"Geez, seriously?" Beca grumbled, turning around and doing her best to hide herself with the wall. "I am nude." As if that was some sudden realization, Beca gave one last ditch attempt to possibly express to the redhead why this meeting was so unorthodox. But the taller girl didn't seem to mind.

"You were singing Titanium, right?" She asked the shorter girl, and this triggered Beca to shift her attention.

"You know David Guetta?" Beca questioned in disbelief, not expecting an aca-nerd to know that.

"Have I been living under a rock? Yeah, I know him. That song's my jam. My lady jam." The redhead winks, giving Beca a sly smile.

"That's nice." Beca muttered, turning her face to the wall in hopes to just disappear. If only she didn't let Jesse stack the last box on his own, perhaps she wouldn't be here at this time.

"It is." She gave an airy laugh. "Song really builds." Nodding her head, the redhead closed her eyes for a second as if remembering something, and sighed.

"Gross." Beca only imagined what was going through the redhead's mind, and it wasn't exactly something she was comfortable thinking about naked.

"Can you sing it for me?" As soon as the redhead asked that, Beca mildly paled.

"Dude, no. Get out." The brunette demanded, but her pitch was an octave higher, and nervousness evident in her tone.

"Not for that reason." The redhead assured, but it did little to qualm Beca's concerns. "I'm not leaving her until you sing." 'Are you kidding me?' Beca blanched, never once thinking she'd be trapped naked in a shower with another naked girl, who was totally hot, being refused any alone time until she sang. Nope, it was not a situation she had envisioned before. "So…" The redhead waited, not backing down. Turning her head to glance back at the girl, Beca heard a little 'hmmph' from the taller girl, an obvious sound to show that she was still there. Giving a 'fuck my life' defeated smirk which quickly faded into a nervous grimace, Beca slowly turned around, covering herself up as best she could. Glancing anywhere but at the other girl, Beca took a deep breath before starting.

"I'm bullet proof, nothing to lose—" Just as Beca started singing, the redhead opened her mouth and joined in.

"Fire away, fire away." They both sang, and Beca's gaze quit shifting nervously, settling on the redhead's ocean eyes. Her voice was amazing… "Ricochet, you take your aim. Fire away, fire away. Shoot me down, but I won't fall. I am Titanium." Beca's voice was a little bit deeper, and huskier, but the redhead's pitch was… it was pitch perfect. "Shoot me down, but I won't fall. I am Titanium." They sang again, ending up with the redhead smiling happily and Beca letting a small smile slip before averting her gaze towards the ceiling again.

"Oh yeah, I'm pretty confident about… all this." She motioned to herself, and Beca just nodded, unconsciously looking her up and down for a second.

"You should be." Beca tells her, nodding with an awkward confirming smile.

"Oh." The taller girl turned around, grabbing a towel and handing it to Beca.

"I'm still taking a shower…" Beca whispered, but still holding the towel protectively against her body. The redhead just smiled brightly, nodding.

"Right, I almost forgot. My name's Chloe." She offered her hand to Beca, who just stared at her weirdly, not moving from her already exposed position.

"Beca." The brunette introduced, coughing awkwardly. "Uh… do you think I could… go back to showering?"

"Oh yeah, sure. I'll see you at auditions, Beca." Stepping outside the stall, Chloe felt extremely proud of herself. "I have a flyer in my bag. I'll just put it in your robe." 'How can you feel comfortable even saying that?' Beca wondered to herself, still shocked by Chloe's blatant disregard for personal space. Beca started her shower again, doing her best to calm her racing heart. "K, I put it in your robe pocket, Beca." Chloe smiled gleefully outside the stall, ecstatic about her find. "See you there!" Beca didn't answer; too busy keeping her heart from jumping up her throat and going down the shower drain.