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"Oh, pizza's here!" Chloe cheered as the knocking came again. "Don't cheat." She told Beca pointedly, staring the DJ down for a moment before sprinting out of the living room and down the hall. Beca shook her head at the girl's antics, leaning back into the comfy lounge chair. She could smell the pizza before she heard Chloe. "I'll grab some plates. But NO cheating." Setting the box down on the coffee table next to their game, the redhead dashed across the room and into the connected kitchen. "I'm watching you!"

"I was reaching for the pizza!" Beca laughed, rolling her eyes. With a happy sigh, Chloe rushed back into the room with a couple plates. Plopping on the couch, Chloe tucked her feet underneath of her and placed a couple slices on their plates. She had her hair in a loose ponytail, and was wearing blue Barden University sweatpants with a matching black BU sweatshirt.

"Does your person have… a moustache?" Chloe asked innocently, and the DJ quirked an eyebrow.

"Yes." Chloe smiled brightly, knocking several tiles down. Now only three were remaining. "Does your person wear glasses?"

"Aww…" Chloe pouted, and that was all the answer Beca needed. Two tiles flipped down, and only one remained.

"You have Samantha Redding." Beca stated triumphantly, and Chloe stuck her tongue out.

"Hmm… I demand a rematch!" The redhead commanded before taking a bite of pizza. They'd been playing 'Guess Who?' for the better part of an hour. Beca wasn't complaining though, it beat watching some lame romantic comedy. Although, Chloe did have Monsters vs. Aliens playing on the television for 'background atmosphere' as she called it.

"So I can beat you again? Okay." The brunette grinned, relishing in the cheesy delight of her slice. Chloe giggled, shuffling the cards.

"Thanks for coming over. I'm sure you were busy. It is Saturday night after all." Chloe smiles shyly, tucking an escapee curl behind her ear.

"Yeah, you're keeping me away from taking an extra shift stacking CDs for three hours." Beca stated sarcastically, standing up and pretending to gather her stuff to leave. "What was I thinking spending my weekend actually having fun for once?" The dry tone resulted in a musical giggle, and Beca's stoic face tilted in a smirk.

"You're having fun?" Chloe questioned curiously, glancing around at the games they had set out. "Most people hate board games."

"Most people are complete morons." Beca pointed out cheekily, still standing up. Chloe grinned, raising an eyebrow.

"Aubrey can't stand these kinds of games."

"Example A." The brunette retorted instantly. The older girl laughed, snatching the bottom of Beca's shirt and yanking the DJ onto the couch next to her.

"Play nice." Chloe chimed, and they were extremely close.

"Never." Beca replied mischievously, a crooked smile on her face. "Hey look, you got Samuel Davis." She mentioned, seeing the card that Chloe already drew from the deck.

"Not anymore. Now I've got to redraw." Chloe laughed, although she made no motion to change their position. Instead, Chloe leaned into Beca's arm, wrapping her hands around the limb and cuddling into the warmth. With a content sigh, she closed her eyes and just listened to the background music. Beca had brought a mix with her, and Chloe was eager to put it on and listen to it. "I used to play Life and Monopoly all the time with my brothers and sister. They always cheated though. Just because I was the youngest didn't mean I couldn't count. And there's only so many times you can believe in the "banker's tax" before you begin to catch on."

"I didn't know there was a "banker's tax" in Monopoly?" Beca wondered aloud, her head tilting in confusion.

"Oh yeah, apparently the rule is, the youngest has to pay all the other players $100. And the banker decides when the tax goes into effect." The redhead pouted with her eyes still closed, her bottom lip jutting out. "I didn't win much." Beca attempted to stifle her chuckles, but Chloe opened her eyes and frowned. "So mean."

"I'm sorry." The DJ claimed between laughs, a grin adorning her features when Chloe curled against her side again.

"You're spending the night, right?" Chloe murmured sleepily, not even lifting her head.

"Uh, I wasn't planning on it." Beca admitted, frowning.

"Too bad. I'm not going to let you walk home alone. And don't worry, it's not like I bite or anything." There was some humor in the redhead's tone that made Beca quirk an eyebrow questioningly. "Usually…"

"Pizza's getting cold." Beca broke the tension, causing the older girl to internally groan. Chloe felt disheveled when the brunette hopped off the couch and took a bite of pizza while walking out of Chloe's sight.

"Hey, where are you going?" Chloe called from the couch, now just laying lazily by herself, pouting at the lack of warmth. "Beca?"

"Mmhmff…" The muffled sound wafted from the kitchen. Scrunching her eyebrows together and crinkling her nose, Chloe didn't have a clue what that was supposed to mean.

"Is that English?"

"Mmhmmuhumm…" Muttered again before Beca returned to the couch with a water in one hand and the crust of her pizza in the other. Sitting on the sofa, Beca was practically pushed up against the arm of the couch to put distance between her and Chloe. Visibly swallowing and taking a swig of water, Beca sighed. "I said I was getting some water."

"I see that now, Mitchell." Chloe stuck her tongue out teasingly before propping her chin up with her hand. "What are you doing all the way over there? I'm cold here."

"Sorry, didn't realize I was your personal heater." The sarcastic reply did little to deter Chloe's initial objective.

"You are." Chloe claimed, scooting over until she was nearly on the brunette's lap. "And as payment for your lapse in thinking, I'm commandeering the rest of your pizza." Leaning over, Chloe hadn't expected Beca to refuse so quickly.

"No way, Chlo. Not happening." The use of her nickname sent a warm tingling through Chloe's entire body, although that could have also been because she was reaching across the DJ, pressing their bodies very close together.


"Get your own."

"But mine is sooooo farrrr awayyyy." She half whined, pouting her lip out like a little kid. Beca smirked, rolling her eyes.

"Not gonna work."

"Why not?" The voice was tiny, as if it was a five year old instead of a twenty-one year old.

"Because I'm immune."


"Truther." Beca countered, blushing when Chloe stared at her straight in the eyes.

"That's the cutest thing I think you've ever said." The redhead stated seriously, resulting in a gruff scoff.

"Whatever." Taking a drink of her water, Beca pulled the pizza higher to keep it out of Chloe's reach.

"Please? Just on tiny little bite?" The redhead pleads, her blue eyes shining brightly as she stares into the navy irises of Beca. The brunette freezes from the pressure of Chloe's hands, which are pressed against Beca's toned stomach. Their faces are inches apart, and the warm breath between the two is inebriating.

"Where are you from?" The question tumbled out of the DJ's mouth like word vomit, shocking both her and the redhead. However, Beca kept her surprise hidden while Chloe blinked rapidly. "I'll let you have the pizza I mean… if you, uh, if you tell me where you're from." Beca back tracked, frantically trying to find a logical motive for her swift interest.

"You don't need to blackmail me to get to know me, silly." Chloe smiled contently, picking up the brunette's arm that was holding the water and placing it around her shoulders so Chloe could snuggle into Beca's side. "All you need to do is ask." Her pizza hand growing tired, Beca rested it on the arm of the sofa, attempting to ignore the satisfaction from having Chloe so close. "Stanton, South Carolina." Reaching one hand over until she claimed what was left of the slice of pizza, Chloe slowly nibbled on it while Beca remained silent. "It was my mom, dad, older sister, three older brothers, and me."

"Your parents must have been busy." Beca mumbled quietly, noticing a soft smile ghost across Chloe's face.

"Yeah. My dad ran the farm, and my mom tried to run the house. But… let's just say that my brothers were a handful. Especially the twins." Chloe laughed, patting Beca's knee in the process. "Grady and Jake always got in some sort of trouble. I remember when they were in high school; they made the taxidermy animals in the biology room talk. The teacher freaked out and screamed that the animals were finally coming back to life. The janitor found the speakers, and the principal called my parents." The redhead giggled, remembering her father's face. "My dad was so mad."

"I thought you'd be the wild one in the family." The DJ muttered absentmindedly, quirking an eyebrow when Chloe rolled her eyes.

"Well don't worry; Alan and Sarah are quite responsible and traditional." Chloe stuck her tongue out, but finished the pizza. "Alan is my other brother; he's the oldest of us all. Sarah is second in line, and then the twins. They're all graduated, except for Grady." She hummed, closing her eyes and snuggling deeper into the brunette's side. Beca still had her water in that hand, which Chloe took and did a quick drink.

"Nothing's sacred?" Beca inquired, but there was a playful note in her tone. Setting the water on the coffee table, they both just sat in their position. "Why isn't Grady graduated if his twin brother is?"

"Grady told my dad that he wanted to travel after high school. My dad nearly strangled him." The redhead let out a soft musical laugh. "But after a month of the cold shoulder, my dad softened up. Told Grady that if he was serious, then he'd respect his decision."

"What happened after that?"

"Jake went to college, and Grady went to Africa with the Red Cross. He's been doing that for four years. He loves it." Chloe found something incredibly… thrilling about talking to Beca. The DJ didn't interrupt, nor respond very much, but she listened. Chloe could tell by the way the DJ's fingers were drumming against Chloe's arm, and the shadowy expression on her face, that Beca was digesting every detail Chloe shared. It was refreshing to have someone actually listen and take to heart the words you were saying. Most of my boyfriends just nodded and faked their way through it, Chloe thought to herself. Wow, where did that come from? Why am I comparing Beca to my ex-boyfriends?

"You okay, Chlo?" The tone of concern that Beca was poorly hiding made Chloe's heart swell. The DJ desperately attempted to remain aloof, but it wasn't working for her while she was around the redhead.

"Hmm? Yeah, I was just thinking… Am I talking too much? I feel like I'm practically preaching my origins to you."

"I like it when you talk." Beca felt her face heat up, but luckily, Chloe didn't lift her head from its resting spot on the DJ's shoulder.

"Why?" Chloe's question was greeted with silence. "Where are you from?" There was another pause of deafening silence before Beca sighed, glancing at the picture frames on the tables and walls. They mainly consisted of Chloe and Aubrey, but some of them contained, what Beca could only assume, family photos.

"Suburbs of Chicago, Detroit for a while, but mainly northern Michigan." Beca answered with a shrug, perplexed when she felt Chloe's hum radiate through her chest.

"Moved around a lot? Why?" It was an innocent inquiry, and Beca recognized that. But still, the brunette couldn't halt the guarded expression she adorned. Her body went rigid, and Beca's fingers started drumming rapidly. "Hey, it's alright." Chloe calmed gently, reaching up and grasping Beca's fidgeting hand. "You don't have to tell me. Just… talk to me. Who is Beca Mitchell?" Beca wanted to scoff, but she held it in for the redhead's sake.

"I'm Beca Mitchell. Who else?" The DJ remarked sarcastically, pleasantly astounded by the amused giggle she earned from the older girl.

"I'll go first, and then you go. Okay?" Without waiting for a reply, Chloe trudged on. "I have a cat at home named Sticky. He's black with white paws and a white mouth." Grinning triumphantly, Chloe glanced up at Beca, being greeted by an entertained smirk. "I named him Sticky, because Jake had climbed a tree to get him, and Sticky was covered in tree sap. So was Jake, but my mom insisted that we couldn't rename him."

"How old were you?" Beca chuckled, tilting her head.

"…It was my eighteenth birthday." Chloe replied as dignifiedly as possible.

"Well it's certainly… a creative name, I guess." Beca did her best to stifle her highly amused grin.

"Oh shut up, at least I didn't name him Maple." The redhead teased, much to Beca's pleasure. "Okay, your turn. It's not hard, just give it a try."

"Uh…" Beca blanked, unsure of what to say. After a moment of an extremely dumb expression, which Chloe found adorable, Beca returned to reality. "I like to snowboard. I actually had a part-time job at the resort. I'd give lessons and check the mountain for safety."

"Maybe you could teach me sometime?"

"Definitely." They continued to swap tidbits of information, little facts and quirks that no one really knew about them. Chloe explained how she grew up in a small town, the Beale name being a big deal, and how she always had a pressure to live up to the family status quo. Alan was a lawyer, graduating from Harvard. Sarah was a doctor, and gotten her degree from Columbia. Jake was an officer in the air force. Chloe admitted that she was mad when Jake first announced that he wanted to attend the academy, but she understood how determined he was. Still… she wished she could see him more. And with Grady traveling so much and spreading kindness across the world, her parents looked at each of their kids with such extreme pride. "I don't understand." Beca stated, turning her head to glance down at the girl resting against her side. The redhead smiled ruefully, but didn't meet the brunette's eyes.

"My parents were disappointed when I decided to go to Barden." Beca learned that Chloe was applying for admission into the Veterinary program. "But my mom felt better when I told her I wanted to be a vet. I guess as long as I have 'Doctor' in my name, they're happy."

"Dr. Beale… has a ring to it." Chloe giggled. The redhead finally managed to get Beca to open up, slightly but it was still improvement. "I never really had many friends."

"What? How could someone not love your charm?" Chloe gasped in mock shock, resulting in a lopsided grin from Beca.

"I know, right?" The DJ chuckled, shrugging her shoulders. "But after my parents divorced, things just seemed hollow."

"How old were you?"

"Ten." That was all Beca said before switching topics. It was like Chloe was granted a glance through a window in Beca's walls, and the redhead didn't push when Beca closed the curtains. Instead, she just listened as Beca quietly spoke about snowboarding, and her mixes, and told Chloe about the tattoo she had on her back.

"I noticed it in the shower." Chloe gave a sultry whisper.

"Got it when I was fifteen." Beca chuckled at the confused expression on the redhead's face. "Yes, illegally."

"You are a rebel."

"Seemed like a good idea at the time." The DJ explained sarcastically.

"How did you convince a tattooist to give a fifteen year old a tattoo of a lighter burning a bandaged heart?" Chloe interrogated skeptically, but she internally smiled at the soft grin on the normally stoic face. "I want to see it again."

"What?" Before Beca could entirely grasp what Chloe had said, the redhead was already untangling herself from the brunette's arm.

"I didn't get a good look at it before." The older girl claimed, grabbing the hem of Beca's shirt.

"Wow there, uh isn't this… I don't know, against my will?" The dry mirth caused Chloe to roll her eyes.

"Just bend down." The fiery redhead demanded, already pushing Beca so the DJ was touching her toes and her head hung over her knees.

"Where's my whistle…" Chloe heard the DJ mutter, but shook her head with a grin. As her well-manicured nails grazed Beca's skin, the freshman felt a shiver tremble up her spin. Chloe tenderly rolled the shirt up until it rested just below Beca's arms. Just like before, the black and grey tattoo appeared. Chloe had been so focused on getting the brunette to join the Bellas that she totally ignored the intricate design. It was on the left side of Beca's back, and the greyscale heart mirrored where the DJ's real heart was. The heart was battered, and it appeared that there were cuts and drops of black blood flowing down the heart. Wrapped around the organ was a white bandage, with the tail of the bandage hanging low enough to catch the licking flames from the lighter below. Squinting, Chloe leaned in closer, reading the word on the bandage.

"Titanium." She whispered, tracing the tattoo with her fingertip. "Because you're bullet proof?"

"And I've got nothing to lose. So fire away…" Beca spoke the lyrics in a cold voice.

"Fire away." Chloe agreed, replacing the DJ's shirt back into its proper placement. "It's beautiful. Did it hurt?"

"No. By that time, I was already—"

"Titanium." Chloe finished for Beca, earning her an unreadable expression. It was already two in the morning, and they'd been talking for hours. Leaning into the brunette, Chloe whispered in her ear. "You know you have to stay now."

"I don't have to do anything." Beca responded immediately.

"No, but you will." Chloe claimed confidently. Beca quirked an eyebrow, but remained stoic. "Come on, let's go to bed. I'm exhausted."

"I'll sleep on the couch."

"But who'll keep me warm? Please?"


"We're friends, right? So trust me." Chloe stood up, offering a hand to Beca. The shorter girl contemplated her choices, but accepted the gesture. As Chloe walked to her room, she dragged Beca behind her like a lost puppy. "Tomorrow's Sunday, so neither of us are going to wake up early. That alright?"

"Sure." Beca was stiff and rigid as Chloe tossed her a pair of sweats and a T-shirt. As the redhead changed right in front of her, Beca did her best to hide the blush on her face.

"You going to change, Bec?" The innocent question resonated in the DJ's mind, ricocheting off the walls of her cranium until she just dumbly nodded. Chloe had already gotten in bed and made herself comfortable, patting the spot next to her as she adjusted her pillow. With a yawn, the redhead smiled when Beca nervously pulled the covers up around them. "You going to be stiff as a board all night?"

"Yes." The dry, sarcastic comment made Chloe giggle.

"Fine. As long as you stay hot." Chloe didn't mean for it to sound like that, but she didn't want to take it back either. "Goodnight, Bex."

"Yeah, you too, Chlo." The older girl grinned as she drifted off.


"Morning Bec." Chloe smiled brightly as she set her coffee down on the bedside table.

"Mmm… Babe, it's way too early for this." Beca groaned, covering her head with her pillow. Chloe giggled, hopping on the bed and straddling the brunette's waist.

"No it's not." Chloe teased, pulling the pillow out of the other girl's grasp.

"Not fair."

"It wouldn't feel so early if you didn't stay up all night making mixes." Chloe leaned forwards, resting her hands on either side of Beca's head.

"Naw, I'm pretty sure it'd still feel early." Beca said with a smug grin, her eyes widening when Chloe lets out a moan.

"God, that half smirk. Do you have any idea how sexy that is?" Chloe hissed, her lips hovering inches above the brunettes.

"Not a clue." Beca replied with an aloof smile.

"There you go and do it again." Chloe complained, her tone thick with desire.

"Well Dr. Beale, do something about it." The DJ challenged, propping herself up on her elbows. Chloe leaned forward, capturing the sexy DJ off guard as she pressed their lips together.

"Oh my God." Chloe's eyes shot open, and her breathing was in short pants. She couldn't believe that'd just happened. Wrapping herself closer to her pillow, she rested her head back on the… pillow? Glancing down, Chloe saw that she'd been sleeping practically on top of the smaller girl, and her arms were laced around the brunette's waist. Her face shaded a dark red, which only deepened as she realized that her entire bed now smelled of the intoxicating aroma of Beca Mitchell. "Why do you have to be so sexy?" Chloe complained to her sleeping friend, sighing as she rested her head back on the DJ's shoulder. Closing her eyes, the redhead attempted to calm her racing heart. But with the silence, Chloe started to make out some mumbling. "That's so cute…" She whispered to herself, hearing Beca's still slumber induced gibberish.

"Stillangrashaguta…" Beca muttered in a muffled tone, her one arm draped around the redhead's shoulder.

"Hmm… I wonder if you ever really relax? Any answers for me Beca?" Chloe asked the sleeping form. "I wonder if… no, it's just a silly crush." Chloe told herself, almost laughing at the fact that she was having this conversation while nearly atop the brunette. "We're friends, right?"

"Huh…?" Beca stirred, rubbing her head with her free hand. "Chlo, did you say something about friends?"

"Oh uh, no nothing…" The redhead frantically covered, but her nervousness made the sleepy DJ suspicious.

"Well, whatever. I guess you were right though." Beca yawned, but found that she couldn't really move because of the redhead's position.

"What do you mean?" The jumpy question flittered off with a half giggle.

"We became fast friends. Not that you really gave me a choice." Beca chuckled. Chloe felt herself cheer internally because Beca saw them as friends, and her soul did a summersault. "I should really get to the radio station for my shift."

"Aww… well I'll see you later, right? We'll work on the Bellas."

"Greeaat…" Beca sighed sarcastically.

"You love it." Chloe teased, deciding to let Beca free. Unwinding herself, Chloe watched as Beca rolled out of bed and stretched.

"Dr. Beale, you have no evidence." Beca smirked, tilting her head smugly. Chloe froze, that expression immediately resurfacing her dream. Beca looked really hot… "I'll see you for lunch? Then we'll do that 'dancing' thing afterwards. Deal?"

"Um, yeah… text me." Chloe blinked, watching Beca leave and go into the bathroom, inevitably to change. Letting go of a breath, Chloe jolted straight up when she heard her door open.

"Uh, sorry… I just… I realized that I don't have your number." Beca chuckled, her shy laugh coming across as charming.

"Guess you might need that. Here." Chloe walked over to her desk and wrote her number down on a sticky note. With sticky note in hand, Chloe stuck it to Beca's forehead before the brunette could grab it. "That way you don't forget."

"Like I would." Beca paled slightly after she said that. She shrugged it off, not paying attention to the wide grin on Chloe's face. "I better go." After a couple minutes, Chloe heard the front door to her apartment close. Groaning, she splayed out on her bed.

"Oh no… this is bad." Covering her face with an arm, Chloe let out a loud sigh. "I've got the hots for Beca Mitchell."


"Hey, how's the dark and mysterious Beca today?" Jesse grinned, not missing the smirk on the brunette's face. "Someone's in a good mood."

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"Yeah right. Sunshine is practically bursting from you. It's so bright, I've gotta wear shades." He laughed, pretending to shield his eyes.

"Stop quoting 80's songs, Jesse." Beca scoffed, giving him an eye roll.

"No way, bro. Not until you fess up. Did you get laid finally?" He asked excitedly, sounding more like a thirteen year old boy than a college student.

"What do you mean by finally?" Beca hiked an eyebrow, an amused smirk in place.

"No changing the subject." He pouted, jutting his bottom lip out.

"You're more happy than normal. So what about you? Did you get laid, bro?" Beca played along, but was surprised by how easily their conversation was flowing.

"As a matter of fact… No, I didn't. I kinda like someone." He shyly scratched the back of his neck. Beca wanted to laugh, but just nodded smugly.

"Blonde? Tall? Controlling, traditional, and so very annoying?" Beca did laugh when Jesse's eyes opened wide.

"How did you?"

"The party, remember?" Beca rolled her eyes at his blank expression. "You were drunk, and started to rant about how 'hot' Aubrey Posen was. Dude, I was not drunk enough for any of that."

"Oh, well… uh, do you approve?" His eyes searched for some sign of acceptance.

"It doesn't matter, Jesse." She shrugged, jumping a step backwards when Jesse walked to her with open arms. "No." Beca deadpanned.

"Just one hug?"

"No." Beca stated again. "You've got to man up if you want Aubrey Posen, bro." Jesse brightened considerably, especially when Beca seemed to resign to the fact that she called him bro… twice.


"Coffee used to be illegal in Tasmania." Fat Amy told the group. Stacie had just taken a sip, her long, sweltering moan attracting many stares from surrounding patrons. Cynthia-Rose stared unabashedly at the girl, and Stacie set her cup down.

"Who would outlaw coffee?" She protested, twirling her cup around while directing a lustful gaze at a man across the shop.

"It was that or drugs. The government thought mixing them would make people too hyper." Everyone at the table shared glances.

"Hello ladies, anything else?" The waiter smiled politely at them, scratching his head at the group.

"Yeah, a number 2, 7, and 8 on the lunch menu." Fat Amy ordered, looking to the other girls. "Anything for you guys?"

"I'll have one of those warm brownie things." Stacie ordered, winking suggestively at him. He nervously wrote it down, almost scratching through the paper.

"A chocolate milkshake." Cynthia-Rose ordered.

"Banana bread." Lilly whispered.

"What?" The waiter asked, seeing the girl's lips moved but not hearing anything.

"Huh—Banana bread." She said again, and luckily, everyone had fallen quiet to attempt to hear. He nodded, writing it down.

"I'd really like a strawberry smoothie." Jessica hummed happily, resting her chin on her hand.

"Low-Fat milk, please." Denise ordered next.

"Just another water." Ashley said, and turned to Chloe who was next to her. Nudging the girl out of her daydream, Ashley giggled and raised an eyebrow.

"Oh, uh… Can I just get a black coffee to-go?" Chloe smiled brightly, batting her eyelashes innocently.

"Y-yeah… uh, order'll be right up, ladies." The waiter muttered dumbly before turning around, shaking his head at the odd group.

"To-go, huh? Who's it for…?" Ashley's index finger traced the brim of her glass as she pretended to be bored.

"Yeah, sorry ginger but you don't strike me as anything less than a latte type girl." The Tasmanian informed, staring Chloe down from across the table.

"It's not for me. I'm just meeting someone later." Chloe sighed, laughing at how snoopy her friends were. Her phone buzzed, distracting the redhead from the conversation.

'My shift's almost over. Meet at Scotty's?—BexM' Chloe grinned at the text, shaking her blush off.

"Oh my God, I know that look!" Stacie screeched, almost launching over the table in an attempt to grab Chloe's phone. The redhead jumped, yanking her cell a safe distance from the sexual girl. "Who is it? Are you hooking up? Is it serious?"

"What are you talking about?" The senior denied, but Chloe's voice pitched a little higher than normal.

"First sign of denial." Ashley smirked, drumming her fingers on the table. Chloe opened her mouth to protest, but Ashley peaked at the phone. "Who's BexM?"

"BexM?" The other Bellas repeated in confusion, not having heard anyone by that.

"Sounds kinda hot." Stacie winked at Chloe, who flushed an even brighter shade of scarlet, nearly matching her hair. "You're totally in crush-land."

"Who's got you wrapped around their finger?" Cynthia-Rose wondered, and they all piped down as the waiter brought everyone's order.

"Okay so I have a 2, 7, and 8." He handed the plates over to Amy. "And a Brownie Blast dessert for you." Stacie rubbed his hand suggestively as he tried to pass her the treat. "Alright, now I have a chocolate milkshake, a banana bread, strawberry smoothie, Low-Fat milk, another water, and… a black coffee to-go." He sighed tiredly, done passing out the orders. "Anything else?"

"Can I borrow your pen?" Ashley asked, to which the waiter tentatively handed her. Without hesitation, Ashley grabbed the to-go coffee and wrote on it before giving the pen back. "K, we're all good." He left, bewildered by the strange women. Chloe glared at the girl, before turning the cup so she could see what was written on it.

"Hey hottie? Really, you guys?" Chloe groaned, seeing if she could smear the writing. No luck.

"Nice one, Ash." Stacie laughed, leaning forward against the table so her breasts pushed up. "Okay Chloe, make sure you use your assets."

"This is ludicrous." The redhead groaned, standing up with the coffee. "I'm leaving. See you tomorrow, girls. It's been fun."

"We want details tomorrow!" Stacie shouted after the senior.

"I wonder if Aubrey knows who Chloe's crush is." Lilly whispered, and everyone just glanced around.

"What? Alright Bellas, we have a new mission. To find out who this guy is." Amy announced, taking a bite of her food.

"Should we follow her?" Ashley asked, earning a couple of disturbed glances.

"I used to watch people to learn their ways." Lilly whispered again. Still nothing.

"Well… we could follow her. Or!" Fat Amy pointed her fork at everyone. "We could finish lunch."

"Lunch." Everyone stated unanimously.


"Hey, you weren't waiting long, I hope." Chloe apologized as she entered the diner. Scotty's was one of the best soup and sandwich shops on campus. Beca stood up from her chair, directing a crooked smirk at the redhead, unaware of the effect it had on Chloe.

"Nope… You brought coffee?" Beca tilted her head, and Chloe just giggled, holding the cup out to the brunette.

"Actually, I brought you coffee." Chloe realized that it was a little redundant to bring a coffee to a diner. Beca took the cup, grinning as it burned her throat.

"Thanks." The DJ was grateful. Not necessarily for the coffee, but just grateful for the fact that Chloe had thought about her. The more Beca pondered, the worse her addiction to Chloe became. But they were friends… hopefully good friends, but just friends? Shaking her head from the confusing and frustrating thoughts, Beca listened intently as Chloe began to speak.

"So how's the radio station going?"

"Fantastic. Turns out Jesse can invent new ways of being annoying." Beca informed Chloe sarcastically. Taking another drink, Beca tilted the cup back, pausing as she saw some writing on the cup. "Hey hottie? Uh Chloe, did they reuse this cup or something?" The DJ twisted the cup in her hand, glancing at Chloe in befuddlement.

"Uh, no. The guy wrote it when he gave it to me." Chloe new it was wrong to lie, but she didn't want Beca to know that she was the one that Chloe was seriously crushing on. The redhead saw Beca's eyes flash with something, but became unreadable a second later.

"Okay." There was no questioning, or interrogation. Somehow, Chloe felt disappointed. "You ready to order?"



About a month later…

"I should have taken that cardio tip more seriously." Fat Amy panted as they finished their practice of Turn the Beat Around, for what felt like the hundredth time.

"How much have you done?" Aubrey sighed, shaking her head in disappointment.

"You just saw it." Fat Amy answered; however, Aubrey was talking to Chloe.

"Chloe, you need to be able to hit that last note." Aubrey walked over to the table to grab her water.

"I'm trying, but I can't. It's impossible. It's because of my nodes…" She trailed off. Ever since she admitted that she had vocal nodules three weeks ago, Chloe had been doing her best to still continue her singing, but it was becoming worse and even more painful.

"Well, if you can't do it, then someone else needs a solo." Aubrey turned back towards the group, taking a long sip of her water.

"I think Beca should take my solo." Chloe told the blonde, almost resulting in Aubrey choking on her water.

"Yeah, Beca would be excellent. But also, someone else might be equally as excellent."

"That's true." Beca pointed her thumb at Fat Amy, who continued on with her point.

"But they might be shy, and might not want to come forward and say they wanted a solo." Fat Amy trailed off, and Aubrey smiled merrily.

"Well, Beca doesn't want a solo, so…" Aubrey shrugged, grinning at the group.

"I'd be happy to do it, if I got to pick a song and do an arrangement." The DJ responded honestly. Aubrey's polite smile tightened.

"Well that's not how we run things here." She shrugged, setting her water down.

"Aubrey, maybe Beca has a point. Maybe we should try something new." Chloe wanted nothing more than to improve their chances of winning, but it was becoming more difficult with the dictatorship they were under.

"Aca-scuse me?" The blonde stared at her best friend and co-captain, her official smile still planted falsely on her face. "You can sing Turn the Beat Around, and that's the last I want to hear of this." The Bellas started to disperse, but Beca stepped forward. Aubrey was so stubborn.

"That song is old and tired. If we pull songs from different genres and layer them together, we could make—"

"Okay, let me explain something to you because you don't seem to get it." Aubrey cut off the brunette, gesturing for Beca to stop talking. "Our goal is to get back to the finals. And these songs will get us there. So excuse me if I don't take advice from some alt girl with her MadLib beats because she's never been in a competition. Have I made myself clear?" She stared directly into Beca's eyes, and the brunette took a step backwards with her smug smirk.

"Crystal. I won't solo." Beca conceded, turning around and walking to the back of the group. She needed a breather. She felt Amy pat her on the arm as she passed, but Beca didn't care. Aubrey had something about her that made Beca innately defiant and mad, although the brunette already knew why. Aubrey and Diane were so similar…

"Fine." Aubrey said, watching the brunette walking away. That girl had such a way of crawling under her skin… "Fat Amy?"

"Yes, Sir?" Fat Amy's attention shot back up to Aubrey, and there was a note of nervousness.

"You'll solo."

"Yes…" Fat Amy cheered, before clapping her hands once in excitement and looked at the other girls. "Yeahsss!" Grabbing her water, Beca walked back up to the group, a smirk on her face. Practice was over for the day, so people started to clear out.

"Beca, I'm sorry about Aubrey. She's just… really stressed about Regionals." Chloe apologized for the blonde, aware that she'd been doing that a lot lately.

"It's not your fault, Chlo." Beca had taken to using Chloe's nickname more often. They'd grown pretty close and comfortable in the last month, much to Aubrey's displeasure. "Some people just need that power." Beca mumbled offhandedly.

"You sound like your speaking from experience." Chloe tilted her head, her red curls bouncing slightly.

"Aubrey reminds me of… someone." That's all Beca said before she left for class. The girl was still a mystery to Chloe.


After Regionals…

The TrebleMakers were walking down the stairs, celebrating their victory. The Bellas were behind them, dreading the bus ride back. Beca felt lucky that they even got second place, considering the judges didn't look too enthusiastic about their performance. All they really did was beat some sock puppets. Descending the stairs, the Bellas saw the TrebleMakers getting into it with some of the graduates. Beca cringed, wincing at the song the old guys were attempting to a cappella to. It was a train wreck.

"Come on ladies, let's go to the bus." Aubrey commanded, which Beca barely managed to stop herself from snarling at. The blonde's orders were grating on her last nerve. Beca had never allowed anyone to tell her what to do, and now Aubrey was acting like she was the boss of their lives. Filing down the staircase, they began walking pass the first generation Trebles and next generation.

"I am not going to fight you." Beca heard Jesse tell the creepy looking guy, who was begging Jesse to hit him with the trophy.

"Come on, be a man. I know you want to." The guy insisted, trying to take the trophy and demonstrate.

"No way." Jesse set the trophy down, holding his hands up.

"I've wrestled dingoes and crocodile simultaneously." Fat Amy informed their group, but the Bellas still tried to just walk out. All of a sudden, an awkward version of hell broke loose.

"Let's bring it on!" Donald found himself in an uncomfortable wrestling position with the older black guy. From that point, the old guys tried to slap around with some of the Trebles, Jesse being the unlucky one to get stuck with the sadistic psycho.

"Hit me, right here. Take your fist and punch me right in the face." The guy egged Jesse one, whom glanced around for some help. As the guy was backing up, attempting to grab Jesse's hand and demonstrate where he wanted him to hit, the guy stumbled into the Bellas. "My bad, Red." He said, scraping a lecherous stare up and down Chloe. Beca had enough, and her anger boiled over. Even in the humiliating flight attendant costume, the DJ didn't care. As the guy walked back to Jesse, his face was red with his taunts. "Hit me! Shove my head in a meat grinder. Smack me with a pipe. Just let me feel something!"

"Dude—" Jesse was about to tell him to back off again, when he saw Beca tap on the guy's shoulder. To everyone's shock, she threw a right hook straight to his jaw, sending him to the ground.

"Wow!" He cheered insanely, standing up. "That felt amazing!"

"Holy shit…" Beca winced, holding her fist. It's been a while since she'd punched anything, and her hand throbbed.

"Hit me again." He begged, his eyes dancing with more joy when Fat Amy came into the picture.

"Feel the fat power!" She announced, hopping into the fight.

"Fat Amy, kick me in the balls!" He pleaded, and his wish was granted. A second later, a heel connect with his groin. Beca jumped up when she saw Fat Amy grabbing the trophy.

"Amy, no!" Beca was hoping to avoid her friend being brought up on charges of assault with a deadly weapon (was a trophy considered a deadly weapon), and they fought for control of the prize.

"I want to shove it up his butt." Fat Amy explained, not that that made Beca more inclined to release her grip. Everyone moved in fast motion, and Fat Amy's grip on the trophy released as it broke into two pieces, her end flying through a full pane window. Beca stood there, holding the other part of the weapon. Just her luck, a policeman was right outside, writing a ticket for some stupid looking van. "Vertical running!" The Tasmanian shouted from down the hallway. Everyone split up, and Beca sighed as the police officer put her in handcuffs.

"Great…" She muttered to herself as she was shoved inside the cop car. She saw Chloe staring at the car, her face full of guilt and worry. Resting her head on the back of the seat, the brunette closed her eyes as they pulled away for the station.


"Thank God…" Beca mumbled as she was released. Immediately checking her phone, she saw that she had a text message.

'Beca, we were going to go to the police station, but Jesse said he had it covered. Text me so I know you're okay.—Chlo xoxo' Beca smirked at the message, heading out into the fresh air.

"Hey Hilary Swipe for a million dollar baby." Jesse laughed as Beca came out of the police station, handcuff free.

"You know you can just say 'Hey million dollar baby' you don't actually need to reference a specific actress." The recently released criminal told him, pretending to throw some punches.

"Damn, prison changed you." Jesse teased as they walked to the parking lot.

"Thanks for bailing me out." Beca was honestly relieved to be out of that dirty cell. Turns out, quite a few people had been arrested today, and the female cell was crowded. Beca didn't feel like her usual badass self while dressed up in a flight attendant suit.

"Actually, I didn't." Just as he said that, Beca's face fell into a crestfallen expression.

"Rebeca, get in the car, now."

"You called my dad?" Beca whipped around to Jesse, anger so unmasked in her eyes that Jesse was frozen.

"Well, yeah. They were putting you in handcuffs, Beca. I thought it was pretty serious." He defended himself, putting his hands up and taking a step back.

"That doesn't mean you call my dad." The brunette's tone was cold and harsh, almost burning Jesse with its venom.

"Who else was I going to call?" He asked honestly, but the only answer was a locked jaw. "I was only trying to help."

"Car. Now." Daniel Mitchell demanded, standing beside his vehicle. Jesse hung his head, now regretting that he accepted Professor Mitchell's offer for a ride. "Could you give us a minute alone, Jesse?" With a nod, the boy got in the backseat. He stared out the window, witnessing as Mr. Mitchell walked up to Beca with crossed arms.

"Dad, let me explain—"

"Don't bother. It was a mistake. This was a mistake. I should have never let Sheila talk me into letting you come to Barden." Despite the incorrectness of his statement, and the blatant lie implying 'let,' Beca still felt a sting. "Get in the car. We'll talk about this later."

"Whatever." Beca slammed the passenger's side door closed as she got in, buckling up before her father even sat down. The ride was mostly silent, until Barden started to come into view. It was as if the reminder had triggered another wave of disappointment and bitterness in Daniel.

"How do I explain this? What do I say when my colleagues bring up that my daughter is a juvenile delinquent? Do you ever think, or do you just enjoy getting into trouble?" His rant filled the quiet, and Jesse slunk further into his seat. He could see Beca's stoic face in the side mirror's reflection, and he suddenly felt bad… guilty… totally wrong. He shouldn't have called Professor Mitchell. But he was her dad… didn't that mean something? "You just couldn't pretend for one year? Pretend that you're competent, capable, willing to improve society. That's all I had asked for. Sheila complained on and on and on that we should spend more time together. Well if this is what I missed the last eight years, no wonder Lynn killed herself!" Daniel knew he did it again, the moment the words left his mouth. He regretted it, yet still… he felt a slight relief to have gotten some reaction out of his daughter. They were stopped at a red light.

"Fuck you." Beca didn't yell or scream or cry, but her voice was void of any emotion.

"Wait, I didn't mean—" But the door opened, and Beca had already gotten out. "You come back here right now, Rebeca. Beca, I mean it!" Daniel shouted after his daughter, his face going red from the exertion.

"You are not the boss of me, and you never were." Beca smirked at him, flicking her dad off before walking through the park with her heels in her hand.

"The insolent child." He hissed. Glancing in the rearview mirror, he took a deep breath in an attempt to settle his anger. "Thank you for contacting me, Jesse. It was very mature of you."

"Professor Mitchell, if you wouldn't mind, I think I'll walk from here." Jesse started to unbuckle, but the car lurched forwards.

"Nonsense, we're almost to your dorm." Daniel sighed, running a hand through his hair.

"Sir, uh… Beca was arrested because some guys started a fight, and she was trying to keep anyone from getting hurt." Jesse explained, hoping maybe Mr. Mitchell would understand.

"That doesn't matter. Her criminal record won't say 'for noble cause' on it, so I don't see any difference."

"The DA said that the charges were most likely going to be dropped." Jesse defended, thankful when the car finally parked outside his dorm.

"I understand you're trying to stick up for her, son. But Beca has always had a problem with rules, and it's no surprise she finally got caught up with the law because of it." Daniel Mitchell growled, glancing at Jesse again. "Thank you again, and goodnight."

"Goodnight, Sir." Jesse mumbled as he got out and shuffled back to his dorm. As he opened the door to his room, he saw Benji sitting on his Star Wars bed.

"Rough?" Benji asked compassionately, observing as Jesse practically collapsed on his bed.

"Horrible. Beca hates me, and I can't blame her. I didn't know Professor Mitchell was that bad." Jesse gave a frustrated groan. "Benji, he was awful. I thought I was about to cry, I have no clue how Beca's doing. She was so mad when I told her I called him. She's going to hate me for forever."


Beca had walked three miles to her dorm, barefoot. But it was better than spending one more second in that car. Her hand ached, but every fiber in her body was tense and bursting with rage. She was so angry… at everything and everyone, for no particular reason. She hated it when she got like this. Beca knew that it was irrational, and she had always tried to keep her feeling as far from her as possible. But her father… he struck a chord. And that chord was fraying at a dangerous rate, ready to snap and decapitate anyone within range. As she finally made the final steps to her room, she opened it up.

"Hey!" All the Bellas cheered simultaneously. Beca plastered on her smirk, pretending to be cocky. It was easier.

"What up, Shawshank? You get yourself a bitch?" Cynthia-Rose asked, playing with the fringed edges of a blanket.

"Did they spray you with a hose?" Fat Amy wondered curiously, anticipating an answer.

"I did a turn at county." Lilly mumbled, and everyone just paused to see if her words had actually registered. Nope, no one could hear her.

"You guys waited up for me?" Beca was genuinely confused. They were all there, splayed on her bed, the floor, and her desk.

"Of course we waited up for you." Chloe stared straight into the brunette's eyes, and she was stunned to see that Beca was vulnerable. The redhead hadn't seen that expression of being at the 'end of your rope' in Beca's eyes before, but it was clear as day. Concern quickly welled up inside the senior, and she had to restrain herself from engulfing Beca into a hug.

"They've been here for hours. It's a real inconvenience, Beca." Kimmy Jin's arrogant tone was much grumpier than normal. Apparently the Asian girl highly valued her sleep. In a huff, she left the room, slamming the door behind her.

"Beca, I'm glad you're here." Aubrey said, and Beca glared at the blonde sitting at her desk. Beca's desk. Beca's sacred mixing spot.

"I live here, so yeah…" She grumbled sarcastically, her voice far more confrontational than usual. This threw Aubrey back for a second, before she decided to continue on, ignoring the interruption.

"I'm calling an emergency Bellas meeting." Aubrey stood up, and there were groans of protest by Amy and Cynthia-Rose, among others. Lilly might have been whining, but no one could hear it. "First up, our score sheet revealed that the Sockapellas almost beat us. Fat Amy, you need to do it exactly as we've rehearsed it. No surprises."

"We should be taking risks. It's not enough to be good, we need to put ourselves out there… be different." At the mention of being different, Beca could almost visibly see Aubrey's nostrils flare.

"Beca's right, the Trebles never sing the same song twice." Cynthia-Rose agreed, and Aubrey looked about ready to hurl.

"The audience loved the Trebles. They tolerate us." When Beca voiced that, Aubrey's face twisted into the most painful smile possible. "We could change the face of a capell—oh fuck, that sounded so dorky. What's happening to me?" The brunette walked forwards to her desk chair, slumping into the familiar seat. Chloe muffled her giggle at the DJ's comment, finding it extremely adorable. "Umm… Let me show you this arrangement I've been working on." Chloe got off the bed and walked closer, leaning comfortably against the desk. She was curious which one Beca was referring to… or if she'd heard it yet.

"Her mixes are pretty great." The redhead prophesized to Aubrey, yearning that her best friend would take the hint.

"Okay, I have the pitch pipe, and I say that we focus on the set list as planned." The blonde leader announced, her gaze directly burrowing into Beca.

"But Aubrey, this stuff is pretty cool—" Chloe resigned when Aubrey interrupted her.

"From now on, there will be no more wasting time with work, or school, or boyfriends, or partners, I'm sorry Cynthia-Rose." Cynthia-Rose glanced down at the blanket awkwardly, shaking her head.

"Aubrey, maybe we should—" Chloe attempted again, but was cut off.

"Okay, rehearsal tomorrow. Eight a.m., sharp." The blonde dictator proclaimed, leaving no room for discussion. Chloe glanced at Beca, who was still sitting at the desk.

"Yeah, not happening." Aubrey spun so fast on her heel that everyone almost thought she would make herself sick. Chloe stared, shocked at Beca. The brunette had a way of rubbing Aubrey wrong, but she wasn't usually openly hostile.

"Aca-scuse me?" Aubrey blanched, placing a hand on her hip.

"It's already one in the morning. Your practice isn't going to do any good if we're all sleep walking." The blonde's jaw tightened, and Fat Amy could almost cut the tension with a spoon.

"I didn't hear anyone else complaining."

"Shocker. I'm sure you don't hear much from anyone on your high horse."

"I'm going to leave, and pretend that you didn't say that. I suggest you do the same." Aubrey harrumphed, heading out the door. Everyone else filed out, and soon Beca was just left in the room full of silence. That is, until she heard the door close.

"Hey, you alright?" Chloe squats down in front of Beca, taking the brunette's hands. "Want to talk about it?"

"Chloe, I just need some space." The DJ grumbled, spinning around in her chair to break the physical contact. After placing her headphones on, Beca figured that Chloe would take the hint. However, two delicate hands removed the blaring headphones, and Beca growled. "I'm fine. Can't you just back off?"

"You're not fine. You're hurting. I can see it, Bex." Going to the brunette's dresser, Chloe picked out a pair of sweatpants and a shirt. "Put these on, and we'll talk."

"You can't make me." Beca grumbled defiantly.

"I'm not going to." This seemed to defuse some of the tension, but Beca still cautiously dressed, not comfortable with Chloe still in the room. "Don't you feel better?"

"Yeah, great. You can go now." The sarcasm was raw, and Chloe could feel how forced it was.

"Not so fast, Mitchell. Lay down." Chloe guided Beca onto the bed, and quickly rested her redhead on Beca's shoulder. Whenever they spent the night, they always laid the same way. "What happened today? After Jesse bailed you out."

"You knew he called my dad?" Beca started to get up, however, Chloe was quicker. The older girl tugged on Beca's shirt, holding her in place.

"No, I didn't. The Bellas were about to go over to the station, but Jesse told me he already had it covered." The brunette calmed slightly, and Chloe was grateful. "You need to talk about it."

"No, I don't." The stubborn reply came immediately.

"You don't start fights. You don't seek anyone out to trade blows with. But tonight, you instigated Aubrey. That's not like you Beca, we both know it." With a soothing hum, the redhead hugged Beca gently. "Did something happen?"

"… You could say that. My dad… he just said some stuff that… it…"

"Hurt?" Chloe offered, and she could feel Beca nod.

"It's stupid. He hasn't been a part of my life for eight years, and suddenly he thinks he can order me around. He means nothing to me, so I shouldn't care about his opinions. I don't care. But when he mentioned my mom, I don't know. Everything just really sucked after that." Beca stumbled through her explanation, and it wasn't hard to tell that the girl didn't open up often.

"What did he say?" There was silence. For the last month, whenever Chloe had asked a question that was too personal, Beca would answer it with silence. And she figured this would be the same. That is, until the DJ let out a tired sigh.

"It was stupid."

"Not to you, and not to me." Chloe assured warmly, giving a squeeze of encouragement.

"He just said that if this is how I acted for the past eight years of my life, then it's no wonder… Damn it, I don't want to say it Chloe. Because if I talk about it, then you'll know, and if you know…"

"I'm not going to use it to hurt you. I wouldn't do that. Trust me?"

"He said that it's no wonder she killed herself." The redhead paused, paralyzed. She knew Beca was hurting, but that was a lot of hurt. Chloe opened her mouth, about to say something, when Beca just shook her head. "No, don't. I don't want pity, or sympathy. I'm over it." That was a complete lie, and Chloe was aware that they both knew it.

"How did it happen?"

"She just… drank. I came home, and she was lying on the floor. The police report states 'accidental suicide' but… she knew her alcohol. When you spend nearly a decade as an alcoholic, you tend to catch on to when enough is enough." Her voice was detached, indifferent, but Chloe could tell just how hard the brunette was trying to keep it that way. "Halfway through senior year." Shaking her head, Beca scoffed at herself. "I'm tired, Chlo. Can we not continue this conversation some other time?" This wasn't a conversation that was likely to pop up again, or soon, so Chloe figured she might as well ask one last question.

"Why would she do it?"

"Goodnight, Chloe." Beca stated, and the redhead hit a wall. The DJ was done sharing, and there was no way to change that. Settling in, Chloe allowed herself to drift off. She was tired too, and she had been terrified for Beca.

"You're titanium." Chloe whispered before completely fading into sleep.

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