Minna! Right now I'm looking for OCs. You guys can send one OCs or two OCs. Those who sent to many OCs like 4 OCs will not be accepted. I will only accepting 2 or 3 OCs.

Oh, wait. If your characters came from a magical world like my characters, put this;

Real Name: (If she/he came from the human world like Inazuma Eleven characters are, don't fill the 'Real Name' and 'Fake Name'. just give it 'Name')
Fake Name:
Nick Name: (I don't mind if she/he has many nicknames)
Age: (I will puting many seasons about my story. Because the story I've came up is very long story)
Birth date:


Past bio/ history: (If your characters doesn't have any past bio, just give it plain)


Crush: (OCs can become your crush too ^^)
Powers/ Magic:
Best friends: (OCs can also become your best friends, even I will put your characters become my best friends)
Clothes: (If she/ he has many outfits, A.K.A clothes like she/he came from another world, do it like this;)




Adventure/ Travelling:


(Or many kinda clothes that you have in mind)
Status: (Alive/Dead or she/he will die in the coming up episode?) (Is she/he a Mage or a normal character? PS: Mage, is the same as Wizard)
Weapons: (If she/he doesn't have weapons, give it plain)



That's all! And i think the story will be late updating. Closing date will be the end of January 2013.