I recently became a fan of fairy tail and the pairing Natsu and Erza, so I took a crack attempt at it to see how it turns out and maybe this will inspire more crack ideas for Natsu and Erza or Natsu/Harem. About my other stories, well I want to say I'm going to finish them but I can't. I went to college last year and I have to tell everyone I am doing well, constantly making the dean list, making new friends, and enjoying life, so my free time is about gone. I did want to create a Natsu/Erza stories after being inspired by Neoshadows and I.-.-.I Kuroyagi I.-.-.I and some of the Naruto stories I read. If you read Naruto fanfiction and can guess some of the influences on this story, pat yourself on the back.

Our story begins with a young man slowly walking down the streets of Magnolia mumbling to himself. The young man is known as Natsu Dragneel and his mumbling focused on a young red haired swordswoman from his guild.

"Argh, there has to be a way that I can beat Erza!"

Yes, my readers. Our favorite Dragon Slayer thoughts were on how to finally beat Erza Scarlett after being brutally throttled by her for the thousandth time.

Natsu pouted as he kicked a rock at his feet and continued on his path. Despite the fact that he has grown incredibly strong throughout his adventure, gaining the lightning-flame dragon mode and the Dragon Force mode, he still could not beat Erza in a spar. Part of the problem might be with the fact that in a spar, he could not use his full strength, as he did not want to harm Erza. Yet, he hated losing every single spar he had against her.

Due to Natsu mental predicament, he did not pay attention to where he was walking until…


Natsu groaned from his new spot on the ground, not knowing what hit him until he looked up and stared at the strangest man he ever saw. Even from his spot on the ground, Natsu could tell this man easily dwarfed him in height. The man had long, spiky, white, hair that reached to the middle of his back. His clothes only added to his strangeness, wearing a green gi with a red vest over it and a metal headband with the kanji for oil on it.

The man grinned as he extended a hand to Natsu, "Sorry, about that." as he easily lifted Natsu up.

Natsu could only stare at the strange man and had to ask. "Who are you?"

The man grinned as he took a few steps back, "I'm glad you asked! I am the greatest warrior from the East, I am the nightmare to evil across the world, and I am the conqueror of the hearts of beautiful woman, I am the gallant Jiraiya!" he finished with a row of fireworks and dancing toads of various sizes behind him.

Noticing the bizarre look on Natsu face, Jiraiya grinned "Yep still got it."

Natsu felt his eye twitch at the strangeness in front of him. He slowly began to take steps back to retreat into the safety of his guild. "Okaaaay. Well, I am going to leave you alone and go back to my guild now."

Just before Natsu could take off, Jiraiya grabbed his hand. Before Natsu could punch Jiraiya, Jiraiya said "Hey, I know this mark; you are a member of Fairy Tail right?"

Natsu blinked, "Yeah, how did you know." Jiraiya grinned, "I don't like to toot my horn but I happen to be good friends with Guild Master Makarov. Hey I noticed that something had you done before you ran into me, want to talk about it?"

Natsu thought about it and shrugged, if this man was friends with Makarov, then maybe he can give him a few tips on becoming a better fighter. So, he explained to Jiraiya his situation.

Jiraiya listened quietly to Natsu and rubbed his chin when Natsu finished. Natsu looked up hopefully "So Jiraiya-san, if your friends with Master Makarov then you have to be really strong! Is their anything you can teach me?"

Jiraiya thought hard about the situation, "You said the person you were trying to beat was a girl right?"

Natsu nodded, and then he felt fear as a perverted grin spread across Jiraiya's face.

4 hours later:

The Fairy Tail guild was alive and energetically as everyone talked, fought, or took on missions. Yep, it was an ordinary day.


Until a fireball burned down the door and flew into the hall. People screamed as the ball jumped back and forth across the room lighting anything it touched on fire (and repeatedly slamming into Gray, lighting him on fire whenever he put himself out.)

"What's going on!" cried Wendy as she held Happy and Carla close as the fireball hovered in the air and a voice filled the guild,

"I am the hero of Fairy Tail! I am the strongest of the Dragon Slayers! I am the light that burns away all evil!" the ball of fire exploded sending waves of harmless sparks out (to everyone that was not Gray, who the sparks decided to cover in third degree burns). Out of the fireball fell Natsu, who quickly did an impromptu dance similar to a certain toad pervert, before he thrust his fist into the air, unleashing a stream of flames.

"I am the notorious Natsu, the Fire Dragon Slayer!" as the fires began to die out, everyone could only think one thing.

"What the fuck!"

Well everyone except a certain red head who quickly stood up and punched Natsu in the mouth sending him into a wall.

"Natsu, what the hell were you thinking!?" screamed an angry Erza Scarlett, "You could have burned the guild down!" while everyone nodded, who conveniently forget about a heavily burned Gray who laid twitching on the floor. Well everyone except Juvia.

Gray's eyes widened in horror as a grinning Juvia grabbed his legs and began to drag him out of the hall, putting Gray through a whole new hell as he realized burns plus being dragged across a wooden floor equals an unimaginable pain. Yet, this did not stop Juvia, who looked back over her shoulder and said "Don't worry Gray-sama, Juvia will tend to your every need, and you can help me tend to all of my needs, and I mean every need.

Gray could not do anything except mentally scream as Juvia dragged him out the door and deep into the prison that was her room.

Back to Natsu:

Natsu grinned as he pulled himself out of the wall, "Ah, come on Erza! You have to admit my entrance was pretty cool!"

"Natsu sending wave of fire across a room is never a good idea!" screamed Erza, "Somebody could have got hurt." The guild nodded as they once again forgot about Gray who was currently be handcuffed to Juvia's bed.

Natsu shrugged. "Never mind that." Natsu grinned as he pointed a finger at Erza "Erza, I challenge you to a fight!"

Erza sighed as she crossed her arms, "Natsu, I already beat you today, why would I want to fight you again?"

Natsu frowned before he came up with an idea, "How about this? If you beat me today, I'll do anything you want!"

This got Erza attention. "Anything?" she asked, already getting an idea about what she could do with a dragon slayer for two weeks.

Natsu gulped as he caught the look Erza was giving him, but refusing to back down, "Yeah, anything!"

Erza smiled, not for those who did not know this Erza had a crush on the pink-haired dragon slayer. Now, nobody knows this because Erza refused to acknowledge such feeling unless she was certain Natsu would return them. With two week with Natsu as her personal slave, she could finally learn if the dragon slayer felt the same as her. Then after they confess, they would kiss, then they would take their clothes off, and then Erza would be pinned against a wall by a very eager dragon slayer and ….


Erza awoke from her daydream with a start, quickly wiping away the droll from her lip, "W-what happened?"

Wendy spoke up "Well, Natsu told you about the deal to the spar then your eyes went blank, and your face turned red, and you started moaning Natsu na- EEK." Carla decided to take this moment to cover Wendy mouth.

Erza blushed before turning to look at the other guild members "I am sure Wendy is mistaken and that nobody heard anything like that. Right?" everyone quickly nodded their heads wanting to avoid Titainia's wrath.

Erza composed herself before looking at Natsu, "Natsu, I accept your deal and I'll meet you outside in ten minutes."

Natsu grinned as Erza departed and everyone followed hoping to get a good seat for the match, everyone except Gildartz and Makarov. Gildartz looked towards Makarov and said. "Natsu's entrance, is it me or does it remind you of someone else's entrance."

Makarov nodded, "Gildartz, I have a very bad suspicion of who taught Natsu that kind of entrance, and it leads me to two ideas. Either we will need to prep the entire medical quarter for Natsu after Erza is finished with him, or we should bring everyone camera we have in this building to that fight and enjoy the show."


Lisanna smiled as she walked home after a day at the guild. Today was quite successful as she had a great conversation with Natsu, finally getting a chance to discuss how each other was doing and rekindle the connection they had with each other. It unfortunately had to end when her older sister, Mirajane, needed Natsu to help her with chores.

This brought various worries to her mind when she remembered how Edo!Mirajane treated Natsu. After Edo!Lisanna death, Mirajane was a mess, but Natsu Dragion, despite being a timid mild manner driver, spent every moment he had cheering her up. He would bring her sweets, took her out for rides, and became her pillar of support. Mirajane feelings for Natsu grew until she fell head over heels for him, and made sure everyone knew who he was meant to be with. Lisanna shivered when she remembered how Lucy Ashley tried to make a move on Natsu and what happened when Mirajane found out.

Mirajane simply took Lucy out to the guild garage and showed her a car Natsu used for spare parts for other cars. She simply told Lucy to stay away from Natsu and for added effect, punched a hole through the hood and engine block of the car. Lucy wisely left Natsu alone after that.

While that did happen in Edolas, Lisanna could not help but feel wary of how Earthland's Mirajane acted around Natsu. She frowned as she reached the door to the Strauss household; "No way" she thought "What are the chances of Natsu and Mirajane having the same relationship as their Edolas counterparts."

Her thoughts were interrupted when she open the door and the sounds of moans reached her ear, and her eyes widened in shock as the sight in front of her. Mirajane, the source of the moaning, lied on her front in a very skimpy string bikini as Natsu wearing a pair of swimming trunks and nothing else massaged oils into her back.

Natsu looked up and waved, "Hey Lisanna." and quickly returned his hands to the massage as Mirajane moan encourage him to continue.

Lisanna stood in shock as the sight registered in her brain before she quickly ran forward grabbed her sister and dragged her into the kitchen.

Lisanna glared daggers at her sister "What the hell do you think your doing?!"

Mirajane smiled, "Well during the chores Natsu was helping me with I felt a strange pain in my back, it grew so bad, that I had to lay down. Natsu, being helpful, offered to give me a massage and despite my reluctance I was putty in his hands as soon as he touched me."

"And why are you wearing so little clothes?" growled Lisanna.

"Well, he found an old bottle of massage oil I was given as a gift and we didn't want to dirty our clothes so we decided to change."

Lisanna frowned but when faced with her sister and her nicest smile; she couldn't help but trust her. "Okay, Mirajane. I am sorry for doubting you."

Mirajane waved her apology away, "Do not worry about it Lisanna, but I do have a question though? Could you stay with Lucy tonight?"

Lisanna blinked in confusion, "Why?"

Mirajane grinned, "Well, Natsu was so nice to give me a massage; I wanted to return the favor. Especially to a certain part of his" Mirajane mumbled under her breath but Lisanna still managed to here it.

Lisanna growled, "You're trying to seduce Natsu!"

Mirajane shrugged and crossed her arms under her breast, doing wondrous things to them since she untied her bra during the massage and left it in the living room when Lisanna dragged her into the kitchen.

"You say seducing, I say providing Natsu with a bit of relief and the promise of more if he pursues a relationship with me." Mirajane grinned letting some of her old personality stand out.

"Dammit, Mirajane! He's mine! I said I am going to marry him!" Lisanna growled as he more violent animal take over came to mind, realizing the threat Mirajane posed toward them keeping their mate.

"Well, maybe Natsu like more full-figured women and not girls with mosquito bite boobs." Mirajane would not be cowed by her younger sister as her own take over spirits reacted towards the woman who wanted the same mate they chose.

"You bitch!" Lisanna screamed and tackled Mirajane taking them both to the floor where they began to fight.

Hearing the commotion Natsu rushed into the kitchen to help when he tripped and ended up pulled into the fight as the Strauss sister fought against each other as well as pull Natsu closer to themselves.

This continued until Elfman walked into the home to find a compromising scene. Natsu was currently on the ground with Mirajane and Lisanna on top of him. One of his hands held a firm grip on Mirajane breast getting a satisfied moan from her as his other hand fondled Lisanna ass provoking a moan from her as well.

To say Elfman did not react well would be an understatement.

Omake 2 aka Pervy Natsu:

Everything was calm in Fairy Tail. The fact that the words 'calm' and 'Fairy Tail' were in the same sentence proved how wrong the situation was. The normally rowdy guild was subdued as it has been for the last four years since the fire dragon slayer left on a training trip with Makarov's old friend Jiraiya.

As the guild went about their day with a more subdued manner, the doors to the building flew open and a white hair blur darted through the room, and into Makarov office.

Makarov was surprised to see his old friend Jiraiya in his office but for some reason he did not know, he was apologizing to him.

"Makarov! Please forgive me, I am so sorry!" cried Jiraiya as he bowed to his friend.

"What are you talking about Jiraiya?" said a confused Makarov.

"It's about Natsu!" before Jiraiya continued, he was instantly surrounded by the anger mages of Fairy Tail, who stood outside Makarov's office and eavesdropped on the conversation.

Jiraiya found himself with various elements, guns, and blades pointed at his face as a very angry Erza Scarlet growled, "What have you done to Natsu?"

Jiraiya looked downcast, "I let him have sex."

Unfortunately, Jiraiya should have gone into more details because the moment the guide members heard the five words they immediately thought the worst.

"YOU BASTARD! HE MOLESTED NATSU!" screamed Mirajane who performed a Satan Soul Take-over as everyone prepared to perform their strongest magic and send Jiraiya into oblivion if Makarov hadn't grab a screaming Jiraiya and pulled him to safety.

"Everyone calm down! I am sure Jiraiya has a good explanation" stated Makarov, "and if he doesn't, I pop his head like a pimple!" which he could easily do with his titan sized hand.

Jiraiya gulped, "Well this is what happened, Natsu and I were adventuring across the land when we came to a town that had a guild called Sabertooth, Natsu ran into a girl name Minerva and they somehow hit it off. So, they went out to train and spar. The problem is that during their training, clothes got ripped, skin got exposed, and they got a little hot under the collar. Basically, they started fucking like rabbits. If this was anyone else, it would not have been a problem, but this is Natsu. Everyone here knows that Natsu strength comes from his emotions." Everyone nodded. "Well, apparently, Igneel forgot to warn Natsu about sex and a fire dragon slayer magic. After digging through a few old books, I discovered a secret about fire dragon slayers. Since their powers are greatly influenced by emotion, many of them live a celibate life. The reason why is once the experience the pleasure of sex, they go mad for it, they take a true dragon mindset and go on missions to find powerful mates of the opposite sex to create offspring with."

Gajeel could not hold back anymore, "You're shitting us right?"

Jiraiya frowned, "I wish, the moment Natsu got some, he wanted more. You should have seen Minerva after he finished him nearly fucked her stupid and he was still horny. So, I think he is going to come here, where he will find the strongest women he met from the beginning and try to procreate with them."

Wendy paled, "So Natsu is coming here to rape us?!" as many of the other females paled with her.

Jiraiya shook his head "No, unfortunately Natsu has been paying attention to men and has become a successful playboy when it comes to girls. After the spar, it took him probably only two minutes to get Minerva on her knees."

"Wait a second." Said Gajeel, "If you know all this stuff, why didn't you stop him before it got this far."

Jiraiya grinned before he pulled out a red book with the title Icha Icha Dragon Paradise. "It provided me with a lot of writing inspiration for a new series of books."

"A NEW ICHA ICHA BOOK." Screamed the older men as they dogged pile on Jiraiya to get the new copy of their favorite smut.

Erza frowned "Men. Well, everyone we do not have a lot of options in this situation."

"What do you mean?" said Gray, "Let just kick his butt and lock him up until he calms down."

"Oh, so you want to be the one to fight an angry dragon during mating season." Said Gajeel.

"Anyway." Said Erza, "The only way out of this is to sacrifice one of ourselves to sate Natsu lust. I volunteer myself."

"Wait a second." Said Cana, "Why would you volunteer yourself when we could all just run."

Erza blushed but quickly shook it off "Natsu is too fast and would catch us, if he want the strongest females to bare his children then he will most likely come for me first." Of course Erza wouldn't tell the other that she would not mind being taken by the dragon slayer in such a manner. It played out just like one of her erotic novels she read at night and with her feelings for the pinkette, baring his children and being his number one mate would be a wish comes true.

Lucy was about to through in her own two cent when she realized something, "Hey, where's Mirajane?"

Lisanna spoke up, "She heard a knock at the door and went to check on who it is."

Everyone nodded before realization hit.

A horny Natsu was coming to town.

Mirajane went by herself to check on a visitor to the guild.

Oh, crap.


Mirajane giggled as a frisky Natsu held her close and whispered in her ear. While the rational part of he mind told her to fight him off, her demonic side welcomed the advances of such a strong male and encouraged her to give into him.

As Natsu began to slip a strap of her dress down, a voice filled with anger boomed across the hall.

"NEE-SAN" screamed Elfman, as he darted forward to stop Natsu only to receive a kick to the face dropping him like a sack of bricks.

"NATSU" screamed Erza, "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING WITH MIRAJANE!" "and why aren't you doing that to me?" though Erza.

Natsu grinned as he kissed Mirajane's neck, getting a moan from her. "I'm about to get nasty!" he growled and resumed kissing Mirajane's neck.

Erza growled as she stomped forward "Natsu, you want the strongest female that Fairy Tail has, and that would be me!"

Natsu stopped his kissing to give heed to Erza though before Mirajane grabbed his head and pulled his face into her breast holding him close. There was no way in hell she would allow her former rival to take her man especially after the toe curling caresses he gave her.

Mirajane glared at Erza as her old personality returned, "He is with the strongest right now, so why don't you get lost you red haired dumpster rat!"

Erza saw red. She refused to lose Natsu to her rival and after noticing how Mirajane used her body to keep Natsu interested came up with an idea. She grinned as a bright light enveloped her body and she re-quipped into one of her armor, but not just any armor.

Her Seduction Armor.

Erza smiled seductively at Natsu and blew him a kiss, "Oh, Natsu." She grinned as Natsu let go of Mirajane and began planting kisses along Erza visible skin drawing moans from her.

Mirajane growled before smirking, two can play that game, and changed into her Satan Soul form. She grinned as she saw Natsu eyes undress her and he quickly returned to where he started.

Erza growled as she stood up and grabbed Natsu head and placing it against her breast to pull him away from Mirajane, who grabbed his pants to pull him back.

The tug of war continued with neither side gaining ground until…


Everyone gasped as Natsu pants ripped leaving him in all his glory.

Mirajane and Erza saw Natsu exposed manhood before they shared the same thought as blood leaked from their nose.


"Oh MY!" thought the girls of Fairy Tail as they saw that Natsu may look human but he takes after dragons in more way than one.

"My pride!" cried the men as they felt any semblance of their manhood fade away as they witnessed the girls fawning over the monster that was called Natsu Jr.

"I think I should throw my hat in the ring." Said Cana as she approach the dueling S-class mages fighting over who would be Natsu mate.

"He has the closest connection with me!" yelled Lucy as she joined the fray with the other girls.

Alzack chuckled, "At least I know you won't leave me for that dragon wills you Bisca. Bisca?" said Alzack looking for his girlfriend who went and join the fray to fight for her right to have the dragon.

Natsu grinned as the girls crowded around him and decided to end the fight. He grabbed Erza and Mirajane and pulled them close causing them to blush.

Taking notice of the disappoint me on the other girls faces, Natsu grinned, "Don't worry girls, I have a plan to make everyone happy. Instead of choosing one girl, I choose all of you." As he kissed Erza and Mirajane, causing them to swoon as the other girls cheered.

"What about us?" cried the men. Natsu grinned, "You have five seconds to leave before I burn you to a crisp." As Natsu eye's turned red and flames filled his mouth.

The men quickly left.

Natsu grinned, "Now, where was I?"

Meanwhile, in Sabertooth Guild:

A certain young woman after noticing certain symptoms told her father about a new addition to their family.

"YOUR WHAT!?" screamed a very angry Jiemma.

Omake 3 aka God Mode Natsu:

Natsu pouted as he walked down the street, still thinking of his latest defeat at Erza hands. So distracted he did not pay attention to where he was walking until…


Natsu groaned from his new found spot on the ground, and looked up to the person that knocked him down. The man was tall and lithe, with a wrinkled face and a beard tied into a goatee. He wears black robes with extravagant designs on them and a hood.

The man frowned and gave Natsu a hand up, "My apologies young man, I was not watching wear I was going."

Natsu wanted to say something rash back but sighed, "No problem, old man." And started to knock some dust off his scarf.

This drew the man's eye, "Young man, that scarf, where did you get it from?"

Natsu blinked, "It was a gift from my father before he left."

The man nodded, "Ah, so your father slew a dragon and gave you a scarf made of scales?"

Natsu blanched, "NO! My father was the dragon!"

"WHAT!?" screamed the old man, "So, does that mean you are a dragonborn?"

Natsu frowned, "No, I am a dragon slayer. The fire dragon slayer to be exact!"

Eyes widening, the man nodded, "That is truly impressive indeed, but I wonder, do you know of the dragon shout?"

Natsu shook his head, "No, but I do have a dragon's roar."

Nodding, the man said, "Well, that is nice and all but how about I teach you a few words of the dragon shout, I can sense your power and I believe it would be a useful tool in your arsenal."

This intrigued Natsu, "Can I use it to beat Erza and anyone who challenge the people I care about it?"

"My boy, the shout I am about to teach you will easily best those who challenge you."

Natsu grinned, "Let go then Old Man!"

The man grinned, "Alright then my boy, but if I am going to teach you this spell, you should know my name. It's Arngrier."

Natsu nodded, "Okay then, my name is Natsu Dragneel."

One day later.

The entire guild of Fairy Tail took a seat around the guild's battle ground as the waited for the massacre…. I mean battle to begin. On one side of the field stood Erza, Laxus, Gildarts, Mirajane, Gray, and Gajeel; while on the other side of the field stood a grinning Natsu all by himself.

Yes, my dear readers, after Natsu training, he returned to the guild and challenged every S-rank member and any else who wanted to take part in a him against them match. This deal was that if they beat him, he wouldn't say a word for a month, if he beat them, he would get instant S-class status.

With such odds stacked against Natsu and the fact they could go a month without a screaming Natsu, the mages took the deal.

Laxus smirked, " You sure you want to do this twerp." As he cracked his knuckles.

Natsu grinned, "You wish, you know what, to make this fight fair, I'll even close my eyes."

Gray and the other mages scowled at Natsu before they all charged at once.

Believe they even existed.

Wendy jumped in her seat as chanting filled the area, yet no one was saying a word.

"What is that?"

And when the truth finally dawns

Makarov blinked as a memory from his youth returned to him, of a man wearing Viking armor and possessing a unique magical power. Makarov quickly started backing up, knowing what was going to happen soon.

It dawns in fire.

Everyone watched as Erza requipped into her Flame Empress armor, Laxus activated his Dragon Force, Mirajane changed into her Satan Soul, and their fellow mages prepared attack to turn Natsu into a bloody lump on the ground.


Everyone cringed as the saw the mages close in on Natsu who still kept his eyes clothes with a smile on his face.

There's one they fear.

As the mages neared, Natsu opened his eyes and his magic flooded the area.

In their tongue, he's Dovahkiin:

Natsu narrowed his eyes as he took a deep breath and prepared the chant that would end this fight.

Dragon Born!

"FUS RO DAH", roared Natsu.

The moments these words left Natsu lips, chaos erupted.

Nuz aan sul, fent alok,

"WHATS HAPPENING!?" screamed Laxus as he tried to hold his ground but was blown away by the wave of magic.

fod fin vul dovah nok,

Erza was not having any better luck as she tried to use her sword to hold her ground, until Mirajane, who was blown away by Natsu attack, slammed into her sending them flying.

fen kos nahlot mahfaeraak ahrk ruz!

"WHEN DID NATSU GET SO POWERFUL!?" screamed Lucy as she tried to keep her skirt down as the magic sent her and everyone that came to watch the match flying through the air.

Paaz Keizaal fen kos stin nol bein Alduin jot!

Eventually the chant, cleared the entire field, knocking out everyone who witness the God Mode of attacks, leaving Natsu the only one standing.

Natsu grinned as he looked at the chaos and destruction he caused, "Yeah, I'm awesome."

Two hours later:

If anyone walked into Fairy Tail, they would have noticed three things. They would find Natsu, correction, S-Rank Natsu with a shit-eating grin on his face. Many of the men glaring at Natsu, most notably Laxus, for knocking them out without laying a single hit on them. Finally, they would find the girls of Fairy Tail eying Natsu.

Erza frowned as she tried to focus on eating her strawberry cake, but couldn't due to the look she saw Mirajane shot Natsu for the umpteenth time that day.

Deciding she had enough Erza growled at Mirajane, "Okay, why are you and the other girls keep eyeing Natsu like he's a piece of meat."

Mirajane grinned, "Well, that match we had against him earlier really showed me how mature Natsu has grown over the years, and the feelings his spell sent through my body only helps the matter."

Erza blushed. After waking up from Natsu attacked, she noticed her panties were wet. Mortified that she may have soiled herself, similar to what Laxus did, who Natsu had yet to stop teasing about, she discovered that Natsu attacked left her and the other girls aroused.

This combined with the fact that Natsu has become increasingly handsome, many of the girls made plans to take Natsu off the market.

"Not if I can help it." Thought Erza as she sent a glare at Cana, who was sitting extremely close to Natsu with his arm between her breasts.

Erza had to catch herself before she drew her blade and challenged every single girl in the guild to a battle for Natsu's heat.

"Did you hear what I said Erza?" Erza blinked as she finally noticed that Mirajane was still talking to her.

"I am sorry Mirajane, what were you talking about?"

Mirajane grinned, "Well, I was thinking. If Natsu can arouse me just by saying a few words, I wonder what he can do using certain body parts." She grinned perversely as she gazed at Natsu.

Erza didn't even realized she had a sword in her hand as she attack Mirajane and decided to start the battle royale for Natsu heart without telling others.

Wow, I think I just made a new Natsu couple in an omake. Also, I always seen stories where Naruto would train Natsu, but I think it would be cool if Natsu was trained by Jiraiya and to see the influence Jiraiya has on him. Anyway, I hope everyone enjoyed and this is the first part to a two part story and if anyone wants to continue with one of the omakes, feel free.