Hey ya'll. It's fluff time~

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Hawke: Sparrow. Sometime During Act I or II.


"If I were you, I'd consider myself a very lucky elf. You've already met three people who have taken a liking to you, despite your broody nature."

"Really?" He said, deadpan and disbelieving.

"First of all, there's Isabela. I don't know if you've noticed, but it's taking all her willpower to not jump you every time she gets you alone. I don't think it's just physical either, I think she relates to you in some way." I tapped my chin thoughtfully, then glanced back at Fenris to find him staring at me with an eyebrow raised, thoroughly unconvinced. I snorted and threw my hands up.

"Fine, don't believe me! But it's true, there's more to her than she lets on." I then started pacing in front of the fireplace, arms folded. I knew he was just watching me go back and forth.

"Then there's Varric, he thinks you're 'cool'. Seriously, did you know he's basing his next hero off you? He was saying something about 'brooding' being the new 'charming', whatever that means. You do realise now that he knows you're not a stuck-up, arrogant, son-of-a-bitch, his words not mine, he's gonna try and provoke you every chance he gets, right?"

"Stuck-up?" He objected, "Arrogant? Son of a...?" I stopped my pacing and faced the elf, who now had an elbow leaning on the table beside him, cradling his chin in his palm, sulking at this news of how well his first impression went. He then sighed, let his hand fall to the table top, and turned to face me again. He shrugged, suddenly nonchalant, and said,

"Well, I guess my first impression could've been better."

"Could've?" I scoffed, "You refused to speak to anyone except for me for three weeks, even when we were at The Hanged Man!" I laughed as I remembered images of him slouched in a corner, like a stray cat cornered by ravenous beasts. If any of my companions tried to initiate conversation he'd glower at them, his lips pressed into a firm line. I wouldn't have been half surprised if he'd actually hissed.

I opened my eyes from the memory, a smile still playing on my lips, but stopped short when I realised he was just watching me again, a smirk and lowered eyebrows.

"What?" I pouted, narrowing my eyes at him. He shook his head.

"Do you realise you close your eyes and laugh when remembering something? Like you're in your own little world." He said this slowly, cocking his head to one side, watching me. He knew that made me uncomfortable. I looked away, feeling warmth on my neck threatening to rise up to my cheeks.

"Yes, well, I'm always in my own little world. It's nice here; you should come over some time." I mumbled. He chuckled, but I refused to return his gaze. After a few moments of silence I caved. He also knew I couldn't stand him watching me in silence. I felt...weird. I cleared my throat.

"Anyway," I said as I turned back to him. He was sitting lazily in his armchair, slumped a little, one leg outstretched, right elbow now propped up on the arm of the chair, curled fingers resting against his lips.

Argh. How annoying. I swear he does this on purpose. Maker knows what he hopes to achieve by it. He looks so smug. I just wanna go over there and...and...

Pull his too-tight pants off?

No, no no no no no no, by the Void, brain, what's wrong with you?!

"And? Who's the third person?" He said as he stared intensely at me, seemingly amused by my inner turmoil. . I raised my eyebrows in mock innocence, then grinned as widely as my face would allow before turning on my heel and strolling for the door. I paused momentarily in the doorway and said over my shoulder,

"The third is...a secret admirer."

Howdy. Just a short one to kick things off. I have so much Fenris fluff in my head, it's threatening to burst. So, I thought I'd pull it all out before that happens. If you ever have an idea for a situation you'd like to see, don't hesitate to PM me or what not.

(I'll keep 'Thought of You' separate, but this series will be in the same style. Just a buncha fluffs. :D)

Oh, and just a heads up that these will be based on my various Fem!Hawkes, as I create a different persona for all of them, and I never went with the default "Marian". I also change Fenris slightly depending on the Hawke.

Trying to keep myself busy till DA3 turns up. :D