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"I have had it with these motherf**king vampires in this motherf**king town!" Sam and Dean enlist the help of three women to rid Mystic Falls of vampires.


"I am stuck in Virgina with my ex-boyfriend, his brother, my best friend, and a teenager. I am expected to kill a guy who I find amazingly attractive and I'm supposed to do it with a smile. I must pretend that I am related to a dead guy, who was a vampire slayer, who for one reason or another never killed very many vampires at all (if he killed any), who I never met. Oh, and I was taken hostage by a sixteen-year-old who was told to do so by a ghost werewolf. Do you even comprehend how little I care about your boyfriend issues?"


"Me and you are very similar, you know. You have a little brother, I have a little sister. You're concerned that he's falling for me and I'm concerned that she's falling for the ghost whisperer. My ex moved to Guatemala and yours is probably shacking up with a dead guy. I think we should get along better."


"You know, as bad as I feel about the whole ghost thing, and as cute as you are, I was a bit ticked that you took my friend captive. So I kind of threw your original gift down that garbage disposal, which sucks because it cost like thirty bucks, but it was Dean's money anyway so it's not that big of a deal. But I still managed to get you a teddy bear and some face paint."