She rested on her bed, head under her pillow desperately trying to block out the constant yelling emanating from the floor beneath her. Hot tears burned behind her eyes and left trails of liquid fire down her face. In the distance she could hear the sound of a solid object slam against a wall followed by the familiar sound of glass breaking. A loud cry escaped from her lips as more tears fell forward.

This was all too much. She was too young to be handling this. She needed back the parents she once had. The ones who did went to dinners and functions together. The ones who cared for her and never let the differences in raising her take effect.

When had things changed? When had her parents gone from being equals to at each other's throats?

More yelling pulled her back from her thoughts, she couldn't take it anymore. This was not her life, she had to leave. As she pulled herself from her bed, the young sixteen year old looked herself over in her vanity mirror. Her long black hair was pulled back in the tacky pony tail while loose strands were plastered to her face with tears.

Her black mascara and eye liner stained her light complexion with dark trails. The young girl starring back at her from the mirror was a stranger to her. Who had she become and when? The sound of a door slamming signified the end of the argument…for now anyways.

She stood up carefully and quietly opened her bedroom door, daring to listen to any sounds that may pierce the silence. Seconds had passed before the soft sobs of her mother entered her ears. She was trying so hard to keep quiet, for fear her husband would come back out, for fear her daughter would hear her, but the pain was too much.

The young girl quietly closed her bedroom door and rushed back over to her vanity, slowly pulling open a drawer and reaching for her black lipstick. On the wall above the mirror she wrote her last words, as she did so she witnessed a piece of her die in the reflection. With the last ounce of humanity left she took off her necklace, letters spelling out the name 'Lilith' rested between the chains. She draped it over one of the lights and smashed the mirror with one of her black heeled shoes.

Throwing back her head she let out a loud scream. The sound bounced off the walls and echoed back to her, shaking the whole room and shattering the light bulbs. Her wail took what little strength she had left in her human form and she changed before her broken reflection.

Her parents didn't know what she was, and she made sure they would never find out. Her green eyes illuminated her now dark room as she turned intangible and made her way out of the house she had once called home. She was a monster, a beast in her own right. It was time she found a place worthy of housing her.

Later that night as she walked down the street of suburban homes, she felt a sense of loneliness take over her as rain begin to pour from the heavens. Her ghost form was retired for the night and now she remained nothing more than a sixteen year old out on the streets. Never in her life had she ever felt so alone. She began to wonder if her parents had even rushed into her room to see what had become of their only child. She wondered if they even cared.

As she exited the neighborhood she had been forced to call home for the past sixteen years she approached the bus stop and waited. Twenty minutes later her fate was sealed when the empty public transportation vehicle approached her. The words 'Amity Park' were written above the driver on the marque.

Lilith smiled to herself softly before paying her fair and taking a seat in the very back. Though no one else was aboard she felt the need to be alone with her thoughts. The tears still cascaded from her eyes and she chided herself for showing signs of weakness. She quickly wiped the offended signs of sadness and placed her headphones in her ears, blasting her music as loud as she could take it.

Lilith has been so into her music for the past hour she failed to notice that in the past time the bus had neither stopped nor pick anyone up. She glanced out the nearest window and read the only sign on the road. 'You are now leaving Highland Park'. A sigh of relief passed through her lips, unfortunately in the blink of an eye the entire world around her was frozen.

Lilith softly blinked looking ahead to the bus driver only to notice him frozen, the bus refused to move and the digital clock over the entrance remained on 10:37.

"Who's there?" She asked softly, standing to her feet to look out the windows. Nothing around her moved, all seemed as if time had stopped.

"Are we going somewhere Lilith?" A male voice asked, causing her to spin on her heel and come face to face with a man covered in a dark hood and red eyes, a scar resided over his left eye.

"How do you know my name?" Lilith asked taking a step back from the stranger. She hadn't seen him get on, nor walk up behind her.

"I know everything about you. Your parents, they day you were born, the first time you skinned your knee, every detail about you mother, and father." As he spoke fear rose into the pit of her very being. "Most importantly, I know when you're going to die."

Lilith's blue eyes went wide as he spoke with such certainty.

"Please don't kill me." She begged softly, immediately hating her idea of ever leaving home. Had her parents noticed her gone yet? Were they on their way soon to save her? Did they even care? Or were they back to yelling at each other once again?

"Kill you? No, no , no child you have things mistaken." As he spoke he aged a great deal. Now he looked older, wrinkled and had a long white beard that went past his midsection. "I am here to help you." He said offering her his hand.

Lilith took it reluctantly before being pulled through a cosmic swirl of lights and sounds. When she opened her eyes once again the dark night was long gone and was replaced with morning. She looked down below and noticed kids her age running off to school.

"Where am I?" She questioned the man, who in more ways than one wasn't even a man anymore, but instead a child.

"This is Amity Park." He spoke, his voice still as deep as ever. "Your destination." Lilith nodded in agreement. She didn't care how quickly she got there, just that she had reached where she wanted to be. She was about to take off when the man, now once again a man, spoke up. "The year is 2007, exactly one year before you were born." Lilith looked at the man as if he had just blown his top.

"Who are you?" She questioned softly.

"I am clockwork. Keeper of time." He said moving his cane to the side for effect.

"Great, and clockwork 'Keeper of time'…why did you bring me back to 2007?"

"Because you want to make everything better don't you? With your parents at home?" He questioned. She slowly nodded her head.

"Well, here is where things started to go wrong." She looked up to the building they were now standing in front of. The large brick, two-story building with the metal contraption on top and the words 'Fenton Works' boldly written sent a chill through Lilith. "One more thing before I send you off." Clockwork said. He gently picked up a small object from her chest and lifted it for her to see. When did he put that there? She wondered. "Never take this off, if you do you'll be sent back home and to that bus heading for your death. Also," He trailed off, moving her collar out to drop it into her top. "Never let anyone see it. Your enemies will use it against you and others will know you're not from here."

"Got it." She said holding her hand over the lump in her shirt. "So, save my parents, fix their relationship and get back home."

"Good luck Miss Hayes." Clockwork said disappearing with a large green flash.

When Lilith looked back to the new world before her she stood in front of Casper High School.

"Well, here goes everything." She whispered to herself and entered the halls of her parents old high school.

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