"WAKE UP!" The voice called out, causing the lump on the bed to moan and shift, agitated with the interruption. "Lilith, I swear if you're not up in five minutes I'm sending Benji in." The female voice threatened, the bed shaking violently as the lump refused to move. The woman sounded only slightly frustrated as she smacked Lilith's butt from atop the comforter before exiting the room.

"What's a Benji?" Lilith questioned the empty room, wiping sleep from her eyes as she attempted to crawl out of bed. Her mind was glazed over with sleep as she stumbled over to her window and pulled the satin black curtains open to allow the God awful morning light in. The sight outside took her breath away; she was still in Amity Park. Not that far from where her grandparents lived, either. The 'Fenton Works' sign could be seen in the distance and Lilith felt her heart stop. "I'm still here? WHAT THE FU-."

She had believed this time she won, having defeated Dark Dan and saved her father. But perhaps she was wrong. Maybe she had failed once more, Clockwork having decided to leave her in the past to meet her fate. It would only be a matter of time before Dan found her and destroyed her.

She turned on her heel and quickly rushed over to her vanity mirror, hoping to look herself over. She was shocked to find it was no longer in shards, but instead outlined with a black lace material, adding an exotic eerie feel to the room. The necklace she believed she had left behind with her name rested on her chest in black cursive writing. Her room was as dark as ever, skulls and ravens were the choice of décor as well as an authentic medieval candle that rested on her nightstand. It seemed as if her room from back home was transported to Amity Park and given a small makeover. Before she could even question the madness, she turned to see Clockwork hovering not feet from her in the darkest corner of her bedroom.

"Hello, Lilith." He said smugly.

"Clockwork? What gives?" She asked confused as she searched her new world. Something was different, yet definitely felt familiar.

"You have succeeded; this is now your life." He said smiling proudly at the girl. "In a matter of minutes everything you ever knew will disappear, fragments remaining as distant nightmares. Your new memories will fill your mind and the change will be permanent."

"You mean…my dad's alive?" She questioned softly, a huge smile grew on her face. She had succeeded, she had saved her father's life and thus for saved her mother's as well.

Before Clockwork could answer Lilith felt her knees go weak beneath her and buckle, causing her to fall rather harshly. Her left hand flew to her head while her right managed to break the landing from impacting her face. She felt tears pour from her eyes as an excruciating pain pulsated from her temples and throughout the rest of her head. The world around her spun in a cluster of lights, colors and sounds as she fought to keep a hold on one thought and one image at a time. The pain nearly sucked the air from her lungs as she curled into a ball, crying and holding onto her pounding skull with both hands now, begging for the assault to cease.

"Don't fight it, let the memories and you become one." He whispered sounding so distant. She heard a faint 'Time in' before she was able to open her eyes and reexamine her room. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, from what she could make out anyways.

"Lilith, are you awake?" A distant voice broke through her slowly subsiding pain and she couldn't move or answer. Instead, she waited until she found the strength in her legs and managed to stand, slowly dragging her lethargic body back over to her bed where she collapsed, exasperated. "That's it, I'm sending up Benji."

The female voice broke through Lilith's mind and she listened attentively as soft footsteps could be heard climbing up the stairs. She held her breath as the door creaked open enough for the intruder to enter. She remained still, giving a false sense of security before she could feel the shifting of her mattress beneath her, followed by a small being hovering above her.

"WAKE UP!" The young male voice called shaking the girl beneath him as he jumped up and down on the bed, trying to shake her into moving. "illy wake up!"

As soon as she opened her eyes she stared at a small boy, no older than six, jumping up and down above her. His bright blue eyes matched those of her own and she knew this was the dreaded 'Benji' her mother had been talking about.

"I'M AWAKE!" She yelled gently placing her hand over his small face so he couldn't see or talk. She made her hand become intangible and thus for causing him to suffer the same demise. She smiled brightly as he disappeared from her grasp and phased through both her and the mattress, a loud thud signified he was securely under her bed. She sat there silently listening to him giggle before crawling out and running down the hall without so much as a good bye.

She shook her head in a manner of disbelief, a large smile plastered on her face while watching him disappear from view. Satisfied that he was gone, she got up from her bed and made her way over to her vanity mirror and look over her reflection. Her long black hair was a mess of tangles and knots and she knew it would take the better half of the morning to fix it. She sighed heavily before letting her gaze fall to the reflection and turned to see what it revealed. Across her room on a cork board, pictures were cluttered together in a collage. All were of her and a young blonde girl with sparkling green eyes and a boy with dark brown hair and brown eyes. In each picture they all seemed happy to be in the other's company.

Ashleigh and Keith were her best friends since preschool. They had all grown up together and were some of the few people who loved her just for her, and not her ghost powers. Her Uncle Tucker, mother, and father rested in a lone photo off to the side. It had been taken years before her parents ever got together and was a constant reminder of what friendship really was.

Lilith pulled back from the wall and glanced out the window once more, lost in thought. Something about today was different. She didn't know what and couldn't yet begin to contemplate it, yet she felt as if she had finally opened her eyes after years of being blind.

An hour later Lilith found herself walking down the hallway toward the stairs and stopping to look one of the pictures over. It was simple and elegant. Her father stood in a black tux with her Uncle Tucker at his side; he also donned a black tux with a light purple rose over the pocket. Danny stood there, his arms wrapped around Sam in a loose embrace as they both smiled at the photographer. Her mother wore a simple black sleeveless dress that fell loose around her waist, showing signs of a small bulge. In her hands was a black bouquet of roses. They looked happy, young but, truly and utterly happy.

Lilith quickly rushed downstairs, suddenly hungry and took her seat at the breakfast table. Her brother had managed to drown his eggs in syrup before either parent could tell him to take it easy. Her dad had just walked in and made his way over to his wife, placing a soft and gentle kiss on her lips before squeezing her butt.

"Ugh. Gross." Lilith whispered under her breath as her mother giggled, actually giggled, and embraced the man before her. They'd been married almost seventeen years and STILL acted like teenagers, it was a romantic, yet disgusting display for the teen.

"Danny stop it." She muttered turning to place the breakfast potatoes on the table.

"Morning Lil." Her dad said ruffling her brother's hair. The boy smiled happily, stuffing his face full of the sugar eggs.

She watched as her dad took his seat in his usual spot, fresh morning coffee in hand, and started to read the morning paper. A picture of both Danny and Lilith Phantom graced the front page under the caption 'Phantoms Rid Amity of Menace'. She was used to her picture in the media by now; hell her birth alone had covered half the globe. In both this world and the Ghost Zone.

"Go bye-bye." Her brother said to her side, pulling her away from the black and white photo of both her and her father flying through the sky.

"Not now Benji, later." She whispered scooping her own eggs onto her fork before pausing and finding her brother had already ruined them for her. "Really?" She questioned the boy, the syrup dripped from the fork and onto the plate.

"Go bye-bye." He whispered again taking hold of her hand.

"Only because it's your birthday." She whispered turning them both invisible.

Unlike his sister and father, Benji had never acquired his ghost powers, and seemed with every passing year less and less likely to receive them. Instead he would latch on to her, Danny or their cousin Danni and beg them to give him a little fun. Lilith normally found him begging her for more joyous times than anyone else.

"Sam? Where did the kids go?" Danny asked, putting his paper down and looking at the half empty table.

"What kids? I don't have any kids." She played along. They found that by pretending they didn't know where he was, Benji only became more excited.

"Really? Are you sure?"

"Yup, I'm too young to be a mother." She said smiling to her husband taking a bite of her tofu bacon.

"BOO!" Benji yelled loudly letting go of Lilith's hand and becoming visible yet again.

"Danny, looks like the box ghost followed you home." Sam said laughing as her son turned to his father for a better reaction.

"Not my problem, it's my day off." He said ruffling his son's hair again as he got up from the table and started washing the dishes.

"Come on, Benji. Your grandparents will be here soon. We should get you ready." Sam said getting up from her seat and walking over to her son.

"Mom?" Lilith whispered looking to her mother oddly.

"Yeah, Lil?" She asked and watched shocked as the girl walked over to her mother and embraced her tightly. "What's wrong?" She asked confused at the sudden change of demeanor in her daughter.

"Nothing." She whispered as her mother picked up her chin and looked her in the eyes. Blue met amethyst, fire met fire. "Just feels like months since I last hugged you." She admitted.

"Danny? Did she hit her head yesterday?" Danny shook his head 'no', looking to their teen daughter awkwardly.

"I'm fine." She said moving from her embrace and going about her morning routine while her mother picked her son up and carried him upstairs. "Grandma and grandpa are coming over?" Lilith asked helping her dad clean the kitchen.

"Yup, both my parents and your mother's." Danny said.

"Great." She said half excited and half upset. She loved both of her grandparents. She really did. Her dad's parents were just more amazing, they always brought new gadgets for her to ghost fight with. Her mother's parents were more the opposite. Though they loved their grandkids just as much, they were constantly refusing to call her anything but 'Lily', a name she despised more than anything. She told them to call her Lilith, but her grandmother had complained she sounded too much like Satan's mistress and refused to direct her as such. When she told them Lil was fine her grandfather had just informed her to give up the battle, that she wasn't going to win, and sadly, he was right. Pamela Manson refused to call Lilith Aria Fenton anything besides Lily, much to the disgust of both Lilith and Sam.

"Something wrong Lil?" Danny asked looking down to his daughter who seemed lost in her own thoughts.

"No, it's just today seems different, special really." She looked up to her dad, blue meeting blue and for a brief flash Lilith swore she could remember it all.

"Well, it is Benji's birthday." Danny offered shaking off the weird feeling, he too felt.

"Yeah, I know. But I meant something else." She said turning to exit the kitchen and prepare the house for their guests. Not sure how to explain to her father, what she herself could even understand.

"I know exactly what you mean." Danny mumbled under his breath, though he himself could not place the feeling.

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