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Lilith opened her eyes and took a slow glance around the room. She was on a soft bed, but it was not her own. The room before her didn't look familiar and sent a wave of fear through her. Where am I? She tried to move, but found it nearly impossible, her body felt heavy and ached as she lay there confused. A dull throbbing came from her side and she found her oppressed hand lay agonizingly over it. Her entire stomach was cleaned and re-bandaged, while a gash on her head had been tended to as well. Before she could take it all in the blue door across from where she lay, opened.

"Oh, glad to see you're finally awake." The woman said. She had short red hair and a jumpsuit on, anxiety rose in the back of Lilith's mind. Somebody had found out her secret and called in the government. "How are you feeling?" She asked motherly, nothing but kindness in her soft, delicate tone.

Lilith remained quiet, afraid to speak. She knew nothing of this woman or her intentions. Her heart raced as the stranger's hands graced over her skin, checking her healing wounds with a nurturing hand. She rattled off a few more questions as she took her temperature and checked her vitals, but amongst it all, Lilith maintained her silence.

"Hey, mom, are you in here?" Another female voice called from outside the room.

"In here, Jazz." She spoke warmly while fluffing one of the pillows and looking to the quiet girl suspiciously.

"Oh good she's up." The soft voice of an older teen said. She had long matching red hair like her mother and soft eyes Lilith felt, strangely, comfortable with. "I'll go let Danny know." She said happily looking the girl up and down before disappearing out the door.

"So, I know your name is Lilith. I'm Maddie Fenton, Danny's mom." Lilith held her tongue and offered a soft smile to her friend's parent. "Are you hurt anywhere else? Does it ache?" She shook her head 'no' and relaxed knowing Danny was on his way up.

"That was my daughter Jazz just now, do you have any siblings?" She pressed for any form of a spoken answer, curious if something had happened to the teen's vocal cords.

"No ma'am." Lilith managed to get out, the dryness of her throat took her by surprise.

"You must be thirsty." She said, her smile never wavering as she handed her a glass filled with water. Lilith took it from her grasp hungrily and quickly chugged it, not understanding how thirsty she really was until the cool liquid coated her throat.

"Thank you." She managed to get out, her voice gently returning to its normal tone.

"You're welcome dear." Maddie said smiling to the girl, suddenly the look in her eyes changed and she opened her mouth. Ever so softly the question came out, as if she wasn't sure it was a valid one to even ask. Nevertheless it fell on her like a ton of bricks. "Are you, by any chance, related to Sam?" Lilith's eyes widened in shock and she quickly shook her head. "Oh, alright then." She seemed satisfied with the answer, chiding herself for even thinking such a thing before exiting the room and retreating down the stairs.

Lilith let out a shaky breath. THAT one was close. She sat there, her heart pounding with every passing second. They knew. They knew she was Sam's daughter and they were going to drill her for questions, possibly even study the time traveler. Where did that idea come from? Nobody had ever made connection before now, and here this woman gets no more than a few words from her and it's as if she knows everything. She had to leave, that much was for sure. Anymore time spent near that woman could not be good. The last thing she needed was to be questioned; she wasn't sure how much longer she could dissemble before she'd crack under the pressure.

She quickly threw the covers off of her form and struggled to stand. The wound on her side had been reopened and injured worse than before. She found her knees wouldn't hold her and had to use the bed for support. She was too weak to take on her ghostly persona, and knew walking was her only option, no matter how painful the movement was.

"Hey Lilith, how you feeling?" Sam asked as she opened the door. She fell to the floor, the pain too much to bear. Before her knees could make impact with the carpeted floor beneath her toes Sam was at her side, helping her up.

"You need to stay in bed." Danny said rushing over to help both girls, Tucker hot on his heels. "Skulker really got the best of you." She found tears forming in her eyes as they placed her back on the bed while Tucker closed the door behind them. She knew at that moment it was suddenly all for nothing, Clockwork would banish her back home and she would either have to listen to the fighting for years to come or meet her demise when the bus finally reached the end of the line. "Who are you?" Danny spoke, pulling her back to reality.

"Lilith." She said as if it were the most obvious answer in the world. Her tears long gone and rage set in. She wasn't used to failure, she never cried and here she found herself weaker than ever before. It sickened her to no end.

"No, I mean…" He struggled with a word to label her with.

"He means, how long have you been a half ghost?" Tucker spat out, rather coldly for the couples liking. Lilith noticed the awkward looks they shot their friend, expressions of confusion written on their faces. The Techno geek merely shrugged it off before taking a seat on a chair on the opposite side of the room.

"Since birth, I think. Definitely for as long as I can remember." She said, unable to hold eye contact. "Please don't tell anyone. I beg you. If anyone else knew I'd be killed."

"Well hiding it isn't necessarily keeping you alive." Sam said mentioning her wounds.

"How is it you've been a ghost since birth?" Danny asked looking at her with a cold stare, his now green eyes staring into her blues. His eyes scared her as they bore into her soul, though he was still in his human form, they seemed to slice through her.

"I don't know, I was just born this way." She said quickly, suddenly finding a reason to become defensive. "I never asked my mom about it. She…She doesn't know." Lilith turned her gaze to Sam at this point and looked to her like a lost puppy. Well in some form or another, her mother had just found out.

"Why don't you know how to fight? You need to protect yourself. How have you survived this long?" Danny looked at her as if a father would his child. She felt a mixture of discomfort and pride take over her. Her own father never questioned her like this. It was nice to have somebody who actually cared for her become worried. It was also strange to have anyone else but her father be the male caregiver.

"Ghost's aren't a problem where I live, I hide this in peace. Nobody knows and nobody needs to know." She said crossing her arms in a childlike manner, but quickly regretted it when she rubbed her side the wrong way, causing a blinding pain to spike through her right side.

"Well you're living here now. As soon as you get better, I'd like to train you." Danny said looking at the dry blood that covered her cheek.

"Really?" She asked almost unsure of the offer.

"Yeah, I don't wanna have to be saving your ass every day." The four of them smiled at this. "Besides, it could be nice having someone to help me out here and there." He said getting up from his spot on the edge of the bed and turning towards the door.

"Try and get some rest." Sam said as the trio exited. "Danny do you think this is such a good idea? I mean we know almost nothing about her." Sam said turning to her boyfriend once they were in the hall.

"Yeah Sam I think this is the best thing that could happen to us. I train her and she could take some of the pressure off me. I'd have more time to be with you and Tuck." He said pulling her close, placing a soft peck on her lips. "Besides, we know her secret, I doubt she'll betray us."

"Not only that, this girl doesn't even seem like she could harm a fly, much less Danny." Tucker chimed in from the edge of the staircase.

"Yeah…well…still be on your guard." She said turning and leading them down the stairs to the living room where everyone was wondering who and what their strange visitor was. Sam couldn't place it, but there was definitely something Lilith was hiding. She only hoped to figure it out before the young ghost went through with her plans.

The next two months flew by without even notice. As promised, once Lilith was able to walk and fly on her own Danny took right to training her. It was fun and very different. Along with Sam, Tucker and Jazz helping she came to find many new things about herself and what she was capable of. Of course she still had her difficulties here and there, such as her ice power. The first time she used it she accidently froze Danny's dad to the wall and had to let Danny take the blame. Everyone had laughed their heads off, she dwelled on the fact that back home, she never laughed. Never even smiled.

The last time she came anywhere near a smile was when she was nine. Her mother had just got home from a long business trip and offered to take her to a 'mommy and me' outing. That involved ice cream, a movie and a trip to the zoo. After that day everything seemed to go downhill, her parents took up arguing as a past time and raising her went on the back burner. It was then she realized she would forever be alone.

Lilith now sat in her mother's room looking at different clothes Sam tried on. Tonight was her and Danny's third year anniversary and was taking the two of them out to a Dumpty Humpty concert. After which they were going out to dinner, followed by spending the rest of the night enjoying each other's company. She smiled happily looking the woman she now considered a friend up and down.

"How 'bout this one?" She stood before her in a short black pleather skirt and a black shirt that led too little to the imagination by curving low in the front and exposing her stomach with a 'ripped' look. Her combat boots had been traded in for a pair of black heeled ones that came up to her knee, exposing the rest of her leg until it was cut off with the skirt.

"Love it, just one thing." Lilith said tearing the shirt so her arms were now bare. She forgot completely that the woman before her would soon become her mother and got lost in the fantasy that she now had a friend.

"Thanks, you're amazing." Sam said pulling her close for a hug. Lilith was pulled back by the sudden outburst and refused to allow her body to relax into it. This was her mother, a woman who hadn't hugged her in years, and now she rested in her embrace. It was all too surreal. She longed to spill it all, to tell her everything she knew and hoped to change. "Sorry." She whispered pulling away, then heading out the door.

"Hey mo…Sam!" She caught herself almost a little too late.

"Yeah?" She asked looking back to the other goth. Her eye's sparkling in the light and a certain glow covering her body. She was happy. Honest to God, truly happy. Who was she to end her joy? Who was she to come barging in with the truth of a sad and miserable future?

"Never mind. Just forget it." She said quickly, afraid she'd chicken out and blurt the truth.

"You sure?" Her eyes looked clouded with sadness, and for a brief second Lilith saw the unhappy eyes of the woman she would become.

"Positive. Have fun." She got out pulling her close for a hug both girl's accepted.

"Thanks." And with that Lilith watched helplessly as Sam disappeared out the door.

Lilith turned around and looked herself over in the mirror that rested in the far corner of her mother's room. She looked exhausted. Her eyes were no longer bright blue, but looked as if they were clouded over by a grey despair, her skin was much paler than she remembered and her hair seemed as if it had lightened in the few short months. She no longer recognized the person staring back at her, and doubted anyone else could. She let out a heavy sigh before making her way back to her hotel room.

She was at a loss. She was no closer to finding out any truth behind her mother's past, nor what she was sent to prevent. Her money was running low, frankly she was surprised it lasted this long, and she had yet to see a younger version of her father enter into her mother's life. It seemed that with each passing day her mission here seemed less and less real. Maybe she was sent here just to get away from it all.

She pulled the necklace out from under her black shirt and stared at it. The large 'CW' seemed to shine with gold. Her eyes welled up before she forced back her tears. What was with her lately? She never cried back home, she was strong, independent and fierce.

Now that she saw her mother's happy past all she could do is cry. Cry for the girl that died too young and the dead woman she would become. Her mother was literally alive in the future, but sometimes she knew her mother would be better off dead. She had no reason to live, maybe at one point she did, but she was no longer the woman Lilith remembered back when she was six or even seven years old and knew she never would be again.

Enervated, Lilith through her body back on her hotel bed and let sleep take her. She was tired, that was all from months of training. She just needed some sleep and would look and feel better come morning. She just hoped her mother and Danny were enjoying their third year anniversary.

It wasn't long until she found her eyes popping open, her heart was racing and she found her body covered in sweat. She glanced over to the clock on the nightstand and saw it was only three o' four in the morning. She jumped up from her bed and made her way over to the bathroom, looking over her reflection once again.

She noticed something had changed in the past few hours since she last looked herself over. Her eyes had their color back, a vibrant baby blue and her hair looked black and full once again while it seemed the color had also returned back to her skin. She touched her face softly, wiping the sweat from her brow and wondering how she had managed to look so much like herself with little under three hours of sleep.

She felt different, her stomach tingled and her heart was beating loudly in her ears. The pounding of her four chambers seemed to be deafening and drowned her. She quickly looked back at her reflection before turning the shower on and hopping in. The cold water poured down her body, sending her into shivers as she clutched onto herself tightly. Her mind seemed to reel with a million thoughts and as she made her way out of the shower and back to bed. She wondered what could have caused her to feel so alive and so sick at the same time.

Anyone have any idea what's wrong with Lilith? There's a MAJOR hint/suggestion here.