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So, our side survived. There were a few injuries: Scott managed to take a bullet to the shoulder, Jackson broke his tail bone, and Argent took an arrow to the knee (so help me, if you make a Skyrim reference I will be totally pissed) trying to protect my dad. I think he's my new best friend.

The hunters lost five, including the werewolf, and my dad put the last two in jail. Our house was full of bullet holes, but it was a price to pay when dealing with werewolves and hunters.

My dad and Mrs. McCall bonded over the whole 'werewolves are real' thing, so he's not so freaked out over the prospect of a pack full of them living in Beacon Hills anymore. And he's starting to come around to the idea of other supernaturally spooky things coming to town and hurting the residents. He and Argent get together every Saturday now and Chris will talk him through the creatures, telling him how to kill them, and the police station also started using special kinds of bullets courtesy of the Argents.

Am I driving you crazy, yet? Do you want to hit me? I know I haven't said much about Derek and me. Just give me one more moment to revel in the anger you guys are feeling… Okay, I'm done.

Derek is fine; I did say our side survived. Deaton was able to patch up his side, and he slept off the affects of the drugs and his first transformation. Apparently, according to both Peter and Deaton (though, I trust Deaton more than Peter; I'd trust pretty much anyone before I trusted Peter) the first full-on, wolf transformation took a lot out of the Alpha. But that's okay; I got my creep on, sat by his side while he slept it off, and again cursed myself for not taking pictures.

It was a week after our 'adventure', and I had finally taken Deaton up on his offer. That door thing was awesome, and I figured it wouldn't hurt to have something up my sleeve; 'research guy' could only get me so far.

Smoke billowed in my face, and I waved it away coughing. "I think I did it wrong," I said and Lydia rolled her eyes while Derek fought a smile, both waving their hands to clear the smoke, too.

"It was a valiant first attempt," Deaton said kindly, waving his own hand.

"It was a shitty first attempt," I corrected looking down at the burnt pencil. I was supposed to be trying to make it float.

"Maybe fire is your thing," Lydia suggested snapping her fingers, making the charred pencil rise and hover for a few seconds before letting it rest on the table again. "We can't all be good at the air spells."

"I'm Harry Dresden," I announced with a sigh.

"Does that make me Susan, Anastasia, or Molly?" Derek asked quirking an eyebrow, and I gave him a wide eyed stare.

"You actually got that reference?" I exclaimed and he merely smiled. "You're Murphy. She's more kickass and better suited for Harry."

"That makes me a foot and a half shorter than you," he protested and I beamed.

"Ugh, you two flirt like nerds," Lydia commented and we threw her dark glares. "But that's totally cute. Your stares are almost exactly the same," she gushed reaching into her bag. She pulled out her camera, snapping a picture. She glanced at the screen, making a face. "Derek, your eyes ruined the photo."

"I think it looks cool," I told her looking at the screen over her shoulder.

"I think you guys learned enough for today," Deaton said with a smile, cleaning up the remains from my failed spell attempt. "See you next Thursday."

"Bye," Lydia and I said while Derek waved and we walked out of the building. Lydia bid us good-bye once outside, getting in her car, while Derek and I slowly walked down the sidewalk. We had gotten a ride from Scott, and silently agreed to just walk back to my house; he probably wouldn't answer my calls anyway, and really, it was a nice day out.

"When do you get the Camaro back?" I asked curiously, swinging our hands back and forth. Derek wasn't a 'hand holding' type of person, but I was and he just had to get used to it.

"Next Friday," he replied softly.

"At least they were able to save it," I responded slowly. "I mean, I know how much that car means to you." He gave me a small smile, squeezing my hand. I smiled back, taking a deep breath. "So…"


"When are you taking me on a date?" I asked changing the subject. Anything about Laura and his family bummed him out (and bringing up the Camaro, Laura's pride and joy, wasn't exactly helping him), and I hated seeing him all broody. He needed more joy in his life, more spontaneity, more Stiles.

"Wasn't this a date?" he asked and for a moment I actually thought he was serious, but then I noticed the grin on his face.

"Ass," I muttered, lightly punching him in the side. "Seriously, I expect something awesome for our first date; epic if need be; like laser tag, maybe putt-putt. I am awesome at putt-putt. My dad and I used to…" A pair of tickets were shoved into my uninjured hand, shutting me up. I glanced down at them, my mouth falling open.

"They're playing next week at Dodger Stadium. It took me forever to…" Maybe throwing myself at him was a little excessive, but I didn't give a crap. He had gotten me Mets tickets, and I really didn't care who saw the kiss I gave him.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you," I said quickly, peppering his face with more kisses. He deserved every single one of them.

"I'd hate to see you excited," he stated sarcastically and I threw him a playful glare. "I'm glad you like them. It'll be a few hours' drive to Los Angeles, and I already asked your dad if you could…"

"So that's why he was smiling this morning," I responded chuckling. My dad was such a nice guy; wanting to see me happy.

"He was smiling because I invited him along," he admitted and my smile dropped slightly. "I figured it was the only way he'd let you go. Besides, I sorta like having him around; he's cool." Cool? My dad was cool? Jeez, maybe Derek and him really should go fishing.

"No, that's okay," I said after a long pause. "I mean, it's a little disconcerting to have my dad with me and my boyfriend on our first date, but who gives a flying crap because we are going to see the Mets."

He shook his head, walking a little ways ahead of me, leaving me to my euphoria. This was quite possibly the best first date ever. Of course, I hadn't ever been on an actual date before, so I didn't have anything to compare it to, but I figured it had to be in the top ten or something.

I grinned, stashing the tickets in my back pocket, turning to face Derek's back. He was walking slow enough so I could easily catch up, and my grin turned wicked. With a running start, I leapt forward and landed on his back.

He made a noise in surprise, and I laughed softly, wrapping my arms around his neck. Resting my chin on his shoulder I softly said, "You know, Der, there are movies to go along with those books you've been reading."

"More Harry?" he playfully complained, rolling his eyes. "How popular is this guy?"

"Well, when you have thousands people dressing up like him during the movies' releases…" I trailed off, letting him fill in the blanks. "We could watch the movies if you'd like."

"Shouldn't I finish the books first?" he asked curiously, looking at me.

"You're on book four, right?"

"Halfway through," he confirmed nodding.

"Maybe I'll read the rest to you," I suggested shrugging.

"Lydia's right," he started slowly, looking ahead, "we really do flirt like nerds."

"And you are the nerdest of them all," I commented grinning.

He turned to look at me again and softly said, "God, you're annoying."

"Admit it," I retorted waggling my eyebrows, "you love that about me." Just like he had in my room, a few weeks ago when I made the same comment, he merely smiled, kissed me, and slowly started walking towards my house.

I knew things wouldn't always be this good between us. There was still a shit ton of supernatural creatures out there, still a horde of hunters that wanted his kind and their supporters dead, and who knew what else was looming around, waiting to strike. I also knew that we'd face whatever came next together. But, until then, we'd just be content being us because, in the end, that was all that really mattered.

The End…