It was late at night in Titan Tower. Beast Boy had got up to get a drink of water, when he noticed the kitchen light on. "Raven?" He asked softly. Her head was buried in the freezer, and she was looking around for something when she heard Beast Boy's voice.

"Yeah, it's me." She replied a little sheepishly.

"What are you doing up this late?" Beast Boy asked curiously as he made his way into the kitchen where he saw Raven digging around in the freezer.

"I was looking for a snack." She admitted. "You?" She asked. Beast boy noticed she had her favorite flavor of ice cream in her small hands.

He thought for a minute. "I was gonna get a glass of water, but we better still have some chocolate fudge brownie." He replied referring to the ice cream flavor.

"I think we do..." Raven answered, looking back into the freezer with a smile. "Right here." She said as she pulled out a little tub of ice cream. "Do you wanna have a snack with me?" She asked.

Beast Boy smiled. "It would be my pleasure," he replied as he retrieved two spoons. "This is... Nice." He said as they ate.

"Nothing like a late night snack." Raven replied with a smile.

"Want to try some of mine?" He asked with a grin.

"I don't really like chocolate much, but okay." Raven answered.

"What are you having?" He asked as she took a spoonful.

"Strawberry shortcake." She said. "Do you want some?" She asked, offering her small tub of ice cream to the changeling.

Beast Boy nodded. "Sounds delicious, I'd love some." He replied.

"Friend Raven and Friend Beast Boy?" Starfire asked. "Are you having cream made of ice?" The two then turned only to see Starfire coming down to the kitchen. She looked as if she had just woken up from the way her hair was sticking up every which way. "May I have some as well?" She asked as she sat down with them.

Raven and Beast Boy turned to see the rest of the team standing in silence. "Uh, can we get in on this too?" Robin asked. Beast Boy smiled.

"Sure, the more the merrier." With that the rest of the team entered the kitchen.

"I hope we have mint chocolate chip," Robin said as he opened the freezer.

"We better have Rocky Road," Cyborg added.

"I would like some of the one that is many colored," Starfire said.

"You mean Neopolitan?" Raven asked.

Starfire nodded. "Yes, please."