It was another late night in the Titan's Tower, all the titans resting in bed, when suddenly Raven awoke with a sharp jerk and a yelp. She had had another one of those nightmares, which was odd, because she hadn't had one in awhile. She thought they were gone, but now she knew they weren't. She hoped she didn't wake any of her friends up, because that was the last thing she wanted to do. She didn't want them to be worried about her.

Raven glance over at one of the many clocks in the room, it was nearly four in the morning. There was no way she'd be able to go back to sleep now. Even meditating would soothe her fragile mind at this point. She decided then, that tea sounded really good at the moment. She slipped out of bed gently, wrapped her cloak around her, and headed down to the main room in the tower where the kitchen was located.

Doors slid open as she walked and walked, but she then realized that she wasn't the only one awake in the tower at this time. Once she reached the common room, almost every light in the room was on, and the TV was blaring loudly. Was there an intruder in the tower? "Hello?" Raven questioned, and that's when Beast Boy poked his head out from the refrigerator door.

"Raven?" He questioned as he stood up with many snacks in his hand. Raven rolled her eyes, leave it to Beast Boy to be up at four in the morning raiding the fridge.

"What the hell are you doing?" She questioned as she approached him.

"Making a midnight snack." He said simply.

"Beast Boy, it's four in the morning." She pointed out.

"Breakfast then." He changed his answer with a smile, a small fang sticking out. Raven rolled her eyes again and sat down at one of the many chairs in the kitchen.

"Well while you're at it, could you make me a cup of tea?" She asked, after all, she was still feeling rather groggy from just waking up.

Beast Boy nodded, but then turned to face Raven. "What are you doing up at this time anyway?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. Raven didn't really want him to know about her nightmares. She saw them as a weakness, and she did not want to be portrayed as weak.

"Couldn't sleep." She said nonchalantly. "And I was going to get up anyway for my morning meditation." She also said, partially lying, but what Beast Boy didn't know didn't hurt him.

"Really?" He questioned. "I could have swore I heard you screaming." He said as he turned back around and continued to make the tea. "Rae, if there's something wrong, you know you can always tell me." Beast Boy concluded, and in that moment, Raven decided that she trusted Beast Boy.