This is my first fic so go easy on me please. I own nothing. Underage loving , but nothing too extreme. xoxox

Harry potter is just a normal boy to the muggle world but to the wizarding world, he is The boy who lived. Harry sat on the edge of his lumpy uncomfortable bed. The faded red sheets rubbed on the back of his bare legs. The Dusley had left for a trip to the beach. Harry thought that the ocean had enough whales already but he knew better than to say anything to his uncle after Dudley has left a sign saying No FREAKS by the front door. His room at private drive was larger than his previous space underneath the stairs but still not even half the size of Dudley's room. The sun was shining uncomfortably through the window onto his bed.

It was a month into Harry's summer break. A month since he witnessed his beloved godfather Sirius Black falls through the veil. Tears threatened to leak from his eyes. It wasn`t fair, he and Sirius were just getting to know one another. The previous summer Harry had spent time with Sirius and for once felt like a normal boy.

The weasleys had always been wonderful towards Harry but he knew he would always be the boy who lived to them. Sirius had told Harry wonderful stories about his parents and showed Harry pranks to use on his classmates. Sirius held harry at night while he sobbed, awoken by his nightmares of Cedric`s murder. His warm strong hands wrapped around Harry`s small frame.

Unknown to anyone Harry had a massive crush on his godfather, since the beginning of his fourth year. Being able to stay with Sirius and Remus had been wonderful. Remus would cook all of the meals and Sirius and Harry would clean up after. Sirius would come down the stairs shirtless with his sleep pants hanging off his hips in a seductive way. His black long hair would be messy and his eyes tired but warm. The haunted look Sirius carried with him was gone when Harry was around. It took all of Harry`s self-control not to drool. Harry knew he was gay since his second year at Hogwarts when Ginny tried to kiss him and he realised he would rather kiss Dean. Sirius had taken the news of Harry`s sexuality well, with a smile he told harry is was also gay and that if harry had any questions feel free to ask. Remus had also taken it well and with a gentle smile told Harry no matter what he and Sirius will always love him .

Harry had not told anyone else he was gay for the fear of adding more attention to himself. He could see it in the newspapers now `` The boy who lives, is The boy who loves men``. He shuddered at the thought. Attention was the last thing he needed right now after the shit with the ministry.

A beak tapping on his bedroom window shook him out of his thoughts. Remus`s brown barn owl flew in the window after harry opened it. The owl let out a hoot as harry fed him an owl treat. He was glade his uncle was not home. Vernon hated owls coming to the house because owls were rare in the area and he did not want the neighbours to suspect anything. The owl had brought Harry a letter.


Sirius is alive! The veil only had him trapped between life and death. Someone from the order will be coming to pick you up tonight at five. We fear it may not be safe for you to be alone anymore, you will spend the summer with Sirius and I. I will tell you everything later.