That night Sirius and Harry talked. They spoke of many thing, some important, others not. They fell asleep in each other's arms. In the morning, Sirius was the first to wake up. Harry's warm body pressed against him. However, that wasn't the only thing pressed against him that morning. Harry's "Mr. Happy" was pressed firmly on Sirius's leg. Harry is a sixteen-year-old boy, of course, he will have morning wood, Sirius on the other hand is a grown man and his body should know better, he thinks to himself.

Sirius laid there awkwardly hoping Harry wouldn't wake up anytime soon. With his godson laying on him, he couldn't move without waking the boy. Harry moved a bit in his sleep. Moaning

"oh god Sirius, yeah right there"

Harry was still sleeping but now Sirius was wide-awake. What in the hell did his godson just say? Was he hearing things? .Yes he told himself, that's it; I'm just going crazy and hearing things. Harry began to move around a little (this was NOT helping Sirius's problem) moaning softly Harry called Sirius's name once more. Sirius felt a hot damp spot form on the crotch of Harry's pants. Oh my god, Sirius thought to himself, my godson just had a wet dream about me. This information should have disturbed Sirius or at least made him laugh but it was having an entirely different effect on the man. He was now really turned on. Feeling like a dirty old man Sirius finally made his escape from Harry's cuddles.

Sneaking over the the master bathroom, Sirius locked the door and stripped down. He turned his shower as cold as it would go. His persistent problem refused to go away and after ten minutes he realised he would have to deal with it by hand. He tried to block the thoughts of Harry out of his mind but was greatly unsuccessful.

Giving up he just let himself enjoy the moment. Forgetting all about the lack of a silence charm he moaned loudly, calling out Harry's name softly.

Harry woke up in a warm comfortable bed, alone. Harry began to worry until he heard the shower going. Sirius was moaning Harry's name. Frozen in shock harry found himself incredibly turned on yet again. Gathering all of his bravery, he climbed out of the bed. Walking to the bathroom, he let himself in silently. The shower curtain was see through and all of Sirius's body was exposed. He still had not noticed his godson in the room. Harry took off his clothing and climbed into the shower with Sirius. Wrapping his arms around the older man Harry's green eyes twinkled with mischief.

"Want a hand?"

Sirius spun around with a shocked look on his face.

"What the bloody hell do you think you're doing Harry?"

Harry gave a light chuckle.

"Well you see I was having a wonderful dream and I woke up to the sounds of you wanking to me, so I thought I would nice and give you a hand"

(Harry wasn't a Gryffindor for nothing) Sirius still looked surprised but now his face was beat red.

" Harry listen I'm so sorry, I'm a sick pervert. Just forget you heard anything, this can't happen"

Harry looked a little hurt.

"But why? You are twenty again, I'm sixteen it's not that big of a deal. Besides I know you want me and trust me I have wanted you for a long time"

This information caught Sirius off guard. Before he got the chance to argue, Harry kissed him. The kiss was like amazing. Harry traveled lower with his kisses. Harry had never done anything like this before but by the way Sirius was reacting, he knew he was doing a damn good job.

Sirius stopped Harry and shut off the water. Harry was going to complain but Sirius picked him up bridal style and kissed him while carrying him off to the bed. Their first time together was awkward, romantic and amazing. Laying in the afterglow of a wonder lovemaking. Sirius rolled over and buried his face in a pillow. A muffled

"I'm going to hell" was heard.

Harry laughed and rolled over to his godfather.

"No Sirius you are not going to hell. And if you are I wanna come with you because that was fucking awesome!"

Sirius had to laugh; it was such a perverted thing to say. Sirius grabbed Harry and pulled him in closer

." We are insane but I don't care as long as I have you in my arms"

Cuddling up close to each other the men fell back asleep. Remus walked into the room to see why they both were in bed. He was a little surprised, but weirder things have happened. With a sigh he closed the bedroom door and walk out. Just wait until Molly finds out about this.