Dear Friends,

Welcome to this chapter of the history of the North Western Railway. Do you remember the days way back when Thomas was the station pilot at Vicarstown, when Henry had his old shape, and when Edward still worked on the mainline?

You do? Well then, there's much more about Sodor's history that many people forgot, so I spoke to Thomas, Edward and Henry about it...

You see, between 1915 and 1922, the North Western Railway did not have many locomotives of its own. The primary traction power came from engines of the Tidmouth, Knapford and Elsbridge Light Railway, the Wellsworth and Suddery Railway, ex-Sodor and Mainland engine Heather, and of course, Thomas and Edward.

During this time, the original Sir Topham Hatt, the Fat Director, and the second controller of the Sodor and Mainland Railway, Mr. David Stafford, had borrowed seven engines from the Midland Railway, some were nice, and some not so much.

I also learned about how the two blue tender engines, Alfred and Cecil, arrived on Sodor, even before Gordon arrived in 1922. Thomas and Edward fondly remember the seven Midland engines, although Henry didn't know them as well as those two did, and I am glad to say that five of the seven are preserved all over the United Kingdom, while the other two survive at the Sodor Locomotive Museum at Vicarstown.

Not all the stories focus on the North Western Railway, however; some of the stories I was told of took place on the Skarloey Railway, as well as on the former Tidmouth, Wellsworth and Suddery Railway, formed from the Tidmouth, Knapford and Elsbridge Light Railway and Wellsworth and Suddery Railway in 1912.

I hope you will enjoy these stories about the early days of the North Western Railway and its engines, as much as I enjoyed hearing about and writing them.

-The Author

The Stories

1. Too Much Pride for Alexandra (1915)
2. Running Late (1915)
3. Edward and the Brass Band (Edward's Brass Band from S7, 1915)
4. Bridget in the Dark (James in the Dark from S14, 1915)
5. Broken Whistle (Wonky Whistle from S15, 1916)
6. Mary Proves Her Point (Whiff's Wish from S16, 1916)
7. William and the Old Barge (James and the Queen of Sodor from S7, 1916)
8. Geoff's Troubles (new story, 1916)
9. Spinning Out (Slippy Sodor from S13, 1917)
10. Simon's Fishy Tale (Something Fishy from S7, 1917)
11. The Missing Trucks (Missing Trucks from S10, 1917)
12. Alfred and the Decorations (Best Dressed Engine from S7, 1917)
13. Really Useful Marianne (Edward the Really Useful Engine from S6, 1918)
14. The Red Balloon (James and the Red Balloon from S6, 1918)
15. Prudence and the Coaches (Henry and the Wishing Tree from S8, 1918)
16. Skarloey's Balloon Chase (Up, Up and Away! from S15, 1918)
17. Heather Says Goodbye (Happy Hiro from S15, 1919)
18. Steaming Trouble (Saving Edward from S9, 1919)
19. Maxwell's Overload (Duncan Does it All from S11, 1919)
20. Bertram and the Fireworks (Thomas and the Fireworks Display from S8, 1919/1920)
21. Payne and the Circus (Thomas and the Circus from S8, 1920)
22. Problematic Engine (What's the Matter with Henry? from S7, 1920)
23. Nellie's Big Mistake (Percy's Big Mistake from S8, 1920)
24. Locke and the Lambs (Toby Had a Little Lamb from S6, 1920)
25. Joseph's Fruity Day (Percy, James and the Fruitful Day from S3, 1921)
26. Jackson's Downfall (new story, based on the Knowle and Dorridge rail crash, 1921)
27. Pride Comes Before a Fall (new story, 1921)
28. Remembering the Past (new story, 2010)