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Naruto: Crazed Love

Disclaimer: MrApathy does not own Naruto, just the basic concepts of this story!

Chapter 1: The Ghosts of His Past

The now 18 year old Naruto sat there in the office of the Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi. The man had stepped in after that incident when he was younger and been his father figure. Naruto sat there as the old Hokage went over the fact that Naruto was going to be getting his first team of Genin. Naruto sighed, "I would rather stay in ANBU though, I am of more use there then teaching a bunch of kids how to stop playing ninja."

Sarutobi looked at him, "You were once a Genin as well Naruto, remember how nervous other people were when they became that rank. Knowing that they could be sent on dangerous missions now."

Naruto held his normal stare of apathy, not caring in the slightest. The Third Hokage sighed, looking at the blond haired man, "Naruto.. this is not negotiable. You need to be in the village more since you are the Kyuubi Jinchuriki."

Naruto sighed, "So that is what this is all really about huh? Jiraiya-sensei told you about that group starting to mobilize."

Sarutobi nodded his head at the blond haired Jounin, "Yes he did, I assume that you are well aware of these facts."

Naruto nodded his head, "Of course I know, I knew before you did. Jiraiya-sensei told me before he told you more then likely. I am more then capable of handling my ANBU life as well as dealing with them."

Sarutobi narrowed his eyes at him, "I don't care if you think you can or not Naruto. You WILL become a Jounin-sensei and you WILL teach them to be excellent ninja like yourself."

Naruto sighed, "Fine.. but this will be the only team that I ever teach. Most only have to teach one, so this excuse to keep me around more is only good for this one time."

Sarutobi nodded his head, whether he liked it or not the blond haired man did have a point. Naruto stood up and grabbed the file for his team then left the office in a golden flash, reappearing in his families house. Though, it was only his now, long ago he did have a family. Naruto walked through the hallway looking at the dining room table. One of his few memories he possessed flashing through his mind as he just continued to stare at it

A little over 12 and a half years ago, the currently 5 and a half Naruto sat there impatiently as his mother made him lunch. Though there was something different about his mother today, she was glowing and smiling a lot more then she usually did. As she put down his plate so that he could eat his sandwich she still smiled and curiosity got the better of the boy, "Why are you smiling so much mommy?"

Kushina turned and smiled at her son, "I have good news but I am waiting for your father to come home for lunch before I tell you both."

Naruto rose his eyebrow at her but brushed it off, his child mind more interested in the food that was in front of him. As he ate eventually his father came home for lunch in a yellow flash, "Kushina-chan, Naruto.. I am home for lunch."

Naruto ignored the comment and continued to eat. Minato ruffled his sons hair and smiled as he sat down next to him, "How has your day been going Naruto?"

Naruto shrugged, "Okay.. I did training earlier so I am going to go play I think later."

Kushina looked back and smiled at him, "I need your help around the house still Naruto, remember?"

Naruto groaned then looked at Minato, "But dads home.. can't he help you?"

Kushina smiled at Naruto, "No Naruto, your dad has to go back to work after he finishes his lunch."

Naruto sighed then perked his head up, "So why are you so happy mommy?"

Kushina looked at Naruto then smiled over at Minato, "I am pregnant!"

Naruto looked at her, "What is pregnant? Are you sick?"

Kushina smiled at her son as Minato had wide eyes and was speechless, "It means I am going to have a baby, you'll be an older brother."

Naruto looked at her, "Where do babies come from then?"

Minato then looked over at his son, "Um.. I will tell you when your older Naruto."

Naruto sighed, "No one tells me anything..."

Naruto pouted, making his mother smile at him then came and kissed him on the head, "Go and play Naruto, I will get your help later."

Naruto smiled and hugged his mom then ran off out the door to go find his friends.

Naruto sighed as he looked away from the dining room table, 'I miss them..'

Naruto continued to walk through the house then approached the actual bedrooms of his home. He stayed in the master sweet now, moving into it finally when he was 15. Naruto stopped as he looked at the spare room, still set up for his younger sibling. Naruto pushed open the door to his room as he entered into his room, the memory of that dreadful day returning to him.

His mind flashed to a dreadful night happened 12 years ago. Naruto was sitting at home anxiously waiting for the return of his parents. That was when he heard a loud scream from outside the house and the sound of destruction. Naruto ran to the window, looking to see a large creature with 9 tails in the distance. He looked at it in confusion, not knowing what it was exactly.

Elsewhere with Minato and Kushina a couple minutes prior

Minato was trying his best to keep the Kyuubi still sealed inside of his red headed wife. Kushina was pushing as hard as she could, being her second child it wasn't as hard as it was with Naruto, though still painful. Finally the new member of the Namikaze family was born into the world.

Minato was trying his best to keep the Kyuubi under control, knowing it was easier for the tailed beast to break free in childbirth. Unfortunately that was when a unknown man appeared, taking their new daughter hostage. Minato quickly engaged the man, playing right into his hands and leaving Kushina unprotected. The unknown man placed his hand over the seal, unlocking it and starting the extraction of the Kyuubi. Minato saw the Kyuubi fully revived and starting to cause destruction in its path.

Minato flashed to Naruto at the house and gave him his little sister, "Protect her Naruto, I have to help your mother."

Naruto took his little sister and nodded at Minato. He looked at his little sister and noticed something odd, she wasn't crying. Every baby he knew never stopped crying, "Dad wait!"

It was to late though, Minato had already flashed back to his wife. Naruto looked at his baby sister, "Whats wrong with you?"

Minato reappeared by Kushina and quickly started to distract the Kyuubi. Freeing it from the genjutsu that had been placed on it. The battle raged between Minato and the Kyuubi then Minato and the unknown man. When he finally did enough that he could return to Kushina he saw that she was in a bad state.

Kushina looked at him, "I can reseal the Kyuubi Minato-kun, then I will take it to the afterlife with me."

Minato shook his head no as he put some of his chakra into Kushina, making it so that she would live as long as she didn't strain herself. Minato looked at her speaking with a grim tone,"We can't reseal the Kyuubi inside of you Kushina-chan, I have to find someone else to be the host.. and I know who."

Kushina looked at him then he flashed away, reappearing in front of his son and daughter, "Naruto, I need to take your sister."

Naruto looked at his father, "Something is wrong with her, she hasn't cried or made a single noise this whole time..."

Minato looked at his son and then picked the infant girl out of his hands, examining her closely. He saw that the girl wasn't breathing, that she hadn't breathed. Minato teared up a little as he looked away, "She must have died in childbirth.. Naruto, I need you to get ready to go understand?"

Naruto looked at his father in confusion but nodded his head, "Okay.."

Minato took the infant girl to the room that had been set up for her and then flashed to Kushina. He picked her up and flashed back to the babies room and put her down with her, "She didn't make it Kushina-chan.. I have to leave with Naruto really quick."

Kushina looked over at Minato, "NO! DON'T YOU PUT THAT BURDEN ON HIM!"

Minato kissed her quickly before Naruto came in, "I am ready to go dad."

Minato nodded then grabbed Naruto before they both disappeared in a flash of yellow. Naruto and his father reappeared in front of the Kyuubi, Naruto in awe of the creature in front of him. Minato ran through hand signs and set up the alter, "Naruto sit there."

The fox narrowed it eyes at the two blonds, "YOU THINK I WILL LET YOU SEAL ME AGAIN FOURTH!"

Minato looked up at the Kyuubi as it thrusted its claw at Naruto, trying to kill the young boy. Narutos eyes widened in fear, unable to make his body move. Minato flashed in between the two of them and took the fatal blow, having enough energy to do the sealing process, "Naruto.. I am sorry.. I am giving you.. this burden.. take care.. of your mother.. for me.. please?"

Naruto nodded his head as Minato flashed through the hand signs at a lightning speed and then the sealing process began. Naruto screamed out in pain from the process then fainted, his heartbeat slowing down greatly. Then the seal freshly appearing on his stomach, leaving Minato to smile at his son, "I will.. always love you.. Naruto."

With that Minato died and the Third appeared. Minato was obviously dead, missing a large portion of his body from the Kyuubi claw. He quickly checked for a pulse from Naruto, putting his fingers on the young boys neck. He felt, but he could feel no pulse. He looked down and saw the seal on Narutos stomach, "I guess he was to old for the sealing process."

The ANBU picked up both Minato and Naruto and took them to the hospital to be prepared for a funeral. The Third went and broke the news to Kushina and a now crying infant daughter. Kushina had used her chakra and Fuuinjutsu to make her start to breath, unwilling to accept her daughters death. Kushina took the news hard, leaving the village with her daughter, claiming there was nothing left for her there.

Narutos eyes shot open the next day and he gasped for air, the Kyuubi making it so he lived through the process. Naruto looked around then over at his father who had been patched up for the funeral, as the Fourth Hokage it would be a large ceremony.

He climbed off of the table, more soar then he had ever been before. He looked around and walked out the door stumbling a little every couple of steps. He tumbled through the door to see the Third Hokage and the council talking, "Grandpa.."

He passed out again, the pain to much for him to be able to bare. He awoke and was told all of his family was dead; father, mother and baby sister. Naruto then found out that he was what was called a Jinchuriki, the container of the Kyuubi. The whole time it was being explained to him, the Third looked unhappy about what was being said, the council barring him from telling anyone that Kushina and her daughter had fled the country and village.

Naruto closed the door to his sisters room and sighed, deciding that he needed a drink. Naruto walked to the bar down the street and sat down at the stool and ordered his drink then someone he knew quite well joined him, "Hiya blonde why you look so down?"

Naruto looked at the purple haired kunoichi that was now sitting next to him, "Nothing, just been a long day for me Anko."

The young member of the Mitarashi clan looked at him, they had been friends for a long time. They had been on the same team under her father, Orochimaru Mitarashi. He had been the one to make sure Naruto was also taught by Jiraiya, his godfather. Naruto had learned the Rasengan from him, one of the most deadly techniques known, the most deadly only known by Naruto himself, The Flying Thunder God Technique.

Anko sighed as he looked at him, "Your lying to me Naruto, I don't like when you lie to me."

Naruto took a drink for the liquor that had been placed in front of him, "I didn't lie, I had a very long day with unfortunate news and memories coming to mind."

Anko knew the memories that he feared in his head, she was probably one of the few. The only others possibly being Jiraiya and his wife Tsunade, her father and then her. Naruto was a fairly secluded man, not wanting to deal with much more loss. They had lost their old teammate on a raid from Iwagakure a couple years ago, making it so only they were left. Though the loss had been hard, the best friend of Naruto and the boyfriend of Anko, it had also brought them closer.

They were now best friends, she being the only person that could make it so that he opened up even if it was a little. Naruto took another drink, "Why are you here Anko? You usually don't drink until Friday."

She smiled at her former teammate, "I got my Jounin promotion today so I am celebrating with the girls, want to join us."

Naruto shook his head no, "Congratulations Anko but I am going to have to pass on the offer. I really just want to be alone right now."

Anko looked at her best friend and nodded her head, giving him a friendly kiss on the cheek, "Don't let your memories bother Naruto, you know that it leads down a dark road."

Naruto nodded his head, giving her a small smile, "Thanks for caring Anko."

Naruto swallowed the end of his drink then paid for the drink before walking out of the bar, leaving the purple haired kunoichi there looking at the fading image of Naruto. She worried about him constantly, worried that his life was going to lead to his inevitable downfall. He was haunted by the ghosts of his past, something that any person would after losing everything in one night.

Anko sighed then walked over to her other friends and started celebrating with them, her mind still half focusing on her blond haired best friend.

Author Notes: So there are some things I want to verify about this AU/OOC:

1. Naruto is a lot more calm and secluded from the things that he has experienced in his past.

2. Naruto and Anko are the same age, this was what I wanted to be able to write the story as I feel in the actual story line they are to far apart in age to be a couple.

3. Orochimaru will be a good guy in this story, Jiraiya and Tsunade reside a little outside the village and are married to one another.

4. Yes, Kushina and Narutos sister are alive and will be apart of the story at a later time. You will have to wait and see when at a later time.

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