Title: "Conversations and Beers"   Rating: PG  Verse: Uncanny X-Men Comic universe  Summary: Logan confronts Kurt on the idea of religion.  Disclaimer: I own none of the original Marvel X-Men characters. They are used without permission and not for profit, only the enjoyment of the fans.  Warnings: Reference to drinking and cigars.

"Conversations and Beers"

            Kurt looked at Logan across the kitchen table and sighed thinking. `Ach, another one who confuses God with people and rules,' he recognized. "Mein Freund" he reasoned verbally, "God does not choose us on the basis of who we love. He chooses on the basis of if we love Him."

            "Ya?" Logan gruffly answered. "How many people died over the ages for God's love? The crusades and onward." Popping open another beer, he waited. Sighing, Kurt reminded himself this was not personal. He was not going to fight Logan, or try to force his side. Only present the truth and let it go from there. `Lord, why you chose us as your spokes people I will never know. We do more to screw up lives,' Kurt thought ruefully. "And are My witnesses," he felt the answer back. Grinning, he listened. Clearly, Logan had encountered both excellent and bitter representatives.

            "There is a difference between a religion and a relationship," Kurt gently reminded and received the standard blank look. Doing his best to sound conversational and not a sermon, he taught. "A religion is a set of rules people try to follow in heir own strength. They believe certain ends are to be reached, the letter of the law if you will. They see it as depriving of  pleasures, a continual failing or reaching an impossible standard and hoping for a better afterlife. A relationship is hard and yet a thousand times easier. It relies on working with God to achieve the spirit of the law. To show kindness because you care. Not because a rule specifies how and when. Things are a sacrifice. The giving up of one thing for something much better. More than a reward or a pleasing, it is a desire you want to do. A standard that is reached for, and forgivable if you don't. No pressure to meet a goal, only to know the Creator and what He wants." Excited, Kurt stood gesturing, tail swishing side to side.

            "Hmmmff," Logan grumped. The chair creaked as he leaned back. "Ya mean I gotta give up beer, women, swearing and my cigars?"

            "Nein, it means giving up debauchery that hurts yourself and the other party, treating a Lady with respect, and the belief that what the mouth says is what is in your heart." The smile left his face on that one.

            'Ach du lieber, touched a nerve,' Kurt recognized and sat back down.

            "What about enemies bub? Think I should be all nice and sweetie to the likes of Magneto and Sabretooth?" he growled, and *Snikt* popped claws out.

            "Nein, but you have raged against your animal nature, and are weary of fighting as I am," Leaning back out of habit, the claws were ignored.

            "Then why did God make us mutants? What kind of cruel joke is that?" Logan demanded, storming to his feet. "What type of master plays with His creations in that way?" Turning to face the wall, shoulders hunched, the claws retracted.

            Kurt tread quietly over alongside. "He made us, knowing we could handle the challenges life gave us. There will always be evil. It is a high honor that He chose us to fight it."

            "Honor?!" Logan bellowed. "Honor to be hated ?Outcast ? To be attacked, chased and tortured by others for something we cannot change? If that's His idea of honor, I want no part of it!" Screech! The chair was slammed aside and stomping out the door, Logan left.

            "Lord, I don't think that went well," Kurt prayed. A peace without equal settled on Kurt and he knew this was not the end of the matter.