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Cadence and Logan were currently the two most dressed up people in a bowling alley. Logan had pulled off his tie, tossed off his jacket and undid a few buttons of his white shirt. Meanwhile Cadence was chilling in the booth wearing a silver sequin dress and bowling shoes. The two of them were having a good time with one another. They had gone to dinner where they enjoyed a lovely meal and danced under the moonlight, and now they were relaxing and unwinding.

Cadence watched as Logan pulled his arm back and sent the ball spiraling down the lane. She sighed and looked away from him and down at her shoes. She was confused and conflicted. On one hand, she loved that Logan stopped being such a little pussy and was taking her out on the date. The fact that he made the boys sing to her, he had gotten all dolled up for the occasion and had taken her out to an amazing dinner, they were all lovely things. On the other hand, there was James, or the Diamond, as she playfully called him. He was romantic and sweet from the beginning and she didn't have to force him to do a damn thing. Cadence was so confused and now she didn't know what she wanted.

"Cadence?" She shook out of her daze and glanced up to see Logan standing in front of her and looking down at her. "You okay?"

"Yeah…yeah I'm just thinking." She nodded and stood up to take her turn but Logan tugged on her hand and stopped her.

"This….this date isn't going how I planned it, is it?" He sighed running a hand through his hair.

"I don't know Logan…" Cadence sighed and shrugged. She picked up a bowling bowl and held it close to her stomach, almost as though to comfort herself as she spoke to him. "I just. I don't know what I want or what to do. I don't…." She sighed and shrugged again. "I don't know Logan. You and I went through some …weird awkward mess but James just..."

"Stole your heart." Logan muttered staring at her and she nodded. "Yeah I get it, James is the ladies' man he gets everyone. He knows what to do, what to say, I get it." Logan nodded. "Can I just say one thing?"

"Yeah sure."

"Maybe I'm not as skillful as James. Yeah I'm awkward, I'm a textbook genius but a moron with girls and this dating and being romantic stuff isn't second nature to me like it is to James. I have to try, and… I may not always do things perfectly or sweep you off your feet as well or as quickly as James does but…I'm sincere about it!"


"Hey I'm not done!" Logan swallowed and pushed the sleeves up on his shirt. "I look at you and I remember when I didn't even know who you were. You were just the pretty name-less girl in the front of the room that never spoke up and always chewed her pencil and tapped nervously on the table. The girl that would sit down at lunch and always have a container of yogurt with m&ms. Then you became the girl that was intimidating because you were so smart with English and knew all the answers. I hated you, and we were terrible to one another. After that you were Cadence Rocque, this … sweet vulnerable girl I got trapped in the elevator with. The girl who freaked out and was sure we were going to die, but within two hours we were telling stories and you were sleeping, curled up next to me like we had been friends forever. Then we were…awkward being dared to touch each other, we went to a dance and had that time ruined, now look at us? I like you Cadence, I do, I like you a whole lot and if I have to…keep going against James to get you to like me again, fine then I will but it won't be as…great as he is but I'll try damn it and—" Cadence put the ball back on the rack as he was speaking. She slid her hands up his biceps and gripped his shoulders before pulling him down for a tender kiss . "Wait uh….what?"

"Sincerity goes a long way Logan." Cadence said, still holding on to his shoulders and gazing up at him. "Yeah maybe you're not as romantically inclined as James is, or super suave but you're sincere. I think I'd rather be with a guy that's sincere about how he feels with me than someone who can easily sweep me off my feet with a few choice words and dancing. At least I know you'll genuinely like me. All I wanted was for you to try Logan. It felt as though you gave up the fight and didn't have any feelings for me once Camille came around and put her lips on you. I don't expect you to buy me the moon or fly me to Paris for dinner, I just expect some effort and affection, they go a long way." Cadence let her hands run down from his shoulders until they settled on his waist.

"So you think you can give me a chance?" Logan grinned a little bit staring down at her, those dimples of course impacting her decision.

"After that speech you gave me, and those dimples? Yeah I think I can manage." Cadence smiled and wrapped her arms around his waist hugging him tightly. "No more awkward crap or Camille being a bitch, okay?"

"Fine with me." Logan nodded and hugged her back just as tightly.

"Details right now." Lucy demanded the following day as Cadence ate a yogurt and M&Ms before leaving to Rocque Records.

"Well, Logan and I went out to dinner. It was nice, we ate, danced under the moonlight and stars—"

"Wow how romantic!" Lucy commented with a nod.

"Yeah…. Then we went bowling and during the whole time I was just thinking and wondering what I wanted to do with myself. Do I want to try and pursue James with all of his…muscular beautiful mass or go with Logan the adorable genius?" Cadence nodded to herself shoveling yogurt into her mouth.

"Ohh you seem unsure of yourself." Lucy watched her friend, and she was wondering what exactly had gone on with them. "WAIT! When you guys came back to the Palm Woods you were holding hands and Logan was all over you. WAIT DID YOU BLOW HIM IS THAT WHAT HAPPENED? TELL ME!" Lucy found her imagination to be wandering and she was growing increasingly curious as to what happened between them that had Logan and Cadence all cozy with one another. Cadence chuckled and finished the rest of her yogurt.

"Well Logan told me how he admits he's not as suave and cool as James but he's sincere. That he'll actually try and that he really really likes me. He brought up all the times, from when I was just the 'cute mystery girl' till now….how we were stuck in the elevator with one another and how I snuggled against him like if we were friends for so long. It just….god I don't know when he explained himself my heart just exploded. He was sincere and I loved it, it showed he was trying and thinking about it, so Logan and I are going to give dating a shot."

"Aw, that's great I'm happy for you guys!" Lucy grinned and pinched her cheeks. "This is perfect. We've got prom in like two weeks, then you'll be going on tour with the guys for the summer. Funny how things just start to work out in the end huh?"

"Yeah I think that's pretty good." Cadence nodded and stood up. "So….is it safe to assume I'm going to prom with Logan?"

"I would say so….but he's a fucking moron with women so I'd ask just to make sure." Lucy laughed standing up with her friend. "You and I are going dress shopping together by the way. We need to look totally sexy. Maybe we'll go to the spa and get waxed and –"

"WAIT WHAT? Waxed?" Cadence choked on her own saliva listening to her friend speak.

"Yeah….waxed. Prom night virginity loss?"

"You've got to be fucking kidding me."

"All of my teen novels and dramas show that happening though."

"Remind me to burn all of your books and magazines." Cadence rolled her eyes and gave her friend a hug. "I'll see you later, okay?"

"See ya Caddie." The two girls said goodbye, and Cadence went to the studio to meet with Gustavo and the guys. They all sat around the conference table and together Gustavo and Kelly read off of a sheet of paper the plans for the summer.

"Alright guys and girl, this summer this kicks off our second World tour. Boys…" Kelly looked around at the four boys who were all grinning ear to ear. "Let's try not to run into people who want to take over the world, kidnap people, you know…generally cause trouble?"

"Hey it's not our fault, it was all Carlos!" James said quickly.

"Fine, Carlos you are not allowed to have dreams!" Gustavo said quickly..

"But…but I like—"

"NO BUTS!" Gustavo said quickly before turning to his niece. "YOU! You are NOT going to get involved in any shenanigans with those boys, understand me? You'll have your own bus AWAY from their hormones!"

"Suuuuure uncle Gustavo." Cadence nodded quietly.