Hey Guys! I posted a snip of this on Tumblr but this is the full first chapter. This takes place after Fitz's first term. He decided not to run again and is now married to Liv.

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I Love You More Than Words Can Say

Please, let me sit down beside you.

I've got something to tell you, you should know.

I just couldn't wait for not another day.

I love you, for more than words can ever say.

Honey living without you is so painful.

I was tempted to call it a day.

You've got me in your hand, why can't you understand.

I love you baby, for more than words can say.

I just can't sleep, when I lay down in my bed.

The thoughts of you babe, just linger in my head.

Living without you is so painful. I was tempted to call it a day.

You've got me in your hand, why can't you understand.

I love you honey, for more than words can say.

I love you honey, for more than words can say.

Yes, I do.

Chapter 1

The sound of rain on the window seal is what pulled her out of a somewhat restless slumber. Slowly opening her eyes to the big bay window in the room she took in the slightly somber mood of the day. "6:00 a.m. " she thought to herself as she continued to look out at the rain. She was always up by six. Her body was programmed to do so and no matter how late she stayed up or how restless or deep her slumber may have been her body was always awake and ready to move by six.

The clouds were thick and grey. There was no sign of the rain letting up so she decided that today would be a good day to stay in bed. She continued to look out of the window, somewhat entranced by the steady beat of rain, her mind slipped out of the present and back to a day not so long ago. The most beautiful day that filled her heart with bliss every time she thought back to it. The day when the continuous clouds of her former life broke and she saw nothing but sunlight and felt nothing but warmth. The day her heart let her love freely and did not put up its usual barriers. The day the man that was, IS her soul mate and complete equal became hers.

Santa Barbra, CA 3 weeks earlier…

The wedding was simple but elegant. The ceremony took place at Liv and Fitz's favorite vineyard only 20 minutes from their ranch and there were only close friends, both Liv and Fitz's parents, and Fitz's kids Karen and Gerry. Olivia looked beautiful in a vintage high collared, pearl colored gown. It was all lace and looked very elegant and demur in the front, but the back was another story. There was no back to her dress and the hole stopped right above her backside. Her milk chocolate skin was luscious against the pearl colored fabric. She wore her hair in a simple up do that almost mimicked a bob but there were a few loose tendrils of dark curls that swept the front of her face. Simple diamond earing's and her massive diamond wedding ring with platinum wedding band completed the look. Fitz, not to be outdone by his beautiful wife, looked like pure vintage, old Hollywood sex in his black tux. His hair was tame and his unruly curl that made Olivia weak at the knees was trying to make its presence known. His eyes smoldered against the black of his tux and the slightly darker tone of this tanned skin. To add to his already devilishly charming look he had on custom made silver cufflinks that Liv bought him, they were an engagement gift. Even though it was a subtle touch it made Liv swoon when she saw him standing underneath the alter as she walked down the aisle.

Olivia could almost hear his vows. Simple but so very pure. The love that they shared was what most people dreamed of and she would not let that go. The man that she married is her everything. He is her reason for breathing and her will to survive when things seem to be going to hell. He makes her world seem less dreadful and full of hate and lust of power and death. Olivia loved her world of politics and back alley brawling. She loves being the white hat even though it means selling her soul but Fitz was her way out. He was the one that knew her inside and out and understands that she is more than the "Fixer". She is a woman, who needs and wants.

"I, Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III, take thee, Olivia Carolyn Pope, to be my wedded wife. To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness or in health, to love and to cherish 'till death do us part. And hereto I pledge you my faithfulness.…"

The man she loved with all of her heart was now hers. She could wake up to him and plan a future with him. There was no reason to rush. The way they made love was something created by God himself. It was so complete and filled with love that they would get lost in each other for hours. His hands roaming over her body, pulling her close to him. He would fill her and her body would light up with ecstasy. Their lovemaking was tender and everything she needed. His kisses were like stings of passion. She would never get tired of feeling his lips and tongue. She would grasp the curls at the nape of his neck and rake her fingers down his spine whenever he would sting her. He had always been a through lover but something changed when they were married. Something ignited in Fitz. She couldn't put her finger on it but there was a new flame. A new spark of desire that fueled them as they made love on their wedding night.

"You know, you are the most breathtakingly beautiful woman I've ever known?" Fitz said in between kissing his wife's neck, making his way up to her jaw line.

"Really now?" Liv breathed out as he kissed the spot right below her ear that would always make her go weak at the knees.

"Mmmmmm…" He hummed into her neck. The vibration causing a shiver down Liv's spine.

"Fitz..."Olivia could barely speak. The sensations that were coursing through her body were making it hard for her to stay composed in front of their guests. Gathering some will power from the depth of her gut she continued on shaken breath.

"You are not playing fair. We're in a room full of people, on our wedding day mind you, and you're trying to start something that you can't finish…" She paused slightly, only to nibble on his ear to show him what he was doing to her. As she released his ear she maneuvered her hand that was around his waist and slid it underneath his tux jacket. Slowly stroking her nails down his strong back. His reaction was to pull his wife closer to himself. A devilish grin swept across Liv's face. She brushed her lips against his ear.

" well not right now at least." Liv whispered. Her voice soaked with lust.

"I'm not doing anything, yet." Fitz said with a primal growl that had Liv's stomach doing flips.

She wanted him and couldn't wait for the evening to be over. "I'm just loving on my sexy wife. There is nothing wrong with that." He said with a devilishly sexy smile as they slowly swayed to the music.

Hours later, after all of the dancing and food and champagne, they were finally alone. They would not leave for their honeymoon for another three days so they decided it would be a great idea to camp out at the Santa Barbara ranch in order to get a head start on their new life together.

As soon as they stepped out of the limo Fits swooped his wife into his arms and carried her over the threshold. Once inside he gave a quick nod to Tom, who was now chief agent, and closed the door. With his wife in his arms, he grabbed a bottle of red wine from the rack that was in the kitchen and carried her through the house to the master bedroom. Setting the bottle of wine down on the nightstand he gently put Liv in the middle of the massive bed. Gazing at her with glazed eyes he took her in. The color of her wedding dress was beautiful against her skin but he longed to see her naked. To caress all of her with his mouth.

Slipping out of his jacket and tie, he rolled up his sleeves he made his way to his wife. Balancing himself over her, he slowly took her lips in an all-consuming kiss. Their tongues met and dueled, each wanting to taste and explore the other fully. Without breaking the kiss, Fitz ever so slowly tugged at the hem of her delicate dress. Caressing her milk chocolate skin with his massive hands, he made his way up to her warm heat. He gently began to play with her sensitive mound through her almost nonexistent thong. Liv moaned into his mouth causing him to increase the pressure he was applying.

"Fitz…" Liv moaned as the added pressure caused a shock to her system. She could almost feel the fabric of his shirt through the lace of her dress and it was driving her crazy. She needed to feel his skin. She needed the strong warmth of his body to take her and engulf her body in pure ecstasy. She moved her hands from around his neck and quickly undid the buttons and pushed the fabric off of his shoulders. Realizing what she was doing Fitz reluctantly broke away from their kiss and removed his dress shirt and under shirt. As he did so, Liv rolled away from him and swiftly stood up. Fitz quickly reached out and grabbed her arm.

"Liv, what are you doing? I have an overwhelming desire to make love to my wife and you're preventing that from happening at the moment." He said in a voice that was mixed with passion and utter confusion.

Turning around to face him, Liv flashed a smile and cocked her eyebrow. "I need you to say it, Fitz. I need you to be in control." Sex was pouring from her voice.

Her statements made his confusion go away. He smiled and uttered the words she wanted to hear.

"Take off your clothes."

Liv slowly lifted her hands to the clasp at the back of her neck. Unclasping it, she let the lace fabric fall off of her body to expose her breasts. The sight caused Fitz to let out a shuttered breath and he almost pulled her back down on the bed. But she wasn't finished.

The fabric gathered at her waist, she turned around so that her back was to him. With a slight wiggle of her hips the dress fell to the floor. Fitz had a full view of her luscious backside and wanted nothing more than to touch her. He stood up behind her, wrapping his arms around her body, relishing in the warmth of her skin.

Taking one of her breasts in his large hand, he started to massage it as he slipped his other hand into Liv's underwear. "Baby, you're so wet." He growled into her ear as he resumed teasing her.

"Mmmmmm...Baby." Liv moaned as he entered her. Two of his massive fingers played inside of her. Pumping in and out of her, causing her walls to tighten around them. He loved the feeling of her wet and oh so tight heat riding his hand.

"Oh! Damn it, Baby." Liv almost screamed as he continued to pleasure her. She pressed her body even closer to him. She could feel his hardened length through his pants and the thought of him inside of her caused her already strained breath to catch in her throat.

The sounds of her wet heat and the sweet nectar that was flowing from her made him wild with desire. He wanted nothing more than for her to fall over the edge. He needed to feel her come apart. He sped up his assault on her and removed his hand from her breast so he could put in more work. While one of his hands pumped rapidly in and out of her, his other hand assailed her sensitive mound. She was writhing in passion, grinding her ass on his erection and moaning undefined words of passion into his ear. He could feel her walls clamping down on his fingers as she came undone in his arms.

"Oh… Fitz! Fuck. Oh… baby." She moaned. Her body was failing her. Her legs were shaky and unstable as her orgasm continued to course through her body. Her breaths were short and strained as ecstasy washed over her body.

Not waiting until she finished, Fitz pulled her onto the bed and quickly removed the soaking wet thong from her body. Swiftly undoing his pants, he rid himself of his boxers and nestled himself between her legs.

She loved the weight of him on her body. He was strong and yet so gentile when he touched her that she could almost cry from the intense sensation it gave her. His touch set her skin on fire and she relished in the scorching heat. She closed her eyes and took in the sensations. Wanting them to last forever, needing the feeling of him to be burned further into her brain.

"Look at me, Baby." Fitz said as he took in her beauty. And she was beautiful. Her eyes were his access to her soul. He could feel every emotion in her eyes and he wanted to see her. Deeply into her, to see her passion, her love, her pleasure, her pain. He needed to be whole and she completed him. He needed to look into her eyes.

He held her face in his hand, "Livvy.." Her eyes lazily opened as she continued to be bathed in her post-orgasmic high. As soon as she gathered some sense of composure she locked eyes with him. His stormy grey eyes met her big brown doe eyes and the world almost seemed to stop. Their gaze was so intense, so full of love and passion that nothing seemed to matter in the world. They laid there in silence for what seemed like hours. Liv stroked Fitz's cheek and then kissed him deeply. They both poured all of their love and need for each other into that kiss. In that moment they knew everything was right in the world.

Pulling away slightly, Fitz slid his hand between them and guided his hardened member into her dripping heat. He slowly, inch by inch, buried himself to the hilt. She was so tight around his large member that he was almost convinced that she would break. He never took his eyes off of her. She gasped when he finally entered her completely. Filling her to the brim. His body flooded with heat at the feeling of her surrounding him and he relished in the feeling of her.

She needed him to move. She needed to feel him filling her over and over again. The tug and pull, the pain, the euphoric pleasure, the connection.

"Fitz. I need you. Please baby. Make love to me." Liv threaded her hands through his curls and pulled him down to her plump lips. The feeling of her lips, the taste of her mouth, and the wet heat surrounding his body almost brought him over the edge. He slowly started to pulse inside of her. He didn't leave her depths for not wanting to feel a void. Her moans were deep and guttural. The pleasure she felt was so intense that she could barely see straight. Every slight movement of his hips was like a crash of waves over her body. She craved more.

"Faster. Fas…" She could barely breathe as he sped up his thrusts. He was so deep inside of her consumed by the feeling of her. He nipped at her neck with every thrust causing her moans to get louder.

"Mmmmmm… baby. I love you so much." Fitz moaned into her neck as he sped up his efforts even more and increased the intensity at which he would thrust into her. Grabbing onto her waist to gain more leverage, he pulled her as close to him as possible. Liv was almost gasping for air. "Fitz.. I'm… Oh baby. I'm so close!" she could feel her orgasm building in her gut. Fitz's eyes never diverted from her. He saw the build of passion in her eyes and felt her walls start to close around him. He continued to thrust intensely, he wanted to come with her.

"Come for me baby. I want to feel you come." He sped up his thrusts as he felt himself being brought over the edge. With a few final thrusts Liv's walls clamped down on Fitz as she screamed in release. The intensity of her orgasm sent him over the edge and he filled her with his warm seed. " Livvy.." was all he could muster in his release. Panting and sweaty, Fitz remained inside of her. Not wanting to move from her.

After a few moments their heart rates regulated and they shifted so that Liv was resting on his chest.

Fitz held Liv tightly in his arms. One hand on her lower back caressing her bare skin and the other was holding her left hand, playing with her wedding band, relishing in the fact that after all of the bullshit they were finally able to be together. Finally able to be happy and live the life they both imagined. Together.

"I love you." Liv mumbled into her husband's ear. "I am head over heels in love with you, Fitz. I always have been and I always will. You are my soul and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with you."

Liv was brought back from the depths of her memory of her wedding day when a warm, strong, and massive hand snaked its way around her tiny waist. Turning to face the body attached to said hand, Liv was greeted by a pair of stormy grey eyes. Smiling, she slowly stroked the cheek of her loving husband. "Good morning, Baby." Liv said as she snuggled into Fitz's chest.

"Good morning to you, too."

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