"How are you feeling?" Fitz asked, his voice still groggy from sleep. He'd woken up to an empty bed but it didn't take long for him to find her. She was sitting on a lounge on the terrace, which was located off of their master suite, looking out over the cliffs and water in the morning sun. It was one of her favorite things to do when they were on the Rivera. He'd assumed that since she was pregnant she would try to sleep in more this trip, but he was wrong. They had been there for four days and every morning she was up with the sun, taking in the beauty.

"I feel wonderful, thank you for asking." She says with a smile. She loved it here. The country, the people, the culture, everything. She adored it and was more than ecstatic to share it with her kids.

"Good morning, Beautiful." He said as he leaned down and kissed her gently.

"Good morning." She smiled against his lips. The flutter of excitement that always bubbled inside of her whenever he kissed her had an effect on the baby and he began to kick rapidly. Liv placed her hand on her ever growing stomach and giggled as baby Grant kicked furiously.

"Is my son acting up in there?" Fitz asked as he placed a hand on her abdomen, chuckling when he felt the movements.

"I swear he knows when you're around." She said with a laugh. Fitz winked at her before placing a gentle kiss on her stomach.

"Are you chilly?" She shook her head.

"I'm not but I know something I do want." She said with a sweet smile and he automatically knew. He always knew. He lifted her small frame up, even with the baby weight she was still light as a feather to him, and settled them both onto the oversized lounge. She sighed contently as his arms made their way around her body.

"I love it here." She said softly and Fitz hummed in agreement.

"It's beautiful. Maybe we can retire here once the kids are out of the house. Me, you, and a dog. Just being us. Living in this beauty." He mumbled as he placed gentle kisses on her temple.

"Hmmmm that sounds wonderful. In twenty four years were moving here permanently and getting a dog. Small, medium or large?"

"Whatever you want baby." She smiled and pecked his lips.

"I love you." She said against his lips before pulling his face closer, deepening the kiss. His hands roamed her body, slipping his calloused hand underneath the soft fabric of his well-worn NAVY shirt that had long been declared hers to caress the soft skin that he loved so much. Every morning this was their ritual, so simple and perfect. No stress, no real worries.

"We should feed the kids soon." She mumbled against his lips.

"Karen and Jerry know how to cook. They can take care of Zoe and Teddy while we spend some time together." He said huskily as he moved to her neck, nibbling her sensitive skin. She giggled at his suggestion, weighing the pros and cons as he continued his gentle assault. Just as she was about to respond there was a loud knock at the door.

"Mom! Dad! We know you're up!" Jerry yelled, a slew of giggles from the rest of the Grant clan following and a high pitched squeal from Zoe.

"Your children have other plans." Liv lightly chuckled as she ran her hands over Fitz's head which now rested on her shoulder in defeat.

"Oh now they're my children?" Liv laughed and nodded her head in confirmation.

"C'mon guys! We want Dad's French toast for breakfast and none of us know his secret recipe. Please?" Karen yelled through the door and an echo of "please" followed after causing Fitz to laugh at their antics.

"Our kids are ganging up on us." He said with a smile.

"Hey, they asked for you. I'm still free." She said with a cocky smile.

"You too mom! Wake up! You make the best smoothies!" Teddy's little voice cracked and Liv doubled over in laughter. They were definitely ganging up on them.

"Okay! We're up!"

Ten minutes later, Liv and Fitz had made their way downstairs to the kitchen where all of their children were waiting, all the ingredients for their super breakfast already set out.

"Mamee!" Zoe practically yelled and Liv quickly acknowledged her presence, placing butterfly kisses on her cheek, causing the little girl to squeal in delight.

"It's about time you guys, we were about to riot." Karen snickered as she helped Teddy wash his hands.

"Hey, we're on vacation too you know." Fitz chuckled as he started making the egg batter.

"Daddy I wanna help!" Teddy said enthusiastically as he tugged at his pajama bottoms. Fitz nodded his head and quickly lifted him up onto the stool. The little boy rolled up the sleeves of his Thor pjs and furrowed his brow as he cracked the egg ever so gently. Fitz smiled down at his son and continued working, taking out the challah bred and slicing it thick.

"Can you two slice up the fruit while I feed Zoe her yogurt?" Liv asked as she prepared a small bowl for her panda.

"Sure!" They both said unison as they moved to chop the fruit.

"Hi baby girl." Liv cooed as she pulled up a chair next to Zoe's highchair. Liv gently ran her fingers through her curly hair and placed a soft kiss on her temple. When she pulled back to look at her babies face the little girl's eyes were so bright and full of life, a huge smile on her face that was all gums. Liv chuckled and spooned the little girl a little yogurt and she happily took it into her mouth. Zoe hummed in delight and opened her mouth for another spoonful.

"Mommy makes weird faces when she feeds Zoe." Teddy snickered under his breath as he watched Liv contort her face. Fitz glanced over to his wife and baby girl, chuckling as he saw Liv's eyes bug and a big cheesy smile spread across her face.

"Yes she does. But don't tell her." Fitz said, winking at his little boy who only giggled in response. They continued working on the French toast and once Liv was done feeding Zoe she moved to help the kids with the smoothies.

"Sausage or bacon?" Fitz asked.

"Bacon!" yelled the three eldest Grants and Fitz put his hands up like a shield. He knew all of his kids loved bacon, especially when he made it. But he always thought it was funny to ask and see their reactions.

"Okay okay! Bacon it is." He said with a chuckle. He quickly placed several slices of bacon on a sheet pan and placed them in the broiler. "You done with those eggs buddy?" Fitz asked as he tousled Teddy's hair.

"Yup! Want me to put 'em in?" Fitz nodded his head yes. He added milk and his secret mix of spices that he refused to share with the family. He whisked it together and then moved to the crust which was just lightly smashed cornflakes that also had a little sugar in the raw sprinkled in.

"The assembly line is ready, who else wants to help?" Fitz asked and Karen quickly made her way over to him, stealing a few strawberries on the way.

"Okay…" He started and the whole family chimed in "Go!" It was cheesy and they knew it but it was their thing. Every time they made breakfast together, the whole family, it was what they did. A tradition that started with Karen and would, hopefully, be passed down.

With the assembly line in place and Jerry helping Liv, breakfast was ready in no time. They sat at the large table in the back yard, Fitz passing out the French toast, Karen with the bacon, and Jerry with the smoothies.

"Teddy, would you like some French toast with your syrup?" Liv asked as she watched the little boy drown his breakfast in syrup. He quickly let up, placing the syrup on the table. She shook her head at him, a smile on her face.

"Sorry." He said as he picked up the toast with his hands.

"Teddy you're a pig. Eat like a human please." Karen said as she removed the sticky food from his hands, wiping them clean with some of the slew of wet naps Liv brought with her outside in case of such a situation. Teddy huffed as his older sister cleaned him off but when Fitz shot him a look he quickly straightened up, picking up his silverware and started eating quietly.

"So what does everyone want to do today?" Fitz asked once he sat down.

"Shopping, shopping and more shopping." Karen said delightfully and Liv nodded her head in agreement. She really wasn't in the mood but she needed to talk to Karen about Jeramey. She'd let it slide but she could see Karen wasn't ready to talk before but now, she was barely enjoying her vacation. She wasn't as attached to her phone, she would smile but it never fully reached her eyes and Luca, the boy she and Jerry had met two summers ago along with Luca's sister Schuyler, had been trying to get her attention since they arrived and she wouldn't give him the time of day. They needed girl time.

"So the ladies are shopping. What are the guys doing today?" Fitz asked and Teddy perked up.

"Beach time!" He said in a faux deep voice causing everyone to chuckle.

"Beach time sounds like fun! Volley ball and wind surfing for the win." Jerry loved the beach and was extremely active. He took after his father in that manner and Fitz was more than happy to admit it.

"Teddy you excited to watch your brother fly in the sky?" Fitz asked and Teddy nodded his head enthusiastically as he shoved a piece of bacon into his mouth.

"Well it seems like the Grant clan is splitting up for today's activities. So the girls will have Tank and the boys will have Tom. I'm gonna have to buy Tank a few drinks." Fitz chuckled to himself and Liv nodded in agreement. Although Tank loved Zoe and preferred to be on her detail with Liv, he knew how the girls shopped. They were relentless and could shop for hours on end, Tank would need a drink or two.

As soon as breakfast done and the table cleared, everyone went their separate ways to dress and within an hour the Grant women were in town shopping at the beautiful boutiques. They'd gone into a few stores and tried on some things, Liv having little success in finding anything that would fit around her growing belly besides a few sweaters that she adored and a scarf while Karen was having a ball as she tried on dresses and showed them off. She knew that she couldn't have them all but she loved the game of finding the perfect one. Liv took the opportunity to see how things were really going between her and Jeramey.

"So who are you picking this dress out for?" Liv asked as she sat with Zoe in a chair located in the dressing area.

"No one." Karen said quietly as she stared in the mirror, brushing away the invisible wrinkles in the fabric. She looked beautiful, the light blue dress looked radiant on her slightly sun kissed skin and the dress fit wonderfully. Not too tight but it showed off her curves, she looked ever so the young lady she'd grown into.

"You look beautiful sweetie." Olivia said as she looked at her stepdaughter, smiling when she saw the slight blush on the young girls face.

"Thanks Liv. I really like this one." Karen said as she smiled, a full smile that Liv hadn't seen in a while.

"Honey, how's Jeramey? I haven't heard anything about him in weeks." Liv asked quickly as she shifted Zoe in her lap.

"Fine I guess." Karen said as she moved to look at the pile of dresses she'd tried on, sifting through them to see if she'd missed one.

"Kar did something happen?" Liv was trying not to pry but she was concerned for Karen. This was her first real boyfriend, her first heartbreak and she wanted to proceed with caution.

"No. Nothing happened I just… I don't know." Her words trailing off as her voice caught in her throat, emotion threatening to flow through. She was trying really hard not to think about him, that's what she started calling him. She couldn't give him a name anymore because it was like he'd fallen off the face of the earth. In the beginning they were fine, they would hang out and go on dates and kiss. She missed the kissing most of all. But then one day he just stopped talking to her. She wondered if something had happened to him but one day while she was at the park with Zoe she saw him, he was with another girl. She was gorgeous and older than she is. She looked like a model and he was kissing her. He was laughing with her and she couldn't understand. Why would he not just have the guts to tell her that he wasn't really in to her like that? Was he seeing her while he was seeing the other girl?

"He has another girl." She said in a small voice and Liv's heart broke for her stepdaughter. "We were fine. We were good and happy, well I thought we were happy and he was so nice. We only kissed three times and Liv I liked the way he kissed me but then I saw him kissing her and I just… I thought he liked me." She was so hurt and the tears that she'd been holding in finally escaped. She was so angry that he could treat her that way, she thought they were friends above all. She wanted to ask him but he wouldn't even give her the time of day and that hurt.

"Sweetie…" Liv trailed off as she got up from her seat.

"Liv, Zoe's too heavy. Let me carry her." Karen said as she walked from mirror to her stepmother. Liv smiled as Zoe reached for her sister and nestled into her arms easily. Karen placed a few kisses on her little sister's head before turning her attention back to Liv.

"Kar, I know you liked Jeramey and I hate that you got your heart broken. He doesn't deserve to be your boyfriend yet alone be your friend. He has no respect for you because if he did he would have broken up with you before he is with that other girl and he would have returned your phone calls." Karen nodded her head in understanding as she wiped a lone tear from her face. She knew that she deserved better but it still hurt. Liv smiled lovingly at the young girl and tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear. "I also know that you're still trying to get over your feelings for him but honey, you gotta live your life. You're so young and you'll have many chances at love in life. Don't be afraid to be single and have fun because you have so much time, so much time. Be happy and be yourself but I also don't want you to pass up the good ones because you're still hurting over the bad ones. " Liv said with a wink.

"Lucas…" Karen said knowingly. He'd been trying really hard to cheer her up, bringing her flowers almost every morning since they arrived and trying to make her laugh every chance he got. Karen smiled to herself as she remembered how he'd brought her favorite food, Socca -a crepe-like snack made with chick pea flour and dusted with salt and black pepper, to the beach only claiming that he didn't know she loved it even though he was there the first time she tried it.

"Yes, Lucas. I think you should give him a chance. I'm not saying you two should get married but at least try to have some fun. Lucas is a good kid and he adores you, has since he met you three summers ago." Liv chuckled mostly to herself as she sat back down. Karen giggled and shook her head.

"Liv, Lucas barely paid me any attention back then. He was always hanging out with Jerry and we barely even talked unless we were all hanging out. Even Schuyler said he was being super antisocial towards me." Karen said as she placed Zoe back into Liv's arms. "I'm gonna get this one." She said with a smile.

"Where are you putting all of that food?" Fitz said in awe. Olivia had eaten a salad, a whole plate of pasta, and four large pieces of French bread with garlic and anchovy paste and was now working her way through a chocolate tart. They were out to dinner at their favorite restaurant that was located a ways down the beach from where their house was located. Usually they walked but seeing as Liv had been out all day and with the baby weight, she wasn't particularly in a walking mood. So they took the SUV with Tom on their duty tonight and Fitz decided they'd make a night of it. He didn't tell Olivia, but he'd gotten them a suit with a beautiful view of the sea, just what she needed. They hadn't had any real alone time with all of the kids around and this was their time to connect with no interruptions.

"I have no idea. It's like I'm a bottomless pit and your son can't seem to get full." She said with a smile as she took another bite of her dessert. Fitz chuckled at his wife when she moaned in delight at the tasty goodness.

"I used to be the only thing that could make you moan like that." The tone in Fitz's voice was dangerously seductive and Olivia bit her lip involuntarily as a bolt of pleasure shot through her core. She had been craving him since they got to France days ago but they could never seem to be alone long enough. They would make out like teenagers and fingers and hands would get lost and heavy panting would ensue but they were always interrupted by someone needing something or a nightmare or crying or… It was beginning to get a little frustrating.

"Livvie?" Fitz whispered as he moved closer to her in the booth they occupied. His hand on her thigh and his mouth dangerously close. She could smell him and damn it he smelled like pure sex. She wanted to rip his clothes off right there in the restaurant.

"Hmmm…" She hummed, words seeming to fall short as he gently nibbled on the sensitive skin of her neck, soothing the little stings with his tongue. His hand that was originally placed on her thigh with her dress as a barrier was now burning her skin as he quickly made his way to her center only pausing when he needed more access.

"Open your legs for me baby." She could feel herself start to drip with desire and legs easily fell open. Her breath hitched when his fingers made contact with the lacy material of her underwear which were thoroughly soaked.

"Fitz…" She trailed off as he gently ran a finger along her slit. She could barely stifle the moan that escaped her lips when he pressed a finger into her sensitive nub, gently rubbing her into bliss. Her eyes fluttered shut momentarily but when another moan escaped his movements stopped and he withdrew his hand. Her eyes snapped open only to find him grinning like a Cheshire cat. She was about to protest but the waiter came and placed the check on the table. Fitz promptly paid, leaving a more than generous tip, and grabbed his wife's hand as he gently guided her out of the booth and out of the restaurant.

"You better be taking me somewhere to finish what you started in there." Olivia growled as walked along side of him. Fitz chuckled and placed his hand firmly on her ass.

"Mrs. Grant I intend to have you screaming my name tonight." The smile that spread across her lips was everything and more to him and he knew she was ready and willing.

"And just where do you intend on having me scream your name? Because as of late our kids always seem to have some sort of crisis as soon as we get a moment alone." She said with a hint of irritation.

"Well I, being the loving and horny husband that I am, got us a suit at Château de la Messardière…"

"And by suit you mean you cleared out a whole section of the hotel with your pull as former president." Liv said with a sly smile and Fitz nodded his confirmation.

"You're damn right. I have the money and the pull so why not spoil my wife with a romantic stay at one of her favorite places." His cocky grin was so sexy to her and she was more than excited to spend and uninterrupted evening with her husband. She hated that they were limited in the ways he could take her but she couldn't wait to feel him inside of her.

They made their way to the Château in a silence filled with sexual tension. The slightest graze of his hand on hers sending chills down her spine, her hand resting on his thigh causing him to instantly harden. Liv could see the bulge in his pants and wanted desperately to free him from his constraints. She licked her lips and moved her hand closer to her desired destination, smiling when his breath became uneven. She let her gaze roam over him, he was gorgeous. A slight tan to his skin from being out in the sun more and his eyes seemed bluer and his face more chiseled, how did he seem to get better with age?

"You're staring Mrs. Grant." She brought her gaze up to his eyes and winked at him before gripping him firmly through his pants causing him to groan and slip down further in his seat. As she continued to slowly stoke him she leaned in close, pressing herself into him as best as she could and began nibbling on his ear which was already fire engine read in his state of arousal. She tugged at the flesh lightly before whispering seductively in his ear.

"I love when you're buried deep inside of me, baby." A breathy moan passed over her lips as her own words sent a deep shiver of arousal through her body. "The thought of your big cock, of how good you make my pussy feel makes me so wet." The sound that Fitz made at her words was somewhere between a whimper and a growl. She was torturing him. He wanted her so badly but being that the car ride was extremely short, he didn't want to start something he needed extended amounts of time to finish.

"Livvie, I hate to be the voice of reason…" He started but was cut off by her luscious lips which had made their way to his neck, leaving a scorching trail as they made a path to his Addams apple.

"I don't know if I can wait any longer. I need you inside of me." Olivia purred and Fitz knew he had to make a move. He quickly removed her hand from his throbbing erection and pushed her back gently onto the seat. She was surprised when he quickly moved between her legs, bunching up her dress around her waist. His fingers moved the fabric of her underwear, exposing her to him and he smiled in satisfaction at her glistening lips. He gripped her thighs firmly as he placed them on his shoulders.

"When I make you come, I want you to scream my name." He said as his fingers ran up her slit. Once his fingers were coated in her juices he slowly inserted two fingers into her heat. "Fuck." He groaned as her walls clamped down on his fingers.

They'd barely made it to the room before Fitz's shirt was falling off of his body and he was ripping her dress off of her body. She whimpered in pleasure as he yanked the ripped material off of her body, exposing her plump breasts which were no longer contained by the bodice of her dress. He wasted no time pulling one of her perfectly peaked nipples into his mouth, sucking and nipping at the sensitive flesh. His hands roamed freely over her body, gripping her ass firmly and running his fingers along her already swollen clit.

"Fitz." She breathed shakily as the pleasure coursing through her threatened to bring her over the edge again. His fingers not so subtly reminding her of the intense orgasm that he'd given her moments ago in the SUV. She gripped the curls at the back of his head, swiftly pulling him from his feast. When his eyes met hers there was no doubt in her mind that he was gone, a man completely fueled by passion, lust and above all, love. His eyes a stormy grey and his mouth open as he took in oxygen he'd been slightly lacking. He watched in a daze as she removed his hands from her hips and turned her body, her back and her perfect ass exposed to him. He watched as she climbed onto the bed and he felt his cock twitch when she bent forward exposing herself to him. Her plump ass and her glistening pussy ready and willing for him. He took a shaky breath as he stepped toward her. Olivia was writing in anticipation as she heard Fitz unbuckle his belt and when she heard his pants hit the floor a jolt of pleasure pulsed through her pussy causing her juices to drip down her thighs.

"You're so fucking wet baby." Fitz groaned. He griped his throbbing cock ad stroked himself firmly before running his tip along her slit. Olivia moaned at the sensations, the head of his member dangerously close to penetrating her.

"Fitz, please…" She trailed off as she felt his lips and tongue on her. The trail of scorching open mouthed kisses that he placed on her ass, his hands gripping the firm flesh of her backside effectively spreading her cheeks for his much desired access. He took a long and painfully slow lick up her slit and smiled when her chest fell to the bed. He stood behind her and pressed his erection into her, coating himself in her juices once again. Her back arched and he couldn't help the growl that rumbled from his core.

"Now baby. I need you deep insi- Oh, Fitz." She moaned as he penetrated her walls, slowly sinking all the way into her tight wet heat. When he was balls deep he stilled as her walls pulsed around him, she was always so tight and he could barely control himself. This angle giving him the most erotic view of her gorgeous figure. His hands moved over her back and down her sides before he gripped her hips firmly. He watched as he pulled himself all the way out of her and slowly disappeared into her depths. He picked up his pace slightly and moaned as Olivia's ass jiggled when his pelvis made contact. He was hypnotized by her movements and then, oh then she swiveled her hips and slammed back into him.

"Harder Fitz. I'm so close baby." She moved her hand to her clit and began rubbing firm circles. Fitz quickly removed her hand and placed it above her head. She whimpered at the angle, his cock pressing into her deliciously and Fitz nearly came when her walls clamped down on him, hard. "Right there baby. Please fuck me, right there!" She cried out when he trust into her roughly. He needed more leverage and he needed to make sure she wasn't on her belly so he snatched two pillows from the headboard and placed them underneath her.

"Fuck." Olivia panted as she gripped the sheets. His body on her and his strong arm holding her in place and the increased angle with the pillows had her teetering on the edge. He was so deep and so hard. Her panting and moans became louder and more erratic and she gripped the sheets harder as he continued to thrust into her. His mouth found its way to her neck and then to her mouth, swallowing her moans eagerly.

"Come for me baby." He growled against her lips and her eyes rolled in the back of her head as she felt his fingers rub her mercilessly. Within seconds she clamped down on him and a long moan escaped her lips as her orgasm shook her body. Fitz moaned with her, his orgasm being milked from him by her pulsing cunt.

"Livvie… Oh, Fuck.' He panted as he spilled his seed inside of her. Olivia moaned in completion as she felt his sweaty forehead rest on her back. They stayed like that for a moment, regulating their breaths before Fitz pulled out of her and fell to her side. Olivia removed the pillows from underneath her and quickly claimed her spot, her back against his chest as he lightly stroked her swollen abdomen. They stayed like that for what seemed like hours.

He'd thought she'd fallen asleep but a small fit of giggles erupted from Olivia's small body and Fitz's head shot up in confusion.

"What's so funny?" He asked, biting her shoulder playfully.

"I was just imagining our kids being in the next room and… am I always that loud?" She giggled again and Fitz couldn't help but chuckle.

"Yes, you definitely are but you do wonders for an old man's ego." He said with a cocky smile and she couldn't resist kissing him.

"Well thank goodness Karen and Jerry stay in the pool house and Zoe sleeps like a rock. We're going to have to soundproof our room in the new house." Olivia said with a smile and Fitz nodded his head in agreement.

"Already taken care of." Olivia looked at him wide eyed and he couldn't help but laugh. "What? I know my wife and with the way you scream I didn't want the kids to think I was hurting you when you scream my name." Olivia buried her face in her hands and groaned. She was embarrassed but she also thought it was hilarious. She definitely wasn't a shy woman in bed but the thought of her kids hearing her made her cringe.

"Okay, enough talk about this." She laughed as she pried herself from his arms.

"Where the hell do you think you're going?" Fitz asked possessively and Olivia rolled her eyes as she got out of bed.

"The peanut and I are going to take a nice hot shower. You're more than welcome to join us unless you want to lay there and pout the whole time." Fitz smiled at his son's nickname. The peanut was due in a few months and they definitely needed to pick a name soon. He stretched his now sore and tight muscles before he got out of bed and made his way into the bathroom with his wife.

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