Beep, whoosh.

Beep, whoosh.

Beep, whoosh.

I sigh, the vertigo twisting my insides again as I fly over this liquid pool of black that stretched on forever beneath me. I don't understand why this happens, only that it's been this way for as long as I can remember, and that you are the cause of it. You think I don't know you, don't see you hovering above me...but oh, I do. I know very well.

You don't understand what this is like for me, do you?

Darkness. Years and years of endless darkness, flooding through me, crushing me, drowning me. It's cold, and it's lonely, and I wouldn't wish this on anyone. Not even you. And then, I'm dragged out from the watery depths, and float casually over the air. At first, it's a considerable improvement to the nothing I'd been in before. Than the long, rectangular lights come. A soft nudge, and I'm sent the other way. I'd mourn it's company if not for what happens next.

Another light waits for me, nudges me back. Back and fourth I go, slowly gaining speed, until gently pushes feel more like brick walls shoving me away. And all the while, from the time I'm pulled up from the water...

You stare at me from above.

You don't look like anything I've ever seen before. I used to cry out to you for help, you know, but I don't think you can even here me. Or perhaps you do, and just don't care. I don't know, all I know is that you are doing this to me and I hate it. Can't you see you're hurting me?

I look in front of me to see the block of light approaching fast. My already battered form shudders at the pain as I collide full force into it and am hurled the other way. I think I almost black out, but that's impossible. I won't rest until you're good and through.

The other block appears, and as soon as I see it I know I'm going far to fast. It misses me, and whatever is holding me above the water vanishes, leaving me to plummet back under the freezing surface. The cold is almost a relief by now, considering my beaten and bruised form. I sink to the bottom, and wait. One of two things will happen. I will be left here for countless months, or I will be pulled back up and be hit some more.

Minutes tick by, and nothing. I let out a sigh, and rest, hopping that this time I'll be fully healed when you drag me to the surface again.