Name: Pierce Adtsauw

Class: Gladiator

Hair: White-Blond

Eyes: Red

Hometown: "Rad City for Attractive People"

Age: 18

Charm Point: Ego

A headstrong young man with a relatively high ego, but reliable with his words, Pierce came to Armoroad with Twitch in search of a good challenge. He met Twitch as a young teenager while looking for a job. The two have formed an unbreakable bond and have bonked heads for six years. He has a sweet tooth and has mild allergic reactions to string beans.

Pierce lived with a young shopkeeping woman not much older than him. His antics with Twitch put the young woman's shop in a lot of trouble, thus forcing Pierce to make money and move out with Twitch.

"How much longer should this take?"

"It's right up ahead, Pierce, believe me. Just wait about another hour or so."

"I'm hungry. I mean, really hungry."

"I hear ya."

The ship hits the harbor, and a wave of cheers sound throughout the ship. It's a new day for Pierce and Twitch. They're lives have taken a new route, and they're going forward together. Armoroad is known as the ocean city. Many tourists come for vacations at the beaches during the day, and have drinks during the night. But that isn't Armoroad's main attraction. Dozens of adventurers challenge the Yggdrassil Labyrinth, which is said to hold seven god-like beasts, three of which most likely don't even exist. But the mystery held and the potential profit made by this enormous labyrinth is enough to take the interest of many adventurers. Many have perished from the beasts that live within the labyrinth, but there is much fortune to be gained from coming in, and there is much to discover.

Pierce, a blond haired gladiator, hasn't seen much in his life other than trees and poverty. He applied for a part-time job as a handyman and earned just enough to leave that damned Hooverville he called home. He is joined by Theodore, more commonly known as "Twitch", an Arbalist with a dark complexion and a smooth temper. The two are an unbreakable pair, but are known to get themselves in loads of trouble.

Pierce's smile grew wide. "We're finally here Twitch! Our life is really taking a turn for the better!"

Twitch gives a small grin. "I guess you can say that. The only thing we've really done so far is decrease our chances of survival."

Pierce chuckles. "So far. We're not dying anytime soon."

The two smile at each other, then begin to laugh hysterically as they make their way farther into the city.

"Look, I understand your enthusiasm, but I really don't recommend going into the labyrinth with just the two of you."

Twitch looks a bit amused, but Pierce was anything but. "Me and Twitch are the greatest of combinations," Pierce spits, "We can do it."

The Guildmaster scratches his chin. "Well, I wouldn't recommend going in there with less than five," He smiles and continues. "Come back here with three more members, and then I'll register you as a guild."

The Arbalist nods his head. "Thank you. We'll be back sometime later." Pierce mumbles to himself, but the two take their leave. Once outside, Twitch sighs.

"How is this going to work? We've just arrived and we've already been told to make friends; at least three." Pierce sports.

"Whatever. It shouldn't really be that hard, right? A lot of adventurers are said to come here. We should find a few who aren't already in a guild," Twitch brightens up. "I'm getting pretty excited."

Pierce's expression also lights up. "I guess you're right. Let's look for lonely people."

They decide to go to the nearby store, Napier's Firm, to look for anyone interested. Or rather, they would pull in some random loner and see if they were interested in them. After pulling in a few adventurers who were taken and those who weren't adventurers at all, Pierce became discouraged.

"This isn't working. We should have just demanded he let us go in." Pierce grunts.

"We aren't allowed to go in without a Guild Card. The Guildmaster doesn't seem like he'll give us one unless we arrive with five people."

"Man, we're not getting anywhere…" He deflates. "And I'm getting hungry again."

"Already? We ate an hour ago," Twitch sighs, irritated. "Let's just have a bite at a nearby restaurant," Twitch scans the area and locates a bar that a few people are drinking in. "That Bistro over there seems pretty nice. We might get lucky and find a new member too."

Pierce's expression doesn't change. "Whatever you say."

As they begin to make their way over to the Bistro, a young woman with a pink robe and a knife walks up to them. "I overheard you looking for members for your guild. I wouldn't mind forming a guild with you for the time being."

Pierce was amazed. Just a second ago he was frantically asking people to form a guild with him, and right now a young woman with a knife arrives on a silver platter asking for a spot on his team.

Twitch didn't know what to say. Pierce begins to bounce. "Alrighty then! I'm not quite sure why, but I think we can trust you for now." Pierce grins like crazy, and just like that, they have found a new member. No more than one exchange has been spoken.

Twitch quietly whispers to Pierce. "I'm surprised you didn't jump the gun and ask her hand in marriage."

Pierce chuckles. "That would have ruined our chances of even forming a team. I need to be smart here."

Twitch gives him a skeptical stare and turns back to the young woman. "Uh, hi. My name is Twitch, and this is… uh…" He motions to Pierce. "Pierce. If we're forming a guild with you, at least for now, we need to know your name."

She gives a rather cocky smile and answers. "My name is Rina Torume and I am a ninja. I look forward to working with you two, for now anyway."

Twitch scratches the back of his head. "Alright then," Twitch begins to feel uneasy in the silence and the suddenness of the situation, especially since the two are probably much younger than him. "Um, I guess that's one, now we need two more," He pauses. "Let's just go to the Bistro."

"So, Rina, where are you from?" Pierce is getting excited. What kind of team will he have by the end of the day? He also realized that he was building what could possibly become a model of a family to him. He knew he had to learn about his new friends. Rina was the first.

"That's your first question?"

Pierce blinks. This girl is probably younger than him, he allowed her into his guild with no question and now she decides that being rude is a good idea?

"If we're going to form a guild, the most I can do is learn who you are."

"Well, is it important for you to know?"

Twitch reappears with drinks. They didn't want to use too much money, so the only one getting any alcohol was Twitch. Pierce was really the only one getting any food.

"Hmm. Seems you two are getting along." Twitch muses. "What did Pierce say to you?"

"Nothing, really. Where are you from?"

Twitch quickly looks away. Pierce grunts. "We're from the Rad City for Attractive People."

Twitched stares at him in awe, then proceeds to chuckle. "Yeah, that."

Rina urges him. "I'm being serious."

Pierce gives her a stern expression. "Well, is it important for you to know?"

Watching the exchange, Twitch begins the need to leave somewhere. Anywhere. "Um excuse me…" He begins to stand up, but is stomped in the foot by Pierce.

"Hey, don't leave; we're making a new friend. Isn't that right, Rina?"

Twitch continues to ignore him, until he finds his other foot had been stomped as well.

"I'm not sitting here to learn about one guild mate. Don't leave." Rina says without any facial expression.

Twitch sits back down in defeat. "Okay, you win. What are your abilities, Rina?"

Rina thinks for a moment. "I have the ability to direct shadows. Not just mine."

Pierce sits up straight. "Is that useful, in any way?"

"I can bind living things to their shadows, leaving them incapable of movement. I can also turn my shadow into an illusion of myself."

Impressed, Pierce goes on with his examination. "Any reason you decided to join us?"

"You were complaining of a deficiency of guild members. I thought that maybe I could help you and myself." Her face still isn't friendly.

"Fair enough," Pierce says, "Do you have any good ideas for recruitment? A good dossier wouldn't be too bad."

Without hesitation Rina replies, "No."

Twitch chuckles. "Oh well, we'll just have to keep searching blindly." With this statement, he detects the barmaid approaching from the corner of his eye.

"Welcomings! You three are a new guild making preperationings for a foraying in the labyrinth, no?" She says cheerfully. She wore a questionable gown and had long pink hair, her ever-present grin creeping up on the three.

"That's true, but we're short of two members. The Guildmaster won't let us go in without five. That dude worries too much." Pierce says.

"He has reason to. The casualty countings in the labyrinth are immeasurable. Lucky for you rookies, I have a young woman looking for a job. I will go and get." She hurries off.

"That seems good. We're getting another one. What do you two think?" Twitch asks.

"I hope she's well-behaved." From Rina.

"I hope she's attractive." From Pierce.

"Hmm." From Twitch.

They waited for a bit, the silence from the table unnoticed by the drunkards and the laughter from the other people in the bar; Puncheons, sometimes pipes, being emptied by the masses and bold moves and claims by the ones who have had a tad too much. They would occasionally share glances, and they would awkwardly look a different direction immediately after. Pierce, looking past Rina's head, spots the barmaid grab the arm of a random drinking maiden.

Pierce whispers, "That can't be who she…"

The barmaid approaches the trio with the young woman's forearm in her hand.

"I have returned, all! This cute little thing is the young woman I was talking to you about!"

The young woman doesn't look drunk at all, but rather bored, ale in hand and eyes drifting elsewhere. Twitch, for the umpteenth time that day, is clueless as to how to react.

"Well? Will you be doing the introducing?" The barmaid suggests.

Pierce coughed. There was nothing left in the glass cups, meaning that they were supposed to have left already. Once again, a potential recruit comes unexpectantly. He sputters, "Hello, I'm Pierce, the interim Guild leader," he says with a mouthed who pronounced that from Twitch, "you're name is..?"

The young woman stared. She had impressively tidy blond hair, an even more impressive white dress, along with a platinum breastplate and a steel arm. "My name is Dorian DuPleiss. I am an important, er, princess." She slurred. She didn't say anything else.

Rina blinked. "Okay, well, if you're a princess, where are you from?"

Dorian suddenly straightened up and no longer looked lifeless. She scowled. "You're willing to ask such a personal question to a princess?"

Rina blinked once again. "I'm sorry, but isn't a princess supposed to represent her country?"

"Well, yes."

"Will it hurt to ask?" Pierce says.

Dorian suddenly flushes. "Um, well…. I'm from that important castle…" The trio stared, Dorian losing their respect almost entirely. "You know."

This isn't good. Pierce suddenly realizes what he's gotten himself into. He's recruited a feisty ninja and a fake princess into his new guild. Was this going to be his new family?

"I will leave you damn kids to your meeting of each other. My name is Missy, by the way. You can always find me and other adventurers drinking here. Maybe you will be learning of new things from the other adventurers, some will even ask you for favors!" The barmaid, now known as Missy, says.

"Thank you," Twitch says, alone. "We'll visit often."

Missy leaves the four at their table, and Rina scoots over to allow Dorian to sit. After the three introduce themselves to Dorian, the silence takes over, and once again, the noise of the wasted and the stench of the drinking lingers over. Twitch speaks up.

"Let's go bonding outside."

Pierce walked with his hands behind his head and his red eyes to the sky. They had walked quite a distance now and were approaching the harbor again. Inver Port looked pretty nice at dusk, and Pierce could agree. They only needed one more member, and Pierce was very positive that they would find a last member.

"Nice night, isn't it?" Twitch says.

"Yeah, we didn't get many of these back home." Pierce answers.

"The 'Rad City for Attractive People' sounds like a place with glorious nights." Rina says.

The four walk along the harbor for another ten minutes. They didn't have anywhere to go, so they were really just killing time.

"Where are we going?" Dorian asks.

Twitch scratched his head, his fingers running through his messy afro. "Well, we were hoping to get lucky again and find another member, but it doesn't seem like we will. We could head to the inn."

"A final member for your guild, huh?"

The group turn their heads to find a middle aged man with an eye patch and long red hair sitting on the dock beside a crate.

"I didn't know kids were going on suicide missions these days. I must just be getting old," The man stood up and walked over to the group. He was smirking. "Do you kids mind hiring a thirty-eight year old man to your guild?"

"I don't see why not." Twitch grinned.

"Well, there we have it; I am now a member of your guild. What is the name of your guild?"

Pierce and Twitch looked at each other. They never thought of that. "We never thought of one." Pierce explains.

The man's smile does not disappear. "Not a problem," He turns his head to the others. "I see you have two lovely lasse- wait," He spots Dorian standing behind Rina, shaking. "Ven? You actually managed to get yourself in a guild?" Dorian nods, still shaking. "Haha, seems like we'll be colleagues, at least for now, anyway."

Rina raised an eyebrow. "You two know each other?"

"As a matter of fact, yes. Ven would walk past my house and buy Garbanzo Beans from me at least three times a week, sometimes three times a day. It's kind of funny actually, she isn't one for manners, and I think I pissed her off on our first meeting, but she just kept coming." The man explains.

"You've been calling her Ven, is there any reason for that?" Pierce asks.

"Why? Is there a problem?"

"Her name is Dorian, you sure you two know each other?"

"Dorian? I've never heard that name. I'm positive this is Ven. She's wearing the same clothes, she's got the same face, hair. No doubt, this is Ven."

"Has she ever introduced herself to you?"

The man brought a finger to his chin. "No actually, I just figured her name was Ven, after all, that's what her 'friends' called her. Isn't that right? Dorian?" He leans over towards Dorian.

She straightens her dress up a bit, but does not stop shaking. "Yeah."

Twitch stepped in front of Dorian. "I think that's eno-"

The man cut him off. "Hey, what happened to your old friends? I haven't seen you hanging out with them ever since you got that steel arm."

"I, um… I uh," Dorian didn't know what to say.

The man chuckled to himself. "I'll just ask you later. Mind telling me your names, then?"

Twitch felt uneasy about this man, but he could tell that he was friendly by heart. "My name is Theodore, you can just call me Twitch if you want. That there is Pierce, the one next to him is Rina. We're all just getting to know each other here, so let's not die."

The man nods his head. He hasn't let go of his smile. "My name is Kentigern Harvey. You can just call me Harvey. Let's hope to have a long run in the labyrinth." He shows his hand, and Twitch takes it to shake.

So, we have recruited all 5 members of the guild. Although it may not look like it, Harvey will be the prominent character. We got a lot of new characters coming in next time, so don't expect me to update again real quickly. Anyone excited for the localization of Etrian Odyssey IV on February? I'm also posting small bios of every one of my important characters each chapter. Next up is Twitch.