Name: Rina Torume

Class: Ninja

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green

Hometown: "Is it important for you to know?"

Age: 16

Charm Point: Kitsune Mask

Serious for her age, Rina was raised to become a gymnast. While out on a trip with her mother, her father and her grandparents were attacked and, ultimately, eliminated. She travelled to Armoroad on her mother's behalf, who died of sickness two years later. Now at the age of sixteen, she decided to join a guild and ultimately became a member of the Eridani Guild.

She is serious, standoffish, and somewhat impetuous, but she will often show signs of immaturity. She has a great love for citrus fruits. The mask on her head is always in pristine condition,

"Alright, which one of you wants to draw the map?" Harvey expects one of his guild-mates to raise a hand or say 'yes', but gets nothing. "Fine, I'll do it myself."

"Making the old man do it?" The guard laughs quietly to himself, and then darkens. "Man, I wish I was in your position. Guard work gets boring and lonely real quickly," he sighs. "Look, map everything in this floor except for this area behind me, and report back to me, then the Senatus. Once you do that, I'll let you proceed down the labyrinth."

"Understood, we'll be back shortly." Harvey says.

"Or not. If there's still blooding flowing in your body before you're back, I'll be happy."

Harvey doesn't respond to this and makes his way farther into the Labyrinth. The four behind him follow suit like geese. The Labyrinth is just as pretty inside as it is outside. The rich foliage and clear, running water make it look like they were out for a nature stroll, but numbers don't lie, and Harvey understands the danger in the Labyrinth if the death toll was that high.

Wait a second. "Hey, do you hear that?" Harvey stops in his tracks, surprising his companions.

Pierce takes a step forward. "I don't hear anything Harvey, are you sure?"

Harvey takes out his cutlass and spots a few fanged fish appear from the nearby brush. Harvey grunts. "That's it? Shouldn't be too hard, I'll sit this one out and see what you can do." Harvey yawns and backs up. The ensuing fight is rather uneventful, but still impressionable. Twitch shoots a few arrows straight between the eyes of one. Rina disables another one, which Pierce proceeds to rip apart. It's all Harvey needs to see to know that these kids know what they're doing. There's one remaining one, and he tells the three to let Dorian handle it.

"You know the drill. Show us what you have, Dorian." Harvey motions her forward. The girl meekly steps up.

"Alright then, uh…" Dorian takes a larger step forward, causing the fanged fish to back up a bit. After a minute without action, the fanged fish strikes, causing Dorian to put her steel arm up in defense.

This defensive gesture ends up being a sharp uppercut, and the fanged fish is whacked in the face by the force In turn Dorian falters and hits the grass.

"Don't keep us waiting! Go forward and strike!" Harvey shouts. Harvey understands now. She isn't afraid; she just doesn't know what to do.

Dorian nods and stands up. She holds her sword with both hands and charges. Her confidence makes her look a lot better, she brings her sword over her head and swings it down with authority. Harvey pumps a fist. "That's the way you do it!" The fish bounces off the ground and goes flying over a bush, and then a sharp roar is heard.

"What was that!?" Twitch exclaims. Dorian looks relieved for a second, and then a Great Lynx soars over her head and bellows a ferocious roar. Harvey immediately reacts to the danger.

"Get ready, everyone! This is a real challenge for you guys!" Harvey braces himself and sidesteps over to the Great Lynx. "Let's see how we work as a team!"

Twitch backpedals really far back and readies an arrow. Rina immediately takes full speed, and Pierce attempts to take her back. Harvey waits for his allies or the opposition to make a move. Suddenly, an arrow grazes past the Lynx's sides, causing it to leap back in shock. Harvey takes the opportunity to slash at its head. A clean hit, and Harvey jumps back to let the other two get to work. Rina lunges forward and then spirals away from a swipe from the Lynx's paw. Rina probably did something there, because the Lynx stepped back and stumbled on its feet.

"This is it!" Pierce's grin widens as he dashes forward. Dorian raises her sword and points it at Pierce.

"Hit harder you fucking peasant!" She shrieks.

Suddenly, Pierce feels a tremendous power on his shoulders and swings his sword straight through the Great Lynx while leaping. Victorious, his feet hit the floor and he strikes a triumphant pose.

And then he falls forward flat on his face, both halves of the Great Lynx carcass falling on either side of him. Rina lurches forward and suppresses a laugh. Twitch just lets it out. In fact, everyone was laughing save for Harvey, who was too busy being amazed by what Dorian had just done. He jogs over to Dorian.

"Where did you learn that?"

Dorian shakes her head roughly. "Wh-what?"

"What you just did. You amplified Pierce's attacking force. It was tremendous!"

"What? I just insulted him and he got stronger. I've known how to do that all my life. I didn't think it was all that special."

"Attack Order, it enhances the attack party of a row of allies. There's a defensive and an ailment protection version of that too, you know," Harvey smirks. "That was an insinuation."


"I said, that was an insinuation for what to learn in the future."

"I don't know what insinuation means."

Harvey inserts his cutlass into his scabbard and chuckles. "Insinuation means 'hint'."

"How was I supposed to know?" Dorian asks.

Harvey looks on to the path ahead and palms the top of her head. "Read books."

The sun is directly over their heads, and Harvey has a good portion of the map completed. "I think this is good, fellas. Let's head on back and tell the guard."

On the way back, Rina hears a faint cry behind the brush. Harvey calls for a quick gathering of materials, so Rina decides to investigate the sound. As she walks, the sound grows louder, and eventually the flora clears to unveil an ensnared baby platypus.

Its pleading cries tempt the young ninja and she can't help but give in. Rina scans the area before deciding that it is safe to free the platypus. She kneels next to the baby platypus and takes out her knife, cutting through the ropes (or vines? She couldn't tell). The platypus cries to itself in the presence of a human, but remains still. She helps the platypus out of the trap and is about to go on her way, but spots two bigger platypus emerge from behind a nearby try. She freezes, hoping not to alarm the newcomers. The platypuses walk over to the baby and escort it away from Rina. Rina is relieved at first, but then Pierce suddenly appears from behind the brush and accidentally kicks the baby.

"Good going, idiot."

Rina puts her hand on her knife and braces herself. Pierce, confused and surprised, struggles to get himself ready. The largest platypus spins and throws itself at Pierce. Pierce, being too busy trying to take out his sword, is hit in the face by the bill. Pierce is left rolling around on the floor with his hands to his face. Rina moves at lightning speed and strikes the middle sized platypus. Startled, the large platypus lunges at Rina. Rina moves out of the way when suddenly the platypus bolts from its landing spot and hits Rina's waist with its tail. Rina was rather unfazed by this, bringing her knife down on the assailant. Defeated, Rina looks at the carnage. The baby is nowhere to be found. She sighs.

"Pierce, are you all right?" Rina walks over and looks down on him. Pierce rolls over and sits up. He had gotten a huge bruise on his cheek. "Oh, let's get you over to Harvey." Rina offers her hand to help him on his feet, when, unexpectedly, she feels a sharp pain in her hip where the platypus's tail hit her. Even more unexpectedly, the pain suddenly becomes overwhelming and Rina topples over.

"Whoa, what happened? You okay?" Pierce pores over Rina.

"Help me." She requests. Pierce rolls over and stands up, brushing himself off.

"Oh, of course. I am going to help you," Pierce hesitates. "What do I do?"

Rina can't believe how stupid this boy is. "Pick me up and show what could become my corpse to the others." She grunts in pain after this.

"All right. Don't you worry, Rina. I have this under control. I am the greatest after all." Pierce holds Rina in his arms and rushes through the brush. A few branches hit Rina and Pierce in the face on the way there, hurting Pierce much more than it hurt Rina, but Pierce is too busy worrying about what Rina would do to him after she got better. When they come back to where they were before, they find Harvey pacing back and forth in a panic, Twitch organizing flowers, and Dorian watching Harvey's pacing attentively. The buccaneer sees Rina's state and rushes over.

"What the hell happened!?" Harvey is fuming as he takes out his bag.

"Rina walked away, so I went to follow her, and then we got attacked. Not sure what happened to her though. She just fell over when I sat up." Pierce answers, unfazed by his rage.

"What did you get attacked by?"

"Platypuses. I accidentally kicked one of them, then Rina called me an idiot, which was hurtful, mind you, and then the platypus went 'HHEHHEEEE'. And then this happened." Pierce quickly explains. He catches Twitch suppressing a laugh.

"Platypuses? You probably got poisoned, Rina. Here, have some of this." Harvey acquires a jar of fluid from the bag.

"What's that?" Pierce asks.

"Theriaca B, status medicine. It can heal any sort of ailment as long as the person's alive," Harvey pauses. "She's not dead is she?"

"Of course not. If she was, I wouldn't have shown my face."

"Well then, bring her here."

Pierce places Rina gently on the floor. Harvey stoops down next to her.

"She's bleeding over here, is this where I want to put it?"

Pierce scratches his head. "How should I know?"

Harvey's rage rises. "Is this where she got hit?"


"Well, then," Harvey pours some over the wound. Rina isn't quite sure if that was the correct way to do it, and she begins to feel a lot of pain after the liquid hits. "I don't want either of you doing anything like that again. The Labyrinth is a dangerous place, and separating from the rest is the exact opposite of what I want. That goes for the both of you too," Harvey looks back at Twitch and Dorian. "I'm no expert, but I think you're supposed to drink it too. The pain won't suppress unless you let that wound heal on its own, but the poison should be gone." He hands Rina the medicine to drink, which she does. It doesn't taste all too bad, Rina enjoys sour tastes. The pain is subsiding, but her vision is escaping her, and she begins to feel really tired.

"All right," Harvey stands up. "Rina's still immobile, so we'll have to help her out. Then. shall we get going?" The other three nod at his question.

"Who's going to hold Rina on the way, back? Are you gonna do it, Harvey?" Pierce asks.

"I'm sorry, were you told to draw a map?"

Pierce turns to Twitch. "You're not holding a giant crossbow."

He turns his head to Dorian. "If it weren't for you, she probably wouldn't have gotten hurt to begin with."

Pierce looks back down to Rina. She appears to have fallen asleep. He sighs as he picks her up, and they trek back down to the entrance using the shortcut they had previously found, and were back to the guard in the blink of an eye.

The guard scans the guild and eventually spot Rina in Pierce's arms. "A casualty I see, well, you still made it past. Four remaining members isn't a good number for the next few floors."

"No, she's still alive. A bit roughed up, but still breathing." Pierce explains, shrugging.

"Okay then, that's cool too, I suggest you go back to town and get that wound closed correctly," He motions towards the other three. "Do you have a map for me?"

Harvey hands over the map he made. "Is this what you were looking for?"

The guard grabs the map and examines it, studying each detail. "Looks pretty good to me, you can go on ahead, but you look pretty tired. It's been a good 4 hours since I last saw you," He yawns, hands back the map, and sits on the floor. "Don't worry about me; I'll just be here, doing boring old guard work." He seems like a depressed man.

"Of course." Harvey turns to leave, and is followed by the four youngsters behind him.

"Pierce." Harvey addresses Pierce.

"Yes?" Pierce answers.

"We'll go on ahead to the Senatus. Take Rina back to the inn."

The boy grunts, but hustles away. "Yeah,yeah.

Harvey watches Pierce go with Rina in his arms. "Let's go to the Senatus."

Before anyone even says anything, Flowdia smiles at the return of the three. "Welcome, word has reached me of your success in completing the map. You were even faster than those teenagers yesterday, Saturos, if I recall. You've proven your mettle strong enough to challenge the Labyrinth, but, you seem to be missing two members. They might be dead, which wouldn't surprise me, or I could just be misunderstanding and they are injured. It means nothing right now, though. I'll authorize the sale of items at Napier's Firm which you may find necessary in your travels." Flowdia says. Her voice was always soothing in a way.

Edie. "Thank you very much." Harvey says.

"I must say, many guilds have passed this first mission, but there's something different about you. Eridani, was it? I have high expectations for you. You'll have a long run in the Labyrinth, I can tell," She laughs softly to herself. "It all depends on your cautiousness and your intelligence. I look forward to more feats in the future. This is hopefully the first of greater." Harvey nods his head and takes his leave.

"You didn't have to say much there, huh Harvey?" Twitch says.

"Will you always have something to say during our visits here?"

Rina wakes up to find herself looking up at the sky, moving. "Oh, you're up again. We're back in town. I'm taking you back to the inn. The others went to the Senatus to show the map." Rina finds a pretty face looking down at her. Well actually, it's just Pierce. He gives her a silly grin, causing her to blush, and looks forward again to just barely avoid running into someone. Well, behind that pretty face is a thick skull.

"How long have I been out?" She airily asks.

"Pretty long. Carrying you like this with people staring at me is pretty hard. If it weren't for you, I'd been there a long time ago. We're almost there though." Pierce answers.

Rina slightly moves her head and looks around. "I think I can walk."

"Not you. I guess that wound of yours is still visible. The bleeding has long since stopped, though." Pierce answers. He suddenly tenses up. "I've been carrying you for so long; I wouldn't be surprised if the other three were tailing us now.


"No, it's my fault. It seems like you had everything in control until I came in."


The two were silent until they reached the inn five minutes later. The innkeeper boy was shocked by their return. "That doesn't look good. We need to get her treated immediately." He rushed them into the sanatorium.

"Here ya go." Pierce hands Rina over to the stretcher next to the nurse and turns around. "I'll be waiting out here." Pierce steps out the door and takes a seat. The innkeeper boy walks up to him. "So, you failed, huh. You'll get 'em next time. I'm sure of it, boss." Considering his implication of death, the younger boy doesn't seem too bothered.

"Actually, we did it. Our leader told me to bring her here. The others should be here soon." He gave him an assuring smile. The boy beams.

"Really? That's great to hear!" The innkeeper boy exclaims. Suddenly, his face shows curiosity. "Did anyone die today?" Pierce gives him a funny look. The entrance to the inn opens and he hears a familiar voice.

"How many times did you die? I'm actually gettin' more impressed as we talk about it." Pierce stands up to greet them. The Saturos Guild had returned from their most recent foray. Sprit is conducting a conversation.

"What's up guys? We passed our first mission." Pierce explains.

"Wow, great job," Fei congratulates. "Where are the others?"

"Harvey sent me to bring Rina to the infirmary here. It doesn't look too ridiculous though, just a flesh wound. The other three went to the Senatus to report our success. They should be back real soon." Pierce says.

The monk gives him a genuine smile and places a hand on her hip. "Sounds good. We went ahead to the second floor and found a huge-ass lizard blocking the way," Fei says. "We didn't want to mess with it yet."

Sprit grunts. "I thought we coulda taken it."

"An FOE? We can't take those the way we are now." Al explains.

"Says the one who wouldn't stay alive." Sprit replies.

"At least I died in places you could revive me. If you went ahead and fought that thing, we wouldn't have been able to do anything to your body."

"Ah, shut it smart boy."

Pierce waits for a second. "I'm surprised Carrick. You haven't said anything yet. You're usually the first to speak."

"Punishment for yesterday. No pretentious remarks from him today. He also pissed me off a while ago, another reason. I told him to shut his trap for the remainder of the day or else I'd stop paying for his meals for the next week," Fei explains. She turns to Carrick. "I think it's worked pretty well."

Twitch and Dorian appear through the doorway, with Harvey emerging behind them. "Pierce, did we miss anything?" The guild leader asks.

"What could you have possibly missed?" Pierce answers.

"How's Rina?"

"She woke up fine on the way here. She's in there right now. It doesn't look to bad. That therry-thingy that you gave her probably worked." Pierce explains.

"So I guess we've got nothing to worry about," Harvey turns his head to see Saturos and nods his head. "How are you?"

Al tips his cap, and everyone else nods with a smile. "Doing just fine, thank you." Fei answers.

"Hey Pierce. If anything like that happens again, you won't have to carry the body all the way back here." Twitch says. He tosses an item over to Pierce. It's a white thread, seemingly useless.

"What? A piece of yarn? How does this have anything to do with what you just said?" Pierce asks.

Twitch snaps his finger and walks over to take a seat on a wooden stool. "That, my friend, is an Ariadne Thread. That stuff teleports whole guilds back to the entrance of the Labyrinth. The woman at Napier's Firm gave that to us. Our survivability has increased tenfold!" Twitch explains.

"I learned today that they won't give those things to rookies who haven't mapped the first floor yet," Harvey explains. He grimaces as he says this, as though he's offended. "Death toll is higher than it should be."

Pierce studies the thread. "How do we use it? It's just a piece of thread."

Dorian takes the thread from him. "Well, we just do thi-"

Harvey stops her. "Don't do it now! We got this one for quite a bit of money. Save it for when we need it."

Pierce turns to Al. "What was that you said? FOE?"

"Yes, an FOE, short for Formido Oppugnatura Exsequens, or, even easier, Field on Enemy. Those are large monsters that don't usually attack you unless you provoke them. That's just usually. Even so, they're gigantic, they can take a lot of abuse, and they're pretty good at killing things," Al explains. "There are quite a few of them. They're easy to detect, but sometimes hard to avoid. I'd say avoiding as many as you can until you're strong enough, smart enough, and foolish enough to take one head on. One last thing, you won't find any on the first floor."

"That seems kind of cool." Pierce comments.

"Seems cool now, but they should be a pain in the ass to kill." Al turns to Fei.

"We could take the rest of the day off. Our bag got pretty well filled in there, what do you think Al?" Fei says.

"I think you are absolutely correct."

"Yes, so take this and bring it to Napier's Firm."

"Aye aye." Al takes the bag and walks out.

The rest of the Saturos guild disperses, and the monk takes a seat on a couch. Fei turns her attention to Eridani. "How was your first mission? Rough?"

Harvey answers. "Well, since we're back with Ariadne Threads, you can probably tell we passed. Rina's in there because she ran off alone, and then Pierce was foolish enough to follow suit. That's how Pierce got his cheek roughed up, and why Rina's in there. Rina's wound isn't really all that bad. According to Pierce, she got hit by a poison tail from a platypus, and that's why she's not moving. She looked completely fine everywhere else, though."

"Platypus? You shouldn't be able to find any of those on the first floor."

"I was surprised myself." Harvey says.

The sanatorium's door opens, revealing a relieved nurse and a rather enraged looking Rina. "She should be good to go. She's not at 100%, but she should be fine." The nurse explains.

Rina stomps over to Pierce. "I said I was sorry a while ago, but then treatment began. So, in order to keep my mind away from the pain, I began to think," Pierce swallows. "This is your fault." She concludes, her expression darkening. Fei and Harvey both smirk, but Pierce becomes increasingly nervous.

The gladiator. scratches the back of his head. "Sorry, but you know, I did say that it was my fault a while ago. I guess you weren't listening."

Twitch laughs. "Arguing? I think we've bonded pretty well these two days, huh?"

Harvey chuckles. "You seem to be correct," Harvey assumes a stance of pride. "You guys did a good job today, better than what I expected. We should go to the Bistro and celebrate. How about it?"

"Well if that's the case, we'll join you." Fei announces.

The two guilds agree and head to the bistro to spend the night in seemingly harmless fun.

I finished this one much faster than I thought I would. I think I did a much better job in this chapter than I did in all of the other chapters. I'll be introducing two new characters next chapter, along with Kujura. This is the last update for the year, and I wish you all a Happy New Year. Our next bio is Harvey's.

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