[Because not everything fits neatly into a single category or two]


He had thought her transparent when he saw first caught sight of her blue head bent over a book, engrossed in the seemingly endless turning of pages, lost to the world outside, completely unperturbed by her fellow senshi's ongoing sparring matches in the background.

He had deemed her shy when she returned his greeting kiss on her hand with a healthy blush creeping up her cheeks, and grinned to himself a secretive sort of grin when she turned away as quickly as possible after catching his gaze.

He had been in awe to discover her genius potentials matched his when she was the only one in attendance able to keep up with his "scientific babbling", as his auburn-haired teammate liked to call it, while the rest of the lunar court's welcoming party looked on in boredom and confusion. Not that he was as conservative as one of those higher aristocrats, who had gotten a verbal warning from the raven-haired senshi for loud-mouthing their obnoxious backward beliefs... But still, it was relief, not envy he felt, as he finally found his match in non-trivial conversations.

He had stared open-mouth as she gracefully moved across the dance floor, taking it upon herself to deflect attention from her princess so the latter could sneak off with her prince into the rose garden planted specifically for her enjoyment. She kept her princess' suitors occupied for the rest of the night with political debates and philosophical discussions, playing artfully the part of a social butterfly that he had not thought possible up until the ball.

He had froze on the spot as she moved from the other side of the practice ground, almost as light as a snowflake fleeting on the surface of an iced-over lake, captivated by the elegance in her poise and ensnared by surprise as she pointed her crystal sword at his throat, and again enchanted by her silvery laughter as she sheathed the weapon just as swiftly and dipped into a small curtsey, which he hastily returned.

It seemed she was no different from the ice she commanded, reflecting off different colours of light depending on what source they originated from and momentarily taking on a different shine in the process.


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