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"Why we here?" Hellboy asked lighting a cigar, looking at all the agents, Abe, Liz, and Tom Manning waiting for something in the main hall. No reply. Red sighed, it was easier for them to call him Red or HB instead of saying his full name, and put the cigar in his mouth, swishing his tail.

Abe was a fish like person, he stood and walked like a person, but he had gills and the things in between his arms, legs, toes and fingers had what was it called? Anyway they were to help him swim, and then there was Liz. Liz, HB sighed in his head, she was the girl he had loved for like ever. She was pretty normal, but she's able to start fire, not like with rock or a match, but with her mind kind of. She was fire proof of course, and so was he, but she had kept coming and going, agreeing to stay and leaving, the B.P.R.D., Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defence. Liz had long black hair, which she cut short, and palish skin.

The lift slowly started lowering, showing about 5 agents, but he couldn't see what the fuss was about. Once the lift was at the bottom the agents stepped to the side, revealing a girl about 15 maybe. She walked froward," Iris Frostsnow, k vašim službám, rád, že vás poznávám." HB stared blankly at her. She cleared her throat, "My apologies. Nice making your acquaintance, Iris Frostsnow at your service."

"I like her," Abe said to HB, making Iris smirk. "Come, let me show you to your room," Tom said. She nodded, thanked a agent for getting her her suitcase, and followed Tom. "We should go Red," Abe said waiting with HB as everyone else left.

"Who's the guy with the tail?" Iris asked Manning as they walked through the halls. "You mean Hellboy? The Red one with the filed horns and cigar?"

"Yea, and the fish guy, and fire starter?"

"How did you know she's a fire starter?"

"I can just tell,"

"Any way the girls name is Liz Sherman, and the fish guy is Abe Sapien. This is your room," Tom finished opening a door reveling a bed, walk in closet, desk, and bathroom. "Thank you," Iris said walking into the room, setting her suitcase on the bed."If there's anything you need just ask." Tom said closing the door.

Iris opened her suitcase and pulled out her iPod Nano which was black and her mac book pro which had a red and black cover over it. She went onto the nearest high school and started to hack into the system. Going to the enroll list, she entered her fake name, birth day, and address. She entered the date so that it was 1 month ago, saying that she would be attending November 16th. "Time to get ready for school," Iris said to herself. It was 6 am, and school started at 8.

Iris looked at the dress code, 'No 1) Sleeveless or under two finger shirts 2) Symbols that represent weapons or gangs 3) weapons of any kind on any thing 4) Torn, or ripped jeans 5) short shorts, or short shirts 6) shoe heels higher than 3 inches 7) low rise pants'

"Ok, let's see what I have," she said opening her suitcase and taking out her clothes and hanging them up. After she hung up everything, she grabbed a pair of black pants, a black leather jacket, a red and black tank-top that was just barely two fingers, and a pair of black three inch ankle boots. She changed quickly, and grabbed her backpack out of her suitcase. In the bag, there was a black duck-taped folder, two red note books, a pencil case with 5 black pens, red pens, blue pens, and pencils, a sketch book, and just in case a hand gun that was hiden in a secret pocket. Iris grabbed her laptop and iPod and stuck them into the bag, then grabbed her brush. She brushed out her long jet black hair with red streaks, then put it into a high ponytail. She let out her wings for a minute, knowing she wouldn't get a chance later. The black wings with red and white tips seemed to glow in the light. They were soft, like super soft. She pulled her wings against her back again in a slight panic as she heard a knock on the door and then it opening.

Hellboy and Abe Sapien walked in. " We just wanted to come and introduce ourselves, I'm Abe Sapien, and-" Hellboy interrupted Abe," and I'm Hellboy, but they call me Red, or HB." Hellboy expected her to stare at his horns like everyone does when they first meet, like John Myers, but she just glanced at them then shrugged. "Like I said before, Iris Frostsnow," she said picking up the empty hangers, hanging them up. "And now your wondering why I'm here," Iris said, her back to them still. She glanced at the clock by her bed, 7:30, I need to go, she thought. Their little communicator things beeped. "You should probably get that."

"Yea?" HB said as he answered, "We'll be there in a minute. Abe, Manning needs use in the conference room. "Have fun in your conference," Iris said sarcastically.

After they left, she waited a minute, then walked cautiously outside her room. She turned invisible and started running toward the exit. Once she was outside the building, she reappeared, and took a taxi to school, and walked into the office with 5 minutes to spare. "Hi, I'm new and was wondering if I could get me schedule." Iris said to the man sitting behind the desk. His name plack said Sal, "what's your name?"

"Sable Moreno," Iris said giving him her fake name, because technically she had died in a shooting 50 years ago, along with her family. "I don't know why, but we never made a schedule for you, hold on let me make you one right now. Take a seat, it'll be a couple minutes." Iris sat down and waited. "What elective would you like, we have one for sports, drawing and writing, or dance?" "I'll take drawing and writing."

"Ok, here," Sal said handing her a small piece of paper with the 6 classes she would be taking, the location, and the teacher. He also handed her a paper with the map of the school on it. Her first class was English in room 120. Iris looked at the map, it was on the second story and relatively close to the office. Iris walked there, opening the door, and finding it mostly empty. "Are you lost?" the teacher asked from the desk. "Um, no this is my first class, I'm new here." Iris said showing him the schedule."Ok, choose a seat."

She walked to the back, and sat in the corner, close to a window. The board said to take out a piece of paper, pen, and write down the home work, which was none. People started to walk in as it got closer to the bell. She was looking out the window when she felt someone's body heat by her. Iris turned to see a guy and girl sitting by her. The girl was wearing black jeans and a black shirt with a batman varsity on and had snake bite piercings. She had a black unicorn back pack on her desk that had a gold horn and a red mane. The girl looked at Iris," Your new here, aren't you? I'm Silvi BTW" Silvi said reaching over the guy to shake her hand, "Ir- I'm Sable," Iris said shaking her hand.

"Ok we should go tell Iris," Abe said, back in the conference room. "Ok, let's go," Liz said, walking toward Iris' room. When they got there, Liz knocked and opened the door. They looked around, the room was empty. "Has anyone seen Iris?" Abe said over the communications, "She's not in her room." There were a couple no's. "I think I saw her leave and take a taxi somewhere." the guy that controlled the lift said. "Let's go find her," HB said.