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"Abe, get her out of here." HB lifted the agent and took off toward the medic bay.

"Come on, let's go," Abe moved closer to her, but Iris shook her head backing more into the corner. Liz had went with HB to the medical bay. "Fine, here. This'll prove you won't hurt me." Abe stuck his arm out. She tried not to look at him or his arm, but she couldn't not look. "Here, I bet if you try you won't like it." Abe moved his arm closer to her mouth, receving an uncertain look from her.

She nodded and lifted his wirst to her mouth.

(Abe P.O.V.)

She had refused to go, so I was offering her my wrist. My blood was different from the other's, one because it was blue. She lifted my wrist to her mouth and sank her canines into the skin. It was a pinch, then she forced my wrist away and started coughing. She started shaking her head. "See, now let's go clean you up."

(Third person omnis. P.O.V.)

Abe helped Iris to the bathroom where he got a rag and started to clean the blood off her face. Her expression was a pleading look. Usually he would help Proffesser Broom with these problems, but Broom wasn't here anymore. "Who's Broom?"

Abe looked as surprised as he could. No one had told her about Broom, it was like she was reading his mind. "How do you know about Broom? No one told you about him." Iris looked at the ground. He crouched down to look her in the eyes. "What are you not telling us?"

"Well, I, um, my name isn't really Iris Frostsnow." Iris was expecting him to flip out but Abe just blinked waiting for her to continue. "It's easier if I show you." She got up and started to the library. She went to the bookshelf, her hand raised slightly, her eyes closed. She continued like this for a minute, searching for a book. "Here it is. I knew you'd have a copy. Here," Iris handed Abe the book. Her hand brushed his as he grabbed the book, and he saw a flash of what had happened when the man had her.

She must have known that he had seen because she pulled her hand back and mumbled something. "I didn't mean to, my appologies." If he could blush Abe definatly was. "Read," she nodded toward the book. He had read this book once before. "I've read this before."

She sat on the desk, "Page 95 paragraph 2." Abe flipped to the page, "Read it out loud."

'And when they were brought to the world, came with them a guardian. To protect the people from them if they were to ot of control. The guardian has the ability of every thing. Telepathy, wings, teloconisis, ect. As long as there is a threat to any kind the guardian will remain on this Earth to protect them.'

Abe looked at her, now she had her jet black,red and white tipped wings exposed. Red and Liz walked in. "Abe they said he should be fine he just-," Liz stopped when she saw Iris. Iris glanced up at them, but then looked at the ground. "I'm going back to my room," Iris muttered quietly pulling her wings against her and walking away. The veins around her eyes were close to the suface as she passed Liz and Red, her pausing for a second before continuing to her room.

"Hey, Iris, you okay? You seem shaken," HB said walking after her. He never expected her to snap, which she did, "Shaken?! I died. I hurt someone, I could have killed them. I can't get the taste, or smell, or even the rush of knowing what I did. The worse part is thet because of him, I actually enjoyed all of that, the rush of knowing that at any second I could drain someone dry, or that all it takes for me to kill someone is just a simply little snap. That at any moment I could just not feel, let all emotion of caring or restaint go slightly and kill every person in this town. So yes, I'm shaken. I am constantly fighting to not just try and get a taste of blood or to not just snap and hurt everyone."

"Iris, I- I know what you're going through," Red tried to say before she cut him off. "You have not even a clue what I'm going through. To not be able to even look at anyone. To have to isolate yourself from the people that surround you in fear that you might drain them of all their blood. Not I have to go back to my room, I've been out to long. I was taking even more than a risk to just go the show Abe the book."