A.N 1) Hello. I know, I really shouldn't be starting a new story when I have so many going at the moment, but this plot bunny wouldn't leave me alone. Updates will most likely be slower than the rest of my stories, but that will just be the way it will be for a while. If I get any facts wrong (historical or in the Vampire Diaries universe), I am sorry. I do my best, but there will possibly be a slip-up, and if there is, I am hoping you tell me.

A.N 2) Now, onto Anne herself. Her character and speech will be different, but it's been hundreds of years since Tudor England and since she 'died'. How she escaped will be revealed eventually. I am using Natalie Dormer's looks for Anne - blue eyes being the biggest factor. If you have a problem with that, I don't really care. I'm not going to lose sleep over it.

Anne POV;

''We will be alright here.'' I jumped when Katherine's voice intruded in my muddled thoughts.

''I hope so; for this is my last hope.'' I sighed and held up a hand before she could protest. I leant my head against the window of the carriage and repeated our story. ''My family burnt to death when your family was visiting. The end result was that both our families and my husband,'' here I had to swallow and shake off the memories. ''Perished in the flames. I then took you in and now were are staying with the Salvatore's until I find you a suitable husband.''

''Yes, yes. You have told me before.'' Katherine trailed off as the carriage slowed to a stop. I barley paid any attention to Katherine or the introductions, instead staring at a young man with messy dark hair and light blue eyes; even though they looked nothing alike, the sight of his slightly similar features still shattered the remains of my broken heart. I jumped what Katherine touched my arm. ''This is the woman who is like my older sister, Anne.''

''Pleased to meet you.'' I said, shaking the hand of a young man with green eyes, while screaming inside.

Katherine POV;

I turned to introduce Anne to Stefan and Damon, when I saw she was staring at someone - Damon. It might have been roughly 328 years since that basted who calls himself a fair and just ruler killed an innocent woman. It hurt me (not that I would ever admit it) to see the power that he still has over her. I introduced her to Stefan and flicked a glance at her while they were shaking hands; her dress and hair were perfect, so why was she upset?

I shook it off and let her pass me as we were lead into the Salvatore house.