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My mother decided to get remarried to some cop she met which, left me having to move to some town called Beacon Hills. To make matters worse I now have a brother whom I haven't met yet.

"How can she expect me to just leave!" I yelled pacing in my room as Elena and Bonnie sat on my bed. "I mean she knows you guys need my help dealing with the whole Klaus thing!"

"You were a great Klaus distraction." Bonnie said making us all laugh.

"Geeh thanks."

"We'll be fine Care, I'm more worried about you, new town, new dad, and a new brother?"

"He goes by Stiles, Can you believe that! What the hells a Stiles?" Elena and Bonnie laughed while I was having a mental break down. "I'd rather be Klaus bait than leaving this place.." I could feel the tears threatening to leave my eyes, and was quickly embraced by my two best friends.

"We're all going to miss you." Elena said her voice sounding shaky.

"Promise you'll call everyday." Bonnie sniffled.

"Aww don't cry guys." But it was too late. A knock stopped our cries. "You can't have Elena back. It's girl time." I whined seeing the amusement in his green eyes.

"Good to see you too Caroline. Sorry to break girl time but I brought back up." My smile grew wider as Stefan lifted up some alcohol.
"Stefan Salvatore bringing party favors? What a pleasant surprise!" I hugged my favorite Salvatore brother allowing him inside.

"Figured it's your last night here, might as well have some fun."

Elena smiled kissing him on the lips. "I like this side." Stefan smirked handing everyone a drink. We got drunk reminiscing of our past memories.

"Remember when you tried to get with Stefan!" Bonnie laughed.

I giggled putting a pillow over my face. "God don't remind me! What was I thinking! No offense Stefan."

He chuckled. "None taken it was pretty funny to watch."

I threw the pillow at him as the whole room erupt in laughter.

"Lets not even mention the Damon phase!" Bonnie slurred out.

I made fake gagging noises. "Stefan I need another drink to block that memory out!" He handed me the bottle.

"What if you compel your mom to let you stay?" Elena asked.

"Can't she's on vervain, trust me I've already tried to compel her. Got me in even more trouble!"

"What do you mean more trouble?"
"I may have accidentally compelled my new dad to jump of a bridge.."

"Caroline! I told you not to compel people." Stefan said sobering up.

" I didn't mean to! I simply said 'oh go jump of a bridge.' But I realized what I did and fixed it having him forget having talked to me."

"It's still wrong and you know that."

"I know, but he was just ugh! I know it wasn't right..What am I going to do with out you looking out for me Stefan?" I said smiling hoping to lighten his mood.

He smiled back. "I'll do annual check ups, make sure you haven't gotten yourself in any trouble."

"Good luck with that." Elena giggled out.

"What does that mean?"

"You have your way of always finding trouble Care." Both Elena and Bonnie agreed.
"As long as Klaus doesn't stalk me I 'm good."

"At least he wouldn't be here any more." Bonnie stated, than bust up at the look she earned from me. "I'm kidding! Although.."

"Shut it Bennett." I handed her the bottle.

Stefan checked his watch than sat up. " I better go make sure Damon hasn't done anything stupid." He hugged me tightly than kissed Elena and left.

"Is it bad I might actually miss Klaus?" Did I just say that? God its the alcohol.

Both girls gave me weird looks. "Why? He's evil."

"I mean he got me nice things." They both laughed. I wasn't about to admit I thought he was attractive eww. I need to stop drinking. After the drinks were gone we passed out on the bed.

I rolled over and off the bed, I was slow to react so I landed straight on my face. "Damn it! I beginning to think hangovers are worst for vampires."

"Or it could be the fact you landed on your face." Bonnie said walking in with three coffees.

I smiled. "Bonnie Bennett I loovvee you."

"I know, your moms waiting for you outside in the moving car." She sounded sad.

I said my good-byes to Elena and Bonnie.

"You ready Caroline?" My mother asked.

"Ready as I'll ever be." She turned on the engine . As we drove away a little piece of me broke, no more Mystic Falls, No more Bonnie magic, No more hearing about Elena Salvatore triangle, No more hunting with Stefan, I'm even going to miss Damon and his rude remarks. I sighed wondering what this new place holds for me.