Me and Stefan basically stayed up all night searching for everything about an alpha pack, without luck.

"I hate to say it but maybe you should call-"

"Uh-uh don't say his name. He who must not be named is in the dog house." my phone suddenly begun to rang, speak of the devil. Quickly I pressed ignore returning my attention to Stefan.

"The two alpha's at the hospital probably weren't the leader of the pack." Stefan begun.

"Why do you say that?"

"Think about they were there as a clean up crew no way the main bad guy is doing that he'd send in his minions."

"Caroline! Stefan!" Stiles shouted for from downstairs. Quickly we ran down seeing Lydia and Allison with Scott and Stiles catching my attention.

"Hey you're old right?" Stiles asked Stefan. "I mean you've been around for a long time."

"I suppose why?" Stefan's head turned curiously as Lydia and Allison flipped over their wrist exposing bruising. "What exactly am I looking at here?"

"It's the exact same bruise on each side appearing as some sort of symbol." Scott answered.

"If it is a symbol it's not one I've come across."

Again my phone rang breaking this serious conversation. Once again I hit ignore.

"Not that finding out what magic bruises mean isn't important but don't you guys think we should be heading to school." I stated.

"Derek said he'll meet us there." Scott replied.

Hearing his name I groaned than stormed out of the house and into Stefan's car.

"What'd I say?" I heard Scott ask.

"You said he who must not be named, name. Very smooth Scott." Stiles said.

"Junior year right." Stefan turned on the engine driving to beacon hills.

"We need to get you out there like on the market." I blurted causing him to smirk.

"On the market? Like dating, because the last one ended so well."

"It'll be fun. Beside you being you it wouldn't be to hard." I laughed as we pulled into the school and got out. "Come on please."

"How about you date first."
"Turning the tables is not fair." I pouted when I sensed a similar presence like at the hospital. Stefan went stiff eyes darting around. At the same moment we both spotted Twins walking by.

"They're alpha's." I said low enough for only Stefan to hear. One of the twins looked toward me smirking sending unwanted chills down my spine.

"I think he heard you." Stefan replied as we continued to walk refusing to cause a scene.

Classes just seemed to blur together which sucked because I really was trying to pay attention.

Finally I had free period and met up with Lydia and Allison in the library.

Allison was on the computer still trying to figure out the whole mystery bruise thing, while Lydia checked out the twins.

"I want one."

"Which one?" Allison asked.

"The straight one obviously." Lydia replied than got up put of her chair.

"Maybe it's not a symbol." I spoke up. "I mean think about it if a brand has a specific label it's easily recognizable."

"Caroline Forbes you are a genius!" Allison begun typing on the lap top.

"I know." I smiled when my phone rang again,

"Is that Derek?" Allison asked.

"Don't know don't care." I berried my phone in my bag putting it on silent not needing. Instead of riding home with Stefan after school I decided to catch a ride with Stiles only to find out he wasn't going directly home.

"Stiles why are we here?" I questioned getting out of the jeep following inside the vet.

"You'll see." His vagary was very annoying.
Once we walked inside I heard his voice causing me to give Stiles a death glare.

"I hate you so much."

"Love you Care." Stiles replied smirking. I rolled my eyes stopping in my tracks seeing a tub full of ice and Isaac shirtless.

"Uh am I missing something?"
Derek's head perked up upon hearing my voice. "Caroline, what are you doing here?"

"Stiles brought me. What's going on?"

"We're trying to access Isaac's subconscious mind so we can find out where he was when he found Boyd and Erica."

Isaac took a deep breath than got inside the tub.

"Caroline I'd suggest you help them hold him down." Deaton ordered.

I nodded removing my jacket than standing on the left side of the tub while Derek was on the right side. We both made eye contact than nodded shoving Isaac under water.

Isaac soon begun to struggle as he shot up eyes yellow and teeth very sharp.

"Hold him!" Derek ordered.

"I'm trying to but not exactly trying to get bit!" I shouted back. With one last shove Isaac's body soon went still slightly scaring me.

Slowly we let go allowing him to float up.

"Now remember only I talk to him, to many voices will confuse him and drawl him out." The vet pointed out to us. "Isaac can you hear me?"

"Yes. I can hear you."

"This is doctor Deaton, I'd like to ask you a few questions is that aright?"

Isaac slowly nodded. "Yes."

"I want you to tell about the night you found Erica and Boyd. Like you're actually there."

"No I don't want to do that." Hearing the fear in his voice made me cringe. The lights begun to flicker as Isaac started to move. "I don't want to do that." Derek and Scott got ready to hold Isaac back down but I stopped them.

"It's alright Isaac they're just memories they can't hurt you." The vet calmed Isaac down than begun asking more questions. Once Isaac got more detailed into his surroundings the lights begun to flicker on and off.

Isaac gripped my arm shocking me however the touch seemed to calm him down but only for a second. "No, no no save me!" Me and Derek struggled to hold him in place.

"Remember they're just memories they can't hurt you. Just relax." Isaac calmed down again.

"Good. Now tell me what you see."

"I hear Boyd. He's talking about the full moon and being out of control when the moon rises."

"Is he talking to Erica?"
"I think so.. I can't see her I can't see either of them."

"Can you hear anything else?"
"They're worried that they're going to hurt each other."
Derek sighed. "If they're locked together in a full moon they're going to tear each other apart."

"Isaac we need to find them right now. Can you see them?" Isaac shot up gasping.

"They're here. They found me. They're here!"

"This isn't working. Isaac where are you?" Derek asked making me glare at him

"Tell me where you are?"

"I can't see!"

"Isaac where are you!" Derek shouted over and over again gripping Isaac

"Derek stop!" I ordered removing his grip.

"They're in a volt! They have me taking into a room..There's a body it's Erica!" Isaac shot up. "I saw it, I saw a name."

Quickly we helped Isaac out giving him a blanket.

"It's uh Beacon Hills first national bank.. It's an abandoned bank and they're keeping them locked inside a volt."

I looked down. "You don't remember what you said before you snapped of it do you?"


"You said that when they captured you they took you into a room and there was a body in it."

"What body?" Isaac looked at me eyes confused.

"Erica. You said it was Erica." Stiles answered,

"She's not dead!" Derek kept insisting.

"He said there's a dead bod, it's Erica. Doesn't exactly leave us much room for interpretation." Stiles argued back.

"Than who was in the volt with Boyd?"

"Maybe it was the girl that saved Isaac." Scoot injected.

"No, she wasn't like us and whoever was in the volt with Boyd was." Isaac replied.

"We need to get them out tonight." Derek sounded like an alpha worried for his pack. "If Isaac got it than so can we."

"Isaac got himself locked in a room nearly killed." I reminded Derek arms crossed. "Oh and let's not forget he didn't break into a volt."

"We need a plan." Scott said.

"How are we going to come up with a plan to break into a bank volt in less than 24 hours."

"Uh hello super speed, super strength. Me and Stefan can get in and out with anyone noticing." I stepped forward.

"That's not happening." Derek growled arms crossed.

"And why is that? You don't think we can handle a couple of werewolves?" I glared anger slowly rising.
"No-actually yeah I don't think you can handle 5 alpha's on a full moon." He answered agreeing with my statement.

"Is that a challenge?" I arched a brow.

"Nobody is doing anything by themselves. If we want to save Boyd and the girl we need to work together, all of us." Scott interrupted our arguing.

"Truce?" Derek held out his hand.

Reluctantly I shook his hand. "Fine."

"About breaking into the vault it seems someone already has before. Beacon Hills first national closes doors 3 months after volt robbery. It doesn't say how but it shouldn't take long to find out."

"How long?" Derek asked.

"It's the internet Derek. Okay minutes." Stiles smirked proud of himself. Me Stiles and Scott went back to our house filling Stefan in and searching for information on the vault robbery.

"Wouldn't it be easier if we just zoomed in and out, I mean it's a public place no invitation needed." Stefan whispered to me clearly done with researching.

"That's what I said but sour wolf and friends apparently have a different mind sets than us."

"Sour wolf?" Stefan laughed at the name I called Derek.

"Shut up." I laughed shoving him playfully.

The four of us researched until finally passing out with exhaustion.

"Hey time to wake up." I heard my mom call from a distance but I ignored her keeping my eyes close.

"Guys. Hey!" She yelled causing us all to jump up startled. "Me and your dad have to get to work you 4 get to school." Mom ordered than headed out the room.

"10 hours and nothing." Stiles stood up moving the papers that were scattered on the floor nearly covering every inch in his room.

"We'll find something." I tried to insure him.

"Finding something doesn't make Erica any less dead and Boyd any less about to be dead."
"We still have time." Scott jumped in sounding very sure and calm.

"Is this remain optimistic in the face of complete and utter disaster apart of the be a better Scott McCall program?" Stiles arched a brow.

"Not if it doesn't work." Scott replied.

"No it works." Stiles picked up a piece of paper his whole face lighting up.

"Why do you look like you just found a play boy magazine?" I question making him give me a dull stare.
"I just found something. Dad!" Stiles handed me the paper than took off to find his dad.

"Sheriff Stilinski arrested the robbers." I read the paper out loud smiling.
"Looks like being optimistic actually paid off for once." Stefan smiled patting Scott on the back.

Stefan drove me to school while Scott and Stiles drove in my brothers Jeep.

"So we meet at you know whose place at 5 to go over the plan than we don't get started until dark." Stefan read his text message probably from Scott.

"Any ideas on how to kill time till than?"

"English." Stefan smirked opening the front door. I groaned walking in the school.

By the time me and Stefan arrived at Dereks everyone was already there along with his uncle who still scares me.

The boy were peering over some sort of map when we walked in.

"Hello blondie and friend." Peter smirked toward me in a very Katherine-y way. I heard a low growl escape Dereks lips.

"Caroline, you and Scott are coming with me." Derek ordered.

"Uh okay..where exactly are we going seems I missed your guys little game plan."
"We are going through a roof top air conditioning vent it leads into the wall of the volt than I'm going to punch the wall."

"Let me get this straight you and your little scooby gang are going to go against a pack of alpha's? All of them killers and if that's not enough to scare your testicles back into your stomach try and remember that two of them combine bodies to make one giant alpha." Peter pointed out while me and Stefan looked at each clearly missing very important details on the alpha's abilities. "I'm sure Erica and Boyd are sweet kid they're going to be missed."

"Can somebody kill him again, please." Stiles groaned. I nearly laughed out lout at the look Peter shot him.

"Derek? Seriously? Not worth the risk." Peter warned speaking with a certain sense of wisdom honestly he reminds me of Elijah and Katherine mixed together, I cringed at the thought.

"We have to try." Scott agreed with Derek. The three of us left toward the bank leaving Stefan, Stiles and Peter alone I only hope they don't kill each other.

"About not calling you-" Derek begun.

I shook my head. "Lets just get Boyd out and than we can talk." He nodded as we edged the area the vent should be. "I'll meet you two at the top." I zoomed off reaching the top of the building.

Once in the tight space we slowly crawled down and usually I'm not claustrophobic but I wanted to get out of the small space now.

Derek begun the wall until finally crashing through. He entered the vault first helping me out hands rested on my waist. I looked into his eyes feeling my face flush.

"Boyd?" Scott called out breaking us apart. The boy stood in front of us shoulder rising up and down growling.

"Boyd? It's me. It's Derek." Derek stepped forward hand out steadily.

"Stefan now is not the best time for a chat." I answered my phone quietly.

"Listen to me, You got to get out of there! They walls in the vault are made with a mineral called ekatilight it scatters the moon light."

"Not exactly sure what that means Stef."

"it keeps the moon light out! They haven't felt the moon in months."

"Think about like the gladiators in the coliseum they use to starve the lions for three days to make them more viscous more out of control. They're going to be more savage more blood thirsty. Caroline they're the starved lions and you three just stepped into the coliseum." Peter interrupted truly sounding worried taking me off guard.

"Uh Derek we have a big problem. We need to leave now."

He looked at me confused but soon looked away toward a girl that walked out of the shadows growling.

"Cora?" There was a certain ache in his voice tugging at my heart.

"Who?" Scott questioned.


"Derek. Get out. Get out now!"

"Caroline get out!" Stefan ordered.

The volt door opened moon light blaring through. I peered closer seeing our counselor? What the hell is she doing here?

She out something that looked like magic fairy dust on the floor.

"No. No wait!" Scott shouted at her.

Boyd growled eyes yellow charging at Scott. Cora soon reacted to the full moon charging at me however Derek pushed her back pushing me behind him in a protective stance growling.

"Friend of yours?" I asked Derek while throwing Boyd away from Scott.

"She's my sister, my younger sister!" He replied kicking Cora back.

"I thought your family died?"

"You're not the only one!"

"Look out!" Allison came running up to the volt warning us of Cora charging. It was too late Cora had me throwing against the volt wall than lifted me up tossing me like a rag doll. Luckily Derek caught me while Scott handle Boyd not having much look. I could smell Scotts blood, and a lot of it as Boyd dug his claws into his gut. I ran to help only for the werewolf to use his other hand stabbing me in the gut. Derek looked back but was busy holding off Cora eyes showing concern.

Allison ran forward kneeling down to the fairy dust that kept us locked in here.

"No don't break the seal!" Derek ordered.

Allison looked at Scott her mind made up. "Boyd!" With one swift move she brushed the dust away disobeying Derek.

Just like that Boyd released us as him and Cora ran out.

Derek was instantly at Allison gripping her wrist tightly. "What the hell were you thinking!"
"Don't touch her!" Scott shouted.

"I had to do something."

"She saved our lives." Scott protected Allison.

"Yeah and what do you think they're going to do out there?! Do you have any idea what you just set free!"
"You want to blame me? I'm not the one turning teenager's into killers."

"No that's just the rest of your family." Derek crossed his arms over his chest.

"Derek-" I begun but got cut off.

"I've made mistakes , Gerard is not my fault." Allison replied.

"And what about your mother?"
"What do you mean?"

Derek looked at Scott. "Tell her Scott."

"What does he mean Scott? What does he mean?"

While Scott explained how Allison's mom tried to kill him followed Derek through the bank.

I hit him in the back of the head glaring.

"Ow!" He shouted glaring at me.

"You know what that was for! It was not your place to do that, it Scott wanted to tell Allison he would have."

"He was taking to long." We continued to walk find a small room with a distinct smell oozing through. Upon seeing the dead girls Derek fell to his knees looking defeated.

"This is my fault..."

I place my hand on his shoulder. "You didn't do this to her, okay?" He shook his head guilt sinking in. I knelt in front of him placing my head against his. "Listen to me, this is not your fault." Derek embraced me startling the hell out of me but soon I returned the hug pulling back seconds later brushing a piece of hair behind my ear.

"You still of one beta and a sister running around, you can still save them."