It was a cold and rainy night that seemed like an endless abyss of danger and mystery. Every so often I could see sparks of electricity spark through the sky. I was on my way home from my band practice that I did with a couple of friends. As I walked down the street I day dreamed about playing on my computer and watching dragon ball like the hardcore fan I was. I felt a presence watching me from a nearby ally.

I turned suspiciously to glare into the nearby ally. Ever since the 'accident' I had been really suspicious of people. I knew that I had been slowly pushing everyone away and building a wall around my heart. The only friend I had been a show, as silly as that sounds. I've always dreamed of somehow ending up in the DBZ world like I read in fan fictions on the Internet.

I shrug it off telling myself not to worry and not to act so nervous. I walk past a bar hearing the hoots of drunken men pulsing through my ears. I hurry by quickly not wanting to stay there for long. I see a short cut I can take that goes through a dark ally. I knew it was a dum thing to do, but I didn't care. I walk to it carefully listing to the air for noises.

Turning into the darkness I see a figure up ahead that looks like a man. He was taller than me by one foot and he had short hair with modeled arms. When he sees me he smiled a very familiar smile that bods know well.

"Hey sweet cheeks" he said I froze because I know that voice, it had haunted my nightmares for a long time.

"James" I said my voice just above a whisper.

James was one of my old friends from high school. At least he was before he raped me. It had been a long night full of pain and misery. When had asked me and I had refused so he snuck into my room at night and in the morning my mom had found me naked and bleeding. I was lucky I hadn't gotten pregnant.

He was smirking at me trying to intimidate me, but I held strong.

I cleared my throat "What are you doing here?" I asked taking pride in the lack of a quiver in my voice. He smirked again with a malicious gleam in his eye.

"To finish what I started" at his words I felt a sinking feeling in my stomach. After that my body took over and I knee him in the groin and turn to flee, but he grabbed my arms before I could.

He pined my arms to my back then whispered "I want you to suffer before you die."

He threw me down and jumped on top of me before I could even run. He began to unbutton my clothes and from then on my life was misery. Each time he thrust into me I screamed in mortifying pain. After a he got done, he took out a knife and cut words into my back.

I slid in and out of conciseness. After some time he left me in the ally naked and bloody. I was angry for not being able to protect myself, but resigned myself to die. Suddenly I saw a bright glow from outside my closed eyelids. When I opened my eyes I saw the Eternal Dragon towering over me. To me this confirmed that I was asleep and dreaming.

"Speak your wish" he growled in a loud booming voice.

Since this was a dream I decided to just go with it."I wish I could be somewhere that I can have people who love and care deeply for me, a place where I can protect myself and not need anyone to protect me" he seemed to think for a bit before his eyes glowed a blood-red and then I slipped in to oblivion.