Sheila:Sister of Goku

By NicoDiAngelo234

Summary-What if a woman from our world came to the DB/DBZ/DBGT world as,after being brutally assaulted by a not so friendly her on her adventures a the sister of Son Goku.

Speach Key

'blah': thought

"blah": speech

-/blah/-: telepathy between Goku and Sheila

/blah/: flashbacks or voices of memories

Disclaimer:I do not own this story and 'sniffles' I never will


We zipped over the ocean until we came to the island Roshi lived on. Goku grabbed our stuff and we both jumped in front of the house. Goku ran inside, slamming the door as he went. When I looked through the window I saw Master Roshi watching the ladies work out show. I was about to go in there and kick his perverted butt, but Goku came through for me.

Suddenly, I heard Goku shout "MASTERRRRRR ROSHIIIIIIII" I smirked you gotta love Goku. When I stepped in the door the pervert was laying on the floor rubbing his ear.

He looked up,saw me, and looked a little confused. "Who are you" he asked.

I smiled "My name is Sheila, I'm Goku's little sister." We heard a loud burp from The kitchen, we both turned our heads to see a strange sight, well for Master Roshi it was. There was Goku sitting in the middle of empty boxes, rubbing his stomache.

I tried not to laugh, but what Master Roshi said next made me laugh like a maniac.

"I've been ransacked!" he exclaimed his eyes popping out of his head as he stared at Goku. I started laughing so hard, I fell to the floor, rolling around and pounding on it. When I calmed down, I heard Master Roshi say "What did you do with all my food" Goku just laughed. I stood up and walked up behind Master Roshi, as he stared in awe saying "He even ate my last stick of butter..."

I shook my head "Your lucky he didn't eat the boxes."

Goku got off the floor "We're done hunting dragon balls for now, and you said you'd train me."

Master Roshi stood up straight "That I did, but I didn't say I'd train her" he said looking at me.

I put my hands on hips and gave Master Roshi the worst glare I could muster. Goku gave me a frightened look, and started begging him to train me. Master Roshi finally agreed after I threatened a death by frying pan.

"We can stay for a while, we brought lots of stuff" Goku said innocently, leading Master Roshi outside.I followed them, not wanting to miss Goku bringing the mermaid and the fat Roshi looked at both side of the island, probably going to say some thing perverted.

"Say, did you bring that girl." he asked looking at Goku. "Bulma? No, she went back home with your friends"he's said looking confused.

Master Roshi snapped his fingers "Darn" he said.

Goku spoke up "There're probably having fun in the city right about now" he said. I winced thinking about Bulma,because believe me, what she is doing is far from fun. Speaking of that desert, I wonder when Krillin will get here. While we're on the subject of Krilin, I should kick his ass for what he did to Goku. Yep, that's what I'll do

When I came out of my own little world, I saw Goku and Master Roshi had gone inside. When I I walked in saw Master Roshi poring a glass of wine while talking to Goku about martial arts.

"...kid you should learn some manners" Master Roshi was saying.

Goku just laughed, I shook my head "Your right on that one" I said "He has the manners of a monkey" I continued. Goku stuck his tongue out at me and I just laughed at my inside joke.

Just then I noticed something, Gokus tail was gone! I knew what had happened, but I played dum anyway "Goku what happened to your tail? Did someone cut it off?! I'll kick their ass to HFIL and back!" I said angrily, while looking over Goku for any sign of injury.

Goku rubbed the back of his head, "Sis, it's nothing really I'm fine" he said trying to reassure me.

"Ok" I said "But if they think they go after my tail next, they got another thing coming" I said my tail lashing from side to side to show I meant business.

Master Roshi rubbed his beard saying something that ticked me off so mutch, that I almost straggled him. "Well I don't give lessons without a price"he said. "You must find me a young girl" he said, pointing at Goku.

"Why" Goku asked looking confused.

"So I can go on a date with her" he said angrily.

"Well that's weird, but Ok" Goku said, and with that he ran out of the house flying off on Nimbus. Grumbling, I went outside and climbed to the top of the house,lying down in the sun and closing my eyes.

I thought over the years to come, planning out all the things. When I went to the martial arts tournament, I wanted to surprise the guys and if they tried hitting on me, I'd kick their sorry asses. They would probably try to get rid of my tail, and since there was no way that was happening, I would tell them I knew and could control the transformation. When the Red Ribbon Army Saga came around I would help Goku and train with Korin. Thinking about the Tien Shinhan Saga I figured I could help kick his butt since he would try to hurt Goku.

After that the King Piccolo Saga I would train with Kami. That was roughly 7 years in all sighing I fell asleep without even realizing it.

When I woke up I saw Master Roshi hitting on the mermaid before he got smacked and she swam away. I shook my head and pouted, jumping down and landing right next to Goku.

He looked over at me "Where have you been sis" he asked curiously.

I smiled "Around, anyway I'm going in the house to get a drink." I said turning around and going throught door.

I heard a commotion outside, deciding to check it out I went through the back door and around. When I came around the house I saw Krillin bowing to Master Roshi and Goku looking as innocent as ever. "Your the great Master Roshi, right?" Krillin asked looking Master Roshi up and down. "People tell me that" said Roshi. I snorted, yeah right, you dirty pervert I'm sure they have.

"My name is Krillin, and I came from a village in the East, please allow me to become your humble student and teach me to fight like you."

Man what a butt kisser, I forgot how mutch of a ass he was before he got older.

Master Roshi was loving the compliments but did not let it show "Well, that's far away, unfortunately I don't teach just any boy who shows up at my door, sorry."

Krillin had a twinke in his eye, he whipped out a dirty magazine "Maybe some quiet reading will change your mind" he said with a smirk. That pervert Master Roshi snatched it as fast as he could "I brought it just for you" Krillin said once again, smirking.

He turned to Goku "So who are you, his pupil?" he asked looking at Goku who nodded smiling happily.

"I'm Goku" he said cheerfully, while Krillin looked him up and down.

"You don't look like you liked to fight" Krillin told him arrogantly. I decided to come out of my hiding place, planning on giving Krillin a good scare.

"I like marsh mellows" Goku said laughing.

Krillin smirked snidely "What does that have to do with anything" he said mockingly.

I stopped right behind Krillin, deciding this was a perfect opportunity to make my presence known. Goku was about to answer, but I cut him off. ""It means, that Goku hungry and your bald head looks like one, but I don't agree, I think it looks more like a full moon." Krillin jumped 10 feet in the air and whirled around.

"I'll have you know only serious fighters shave, even Master Roshi!"

Master Roshi spoke up "I'm naturally bald" then he went back to reading

Goku looked at me, a little surprised "Hey sis, were have you been?" I smiled up at him since he was taller than I was, something I had always loathed.

"Your his sister" Krillin said, looking at me in a way I do didn't like.

I turned to him "Yeah, got a problem with that" I said putting my hands on my hips. He just looked at me "And I suppose you fight too" he said, sneering at me. I narrowed my eyes at him, my short temper sparking "Shut that hole you call a mouth, you two faced, bucked tooth weasel" I said giving him the finger and a death glare that could make Vegeta quiver in his saiyan made boots.

Before he could retort, Master Roshi finished his magazine. "After careful consideration, I've decided to take I as my pupil, but you have to help Goku find me a girl" he informed Krillin. I talked to Goku the whole time telepathically, our conversation went some thing like this:

Me:"He's an moron"

Goku:"Be nice, he's not that bad"

Me:"You only think that because you always see the good in people."

Goku:"And there is something wrong with that because why."

Me:"You are going to regret that in the future"

Goku:(rolling his eyes) "Whatever"

Goku: (2 minutes later) "Sheila I've been thinking-"

Me: (cutting him off) "I thought I smelled smoke!"

Goku: (glaring) "I want to ask, what is the difference between a girl and a boy"

Me: (sweat drops) "I'll tell you when your older"

When we looked up, I saw Krillin The Butt (that's his new nickname)whispering something in Master Roshis's ear. I raised an eyebrow until I heard what they were saying.

"Nimbus?" Krillin was saying looking around. Goku, apparently, knew what was going on, because he was floating on Nimbus, telling him that it was the clouds name. Krillin The Butt rose an eyebrow "You named a cloud" he said a mocking hint in his voice.

Goku didn't even notice, as oblivious as always. "Come on, jump on up" he said cheerful, a carefree smile on his face.

"Yeah, sure" he said looking perplexed, looking at Nimbus with skepticism. He hopped up, a few feet higher than the cloud before falling straight through it,landing flat on his back. I burst out laughing, holding my stomach, thinking it might explode."Hey! What's the deal with this thing!" Krillin yelled angrily, glaring at the cloud.

Master Roshi stepped up "Only those with a pure heart may ride the Nimbus Cloud. And that means you've been hiding something from us!" Master Roshi said glaring at Krillin accusingly.

Krillin freaked, thinking we were going to hurt him "Don't hurt me! I just have some magazines I'm not supposed to read!" He cried, his voice quivering from fright.

Master Roshi stopped "You mean... You have more?" He said as he stared a Krillin. I facepalmed shaking my head at his perverted antics. I looked over at Goku wondering what he would make of this.

When looked over at my brother, I saw him staring at the magazines Krillin had just dumped out of his bag. I could practically feel the curiosity in the air that was radiating off him. Without even thinking, I leaped on the Nimbus Cloud, landing in front of Goku.

"Goku!" when I saw him look at me I continued "I don't want you to look, read, or even think about those magazines!" I said pointing at the magazines. He gave me a strange look, but nodded slowly.

I sighed with relief, jumping off the cloud and landing gracefully on the ground. When I looked at Krillin and Master Roshi, both of them were staring at me.

I crossed my arms and glared "What! Your both lucky I'm not kicking your perverted butts. Now quit staring before I change my mind!" Krillin stuck his tongue out at me, making me start to stalk angrily toward him.

Before I could do anything to him, Goku jumped off the cloud, landing right in front of me. He held up his hands, staring at me cautiously

"Sheila, just calm down" I stared at him, then looked at Krillin,glaring angrily. I huffed then twirled around, and with one last threatening glare, I went into the house, slamming the door as I went.

I don't know how long I sat on the couch and sulked, but I went outside when I heard Launch's voice saying "It's a very pretty house" and Krillin complaining about the paint. I stepped out on the porch the exact time Goku jumped off the cloud. These actions resulting in us cracking our heads and falling to the ground.

Goku got up first and then helped me up, being his over protective self he made sure I was alright before calling Roshi. "Hey Master Roshi, there's a girl here that wants to meet you!" he yelled.

Goku waited for a response, only to met with silence. He turned to Krillina and Launch with a look of innocent confusion on his face "How come he never answers his door" he asked. Krillin gave him a exasperated look "It is possible he's using the bathroom, Goku he said. Goku seemed puzzled "Why's he taking a bath?" he asked, not getting it. Krillin stepped up to him and whispered something in his ear, it was apparent what Krillin said when Goku said "You mean he's taking a poo, I'll go tell him to hurry up" with that he ran into the house.

I facepalmed, sliding my hand face while shaking my head. Krillin was laughing, he turned to Launch "That Goku isn't one for manners is he" he said, laughing. I glared but Launch interrupted me "Now Krillin, you still haven't told me why I'm here" she said. Krillin answered quickly "Well I don't know myself, Master Roshi is a lonely man who thinks he's a stud muffin"he explained, "So he needs someone to play along, and feed his ego" he finished. I smirked, knowing what Launch would do to Krillin.

Launch flashed a brilliant smile "Oh, does that mean I can hide here while I'm running away?" she said, clasping he hands together. Krillin frowned.

"You mean those guys that were attacking you, pretending to be police officers, right? So who were they, really? he asked.

Launch answered with a sugar sweet voice "They were real policemen" she said brightly.

The look on Krillin's was the epitome of WTF, and I mirrored him, trying not to look suspicious. "And why exactly... would policeman be after you? he asked slowly.

Launch picked up her bag, wich was packed with money "Judgeing from all the money in my bag, I probably held up a bank or two" she said. I almost couldn't stop myself from laughing, I mean the look on Krillin's was priceless! I turned my attention back to the conversation. Launch looked like she was concertrating on something "They said something about a train" she said, putting a finger on her chin.

Krillin started laughing "Oh, your a train robber, you really expect me to believe that? Your so silly Launch" he said.

"Robbing trains are for big big, strong, guys and you a pretty girl" he said still laughing.

I put my hands on my hips and twirled on my feet to give Krillin a glare. "Just what are you insinuating! Because I could rob a train if I chose to do so!" I yelled, glaring at him the whole time.

He glared back, but I could smell the fear on him. "I bet you couldn't! your bluffing!" he exclaimed.

Before I could show him what for, Master Roshi popped out of nowhere. "Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!" he yelled, making me want to slap him with my tail, but I couldn't since it was around my waste.

Launch was first to recover "Oh my goodness, you frightened me" she said.

Krillin wiggled his eyebrows "So Master Roshi, what do you think of her" he said, smirking. He ran up to him and whispered in his ear, not even my Saiyan hearing could hear it.

After a while Master Roshi spoke "I make both of you my students from this day forward" he said. I tapped him on the back and gave him my worst glare, crossing my arms and tapping my foot.

He nodded "You too" I dropped the look and gave him a smile. Roshi turned his attention to Launch. I rolled my eyes and ignored their conversation until I heard Goku's voice.

"Ewww! I'm not wearing that!" I looked up, took one look at Goku, and started to laugh so hard I fell to the ground. There was Goku, clad in black lingerie, with pink lace at the eges. He looked down at me, a scowl on his face "You have to wear it too" he said.

Once I calmed down, I shook my head "Goku there is no way I'm wearing that". I gave Master Roshi a dangerouse look, and he, to his credit, didn't argue.

I saw him staring at Launch and smirked; he was about to get it soon.

Master Roshi cleared his throat "Now we will start with aerobics" he said, swatting at a bee. The bee flew over and tickled Launch's nose, making her sneeze. She changed into her gun happy counter part and I watched with amazement as she blew the boys's brains out. Is it bad that I like blonde Launch better? Naw, I thought as I watched her change back, apologize and skip happily in the house. Watching the boys moan in pain I could no longer hold it in.

I Laughed.