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Chapter 20: Sober?


Once we got to the hotel, I helped Ally out of the cab. I paid the taxi driver before turning back to Ally. I offered to carry her up to her suite, but she refused to let me. I tried to help her walk steadily, but she just pushed me away. I didn't argue with her or say anything about it; but I kept an eye on her instead.

On the other hand, she's drunker than I thought because she's stumbling and hunched over like she's about ready to puke. She barely made it to the elevators without falling, though she had some close calls.

When she did, I tried to hold out my hands to catch her, but she would always wave me off or just push me away. Sometimes, she even shot me a glare if I attempted to help her. I finally backed off after that.

As we entered the elevator, I stood right beside her if she collapsed or something. My efforts proved useful, since her knees gave out and I caught her just in the nick of time. She muttered something under her breath; however the scratchiness of her voice caused it to come out as gibberish. I decided not to ask her to repeat what she said, and instead do what I thought best for her.

I picked her up bridal-style, cradling her in my arms with her head resting against my chest. She tried pushing me away, her arms trembling marginally as she did. I could tell she's exhausted and can't muster enough strength to even put up a struggle. I shook my head, a smirk trailing across my mouth as I did.

When the elevator doors opened, I stepped out into the hallway. I sauntered toward her door, setting her down so she can open it up. Though, my intentions are ignored. Instead of Ally letting go to open up the door, she wrapped her arms around my waist and held onto me, firmly if I may add. She also made no attempt to move; instead, she made herself comfortable by having me hold her purse.

I couldn't help but chuckle at her, oblivious in her drunken state. I carefully wrapped my arm around her petite frame, holding her up securely. With my free hand, I dug around her purse for her suite key. Once I found it, we entered the room quickly without any delay.

I once again hoisted Ally up into my arms and carried her to her room. She mumbled something about dancing pickles, which made me stop and look at her weirdly. I regained my focus and continued towards her room.

I kicked the door open, setting her down on the edge of her bed carefully. Then, just as I tried to let her go, she clamped her whole body around me. I stiffened, surprised by the sudden contact of her body pressed against my own.

I swallowed rigidly, before finally snapping out of my stunned condition. I pried Ally's arms away from my neck, though they immediately locked around me. I huffed in frustration, knowing that trying to get her off wouldn't be easy.

"Hey Als," I cooed softly into her ear, which earned me a hum of acknowledgement, "Can you let go off me?"

"No because if you go, then the dancing pickles will have you." She uttered hoarsely, suddenly locking her limbs. By doing that, she pulled me forward and I toppled onto the bed, on top of her. "You're mine."

"Okay, okay." I laughed, trying to ignore the slight awkwardness of the situation. "Let me go, and I promise I won't even give the dancing pickles the time of day."

"No. I don't trust the pickles." She buried her head into the crook of my neck, snuggling into me as if she were a small kitten.

"Do you trust me then?" I questioned curiously, knowing drunken people will tell you almost anything if you ask.

"Duh! I love you Austin." In that instant, my whole body just froze. My blood could have stopped flowing; my heart could have stopped beating, and I could have died for all I cared. I would have died a happy man.

Ally just told me she loved me; how could I not be happy? But the thing is she's drunk. She could be lying, but she could also be telling the truth. What if she doesn't remember that she told me in the morning? What will I do then?

"Are you going to let go then?" My voice cracked as I ignored the earlier statement.

Ally pulled back so she could see my face. She lied flat against the bed, my arms holding me steady. Her hair's fanned out against the solid white comforter, waves of beautiful brunette locks contrasting against the consecrated color. Her eyes are the same; bold amber darkened by the faint glint of lust and undeniable innocence.

"You think I'm lying don't you?" The question is barely below a whisper, and I'm afraid I imagined it.

I don't know how to answer her. I'm not even sure I can find the words to use to answer her. Though, I know she's waiting for an answer because she's holding her breath.

I let out the breath I'm holding in, and shake my head tiredly. I leaned down, gently kissing her forehead before pulling away. Her eyes grow wide, though she doesn't move.

"Get some sleep, alright?" I managed a weak smile, trying to reassure her but even I didn't believe in myself. "I'll stay the night just in case you want something." With that, I moved away from her.

As I crawled off the bed, I felt a hand on my upper arm. I looked up, meeting Ally's gaze. I caught the silent message she's sending me; she wants me to stay. I debated on whether it's a good idea to sleep in the same bed with her. I didn't want to take my chances in breaking our agreement, because my resistance is depleting at the moment. But, I can't deny her.

I sighed in defeat, kicking off my shoes before crawling under the covers. I tucked a pillow between us, for safety reasons. Ally tossed the pillow aside, crawled under the covers, and wrapped her arms around my torso. I stifled a groan; she isn't making my struggling any easier.

"Ally, can you…give me a bit of space?" I choked out, suddenly aware of how form-fitting her dress is. "It's just…I move around in my sleep…and I don't know…hit you accidentally." I lied to save my ass, but I did it for our own good.

"But I'm already comfortable." She whined and pulled us closer than were already are. "Plus you're warm, the dancing pickles should be very jealous."

"Man, you're really drunk. How do you go from sober, to drunk, to sober, then drunk again?" I wondered aloud, taking my mind off the nagging devil on my shoulder, which is telling me to cut the crap and make a move already.

"It all depends on the situation." She explained, running her hands over my shoulder blades. I shuddered abruptly, pushing Ally away instinctively.

"Ally, I'm going to be blunt with you." I sat up, placing some reasonable distance between us. "I really want to break the 'No Sex' agreement and just pounce on you, but I'm trying to hold back and you're making it really difficult."

"Am I?" She purred seductively, inching closer which made me inch back. "Why is that?"

I forced the lump in my throat down, trying to get my voice to work. "Well one is because of that dress."

"Oh really?" Ally arched her eyebrow at me, hair draping over her shoulders like curtains of russet satin.

"Yeah." I breathed, as she climbed onto my lap. She snaked her arms around my neck, locking her legs on either side of me. She smirked at me, licking her lips excruciatingly slowly.

"Let's see what we can do about that." With that, she let the games begin.

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