Note: I wrote this long ago, guess around my 2nd or 3rd round I saw the Return of the King, around 2004.

Disclaimer: These characters belong to J.R.R. Tolkien. No copyright infringement intended.

Dear Sam,

As you are reading this letter, I would have parted into another world..

I am sorry I have not prepared you for this parting of ours. I thought I should go. Through our journey to
Mordor, a difficult journey it was, it came to me that there might have been a single chance that you might
have forgotten about Rosie. I was mistaken. I knew you had feelings for her, but did not have courage to
voice them. Still, I urged you to come forward with your feelings, with crude motif on my part.

I thought you would never have been brave enough..

I thought you might have lost your hope.

I thought that it would have remained.. impossible.

How funny it sounds. You shouldn't be surprised that the Ring read the hidden malice in my mind. For a
moment that I was possessed, a soundless voice echoed in my ears, saying all my wish would be fulfilled if I
took the Ring... I pity myself. The shame of losing to my own greed shall be the mark of my sin, permanently
edged along with my wound. These thoughts ashamed me. You deserved to be fulfilled with all you've wished
for. I believe, together with Rosie, you can make a beautiful family.

You cannot always be torn in two.

The task that you and I have completed has brought peace to the world, to our home, our family, but not to
me. Uncle Bilbo has grown old, and he soon will leave me behind. In the land, apart from my own kin, you are
the one I hold closet to my heart. But you have your own family. The family you've created for youself.

This weak and useless body will only cause you more troubles in the future. So it was my choice to leave
rather than being but a mere trouble for you. I know I have your loyalty, but sometimes... it causes me so
much pain. I was the one who was coward. I did not act true to my feelings. I did not dare to be honest.

I am glad that you are reading this letter. But a part of me wished that it should be forever hidden under the
cover of this book, waiting to be lost.

Sam, it might not be possible, but I wish that some day, we will meet again. And until then, I will tell you
everything by myself.

I wish..

until we meet again,