Chapter 1: Rotten Scandals

Serena Van der Woodsen's phone kept on ringing as she was walking up the stairs towards her and Dan's New York apartment unit. It's been five years since the wedding. Her famous long blonder hair is now cut short to just a little bit above her shoulders, and she was now wearing Black rimmed Cat's Eye glasses. With a paper bag of groceries in one hand, she tried to take her phone out of her clutch bag. She opened the clutch with the use of her mouth, and in a few seconds was able to take out her phone.

"Hello?" She said, as she answered the call and stopped on the 2nd floor mezzanine.

"Serena!" It was her bestfriend, Blair Waldorf. A baby's muffled cries were heard in the background-it was Chuck and Blair's 3rd daughter, Princess. She's only 3 months old.

"B!" Serena greeted back, "hey, what's going on?"

"Have you heard the news?"

"What news?"

"Wait a sec-" Blair said, "Dorota, can you hold Princess first?" Blair passed the baby to Dorota then went back to talking with Serena. "S?"


A few seconds of silence.

"Blair," Serena said, "you're scaring me. You never keep quiet like this and when you do, it only means that something's going on. What's up?"

"Well..." Blair said, "There's a new Gossip Girl."


Serena said, and noticed that she said it a little too loudly, causing a certain blonde who was putting some garbage in the can to look her way. She knows this girl from a cancelled TV show that she used to watch a couple of seasons back. Quinn Fabray, once a budding TV actress and now...well, Serena didn't really know. She went back to the call, "Blair," she said, "What did you just say?"

"Well...Dorota was checking a gossip site, as usual, and then an ad popped up and voila...there's a new Gossip Girl site...and the first piece is"

"What?!" It was as if Serena was hearing her heart beat loudly. It couldn't happen, she thought, how could it? It's been over for years. Dan has stopped posting. Ot just couldn't be.

"Are you and Dan having problems?"

"No," Serena answered, "B-"

"Yeah, well, on second thought, this is just too low...your video, I could understand, but this..."

"What's the first post about?"

"I think you should just check it out yourself."

Serena took a deep breath, "Thanks, B," she said, and ended the call.

She trudged up the stairs and arrived at their apartment unit. Unit 3-C. She sighed, opened the door, and saw Dan typing on his laptop. She instantly put the bag of groceries on the couch and went up to Dan.

"What are you doing?" She said through gritted teeth.

"What?" Dan asked surprised, "I'm working-"

"Give me that!" Serena said and took the laptop from him. She typed in the address of the Gossip Girl website.

"Serena, what exactly are you doing?"

Serena gasped as she saw that the site was active. "Oh no," she said, then looked at Dan. Dan, who was the former Gossip Girl. Dan, who did this once upon a time, "What are you thinking?"

"Serena, I have no idea," he said, "it's been too long since I used that site. You know I stopped posting."

"Oh yeah? Then why is this active? And to post this...this rubbish...this video of me and Nate at the Shepherd wedding...God, Dan!" She screamed and cried. It was a video of her and Nate losing their virginity to each other. It was a time when they hurt Blair's feelings. When they made a mistake. She thought it was only Chuck who saw them, but apparently someone else did, and now uploaded the video. But why now? Now, after all these years? And who would do this?

"Serena, I swear, I didn't-"

"I just-" She sighed, "Fuck." She said and hastily ran out of the unit, her thoughts her only company.

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