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I instantly froze when I saw a familiar tall raven opening a locker dressed in casual clothes. His face was still fucking annoying, and his blue eyes pierced at me in realization of my presence.

My body reacted before my mind.

I ran up to him and whipped out my blade. I slammed him into the locker, and his books and papers went scattering across the hall. I felt the blood pumping up to my throbbing skull as I placed the cold blade against his fucking throat. I saw him looking down at me with his usual cold expression. He wasn't even afraid I could slit his throat where he stood. If I'm not mistaken, he had a nerve to look disgusted at me while I held his life in my hand. Who does he think he is?

"May I ask why you have the audacity to raise you can opener at me?" Akihiko said with his usual tone of anarchy.

"Cut the shit Chakume." I said as I began to feel for the first time people called "angry".

"Oh? Seems to me you're a bit pissed off. Odd... You're usually so far up Shizuo's ass you couldn't wipe that damn grin off your face."

"Chakume, enough about me. What about you? Looks like you've been mopping like a crying school girl. Where've you been all this time? What? Now you don't have nothing to say? Ohhhh I get it, its Shizu-chan right?" I could see his eyes divert a bit at the mention of the blonde name.

"Funny, cause while you're over here crying over a small kiss, Shizu-chan is god knows where thinking about you. If you could see how much he's change ever since you left, you would think you guys were lovers… I don't see why you're the one confused and running, you kissed him! I'm going to be completely honest; I think you're some shriveled up cold prick. Shizu-chan is naïve, so he doesn't realize anything when it comes to feelings. Ha ha… it's really funny you know. I had known idea that a cold bastard like you could feel anything!" I said as I leaned into the blade more; allowing it to press into his skin deeper without impaling. He remained quite as his attention diverted somewhere else.

"You know it rude to not look at people when they are talking to you." I said as I whispered it into his ear. He then turned his head and looked down at me with serious eyes. His eyes widened a bit when he saw how serious I have become.

"You want to know the best part? Well I'll tell you! I've been for four years now since freshmen year trying to find how to be able to properly project how I'm feeling! But nooo, here you come like a blizzard and taking him away in your storm! I am just left out there in the cold trying to find what I am looking for!" I begin to feel my eyes burn as I began to say what has been pending on my mind for weeks. I felt so stupid how much I was not being me.

"We have not been even able to have our daily fight since you came along. Funny right? That's the only time I get to ever talk to him! So what the hell are you waiting for Prince-kun? Why not tell Shizuo how you really feel!? You got it so easy… you got him wrapped around your damn porcelain finger but you won't even fucking try? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?" I could hear my voice echo down the long hallways. I lifted the blade so it was right along his jugular.

"You know the other day when he smiled, was the first time I EVER saw him smile? Even if it wasn't for me?! For someone as cold as you… IT MUST BE BLACKMAIL! STOP PRANCING AROUND HERE ON YOUR HIGH HORSE AND DO SOMETHING BEFORE SHIZU-CHAN FALLS IN LOVE with someone else…" I said looking down at the ground. I was a fool because I saw a knee fly up and jam right into my rib cage. I felt the air expel out of my body in that one blow, he was strong; but Shizuo was the toughest. I fell to the ground and saw Akihiko hovering above me.

"Stay the fuck away for me and Shizuo." He said bending over and picking up his books and papers. He gave me a menacing glare that looked as if he was a serial killer. Then I remembered his files… He then walked out of the school and turned the corner. I laid there for a while looking up at the tiled ceiling try to regain oxygen. After of minutes that felt like centuries, I got up and began to walk the streets of Ikebukuro. I somehow ended up in the park and sat down on the bench. I sat there alone. I never thought about it before how much it hurts now to be alone.My heart aches all the time now, it's really troublesome. Then it occurred to me; I could go see him right now. I could stop my bitching and moaning, and go see him… and tell him…

Before I knew it I was racing toward the brute's apartment. I could hear my heart in my head pumping ever so loudly. I reached for the door knob and just as I thought; it was unlocked. I stopped in my tracks and just listened to the silence inside of the dark room. I caught a glimpse of blonde on a couch that seemed to be in the living room. He was again sleep even though he was just sleeping at school an hour ago.

I took a seat on the coffee table right in front of him and looked at his face again. I felt my body began to quiver at the buildup I was holding inside, trying to fight what I wasted to really say.



"…I know that were supposed to only hate each other …"I said as I felt my heart pumping. I wanted so badly to believe what I was saying but it wasn't the truth.

"But I can't help but feel something for you… I don't know what it is." I choked out. I was never this weak for no one. But it felt like my world was coming down.

"Bu we both know this could never really happen… ha ha, me being able to smile at you and you returning… maybe being able to have a decent conversation… it's something you only find in fairy tales." I finally said as I felt my face warm up a bit. I bent down and gave him a chaste kiss on the cheek. I could smell the sweet scent of whatever sweets he ate when he came home near his lips. His skin was so soft under my rough lips, the contrast was beautiful.

I slowly pulled away from his cheek and began walking out. If I looked back, I wouldn't have been able to keep up the lie I just said. I then left the house and walked the streets of Ikebukuro hands in pocket.

It hurts.

I had to reject myself before I wound up getting hurt even more. Selfish of me right? The again I am Izaya Orihara… the sneaky bastard that can't feel anything. I just couldn't see myself corrupting the already different boy any further, it was fir the best. Right?

I had to walk down the streets with my trade mark grin smeared across my face, even if it hurts.

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