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Jeez, Those Guys
An Inazuma Eleven GO!

"Ne, ne, (F/n)-chan!" Aoi said. You turned around as you smiled, clipboard in your hands.

Yes, you are Raimon's fourth manager.

You weren't from Inazuma town and being different has its own difficulty, but your fondness of soccer gets you attention from Endou, thus his offer for you to become the team's fourth manager.

You were distanced from them, and you wouldn't talk at first, but the situation melted and finally you became best friends with the other three managers. They're really nice, which was why you became friends.

At first, you were shy, but then you gradually became an outgoing, loud girl (a topic which Kariya always brought up when you 'preached' him, as he said).

"(F/n)-chan?" Aoi's calls brought you back to reality as you nodded. "Do you have anyone you're interested in on the team?" Aoi asked, as she looked at you. You immediately blushed as the other managers smiled teasingly.

"A-a-a-aoi-chan, you know full well that I-"

"Hm? I know what now, (F/n)-chan? That you like umphhhh!" Aoi let out a shout when you forcibly shut her up by putting your hands on her mouth.

"A.o. ...!" You said exasperatedly.

"Okay, okay!" Aoi said as she desperately trying to get out of your grasp.

"But (F/n)'s pretty cute, I bet most of the boys here likes her." Midori said.

"Hmm hmm!~ but-but not Shin-sama, right?" Akane said, panicking.

"N-no, of course not, Akane-chan!" You said exasperatedly.

"Hmmm, let's see, probably Tsurugi-kun likes you, though." Aoi said.

"T-Tsurugi-kun? With what basis are you saying that, Aoi-chan?" You asked.

Tsurugi was always there for you. He was always the place where you could talk about your secret with (since, you know, it's Tsurugi, he won't ever talk about secrets anywhere—maybe his Nii-san, but that's a different case altogether). Tsurugi is such a sweet boy, and you clicked pretty great with his Nii-san.

But-but there's no way he likes you, right?!

"Well, you know, I kinda noticed, too." Midori said, "I mean, he likes to steal glances at you. You know, (F/n)?" she said as she smiled teasingly. You blushed.

"Ohh, and Kariya, too~" Akane said.

"What now?!" You exclaimed.

"Kariya likes to look at you, too~ but he's a bit oblivious to what love is, you know~"

"How did you know?" Aoi asked.

"Well, apart from what Endou-kantoku told me—and yes, he was called by Kira-san, who wanted to help Kariya—it's pretty obvious! I mean, he blushes, and stutters... I think the oblivious one is (F/n)-chan!" Akane said.

"Huh? What did Endou-kantoku told you?" Aoi asked.

"Well, Kira-san called him and asked if he knew which girl Kariya likes—you know, Kariya's pretty transparent. But on to what Endou-kantoku what was that?~" Akane said, as she stopped.

"Akane-chan?" Aoi asked.

"Ooh~ Midori-san knew about it, too! Ask her, I forgot~"

"...Akane..." Aoi said, "A-anyway, what's with this thing Endou tells you, Midori-san?"

"Well, basically he just said that Kira-san called him, asked which girl Kariya likes; but Endou-kantoku's just as oblivious as this (F/n)-chan over here, so yeah." Midori explained, hands on her hip.

"Ooh." Aoi said.

"Hmmm, so that's Kariya and Tsurugi, who else?" Midori asked.

"Eeeetto~ let's see... Yukimura-kun from Hakuren?" Aoi said.

"Eeh, how come?! They're like, miles apart!" Midori said.

"Well... I don't know. I heard Fubuki-san's called Gouenji-san a few times and Gouenji-san delivered Fubuki's report to Endou-san. About Yukimura-kun, apparently, that he dazed off whenever they're talking about Raimon or something."

"Hoo. Hmm, how about Amemiya?"

"Hnn... I'm not sure about Amemiya-kun, but I heard... Gouenji-san talked to you a few times, doesn't he, (F/n)-chan?"

"Umm, yeah... Gouenji-san talked to me a few times... about Amemiya-kun. He said... uhm, something about visiting Amemiya-kun... and food... uhm... what else? Oh, yeah, about gifts and chocolates... birthdays... I'm not sure." You said.

"Whoa, what an oblivious girl..." Midori said.

"Wh-what was that, Midori-san?!" you said exasperatedly.

"Oh, hey, Kinako-chan!" Aoi said, waving. Kinako was walking to where the managers are.

"Ne, ne, what are you guys talking about?" Kinako asked.

"We were talking about (F/n)-chan's lovelife! You know, she has alot of fans~" Aoi said.

"Oh, interesting! May I join?"

"Sure! But aren't you going to practice?"

"They said I could take a break~"


"So, where were we?" Aoi asked.

"Oh, we were talking about Amemiya." Midori replied.

"Oh," Aoi said, "Hmmm... how about Kageyama-kun?"

"Kageyama? Wow, him? Despite his appearances, he's actually quite deceiving. I mean, he hasnt given any hints yet, but I'm pretty sure." Midori said.

"S-stop this, okay?! How about you, Aoi? Tenma, Tenma?!" You said.

"Tenma? No, no. He's like a brother. And he said something about you, to me, too." Aoi said.

"Aoi...Aoi-chan!" You said, blushing. "How about Midori-san and Nishiki-san?!"

"Huh? Me and him? Oh, don't joke, (F/n). He's got ways before asking me out." Midori said.


"Anyway. (F/n), any interesting story you could share with us?"

"No... I've got nothing!"

"Okay then..."

When they started talking amongst themselves and stopped teasing you, you recalled every bit of the conversation and you went red. So red.

And so you're starting to reminisce about your times with the boys...


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