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The first place you and your eccentric friends went to is the food stalls. There are a lot of them; takoyaki, taiyaki, soba, tempura... well, name anything and they might, just might be there. Though seeing the ice cream stand made a few people remember a bad memory from before, thus glaring at a certain smiling, orange-haired boy.

"Hey, (F/N)-chan, where do you want to go?" Aoi asked, smiling.

"Hmm... anywhere is fine? I'm bored~" You replied.

"How about we get some food first? What do you think?" Midori asked.

"How about takoyaki?" Akane asked, excited.

You chuckled at her excitement, and replied, "Sure, we could go there!"

The others followed as you and Akane walked side by side to the takoyaki stand. It wasn't really that far, about twenty meters or something, but it was worth the walk.

"(F/N), let me buy that for you!" Yukimura said.

"(F/N), no, let me buy that for you." Taiyou said.

"I could buy one for you if you'd like." Tsurugi added.

"...What is this... de ja vu?" You thought as you looked at them weirdly. I mean, it's not as if you don't have any money. Quite the contrary, your parents gave you quite a lot for this occasion.

"But I can buy it myself..." You said, voicing your thoughts. You didn't want to burden them more by asking them to buy it for you. They were already too nice.

"It's fine-" Yukimura said.

"No." You replied, crossing your arms.


"I'm going to buy it myself, Yukimura-kun, that's final."


The rest of the day was spent doing useless things, having fun and all that. It was especially funny when Aoi, Midori, Akane, and Kinako dragged you to a cosplay stand and made you wear magical girls clothes and took a photo with them.

Everyone was looking at you, though. I wouldn't say that you're not nervous as hell.

But it was a really fun experience. You're really grateful that you have a lot of great friends; even more so when they're laughing, smiling, and grinning with you. You had hoped that today wouldn't end, but alas night time came far too quickly, and it was time to prepare for the prom.

You're quite a simple person, so you'd thought you could go just by wearing a dress, but it seems Aoi, Akane, Midori and Kinako have some other plan for you. You were dragged to a room, where they redone your make up and help you getting dressed.

It seems things were far too energetic (as you were running non-stop), thus you sweated a lot, and the make-up is starting to wear off.

"One... two.. three!" Kinako said, "It's done!"

"Uwah... Kinako-chan, you're really good at this!" Aoi praised.

"Well~ I'm accustomed to do thi-" Kinako quickly put her hands on her mouth, "I-I mean, maybe it's natural talent? Tee-hee." She said.

"...?" Midori looked at her strangely. "Alright! If that's so, let's change!" Midori said.

Everybody changed, whilst taking turns guarding the door, since the lock are broken—Akane discovered that it was broken just a few minutes ago, and looking for another room is hard work.

"Finished!" Everyone said as you, along with the other girls giggled.

Aoi was wearing a blue dress that matches with her beautiful blue hair. Midori wears a dark purple one, saying that he doesn't like bright colors on her too much. Meanwhile, Akane wore a pink-colored, knee-lenght elegant dress. Kinako wore yellow knee-lenght dress, much like Akane's, and grinned. "It's been awhile since I last wore dresses!"

You, on the other hand, are getting much more attention from the girls. You were their main model, or so you thought, since they were dressing you up like a doll.

"There goes our princess!" Midori said, grinning.

You blushed; it was not your first time wearing dresses, but this one felt different. Maybe it is because everyone helped you with your dressing up. It was really fun. You spun on your heels because Midori demanded you. Your (f/c) colored dress seemed like it was dancing, as did yourself.

"There. All set, now go get 'em, tiger!" Midori said.

"W-what do you mean, Midori-san?!" You shouted.

"The meaning is just like the word! Let's go!" Midori grinned at you, and the rest as well.

Everyone walked out of the room (walked, because even if you wanted to run, you couldn't). You instantly remembered of the locker-letters thing.

"What about our lockers?" You asked.

"Oh yeah, that's right! Let's go get it!" Aoi said.

Locker Hallways

"Where is your locker, (F/N)?" Kinako asked curiously as she looked around, spinning on her heels. Excited would be an extreme understatement for her.

"Umm, there!" You said, pointing at a locker on the far end of the hallways. It's pretty convenient since most people doesn't peek at the end of the hallways. Your locker doesn't have anything precious on it, but still, better safe than sorry.

You and the rest quickly walked to your locker. You quickly unlocked and opened it, as your heart beats quickly. You didn't know why—perhaps you were waiting for a letter from a certain someone? It may be the case, but it's probably because there are three other nosey girls behind you, waiting for your reaction on whatever there may be inside your locker.


There were a pile of letters inside. You pulled them out, and counted.

1... 2... 3... "There's 6..." You said finally.

The girls grinned, and Midori playfully hit your back, "Just as planned." She said. And even though she was right beside you, you kind of know that she was talking to the others, not you.

"Planned?" you asked, surprised and curious.

"Well, that's for us to know, and for you to... not find out, probably." Aoi said, smiling.

"Mou, I hate how you guys are always keeping secrets from me." You complained, pouting.

"Ahaha! Trust us, (F/N)-chan, we're doing this for your sake! Besides, aren't you going to open it? Don't you want to know whether or not your loved one sent you one of those?" Kinako said, winking.

"A-a-a-a-uh... h-h-h-how did you guys—"

"Girls' intuition," Akane interrupted, "They're always right, you know."

"A-akane-chan..." you said as you looked at her. "Fine. I won't lose anything by reading them anyway..." you thought.

"Let's see, the first one with the orange envelope... it said.. Tenma!" Kinako said.

"T-t-tenma...?" You said, surprised. "I didn't know—"

"You don't know anything about boys, silly (F/N)." Midori said, "It's not like I know much about them, but you're just as dense as a rock." She continued as she grinned.

"...Midori-san, that was almost insulting..." You said faintly.

"Ahaha, let's just open it! Come on, (F/N), read it out loud for us!" Midori said.

"I—no—I don't want to...!" You said exasperatedly. It would be one hell of an embarrassment for you if someone heard.

"Alright then, Kinako, you do the honour!" Midori exclaimed.

"NO!" You said, "It's not nice... for Tenma."

"I'm sure he wouldn't mind!" Midori said.

"...Alright..." even though feeling a bit bad for Tenma, you decided to give Kinako the letter. It was them who happily dressed you up and helped you with everything until you settled in... it was mostly the girls who made you felt like you belong here, so it'll be fine... right?

"Alright... here goes!" said Kinako, opening the envelope.

How do you like the Kusanagi-style cliffhanger?


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